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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 29, 2005 on GL
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Monday, August 29, 2005

Beth arrives for a visit with Alan after paying the guards to extend visiting hours. Alan is impressed that as his wife Beth is catching on quick about how to behave as Mrs. Alan Spaulding. Beth accepts his compliment and tells him that she has managed to convince Lizzie to return home by offering her money. They are interrupted when Alexandra appears and demands that they cancel the marriage charade before someone gets hurt. Beth and Alan stand together and smile at Alexandra's comment that it's no wonder the wedding took place in an institution for the insane. Seeing that she is having no effect on the newlyweds she asks Beth to join her in the hall so she can properly welcome her to the family. Once away from Alan, Alexandra tells Beth she has no idea what she has gotten into. Beth responds in haughty tones that Alexandra's real concern is that she will lose her place as the most powerful woman in the Spaulding family. Alexandra rolls her eyes in disbelief and walks away shaking her head.

Beth returns to Alan in his room and demands he tell her who is most important - her or his sister. She is happy when she hears that it is her and asks him to tell her how to stop Alexandra. After receiving lessons on how to push Alexandra's buttons, Beth leans in for a kiss. Alan shrugs away leaving her puckering in the air and asks her to have Lizzie visit him.

At Outskirts, Marina is being accosted by the perpetrator she was sent to stake out. She warns him to take his hands off of her. He refuses and tells her he is going to get what he is after. Marina breaks his grip and kicks him in the middle. Her partner shows up as Marina is placing cuffs on the suspect. She calls Mallet and explains what happened. Mallet mistakenly calls her Harley while berating her for going against instruction and leaving the bar. Olivia arrives and finds Marina as she breaks down and cries over what almost happened to her. Olivia confides that she was forced into something she didn't want when she was younger.

Edmund has injected Michelle with a drug to induce labor in his suite at Towers. He is startled when there is a knock at the door and discovers it is Danny who is looking for Michelle. Edmund claims he has not seen her and makes excuses to get Danny to leave. Inside, Michelle hears Danny's voice and calls him on his cell and tells him she is in her car on her way to Washington, DC. Edmund returns to Michelle who is trying to walk around but feels dizzy. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom. After some time, Edmund searches for her and finds she has given him the slip.

Outside at Company, Lizzie has asked Coop to marry her and displays the engagement ring she bought for herself. Coop is shocked and tells Lizzie her plan is crazy. Lizzie is upset by his response but calms after he tells her it's not such a bad idea, but the timing is not right. They should wait until Roxie can serve as a proper flower girl. They kiss and Lizzie drops the ring just as Buzz appears. He picks up the ring and asks the pair to explain themselves. Lizzie grabs the ring and announces she is going to put it away in case she needs it soon.

Later, Beth arrives to find Lizzie wearing the ring and waggling it around saying she is going to marry Coop because she loves him. Lizzie remarks that that is surely what happened between her mother and grandfather. Beth is seething as Lizzie flounces off after informing her mother she will never return to the mansion. Inside, Beth encounters Alexandra who has watched the exchange. Alexandra grabs the opportunity to tell Beth that her first test as head of the family is to determine how to handle Lizzie - an area in which Beth has failed 'fantastically, brilliantly.' Beth glares as Alexandra smiles into her wine.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Edmund finds his plans spiraling out of control as he gets pressure on all sides. Dinah applies heat as she realizes the day has come to tell Cassie there is no baby. Edmund tries to stop her but as a last resort he is forced to send Cassie off with Jeffrey to keep his secret safe. Cassie and Jeffrey end up at a bar where Cassie admits to Jeffrey she's fallen in love with him. Meanwhile, despite Edmund's protests, Dinah remains undeterred and sends Edmund out to find Cassie so they can finally tell her the truth. Meanwhile, Edmund is desperate to find Michelle who has taken off in her car, unsure of what to do about Danny. After hearing a radio call in show and calling in, Michelle begins to imagine a bright future and she finally decides to tell Danny the truth. Meanwhile, Danny has gone to confront the man who assaulted Marina. He wants to tear the guy apart but Marina arrives and stops him. Later, Michelle gets to Danny's place just in time to hear Danny declare to Marina how much he wants to be with her. A heartbroken Michelle takes off again and is in her car when she feels a strong contraction. Sandy gives Tammy a promise ring and the two talk positively about the future. Tammy thinks she should know more about Sandy's past before they can move forward but when she presses him, he loses his cool and snaps at her. He takes off for the bar and begins drinking as he ignores Tammy's calls.

Wednesday, September 31, 2005

Reva is ready to be released from the hospital following her fall but a seriously painful spasm keeps her there until Rick can figure out how severe her condition is. Jonathan gets word of her injuries and when he comes to see her, he downplays his concern, although he's clearly worried. Reva confides in Jonathan about the fight she had with Josh right before the accident. Later, Rick reports to Reva that she appears to be all right. Jonathan then tells Reva that to keep Josh close, she must pretend her condition is worse than it really is. Realizing this would give her and Josh time to mend their wounds, Reva considers this. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Billy arrives and tells Jonathan he would like to become partners with him at Outskirts bar. Sandy comes to Tammy, a little drunk and very sorry about the fight they had about his past. He thinks the apology is all that's required but Tammy sets him straight and demands to know what he's been keeping from her. Sandy admits he's been evasive because his past makes him sound a little pathetic but eventually, Sandy begins to describe a solitary upbringing with a deadbeat dad and a mother who died a long time ago. He admits he's always been on his own without much going for him and that's why he took on Jonathan's identity. Tammy's sorry to hear how hard it was for him and apologizes for pushing. Later, however, Sandy begins looking up Private Investigators. Ava is left alone to run Outskirts when Jonathan takes off. There, she encounters Bill and Olivia and is left impressed with both of them. She and Bill strike up a quick friendship and she confesses she'd like to be able to carry herself with the confidence Olivia exudes. Impressed himself, Bill then offers to help her get a job with Olivia and Ava is thrilled.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Edmund frantically searches for Michelle. Dinah demands that Edmund come to the farmhouse and help her with her "labor" or she will tell Cassie the truth about the baby. Edmund tells Dinah to stall because he has a surprise for her. Jeffrey tells Edmund that he intends to be a part of the baby's life. Edmund rebuffs his attempt at civility and takes Marina's take out order in hopes of finding Michelle.

