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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 5, 2009 on GL
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Monday, January 5, 2009

While alone with Lizzie before the press conference at Spaulding-Lewis, Bill explained that he'd awakened from his coma with no memory of the events surrounding the kidnapping. Lizzie claimed he had just been in shock from the accident, and she wondered why he hadn't told her sooner. He expressed how frightening it had been for him to awaken to Lizzie hailing him as a hero and Frank arresting him for kidnapping, but he didn't recollect a rescue or a kidnapping. A confused Bill said he had only the contradicting words of others to rely upon. While Bill prayed that he hadn't kidnapped her, he couldn't hold the press conference without corroborating his own guilt or innocence for himself and for Lizzie.

Bill told a visibly shaken Lizzie that he had lied about the memory lapse because he had needed her to believe in him, and he felt that she had needed to believe in him as well. Lizzie attempted to jog his memory, but he couldn't recall anything after the Decker presentation, not even the declaration of love he'd made to Lizzie after he had rescued her. Dismayed, Lizzie said that she had needed someone on her side against all the doubters. She sobbed, realizing that he was telling her that the doubters could have been right about him. She hadn't ever thought that she could have been wrong about him.

Bill reached for her, but she shirked him away, insisting that they had to hold the press conference. Bill didn't want her to defend him again, but Lizzie said the press would run a story more damaging to his credibility if they didn't proceed. Bill said he only cared about what Lizzie thought of him. Lizzie dubiously stared at him and then left for the press conference.

Cyrus sought out Alan at the mansion to conclude their "business arrangement." Since Bill's trial had come to a head, Cyrus said he would no longer extort money from Alan as long as Alan agreed not to involve Grady in any more schemes to undermine Lizzie and Bill. Alan admired Cyrus' tenacity in working for Lizzie to protect Bill and keeping Grady safe at the same time. Alan threatened to turn both Grady and Cyrus in for the kidnapping, but Cyrus claimed Alan couldn't do so without implicating himself. Cyrus said Lizzie would turn against Alan for his involvement in framing Bill. In Alan's opinion, every man in Lizzie's life had treated her like hell, including her father. Alan figured that Lizzie might be angry with him for his misdeeds, but she would always return to him because he was her only constant. Just then, Cyrus saw on Alan's laptop that Lizzie and Bill were about to give a press statement.

As Grady and Daisy settled into Ashlee's house, Daisy worried that Doris persisted in pursuing Bill's guilt even after dismissing his case. She implored Grady to reason with his boss to lay off Bill. Ashlee and Grady both agreed that Doris wouldn't listen to them. Ashlee felt that Doris was just covering her own butt after the fire had ruined her case. Daisy decided that she couldn't live with Ashlee because Doris would be around. Ashlee promised to see Doris only at Doris' office because she really wanted Daisy and Grady to live with her.

At Company, Dinah was ecstatic about Bill's vindication, but Vanessa worried that Doris' insinuations during her press conference would turn the town against Bill. Dinah assured her doubtful mother that people would forget the press conference, and Bill's nightmare would be over. Vanessa commented that Dinah's exuberance about Bill's case dismal might make one think Dinah had been cleared instead of Bill. Dinah claimed to merely be happy for her brother. Vanessa steered the conversation to Shayne Lewis, and Dinah blushed, swearing that nothing was going on with Shayne and her. Dinah and Vanessa both struggled not to laugh after Dinah stated that she was better off without a man in her life.

Ashlee, Daisy, and Grady entered Company. Dinah approached Grady at the coffee station to warn him to stay away from Bill. Daisy and Ashlee announced that Lizzie and Bill were having a live press conference, and Buzz, Vanessa, Dinah, and Grady joined them around the television set to watch it.

When Bill and Lizzie sat down for the press conference, the producers noticed the tension between them. Bill slid himself closer to a distant Lizzie and uttered that she didn't have to do it. With a placating smile, Lizzie insisted that she was ready. Once on live television, Lizzie stammered while telling the story of her kidnapping. When she said that it was time for the truth, she hesitated and then said, "Bill rescued me-that I know for a fact." Unable to affirm that Bill was not her kidnapper, she instead muttered that Bill would have to have been cruel and manipulative to have done it to her. She assumed the audience wondered if Bill loved her, and she said that was a question that needed answering. Whispering, Bill asked her what she needed, and a jittery Lizzie hastily bolted out of the room, unable to finish the conference. Bill concluded the conference by explaining he'd been cleared due to lack of evidence and that the stress of the ordeal had taken a toll on Lizzie and others close to him.

