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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 28, 2007 on GL
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Josh angrily confronts Reva because she told Cassie about the night he and Reva made love at the prison. He says that she told Cassie purposefully so Cassie would be driven away from Josh. Reva tells him that she would never hurt him that way. She says that least she was being honest, something he hasn't been since he discover his new calling to be a minister. She tells him that he should jump in the lake and give himself a new baptism. He tells her that he needs to go find Cassie. Reva bluntly tells him that he is invigorated by his own pain and that he likes to suffer. She tells him that his pain makes him feel alive. He's no saint, she tells him. He has taken his anger out on her so that he doesn't blame himself. He always needs to re-invent himself. She tells him that his problem is her...he can't get her out of his heart because she is unlike any other woman he has ever known in his life. He leaves to find Cassie. He returns to The Beacon, calling out for Cassie. Instead of finding her, he finds Rev. Rutledge. He informs the Reverend that he no longer seeks to become a minister because he is not worthy. Rutledge presses Josh to hold onto his faith. Josh says that all he wants now is to find Cassie who hasn't been returning his calls. Rutledge suggests he leave a note. As Josh looks for pen and paper, he opens a desk drawer to find a Bible. He looks at Rutledge and says, "You knew that would be there, didn't you."

Reva leaves her encounter with Josh and goes to Main Street, ordering a bottle of wine. Billy meets her and asks what she has done. She says, "Either something very wrong, or very right." As she knocks back the wine, she is shocked to learn that Billy still thinks that Josh and Cassie should marry. He thinks that Cassie makes Josh happy now and that should be enough. Reva insists that it is Josh and Reva forever. Billy seems doubtful. A cancer foundation donor, Brian, meets them and asks Reva for dinner. Reva, seeing Josh alone on a bench, tells Brian that Billy was wrong that Reva is single and available and begs off dinner.

At Juvenile Hall, Gus runs into Billy who is there to visit Daisy. Billy asks Gus to back off a little so Dylan can get some time with Daisy. Gus tries to assure Billy that he only wants to be a father figure to Daisy, not her dad. Gus says that Harley's kids are everything to him and as close to having his own kids as he'll ever have. Just then, a guard is manhandling Rafe. Gus intervenes. Billy recognizes Rafe as the kid who tried to mug Josh. The guard takes Rafe away. Gus tells Billy he won't step on Dylan's toes. When the guard returns from Rafe, Gus hands him his card and asks him to give it to Rafe. The guard takes it to him.

At Company, Remy presses Natalia about Gus being Rafe's father. Natalia confesses that it is true. She explains that Gus never knew about her pregnancy. He had left her because he felt he needed to protect her from the mob that killed his father. She still isn't sure when or if she will tell Gus about Rafe. Natalia calls Rafe to hear his voice and is perplexed when he cuts the conversation short. Gus arrives at Company to be met by Remy who has a real bad attitude toward him. He is very surly toward Gus and is just about to blow Natalia's big secret, when she stops him. Gus can't figure out what is going on, especially Remy's strong hostility toward him. Gus tells Remy that he should have his anger management issues checked out.

Also at Juvenile Hall, Coop has sneaked into Ashlee's room to talk to her about an essay she wrote. He tells "Ashlee" that he is concerned about the dark tone of the essay. He is afraid that she is letting her detention get to her. When she won't respond to him, he learns that it is because her bed is stuffed. Ashlee appears at the door with a big mop and shows Coop she stuffed her bed so it would look like she was in her room. Coop brings up the tone of the essay and Ashlee eventually breaks down, confessing that she feels she screwed up her life in order to help out a mother who doesn't care for her. Coop reminds her that plenty of people in Springfield love her. She made a big mistake by shooting Alan, but she's paying for it. When she is released, she can resume her life and actually start it over. He gets her to laugh. She says that she go on with her life heads up, full speed, and will ignore her lame-o mother. Coop leaves and Ashlee looks at her essay. She tells herself that yes, she can do better writing. She begins.

