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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 12, 2004 on GL
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Monday, July 12, 2004

After Dinah hangs up with Ross, she enters a European gala as Princess Cassandra Winslow. As she dances, she tells her partner she's a little homesick. Meanwhile, Cassie looks at her credit card, and dreams of her past days as Princess Cassie.

Jeffrey pumps Ross for information about Dinah. Ross warns Jeffrey not to play games with him. Later, Ross talks to Harley about fathers protecting their daughters, which leads to a conversation about Dinah. Harley asks Ross if he ever hears from his daughter. He says no.

Jeffrey has flashbacks to a time when he opened a locked building to find a girl shackled in chains.

Before going downtown with Frank for questioning, Alex calls Alan, who tells her to stall. Alan wants to attack this situation from another angle. He meets Harley and tells her he couldn't be happier she is marrying his son. Alan apologizes for the past and promises things will be different this time. Harley accepts his apology.

At the station, Frank grills Alex for information while Gus listens through the two-way window. Alex tells Frank he's right and she has to tell him the truth. She's guilty of missing all of the signs and feels like a fool for not knowing what was happening in her own division. Frank lets Alex leave. He jumps on Gus for listening to their conversation. Harley interrupts and Frank tells her Alex's story added up. As Harley and Gus leave, Frank mutters to himself that Alex is guilty and he hopes proving it doesn't destroy his sister's life.

At home, Michelle tries to convince Danny to make love. He tells her it just doesn't feel right; it's too fast, too soon. When Danny goes to get dinner, Michelle goes to Olivia's bar. She meets Harley, who is looking through wedding magazines. Michelle tells Harley she can't believe her husband turned down sex. She goes upstairs to Tony's hotel room. She finds him in bed with Cheryl, the nurse. Michelle tells him her husband won't sleep with her and Tony will obviously sleep with anyone. An offended Cheryl leaves. Tony tells Michelle to go home and talk to her husband. As Michelle is leaving the Beacon, Danny finds her and asks if he did something wrong. She tells Danny she just doesn't understand him.

Edmund tells Tammy men have their pride and that's why Joey is giving her the cold shoulder. He convinces her to go see Joey at the farm. At the farm, Lizzie "helps" Joey fix the porch. When she leaves, Cassie asks Joey if he and Lizzie are a couple. He says they are just partners. Cassie tries to convince him to take back Tammy, but he says he just wasn't good enough for her, and he is tired of being compared to Edmund. Cassie almost convinces Joey to give Tammy another chance when Edmund enters the house carrying her in his arms. Tammy says she tripped over Joey's tools on the porch. Joey and Tammy argue, just as Lizzie arrives. In front of Tammy, Joey asks Lizzie to the Summer Fling. Lizzie says yes.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

At the Beacon, Rick and Mel meet up with Danny and Michelle. Mel and Rick inquire about a feeling of happiness in the air between Danny and Michelle. Danny looks on as Michelle announces their revelation, that she doesn't understand Danny, and Danny doesn't understand her. As Danny borrows Mel to help set up a picnic for Michelle, Rick questions Michelle's happiness. Despite Michelle's interpretation of putting on smiles, Rick asks Michelle what life is really like in "that house."

Following Frank's intense line of questioning for Alexandra yesterday, Frank announces to Buzz that he doesn't trust Alexandra. Frank also warns Buzz not to trust Alex, either. Meanwhile, Alex summons Gus to Olivia's for a celebration of Gus' promotion and Alex's statement to Frank going off without a hitch. Alex asks Gus whether or not Frank bought the story. Gus quickly asks Alex what she loves about Buzz. Alex lights up as she replies that Buzz is funny, smart, & unpredictable. Gus points out that Frank has the same qualities. A somewhat frantic Harley interrupts Alexandra and Gus. Harley vents her frustration about not being able to find the right wedding rings. Alex excuses herself to go and meet Buzz. Harley tells Gus that Alan has finally accepted her into the family. Gus wonders if the Spauldings and the Coopers could ever have similarities. A puzzled Gus looks on, as Harley advises Gus that he has been a good influence on the Spauldings. Just then, Alan walks into Olivia's...and informs Harley and Gus that they don't have to search anymore. Alan has found what they are looking for.