Marina is surprised to learn that Danny and Rick have been looking for Michelle. Marina tells them that they shouldn't worry as Michelle is a grown woman and can take care of herself. Rick slips and says that he's not sure she can take care of herself in her condition. He covers and says that Michelle is just stressed. When Rick leaves, he runs into Edmund outside Marina's door. Rick grills him about his "addiction" to painkillers. He plans to bring Edmund into the hospital for treatment. Edmund talks his way out of it again and bursts into Marina's room. He doesn't find what he's looking for. Danny and Marina wonder why he is acting so strangely.

Michelle experiences strong contractions as she tries to make it to the hospital. She rams her car into a tree. Michelle dreams that Danny finds her but it's really Edmund looming over her.

Jeffrey comes to the farmhouse with cheese fries for Dinah and kisses for Cassie. He shows Cassie the truck he traded in his two-seater for. Dinah demands that they stop being so nice to her and treating her like a saint. Rick arrives and Cassie asks him to give Dinah a check-up. Dinah starts to tell them about not being pregnant but changes her mind and pushes Rick away. Cassie wants to know what is wrong with her.

Rick warns Jeffrey about Edmund's addiction.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Jonathan's at the hospital with Reva when Josh arrives. Jonathan tries to tell Josh that Reva's condition is really bad, that if she's not careful she may be crippled for life. But Reva refuses to go along with that and assures josh that the doctor said she was fine. Josh isn't sure who to believe, especially when Reva has a back spasm. But he promises Reva that he will stick by her and do whatever it takes to get her well again. By this point, Jonathan's left, and Reva proves to Josh that she's alright by standing up and walking around. She then has another back spasm, but when Josh tries to help, she refuses it. Reva tells him that she wants him to help her because he loves her, not out of obligation. Josh tries to state that he does love her, but he ends up making it clear that her getting well is a priority over them saving their marriage. Before Josh leaves the room to get her something, Reva calls him one of the last good guys. Once he's gone, she decides that's why she needs to push him away. When Josh returns, Reva's already checked herself out.

Reva goes to Outskirts where she tells Jonathan that she told Josh the truth about her condition. Jonathan thinks that was a bad move, but Reva maintains that she made the right decision. She wants him to stay with her out of love, not obligation. Reva notes that although he is the love of her life, neither one of them is happy right now. Later, Josh comes to the bar looking for Reva. When Reva subtly spots her, she begins overtly flirting with a man at the bar.

A very serious Sandy is at Outskirts, ready to meet with the PI he hired. Suddenly, Tammy arrives and Sandy tells her that he hired the female PI to locate his family and friends since they'd lost contact. He tells her that he wants his family to meet her. Tammy's very excited about the idea and starts talking about planning a reunion.

Sandy quickly nixes that idea by suggesting that they take things one step at a time; he'd like to get information on everyone's whereabouts first. He then goes off to tell his PI that he doesn't want Tammy to know the reason she's hired. Tammy meanwhile, has decided not to listen to Sandy and begins asking Jonathan about Sandy's past since she wants to plan the reunion as a surprise. Jonathan reveals that Sandy had one, that's it, one friend. He said it was a guy named Fallon from Chicago who called once in the middle of the night. Tammy's intrigued and plans on seeing if she can get information on Fallon.

A guilt-ridden Dinah is at the farm, trying to ell Cassie the truth about the baby. She tries to explain that all she wanted was pay-back, that the initial plan was to leave town with Edmund and the baby. Cassie is touched by Dinah's honesty and starts to praise her, stating that they could end up being friends one day. Cassie's understanding is unsettling Dinah since she's getting it all wrong by assuming that Dinah's secret is that she slept with Edmund and now wants to marry him. After warning Dinah to be careful of Edmund, Cassie leaves to take RJ to a sleepover.

Edmund finally finds Michelle. Michelle is injured from the accident and has gone into labor. Edmund proceeds to deliver her baby, with a delirious Michelle thinking that he's Danny. After giving birth, Michelle collapses and Edmund takes her newborn daughter as his own, telling the child that she will help him reunite with Cassie. Before leaving with the baby, Edmund calls 911 to report a car on fire, then torches Michelle's car. When Michelle wakes up, she assumes that her baby is in the burning go but collapses again before she can get to it.

Edmund leaves the newborn baby on the front porch of the farm so he can handle one loose end. Edmund then convinces Dinah that they need to get out of town ASAP because once their deception is discovered, the whole town will hate them. Dinah's reluctant at first, but finally agrees after Edmund suggests that she leave a video message for her father. After leaving the message, Dinah thinks she hears a baby crying outside. Suddenly, Edmund chloroforms her. As an unconscious Dinah lay upstairs, Edmund calls Cassie to tell her to come home--Dinah's in labor.

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