Coop leaves Juvenile Hall and runs into Ava on Main Street. He tells her that he loves teaching but it doesn't pay well. She suggests she hire him to write PR material for Spaulding on the side. He doesn't want to work for Spaulding. She tries to convince him that he'll actually just be working with her. The money is insanely good and he can do both his teaching job and the Spaulding work at the same time. She tempts him to have dinner with her so she can talk him into it. She breaks away to make a phone call. It is to Alan. She pitches the idea of a series of promotional PR brochures for the company. Apparently Ava has offered Coop a job that does not yet exist.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Harley plans a lunch date with Gus, Natalia, and herself, which makes Gus very nervous. Meanwhile, Harley is sneaking around Main St. and "accidentally" runs into Dylan and invites him to lunch, not telling him of the other guests. As Gus and Natalia wait at the Company, Gus steps outside to look for Harley, who appears with Dylan just then. Gus and Dylan figure out that Harley is playing matchmaker and explains to Gus that she's hoping Dylan and Natalia would get along and keep each other busy, which would mean both ex's would be less involved in Harley and Gus's life.

At lunch, Natalia gets a phone call at the Diner from her son in juvenile detention, which surprises and baffles everyone. To avoid revealing that she has a son, Gus' son, she says she left her wallet there and had to go get it. Before Natalia leaves, Gus meets her outside to try to find out what's going on. They have a sweet heart-to-heart talk, and Natalia comes very close to telling Gus that he has a son, but Gus' phone rings and their conversation ends. Later, Harley notices Natalia through a window and sees that Natalia never lost her wallet.

Cyrus feels like he's being followed, and he is, by Springfield's Police Dept, who is looking for a reason to arrest him. First he spots Chief Frank Cooper following him to the docks, where Marina shows up. Cyrus is in his driver's uniform and Marina is suspicious that he may only be trying to get close to the Spauldings so that he can rob them. He insist that he is putting that old life behind him, and tells Marina that he thinks she's unsure of who they are now that they aren't "cops and robbers", and how that when they were in those roles it was dangerous and forbidden and exciting, and as he slowly approaches her, backing her up against a wall, he seductively tells her that now they are just two people that cash a paycheck and that while there once were sparks, they have now fizzled, as he is now stands face to face and gazes into her eyes, as she seems swept up in the moment.

Frank makes his presence known, and after Cyrus leaves, Frank expresses concern that Marina may be getting too close to Cyrus. Later, Frank gives marina the phone number of a young man named Justin Bains, an all around great guy, according to Frank, and wants Marina to call him. In a "Let's make a Deal fashion, Marina agrees to call him, if Frank agrees to do something that she says. She adds hair gel and styles his hair in a Mohawk fashioned from many tiny ponytails, as was recently done on another show "American Idol" with a singer named Sanjaya. The deal included that Frank had to go out in public and let at least one person see him this way. He goes to the Diner, shows Buzz, and tells him he has to call Marina to tell him he saw Frank.

Cyrus meets Alex, and is given a 401K retirement plan, and a "gift for the soul", to which Cyrus is genuinely touched by her gestures and feeling good about his new path in life. Just after Alex leaves, Cyrus finds a wallet on the street. He picks it up and looks around for the owner with intention of returning it. A woman standing at the CO2 counter starts to say she can't find her wallet, and immediately a plain-clothes police officer comes out of nowhere, grabs Cyrus, and cuffs him. Marina comes upon the scene a moment later. (She followed Cyrus to try to find out if Cyrus was being followed as he said he was.) Marina discovers that the whole police Department was told to try to catch Cyrus at anything they can to have a reason to arrest him, even create a situation to make that happen.

Mallet is napping in his beacon Hotel room and having another nightmare about his past, when Blake curls up close to him on the bed. Just as he starts to wake, Dinah walks in and sees them on the bed together and doesn't like what she sees. Blake tries to explain that A.C. was having a bad dream. While A.C. takes a phone call, Dinah hustles Blake off to her physical therapy session at Cedars Hospital. An angry and frustrated Dinah pushes Blake into the hospital room, takes a syringe out of her purse, tells Blake that she has been pushed to the brink and isn't happy about Blake making moves on her man, tell Blake she's had enough, and threatens Blake to tell what she knows. Mallet enters as Dinah is escalating in her rage, telling Blake she can't see why her father loved her because she can't stand Blake. As Mallet tries to get her to leave, Dinah continues her rant, saying Blake is manipulative and is blackmailing them and is hurting Mallet, for which Dinah will not stand for, and calls Blake a" lying, pathetic little bitch." Mallet finally convinces Dinah to wait in the hall, and as he talks to Blake. Blake tells him that she thinks he deserves better than Dinah; he deserves someone like herself, and she reaches her hand to his knee. When Mallet removes her hand and gently says she misunderstood and that he loves Dinah, a rejected Blake tells him that she was hoping he'd come around on his own but since he didn't, she threatened him by revealing that she knows everything, she heard everything he said as she was coming out of her coma, and that it is in his best interest to go out of his way to make her happy or she will share what she knows with others. Blake continues trying to show Mallet why she is better for him than Dinah, pointing Dinah's horrible mistakes of the past and recalling how she was a good wife, and reminding him that she will be mayor and that she is the woman that he needs, not Dinah. Mallet compassionately suggests that this blackmail behavior isn't really her and that she may need professional help. Blake leaves him, saying she's sorry for everything, then goes back to the hotel room, gets the briefcase Mallet hides under the bed, opens it, finds a name inside, calls the number, and asks to schedule an meeting with Griggs, the name Mallet called out during his nap.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Inside the Light: Trouble Shooter