Once the conference ended, Bill pursued Lizzie into the stairwell. When he caught her by her arm, she sputtered an apology, saying that she'd lost it when her mind flashed to his chest scar. Bill decided he shouldn't have let her defend him from the beginning. Bill thought he had been protecting her by hiding his memory loss, but he realized that he had just made it harder for her to trust him. He decided that he would move out of the mansion because he couldn't put her through the ordeal anymore. He vowed to get to the truth about what had happened to her, but he didn't want her suffer with the doubts in the meantime. Lizzie sullenly agreed and left.

Alan told Cyrus that after seeing the press conference, he was satisfied that Lizzie's confidence in Bill had been shattered. When Lizzie entered the parlor later, Alan immediately demanded that Lizzie straighten out the press conference debacle because reporters had been ringing the phones off the hook. Lizzie said that Alan could tell them that she and Bill had broken up after Bill had revealed the truth to her. Alan was shocked that Bill had confessed. Lizzie said Bill had no memory of the kidnapping. Cyrus reasoned that Bill's memory loss didn't mean he was guilty, but Lizzie said it didn't mean he was innocent, either. Lizzie offered Cyrus a job at the company, saying that she needed someone there that she could trust. Alan thought hiring Cyrus was a bad idea, adding that Alex could attest to it. She ignored Alan's pretentious act of concern and said she would see Cyrus at work. Once upstairs, she threw books across the room and grimaced.

Meanwhile, those viewing the conference at Company didn't know what to make of Lizzie's behavior on television. Daisy and Dinah took off to lend Bill their support. They located him strumming a guitar and downing shots at Farley's bar. After he explained what had happened due to his memory loss, he said the best thing for him to do was to leave Lizzie in peace. Bill wouldn't let Dinah take him to her hotel room to talk. When he said was setting up headquarters at the bar until he found the answers, Dinah left him with Daisy. Daisy took his car keys and designated herself as his driver.

Sometime later, Bill finally couldn't drink anymore. Daisy drove him to the Spaulding mansion, where he stood outside his SUV, staring at the house. He said he had told Lizzie that he would keep his distance, but he wanted to make sure that she was okay. An uncertain sounding Daisy agreed that they would stay as long as he wanted to. She and Bill sat outside staring at the house for quite some time.

Meanwhile, when Lizzie reentered the parlor, Alan offered to listen to her worries, but a despondent Lizzie said she just needed to get out of the house. Alan seemed disappointed that she wasn't leaning on him. Instead, she strode outside and sat on the patio alone.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In Shayne's new room at the hotel where Remy lived, Shayne fiercely did arm curls until his back surged in pain. Dinah let herself in and commented that his lock was broken. She noted that Shayne hadn't called her back the previous night when she'd needed someone to talk to about Bill. Shayne seemed detached, and Dinah wondered what she had done to get the cold treatment from him. Shayne explained that he wasn't another project for her to fix. Dinah had enjoyed confiding in Shayne because she had felt they understood each other. Upon leaving, she concluded that it must have been one-sided.

While jogging by the lake, Jeffrey discovered Shayne's washed up medal. He made his way to Company, where Billy and Reva were eating at the counter. Jeffrey wondered if Reva intended to see Shayne soon. Reva worried about crowding Shayne, but she seemed hopeful that her son had "turned a corner." Roc Hoover arrived, and, after exchanging pleasantries with Reva and Billy, Roc asked Jeffrey if they still needed to talk. A curious Reva wondered what the meeting was about, but Jeffrey kissed her goodbye without explanation. After he left with Roc, Reva suspected that Jeffrey was up to something. Alone with Roc, Jeffrey said he needed a second opinion about something before it blew up in his face.

Sometime later, Jeffrey took Shayne to the McAvoy Center, a place for troubled youth. He said he could get Shayne a volunteer job there, since he knew that Shayne liked to make a difference. Shayne wondered why he was offering it, and Jeffrey said that, with all Reva had to worry about, he didn't want her worrying about Shayne, too. If the volunteer job was unsuitable for Shayne, Jeffrey intended to keep trying things until something clicked. He thought that Shayne might be able to find himself there, but he warned Shayne that some of the teens were violent and troubled. "I'm in," Shayne readily decided.

