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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 26, 2005 on GL
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Monday, December 26, 2005

Despite Reva and Hawk's best efforts to talk Cassie down, she is still determined to get Tammy away from Jonathan. Cassie demands that Jeffrey arrest Jonathan for arson. Reva points out he'll have to arrest Tammy, also, since she was with Jonathan when he accidentally started the fire. Cassie appears to back down, but later, privately calls the cops.

Meanwhile, Jonathan admits to Tammy his fears that, one day, he may accidentally hurt her. To show how much she believes in him, Tammy takes Jonathan to C02, where she, quite literally, shouts news of their romance to anyone who will listen. A thrilled Jonathan gives Tammy her Christmas gift, a bikini - and two tickets to the tropics to go with them. The happy couple is making plans to get away when Frank bursts in, announcing they're under arrest!

Mallet and Dinah wake up together, both ecstatic from the night before. But neither is willing to admit their encounter meant anything serious, and so end up parting on a testy note.

Elsewhere, Gus and Harley wake up deliriously in love, but are soon forced to part ways. Harley goes to work, stopping off at C02 on the way, where she runs into Dinah. Dinah tries to make light of her night with Mallet, but Harley urges her to go for it. She keeps to herself the reason for her support, which is that Harley wants Mallet in a committed relationship so he stops being a temptation to her. Gus heads to Mallet's and demands he help him keep Alan from getting out of the hospital - by any means necessary. Mallet appears to talk some sense into him, but Gus intends to go to any lengths to save his wife. Dinah returns to Mallet's, eager to pick up where they left off. But when he assumes she's just there to retrieve her lost bra, Dinah pretends he's right and the two, once again, end up alone.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Gus's phobia about what a newly freed Alan may do to Harley causes him to bodily tackle an innocent intern who is just shadowing her as a part of his training. Harley assures Gus there is nothing to worry about; Alan can't do anything to her. Gus tries his best to agree, but then runs into Beth - fresh off a very disturbing chat with Alan. She tells him she doesn't want Harley to get hurt, but fears it's exactly what Alan has in mind.

Gus confronts his father who confirms Gus's fears, without actually saying anything incriminating. A terrified Gus comes up with a plan to keep his father away from his wife. The plan includes an airplane.

Cassie struggles with her decision to turn Jonathan and Tammy in for arson, and is a bit shocked when Josh backs her up one hundred percent, even to the point of offering to take the blame himself. To Cassie, he's a hero. But, to Jeffrey, who comes home to find Josh watching RJ while Cassie goes out, he's an interloper. Jeffrey makes it very clear to Josh that he can take care of his new family just fine without him.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Jonathan begs Tammy to let him take the blame for her, while she insists on doing the same. Tammy informs the police the fire was an accident. She should know because she was there. Frank has no choice but to order a booking of them both. When Jonathan attacks a cop who he believes is treating Tammy too roughly, he only invites more trouble for himself. An overwhelmed Tammy wants her mother. Cassie arrives and Tammy thinks she's there to help - until Cassie confesses she's the one who called the cops on her daughter.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

While Reva gets in to see Jonathan in jail, Tammy faces the fact that Cassie was the one who turned them both in. Cassie pleads with her daughter to understand; she did it to protect Tammy from making the same mistakes Cassie once did. Tammy is having none of it. She reminds her mother that she stood by for all of Cassie's mistakes - stripping, Edmund - and demands to know why her mother won't do the same for Tammy in return. Cassie again insists that she's only trying to help, but Tammy refuses to listen. She tells her mother that Reva understands about Jonathan and Tammy's love. Reva helped them see each other the night before Tammy's wedding, and Reva will be whom Tammy intends to turn to, to help get Jonathan out of jail. A horrified Cassie goes home, where she hurls a photo of herself, Tammy and Reva, realizing that she's lost her family. After a day of fun in the snow with Harley and Jude, followed by a night of passion with Harley, Gus sits down to write a good-bye letter, as he prepares to execute his plan to keep Alan away from Harley - forever. Buzz gives Frank a pep talk prior to what Frank believes is a date with Olivia. Buzz lists all the reasons why Olivia could fall for a straight-shootin' guy like Frank, all the while hiding his own feelings for the lady. Unfortunately for Frank, Olivia hadn't realized she and Frank were dating. However, she's a good sport and lets him accompany her to a concert. When Frank is called away to deal with the Jonathan/Tammy situation, Olivia phones Josh. Buzz stops her and, again, makes a pitch for Frank while actually enumerating his own compatibility. Olivia listens and agrees. Buzz is right. She should try dating Frank. Buzz is such a great friend to explain that to her....

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dinah seeks comfort in Jack Daniels after she receives a good-bye letter from Ross. She calls Mallet and leaves a tearful message confessing her loneliness. Mallet arrives but Dinah pushes him away. She tells him that she doesn't need anybody. She finally reaches out to him and they make love.

Tammy tells Reva that Cassie had Tammy and Jonathan arrested. Reva says that she'll have to show Cassie her own brand of tough love.

Gus, with gun in hand, plans to leave Harley and take care of Alan for good. Mallet puts Gus behind bars for his own protection. Gus realizes that he's sharing a cell with Jonathan. Gus makes a deal with Reva. If she gets him the keys to the cell, he'll make it possible for Tammy and Jonathan to spend New Years' together.

Lizzie and Coop plan to spend New Years' Eve in Quinn's penthouse. Coop thinks that the posh pad belongs to Alan. Beth blackmails Lizzie into going to Alan's hearing. Beth says that if Lizzie doesn't go, she'll tell Coop the truth about the penthouse. Alan plans to be a free man in 2006 but Beth, Alexandra, and Lizzie have other plans. They testify that he is not sane. Gus bursts in and shouts that he wants to testify. He attacks Alan. Alan asks the judge not to have Gus arrested. The judge finds that Alan is of sound mind and fit to reenter society.

Harley encourages Cassie to make amends with Reva. They plan to hold on to the good stuff in 2006. Harley waits for Gus, unaware of the commotion in the courtroom.

Coop realizes that Ava has been sleeping in her car. He gives her a raise and a room at the boarding house.

As the clock strikes 12, Tammy and Jonathan kiss, Ava and Coop kiss, Dinah and Mallet continue in their passionate love-making, Harley finds herself alone, and Alan finds out that his limousine driver is Gus.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Due to a premature celebration of New Year's, today's episode of Guiding Light was pre-empted for CBS Sports coverage of college football. Today's programming change was planned for, so there will be no lost episodes.

Additionally, the show will also be pre-empted on Monday, January 2nd.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006 and will pick up where Thursday, December 29th's episode concluded.

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