At the farm, Marina invites Tammy for a day at the beach. Tammy declines the invitation, and informs Marina that Joey has asked Lizzie to the dance. Marina remains optimistic, and tells Tammy that Joey is working at the farm to be close to Tammy. Lizzie arrives with an apology, which Tammy and Marina do not buy. Lizzie ignores them, and continues to apologize for the way she left with Joey the night before. Tammy asks Lizzie to further twist the knife in her back. Marina becomes sarcastic with Lizzie. Lizzie lashes back at Marina, and announces that Marina slept with Sandy. Lizzie implies that Marina hurt Shayne. Marina corrects Lizzie, in that she merely shared a jail cell with Sandy. Tammy implies that Lizzie stole her boyfriend. Lizzie announces that she and Joey are attending the dance for their summer project. Lizzie implies Tammy and Remy are "friends with benefits."

At the police station, Buzz implies "residual distrust" between the Spauldings and the Coopers. Buzz tells Alex that Frank thinks she is hiding something. Buzz advises Alex to tell the truth, and she will not get hurt. Alex asks Buzz for a moment alone, while she makes a call on her cell phone. She asks Marjorie to bring her the file on Frank. When Marjorie secretly arrives at the police station, Alex pulls her aside and they exchange the file. Alexandra holds the file with a handkerchief, as if not to leave any fingerprints behind. Alex opens the file, which contains pictures of Darci, Brad Green, and Vinnie Salerno. When Buzz asks Alex to follow him in her car, Alexandra tells him that she must make just a few more calls. Alex walks over to Frank's desk. While she pretends to reach for her cell phone, Alex attempts to sneak the file into Frank's briefcase. Frank sneaks up on Alex, but is immediately called to the phone. On the other end is Gus, who asks Frank to be his best man. Meanwhile, Alex swiftly put the file in Frank's briefcase.

At the beach with Mel, Danny prepares to set up the special picnic for Michelle. Mel advises Danny to be patient with Michelle. Danny flashes a beautiful set of pearls he has for Michelle. At the Beacon, a customer collapses following leaving the reception desk. Michelle instantly rushes over to the fallen gentlemen, and revives him. Immediately following, Michelle wonders how she knew to do that. Michelle runs into Tony, who later informs a disbelieving Michelle that her family owns the light house. When Michelle and Tony arrive at the light house, Michelle emerges to the top and savors the view. Michelle announces that she can see everything. Meanwhile, back at the beach, Danny awaits Michelle's arrival...

Alan offers Harley and Gus a stunning set of rings, which have been in the Spaulding family for many years. Gus and Harley slip away for a moment to discuss whether or not they should accept rings the rings. When Gus points out that a lot of old Spaulding history is associated with those rings, Harley appears to want to decline the rings. Gus immediately picks up on Harley's indecision, and informs Alan that they cannot accept the rings. In private, Harley makes a call to Blake. Harley tells Blake all about the rings, and how much troublesome Spaulding history must be attached to them. But when Harley decided that it was also time to welcome Alan into her family, too (just as Alan has welcomed Harley), Harley decides to accept the rings. Now that the Spaulding part of this has been handled, Gus announces that it is time to handle the Coopers...

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

At the beach, Danny continues to wait for Michelle's arrival. As he sips red wine, he wonders where she could be. At the light house, Michelle looks around the first floor in amazement. Danny calls Michelle's cell phone. As if to feel like she was kind of interrupted, Michelle informs Danny she will be right there. Just before leaving the light house, Michelle vows she will return.

Shayne, Marina, Remy, Joey, and Sandy prepare a video for Alan to see, while Lizzie films it with her cell phone camera. Lizzie picks up the action, as the gang decides in favor of an "executive" decision to blow Alan off. Work or the beach? The gang ponders over the choice. Joey puts Lizzie's cell phone camera on Tammy. Joey holds the camera on Tammy for what seems like a really long time, until Lizzie pleads with Joey to turn it off...