Dinah went to Company later, where Reva insinuated that Dinah had put Shayne up to stopping Mallet's wedding. Dinah thought Reva didn't give her son enough credit and stated that Shayne had acted of his own volition that night. Reva asserted that a vulnerable Shayne needed space to deal with his problems. Dinah rose from her seat, citing that Reva must have had better things to do. Reva said that she and Dinah were alike in that they would spitefully do something just because someone had warned them not to do it. Dinah said that if Reva knew that, then Reva should have also known that her approach with Dinah had been all wrong. Dinah reminded Reva that she had a pregnancy and cancer to worry about; Dinah should have been the least of Reva's worries. "Do I have to be the one to tell you that?" Dinah asked before walking away.

Later, at Towers, Dinah saw Jeffrey at the bar. She asked him to find Reva something to do other than focusing on Dinah, who Reva had decided was a bad influence on the unimpressionable Shayne. Jeffrey thought things would change since he had signed Shayne up to volunteer at the McAvoy Center. Startled by the news, Dinah said that the kids there needed handcuffs. Jeffrey figured that was exactly what had interested Shayne about working there.

Meanwhile, Shayne reviewed files at the center when a young man entered, questioning Shayne's presence. Shayne said he was a new counselor and offered to play basketball with him. The uninterested teen turned to leave. Looking at a file, Shayne asked if his name was Byron. Byron said no one ever called him that. "Well, I'm sorry-Byron," Shayne sneered. Byron warned that the last person to call him that had gotten cut. Shayne said he'd dealt with troubled kids like Byron while working overseas. Those teens had been missing limbs, and they didn't worry about something as trivial as their given name. Shayne decided that Byron was all talk and no show. Byron brandished a pocketknife. Shayne goaded Byron, asking if he could call him "Bi." Just then, Dinah strode in. Byron snatched Dinah into his grip. Putting the knife to her neck, Byron wondered if she meant anything to Shayne.

Daisy awakened Bill after they'd spent the night in his SUV outside the mansion gates. Bill wondered why Daisy had stayed with him. She said that she believed in him and Lizzie. After seeing how concerned he had been for Lizzie above his own injuries at the van crash site, she knew in her heart that Bill wouldn't have kidnapped Lizzie. Daisy urged him to see Lizzie, but he refused. He thanked Daisy for her support, but until he could remember something, he insisted upon keeping his distance from Lizzie. He offered Daisy a ride, but she said she planned to visit a friend who lived nearby.

On the laptop in the mansion parlor, Lizzie replayed the part of the press conference in which she said that the question of Bill's love for her needed to be answered. She slammed down the laptop and wandered onto the patio. A short time later, Daisy approached Lizzie to tell her that she shouldn't have let Bill walk out. Upset, Lizzie said that it was Bill's decision. Daisy felt Bill had only made that decision to spare Lizzie pain, but it had been Lizzie's obligation as Bill's partner to ask him to stay. Daisy said that Bill had put Lizzie first at the accident site and again by walking away from the relationship. He had even camped out at the mansion gates to make sure Lizzie was okay. Daisy reasoned that if Bill had been capable of hurting Lizzie with the kidnapping, then he wouldn't have been capable of so much compassion afterward.

An exasperated Lizzie explained to Daisy how hard it had been for her to be Bill's sole defender only to learn that he could have been her abductor. The saga was never-ending, and Lizzie couldn't bear her guilt for doubting him. Daisy couldn't believe Lizzie had let Bill go because she didn't want to deal with the guilt, and she predicted that Lizzie would be sorry if she didn't listen to her heart. Lizzie huffed in frustration, telling Daisy to go away.

Bill shopped at the mini-mart, where he ran into Billy. He informed Billy that he'd broken up with Lizzie because he couldn't remember the truth. Billy was certain that Lizzie loved Bill, but she needed help coping with the situation. He advised Bill to show her how they would get past their issues. Bill seemed skeptical that they could get past them, but Billy said that Lizzie had already dealt with the worst; she just needed Bill to help her see what was next. Billy thought that sometimes people needed to hear "I'm sorry." He encouraged Bill to look Lizzie in the eye and tell her what she wanted to hear.

Later, in the mansion hallway off the overlook, Bill rehearsed what he wanted to say to Lizzie. He paused when he heard Lizzie downstairs on the sofa with Roxie. Lizzie told Roxie that Bill's memory loss didn't mean that Bill had kidnapped her. She thought that Bill needed her to say that she had the strength to see the situation through. However, a distraught Lizzie didn't know how to summon renewed strength. She felt that if Bill were innocent, it was completely insane to walk away from him. "That's as long as he's innocent," she added.