Still plagued by his conscience, Mallet can't sleep. He paces around and leaves the hotel. He discovers Matt on Main Street. He is also having sleepless nights without Vanessa. In the morning, Dinah and Mallet plan to get away to clear their heads, but Frank calls him down for an assignment instead of giving him time off. Back on Main Street, he witnesses Matt makes some sort of exchange with a stranger. It triggers memories of Mallet's shady past.

Mallet remembers picking up a married woman named Vicki at a bar and taking her home with him for a one-night stand. Next, he reenters the same bar to meet a man named Griggs. Griggs compliments Mallet (calling him Tony) on his job with the woman as he thumbs through a stack of cash. Griggs wonders what the woman's husband will pay to keep the photos hidden. On the table are photos of Mallet and Vicki together in bed. Mallet isn't too proud of what he has done. He hands him a stack of photos of a man and reveals that this will be his next mark. He doesn't want pictures of him in bed with this guy, Griggs says, sliding him a silver metal briefcase.

Mallet is shocked out of his memory when Frank greets him. They go to Company to discuss his new assignment. Frank expresses his concern that Marina has feelings for low-life Cyrus. He has had his own sleepless nights toiling over how he shot Marina because of Cyrus. Frank whispers that he wants Mallet to shake Cyrus down. In hushed tones, a concerned Mallet asks how far Frank wants this to go. When it comes to his family, Frank wonders if one can go too far to protect them. Frank asks Mallet to make Foley's life a living hell if he continues to stay in Springfield.

Mallet asks him if he's sure. He thinks that maybe people can change. He points out that he changed. Maybe Foley can, too. Frank tells Mallet that Cyrus is a criminal. Mallet is a good man. Mallet remembers calling Harley, trying to work things out on her voicemail when his mark enters the bar in Florida. Back in the present, Frank pressures him for his help. Mallet wonders if people deserve a chance to change. Perhaps Cyrus wants to change, to make up for things. But he can't if Frank makes his life a living hell. Frank regrets coming to Mallet. Mallet apologizes that he is too stressed and asks for time off. Frank agrees that he needs it.

Just then he gets a call from Dinah. As he goes to take it outside, he sees Matt pass by with a mysterious envelope he exchanged with a man on the street earlier. Later Mallet meets Dinah by the docks. She throws them a picnic on the pier. While there, they run into distraught Cassie, sobbing by the water's edge. When Dinah asks what's wrong, Cassie spews about how men can't be trusted. Another memory of Mallet's is triggered.

He recalls coming home to his Florida apartment to find Vickie there. She's in distress over why he set her up. Back in the present, Mallet overhears Cassie explaining to Dinah what Josh did with Reva in prison. Cassie cuts her rant short when she sees Mallet. He says that it's not his business, but asks her if she can forgive Josh. Cassie is resentful that she should have to forgive Josh because, in her words, "men cheat. That's just what they do." Cassie decides to take a boat out and toss her wedding ring into the water.

Another of Mallet's memories triggers. At his Florida apartment, Vickie holds a gun on Mallet, appalled that she was set up. Her husband threw her out and she has nowhere to go. Mallet explains that he never said he was one of the good people. He has no sympathy for her because she's a cheater. She probably always thought she was a good person, but then she does something like this. It causes someone else's world to change. In an instant, she's no longer one of the good people. He opens the door and tells her that she's not his problem anymore. With the gun down, she leaves his apartment.