At the Beacon, while Tony and Bill discuss their partnership, Olivia strolls down the hotel staircase and proceeds over to Bill. Tony heads to the bar. Olivia chooses her words, and tells Bill that he is supposed to apologize for avoiding and not returning her calls. Bill looks Olivia in the eyes, and replies that he is not sorry!

At Olivia's bar, Phillip looks up and sees Josh. Phillip happily invites Josh to join him. The subject of marriage arises. Olivia, in particular, and their mutual wedded history with that woman. Josh says to Phillip, "If you can make it work, you're a better man than I am!" Phillip responds by telling Josh that there is a surprise a day for Olivia. An air of concern crosses Josh. Josh may have old animosity toward Olivia, but total disregard for his ex-wife he does not. Phillip marches on with his agenda, and announces that today is such a day for a surprise...

Bill essentially explains to Olivia that they are over. Despite Olivia's persistence with promises of business deals and prestige, Bill stands firm on his decision. Bill maintains that he does not want to get in the middle of Olivia's unhappy marital problems. But we see that Phillip overhears the conversation...

Phillip will not tell Josh what Olivia's surprise is. When Tony arrives at Olivia's, Josh orders Tony to dissolve the partnership between him and Bill. Or, Josh goes on to say, I will...

Phillip runs into Bill outside the Beacon. Phillip strangely tells Bill a tale of the apple farms he used to visit, and how you have to pick it at just the "ripe" time. Olivia finds out that she has lost her Spaulding brokerage account. It was closed. Phillip has terminated her access. Suddenly, Olivia is abducted...

When Michelle arrives at the beach, Danny gives her the beautiful pearls. Michelle asks Danny if he is trying to buy her. Meanwhile, Tammy, Lizzie, Marina, Shayne, Joey, Sandy, and Lizzie arrive at the beach. After taking a cool photo of them, Michelle offers to allow them to have a party at their house. Danny silently begins to object against the agreeable crowd, but decides to chalk it up to Michelle's new identity and amnesia. Shayne worries that he has lost his range of motion. He dreams of playing baseball. Marina tells Shayne that if for once he could get so close to the dream, and actually make it. Bill arrives at the beach, and talks to Shayne about getting things back to normal. Bill encourages Shayne to reach for the stars and to do what he wants to do. As Tammy watches Joey from afar, Sandy convinces Tammy to try the "Dr. Phil" style of venting all of her frustrations about Joey. A hesitant Tammy eventually warms up to Sandy's suggestion, and begins to rant about Joey. From too much hair gel, to pasta disasters, Tammy spills it all. Even the fact, Tammy says, that he loves to hurt me. While Sandy appears to question this, we see that Lizzie has been filming the "venting of the frustrations" the entire time. Joey tells Shayne he is lucky to have Marina. Later, as they all leave the beach, Lizzie happily watches the highlights of what Tammy said.

Tony counters Josh, and advises against threatening him. Michelle and Danny arrive at the bar. Danny sends Michelle in to order a drink for them. As Michelle sits down at a table, she overhears Josh and Tony's conversation. Michelle hears Josh go on about Danny going back and forth into the mob. Josh makes it clear that he wants Tony out of the partnership with Bill. On his way out, Josh apologizes to Michelle for what she must have overheard. Michelle approaches Tony. Michelle says that Josh must be glad that Tony is no longer dating Marah. Josh sees Danny, and offers him indirect help in repaying the 5th street loans, which are coming due. Danny persists that the repayment will not be a problem. Josh suggests they do a project together for cash flow. Danny confides in Josh about how he handled it when Reva lost her memory. Josh replies with the words of wisdom that the definition of normal will change for Danny. Michelle invites Tony to the big party. As the man who abducted Olivia throws her into a waiting limo, he vanishes. And Olivia finds Phillip waiting for her inside the limo. Phillip announces that Olivia has nowhere to turn except to him.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

At her make up vanity, Dinah phones Ross. Ross is worried. And Dinah is becoming homesick for Springfield. As "Princess Cassie Winslow", Dinah calls for a car...

At the farm, Cassie begins an internet search on "Princess Cassie Winslow", but is interrupted by Edmund bearing ears of corn. A frantic Tammy returns from the beach with only an hour until the dance.

At the Beacon, Lizzie pleasantly dreams of her cell phone video of Tammy complaining about Joey. Lizzie wants Joey all to herself. Lizzie is greeted to a dance send -off from Alan and Beth, and soon to be joined by Phillip and Alexandra. Beth announces that Alan followed her there. Alex arrives outside the Beacon. Alex takes a call...and she advises the person on the other end that the file has been delivered. Just after, Alex is greeted by Gus with a video camera. Frank speaks into a tiny tape recorder. Frank vows he will prove Brad Green was working with Alexandra. Harley comes in and says the Spauldings are clean.

In the limo, Phillip has arranged for a hectic ride. Olivia demands for the driver to stop and let her out now. Ignoring Olivia, Phillip tells her they must discuss the terms of her surrender. Phillip tells Olivia that she has no choice, except to work with him to ensure the future of Spaulding for Emma's happiness.

At the Beacon, Gus turns the video camera on. Beth takes Lizzie up to get ready, but Lizzie has lost the key. As they go to find the key, Alan demands that someone call Phillip. Alex, nervous but extremely firm about it, announces she is waiting on an "i-important call." Alan picks up on Alexandra's excitability, and questions Alex. Tight lipped, Alex chuckles. Beth announces that Phillip is not answering his phone. Alan summons Alex for a drink Alex says to make her's a double. Alex hesitates, while Alan goes inside the bar. Alex clutches her cell phone. Gus comes over to Alex. Alex tells Gus that it has been a difficult week. Alex tells Gus she is worried that he will confess their secret to Harley.

Edmund asks if Cassie found out anything about the phony princess Cassie. Tammy confesses to Cassie and Edmund about Sandy's "Dr. Phil." therapy, where she vented frustration about Joey. Tammy remains optimistic about Joey. Edmund tells Cassie he knows Joey is in love with Tammy. Cassie denies obsessing over finding out who stole her identity. At her make up vanity, Dinah talks on the phone and RSVP's a party. Dinah says RSVP only one--it hasn't been the same since Prince Richard died. Dinah rolls her eyes.

Phillip warns Olivia that Emma's mother will go to jail if she does not help. At the Beacon, Alex gets her call. The file is in place, and let me know when it's time, Alex says...

Someone calls Ross, and says someone high up in the Springfield PD is working with the mob, and concealed evidence about antimonius. The caller disconnects. Phillip and Olivia arrive at the Beacon. Alan announces they're celebrating family, and that's all that matters. Harley brings Gus to the honeymoon suite. They discuss their honeymoon. The room has a hot tub. Harley has arranged massages for the honeymoon. Harley announces Cassie paid for the room for them, as a wedding present. Harley announces she has news for Gus that she must tell him tonight, or she cannot marry him.

Edmund takes a picture of Tammy and Cassie before the dance. Tammy looks stunning in her summer dance dress.

Ross tells Frank about the strange call. Frank announces he would know about it if it was true. Lizzie arrives at the Beacon. She also looks stunning in her summer dance dress, too. Alan tells Alex he knows Lizzie is happy that they are there.

Harley tells Gus she has been investigating Alexandra. Harley says Marie Green confirmed that Alex knew nothing about Brad's drug trafficking--or Alex would want a share of the profits. Gus appears relieved. Gus and Harley share a kiss.

Alan takes pictures of Joey and Lizzie.

Remy picks Tammy up for the dance. Tammy tells Cassie that Joey doesn't trust her. Cassie suggests to find out who stole her identity, they should read the gossip columns. Dinah looks in the mirror wearing a tiara. Tammy and Remy end up at the Beacon. Joey and Tammy share a moment, as they exchange compliments.