Dinah zaps him out of his memory by yelling that Cassie's boat tipped over. They drag Cassie out of the lake under the assumption that she tried to kill herself. Mallet yells at her that her life is precious. Every life is precious and she has no right to take hers. Another one of his memories flashes. In it, he opens the silver briefcase, assembles a silencer on a gun, and climbs onto his fire escape. The man who was in the photos from Griggs is below, talking on his cell phone. Mallet points the gun and we hear the whiz of a bullet through the silencer.

In the present, wet Cassie is in a bed in the emergency room. She explains to Mallet that she wasn't trying to kill herself. She loves RJ more than anything on the earth, including Josh. She says she stood up in the boat to wind up her arm to throw the ring. She lost her balance and fell in the water. She never wants anyone to think she would choose to leave RJ motherless—not even for Josh. What happened with Josh and Reva was bad, but it won't end her.

Dinah enters, telling her that she should hold onto her ring. She reveals that she probably would have felt the same way a year ago, but she learned to accept Mallet's past and they've made things right. Cassie thanks them and they leave.

Later on, still wet, Mallet summons Matt to Main Street to express his concern over what could be going on with him and the exchange with the guy. Matt is defensive. He's trying to get his life back. He's tired of proving to people that he deserves Vanessa. He plans to do whatever has to do to get his life straightened. Mallet reminds him that he has a daughter. He can't work his problems out by going down a shady road. Some times a person doesn't realize what he sold until he can't get it back.

Another memory of Mallet's plays. Smiling, he goes down to the alley and says to the dead man on the ground, "Gotcha, didn't I?" Suddenly a little boy runs passed Mallet screaming, "Daddy!" Devastated, Mallet straggles away. Next he goes to the bar and Griggs plops down an envelope of cash. Griggs says that he'll always have a job for him. At home in Mallet's apartment, he cries and then he stares at a classified ad for a police job in Illinois.

Back in the present, Dinah tells him how he's being hailed all over the internet as a hero for saving Cassie. She calls him a hero. Mallet laments that she wouldn't have recognized what kind of man he was before he came to Springfield. Dinah tells him that he has paid enough for his past. Mallet feels it's never enough. It's never enough, but he wants to protect what he's built and what they have now. They kiss and Dinah asks him to make love to her.

As they fall into bed together, a bellhop shows Griggs to a hotel room that Blake has reserved for him. He comments that he will be staying just long enough to catch up with an old friend.

Thursday, June 31, 2007

Beth and Lizzie are waiting to meet Alan so they can all go to Cedars, where a special ceremony will be held for Alan's contribution to the hospital for a neonatal clinic. While they wait, Rick comes by, and feeling very happy that he is the father of Beth's baby (or so he thinks), he makes a few boasting and smug comments about Alan. Lizzie continues to refer to Beth's baby as her own at times. Rick, Beth, and Lizzie arrive at Cedars, looking for Alan, and discover he isn't there yet. Rick is beaming as the proud father, and seizes the opportunity for a photographer to take a picture of the three of them (Rick, Beth, Lizzie), looking like a happy family. Beth, although she is enjoying these special gestures by Rick, says she can't allow that picture to be printed – Alan would have a fit. Rick, enjoying his time with Beth and their baby, buys the camera, saying he couldn't just buy the film since it is a digital camera, hands the camera to Beth, and tells her maybe she can show the picture to their little girl someday. More time passes and Alan hasn't shown up yet, and Beth is approached about possibly speaking for him. She doesn't want to do that, and tries to encourage Lizzie to speak, but Lizzie, who has a few drinks, said she can't go up and tell what a great person he is. To their surprise, Rick begins speaking from the podium, and announces that Alan is so excited about the project that he is tripling his donation. Lizzie is encouraging Beth to be with Rick, pointing out how they have been close for so long and how happy Beth is around him, and saying the baby would like to have parents that make her laugh. Alan finally arrives, and Beth speaks to him about making arrangements with Rick to included him the baby's life, since he IS the father and has rights. Alan responds with a plotting tone that "a lot can happen between now and the time you give birth to that baby, an awful lot", as Beth looks at him with an expression that lets us know she can tell Alan is up to something.