Olivia accepts Phillip's offer. Alex receives another call. The caller tells her that the mayor has been informed and notified. Ross alerts internal affairs to begin an investigation...

Cassie spots a pic of the imposter, with Richard, from two years ago. Someone is impersonating Richard, too. Dinah turns around to see Jeffrey O'Neill. Dinah drops her champagne glass...

Friday, July 16, 2004

The party is underway at the Santoses. Lizzie and Joey share a playful moment which is witnessed by Tammy. Tammy laments to Sandy that she still love Joey. Later, Lizzie goes up to Tammy and tries to make nice. She tells her that Joey is happy she's moved on with someone who cares about her (Remy) Knowing that Lizzie's after Joey, Tammy sarcastically states that it's too bad she can't say the same for Joey. To get close to Joey, Tammy asks Sandy to suggest a dance between Romeo and Juliet. Lizzie seethes as Tammy and Joey share the dance. As they start to get closer, Tammy admits that she misses him and thinks about him all the time. He tells he thinks about how he couldn't give her want she needed--that he would never be as smart or as smooth as Edmund. Tammy tells him to forget about Edmund since she was just confused then. She suggests they go somewhere and talk. He agrees. Just then Lizzie (who had gone outside and purposely rubbed poison ivy on herself) comes in with an awful rash and collapses in Joey's arms.

Michelle is looking for Tony, who, unbeknownst to anyone, is at his club receiving a deliver of money--a kickback from the zoning commission. Michelle calls Tony to find out why he's not at the party but he tells her never promised to be there. Undeterred, Michelle threatens to get him herself. Later, Tony arrives and finds a carefree and mellow Michelle. Michelle wants to have some fun and really wants to dance. She starts dancing alone in front of Danny and Tony asking one of them to join her. After some hesitation, Danny steps up and the two start dancing provocatively and start kissing. They then slip outside for some privacy. As they continue to kiss passionately, Michelle comments that this must be weird for Danny. He tells her that he feels like he's cheating on his wife. Just as their kissing intensifies, Shayne comes out to report that the power is out--a fuse must have gone out. As Danny goes back into to house, Michelle remembers his "cheating on my wife" comment and leaves. Knowing Tony's left the party already, she goes to find him at his club where she spots not only him and his employee with a briefcase full of money, but also the cops.

At the police station, Ross orders Frank to give Internal Affairs his complete cooperation. Frank is angry that he's being investigation, but Ross states that an allegation like this must be followed up. Frank asks Ross if he really believes he's running a crooked department. Ross says he doesn't and tells Frank not to worry. Later, Alexandra arrives at the station, after dissuading Gus from going there. She flashes back

to when she stuck a folder in Frank's briefcase. She then fishes for information regarding the investigation. As IA is going through everything, Harley arrives and is shocked to learn that Ross is having the department investigated. Ross explains that their was a tip alerting him that cops may have been in on the Sanerno case. Suddenly, the investigators find a file in Frank's briefcase--a file that links Darci to Brad Green and Vinnie Salerno. When Ross asks if Frank covered up evidence to protect his girlfriend, Harley speaks up and says absolutely not.

Jeffrey confronts Dinah in Europe. When Dinah begins to flirt with O'Neill, he abruptly tells her that the game is over; he's shutting her down tonight. Dinah realizes that Jeffrey is living in Springfield; that he that he went after Cassie. She wonders if he's sleeping with her. Jeffrey reminds her that she was wanted for murder in Springfield; he gave her freedom and he can take it away. He tells her that he can stick her in prison, just like he rescued her from one. After Dinah flashes back to a time when she was in a foreign prison, she reminds Jeffrey that they did have some good times. She asks for a dance. He accommodates her; in the middle of the dance, she kisses him. Jeffrey breaks away and tells her that her days as Princess Cassie are over. Dinah starts flirting again and tells him to say her name. He rebuffs her and tells her she better pray she doesn't see him again. When he leaves, Dinah says to herself, "Call me Cassie. My name is Cassie. "

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