As Jeffrey and Mel do their legal work at the diner, Olivia sees them through the window, then enters and asks Jeffrey to help with labor issues she's having at hotel. Jeffrey tells her that Mel specializes in that area and suggests she be the one to help her. Olivia insists that Jeffrey be the one to handle this. Jeffrey steps away to take a phone call, Mel and Olivia exchange a few snarky comments, Mel clearly sees what Olivia is up to in trying to get close to Jeffrey, and tells her she doesn't want to see Jeffrey get hurt. Olivia shows her claws right back when she brings up the fact that Jeffrey had a part in helping Cassie "prove" that Beth's baby isn't Alan's (though he doesn't know that Cassie changed the results), and in so doing informs Mel that Rick is the father. Mel is caught off guard with this news (and the fact that her partner Jeffrey didn't let her know) and leaves. Mel calls Rick and tells him that she knows this information. Later, Mel sees Rick and offers congratulations while Rick apologizes for not telling her himself. She says that she should be the one to call Leah.

Josh goes to Cedars Hospital looking for Cassie, and Reva appears and informs him that Cassie checked herself out earlier. Josh is worried, wondering if Cassie is ok. Reva tells him she's not ok and hasn't been since Tammy died. Josh becomes angry and accuses Reva of trying to undermine he and Cassie's relationship and has been trying to do so for weeks. When Reva tells him he never runs away from someone who needs help, Josh denies that he is only with Cassie to be her hero, then stops the heated discussion. Meanwhile, as Cassie fumbles through her purse on Main St., she comes across the security card that belongs to the lab technician, the card she used to enter the lab where she change the results of the DNA test to show that Rick is the father of Beth's baby. Alan appears and throws one snide comment after another to Cassie, about Josh making love to Reva in jail, reminding her how "that slut of a sister," Reva, betrayed her, and mocked the idea of Josh considering going into the ministry. But when he spoke of the incident at the lake where she almost drowned, and asked if it was real or if it was a cry for help, and said he knows she's anxious to see Tammy again, but that action was over the top, Cassie slapped his face and issued a warning of sorts: that she used to have Josh around to keep her in balance, to keep her from acting out her anger, but now...(she stops short here, then leaves).

Josh, in his continued search for Cassie, now comes to Main St. where he runs into Alan, who continues throwing snide comments, now at Josh. When Alan provokes Josh by saying he wonders what the elders at church would think about his "cell block tango" with Reva, Josh punches Alan in the face and knocks him down. Reva, who has also been searching Cassie, finds her at the dock and presumes that Cassie may try to hurt herself and shouts, "Cassie, don't." Reva expresses genuine concern for Cassie, but Cassie is angry. In referring to Reva making love with Josh, Cassie says, "I trusted you. I trusted my sister", to which Reva replies "So did I." referring to Cassie's action with Josh last year while Reva was away fighting cancer. As Cassie storms away, she drops her purse and the contents empty. She gathers everything and leaves, but she left behind one thing – the lab security card. Reva finds the card after Cassie is gone. Reva searches for and finds Jeffrey to ask about he and Cassie discovered that Alan was going to tamper with the DNA test results, and she learns that they never entered the lab.

Josh finally finds Cassie and Cassie describes how she felt and thought while she was drowning; how she went to throw the ring away, and as she fell in the water and was sinking, after a while she realized that she never let go of the ring, and she believed that was symbolic of how she will not let go of Josh. Josh takes the ring, kneels, and places it back on Cassie's finger – they embrace.

The show ends with Reva holding the lab security card and being suspicious about why Cassie had it.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Mallet is at home deep in thought when Dinah comes up behind him and startles him. Mallet hurriedly makes an excuse about needing to go to work even though he was supposed to have the week off. When Mallet leaves, Dinah does some snooping around and finds the metal suitcase under the bed. Inside is a gun and the phone number of a man named Griggs.

Cassie tells Josh that she does not know how she ended up in the water. She just remembers that it felt peaceful. However, then shed had a vision of him and RJ and that is the reason why she is alive. Josh tells her that he regrets telling her about Reva in the first place. Cassie admits that it did hurt and humiliated her but they are not the sum of their mistakes. Josh tells Cassie that it wants to make up for what he had done. He states that his purpose is to protect her and he failed. Josh promises to spend his life making it up to her. After they profess their love, Cassie calls him her anchor and states that she wants them to heal together. Suddenly, Cassie remembers that she has to pick up RJ and hurries out.

Matt comes across Mallet and asks if he is feeling okay. Matt thinks perhaps Mallet is sick because he seems edgy. As they are talking, Josh comes by. When Matt invites him to lunch, Josh states that he has plans--he is planning on marrying Cassie tonight. Matt volunteers to help and Josh thanks Mallet for saving Cassie's life but Mallet shrugs it off by stating that it is just part of his job and walks off. Later, on their way to Company, Matt is in disbelief that Cassie forgave Josh. He wishes that Vanessa could do that for him but she will not even talk to him. Josh advises Mallet not to give up hope. Inside Company, Josh sees Reverend Rutledge and asks him to officiate his marriage to Cassie tonight. Rev. Rutledge is in shock and expresses concern that this might be too impulsive. After all, Josh did have a very rough year. Josh assures the Reverend that he wants to marry Cassie so that he can focus on his calling, his faith.

Using the access card, Reva sneaks into the lab at Cedars. Just as she is sitting at a laptop, a tech catches her. After stating that the door was left open, Reva tells the tech about her recent brush with cancer and tells him how worried she is about a reoccurrence and so she is trying to access her test. The tech recognizes her as the "cancer lady" who is raising money for research. Reva starts to ask questions about the testing process--what if someone screws up. The tech assures her that every test is checked and double check and every keystroke on the computer is recorded. Plus, there is the fact that only people with an access card can enter the room. As he is trying to get her to leave, Reva suddenly fakes being light headed and asks for a glass of water. While the tech goes to fetch one, Reva goes into the computer and access the paternity test which states that Rick is the father of Beth's baby.. Soon the tech returns and Reva tries to get him to check some moles that she is worried about. The tech gets nervous and declines since he is not qualified. He also expresses worry about getting into trouble with her there---there are security cameras in the lab. He confirms for Reva that the cameras are on all the time.

Mallet is deep in thought at the Lighthouse, fingering his badge when Dinah calls. When she asks where he is, he lies that he is at his desk. However, Dinah knows that he is lying since Frank called asking where he was. When Mallet tries to hedge, Dinah demands that he come home now. When Mallet returns home, he finds the metal suitcase wide open on the bed. Mallet tries to explain that it is for their safety but Dinah tells him not to lie. Dinah warns him that the secret he has will eat away at him--he is already edgy as it is. When Dinah starts talking about what an upstanding man he is, Mallet stoically mentions that he is capable of being something else. When Dinah asks if he killed someone, Mallet confirms that he had to. He states that he worked for a man and was forced to kill another man for him. He confesses that when it was done he did not feel ashamed; he felt empowered. That is until the kid leaning over his daddy's body. At that moment, it became real. He realized that he had taken another man's life. Mallet laments that you pay a price when you take another man's life--you end up hating yourself. He confesses that he spent years trying to make up for it but being a cop does not make up for taking someone's life. An understanding Dinah talks to him about her killing Hart when she was trying to kill Cassie. Dinah points out that she changed and she has to believe that they both can change. Her talks makes him feel better and he goes out to get some food for them. Later, he is approached by a mysterious man calling him Tony.

Reva goes to Cassie's and demands to know why she changed the paternity test. Reva tells Cassie that she saw the surveillance tape at Cedars and knows she was at the computer talking to "Tammy." Reva tries to convince Cassie that what she did was wrong - she is playing God and messing with people's lives. Cassie defends her actions by stating that she is saving a child. Reva does not believe it is about that; it is about revenge. Angry, Cassie accuses Reva of only caring because it gives her leverage in their battle over Josh. Reva denies it and tries to make Cassie see Reason. When Reva mentions justice, Cassie points out that they have to make their own and states that Reva would have probably done the same thing in her place. Cassie convinces Reva that Rick would be the better father for the child and Reva agrees to keep the secret. The conversation then turns to Josh. Reva admits that she threw him and Cassie together and if she would have died, they would seem right. However, Josh does not love Cassie the way he loves her. Reva warns Cassie that she and Josh will find their way back to one another and she would hate for that to happen after Cassie and Josh are already married. Before leaving, Reva warns Cassie that she and Josh have unfinished business. Later, Josh arrives and asks Cassie to marrying him tonight. Shocked, Cassie asks him one favor before she can say yes. She wants him to spend the night with Reva.

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