Lizzie went to get Roxie a treat and ran into Bill in the hallway. He said he was there to pack. He felt that he had to act upon the assumption that he had committed the kidnapping. He couldn't ask her to forget it or move on since believing in him had cost her so much. Lizzie stiffly said she would get Jeremy to help him pack. After Bill packed, he said they could just send the rest of his things. She wondered where he would be staying. Bill didn't answer, murmuring instead that he needed to get going. He seemed to want to say something and Lizzie seemed anxious to hear whatever it was. However, he turned and wordlessly left. Lizzie cried into her hands.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

After Josh and Jeffrey dismantled the outdoor Christmas decorations at Cross Creek, Jeffrey handed Josh the medal he'd found at the lake. Josh studied it, theorizing that Shayne had trashed it because Shayne hated being a hero. Jeffrey figured it was tough for Shayne, given that his injury had precluded the completion of his overseas mission. Jeffrey told Josh that he'd gotten Shayne a volunteer position on Fifth Street, and Josh thought it could be good for Shayne. They agreed that Josh would keep an eye on Shayne to take the burden off Reva.

Reva took a video camera to the lake to tape a message for her unborn son to have in the event of her death. She said he was a miracle child, but she was unsure that she believed in miracles. She relayed how much they loved him, but she asked him to cut Jeffrey some slack because Jeffrey would be raising a child alone for the first time. Reva got emotional and said that she would check back later. Jeffrey met her to take her to their parenting class at Cedars.

As the class concluded, they overheard an expectant mother griping that her new child would be a burden. Reva geared up to lecture the woman, but Jeffrey spoke first, telling the mother how precious children were. He believed that they were a lot of work, but well worth any burden. When they arrived home, an excited Jeffrey said he couldn't wait to learn everything Reva knew about child rearing. As he made Reva an appointment with Colin, Reva grabbed the video recorder to tell their unborn son that his daddy would do just fine.

At the McAvoy Center, Byron held a knife to Dinah's neck, but Shayne claimed that Dinah wasn't special to him. Dinah begged Shayne to help her, but Shayne told her that she was screwed. Shayne thought that Byron was going out with a big bang by offing the owner of a television station. Shayne found it ironic that the news media would broadcast that his name was Byron Skiddle, since Byron hated his name. Shayne gave Byron permission to hurt Dinah, but he warned that Byron had to go through him first. Shayne said he was a man with nothing to lose after the hellish things he'd witnessed in the war zone. A frazzled Byron said, "You never saw me, you got that! You never saw me!" Byron then took off running.

Heaving after the attack, Dinah called Shayne a psycho for almost getting her killed. Shayne thought she ought to be grateful that he'd saved her life, but Dinah felt that Shayne had goaded Byron. Shayne didn't want her there, but she insisted that someone had to save him from himself. She felt she owed him for the fire, and she ranted that he didn't take anything seriously. He retorted that he was very serious about Dinah leaving him the hell alone.

Later, Shayne found Josh at his door with a box of items for his new home. Shayne said Josh didn't have to do that, but Josh said it was like therapy for fathers. When Josh mentioned that he could help Shayne get a better place, Shayne said it wasn't Josh's responsibility because he wasn't a kid anymore. Shayne noticed a teddy bear among Josh's gifts. He said that it had to go because it would tarnish his image with the ladies. As Josh prepared to leave, Shayne thanked him for the items, saying that the place was more homey. Josh asked him if there was something he might want to talk about, but Shayne said there wasn't. After Josh left, Shayne did more arm curls and then stared at a crumpled picture of a young woman.

Outside Shayne's door, Josh looked at Shayne's medal. Just then, Dinah strode up, wondering if Josh wanted to help his kid. At Towers later, Dinah told Josh that she liked Shayne, but he had an attitude problem. She realized that she couldn't help him, but she thought Josh could. Since Shayne wouldn't let anyone get close enough to him, she advised that Josh find a way to help Shayne without Shayne realizing he was being helped.

As Beth worked in the parlor, Alan entered in a celebratory mood because he was rid of Bill Lewis. As he proclaimed that they had reclaimed their company and their family, he noted that Beth wasn't wearing his engagement ring. He asked her why she always avoided the discussion of marriage. Beth felt she needed time to process the sudden proposal. Alan assumed that she had been "processing" it since she'd learned that Peyton was his daughter. Beth suddenly wondered if Gerald Brooks had called because she was shadowing Brooks's pro bono case. Alan was shocked that a lawyer like Brooks would bother with an inconsequential pro bono case. Beth didn't think it was inconsequential to the client. Just then, Brooks called her to meet him at Company. She tried to detour him to Towers, but he said he liked Company's coffee. Upon leaving to meet Brooks, Beth promised Alan that they would discuss the marriage proposal later.

Emma phoned her Grandpa Alan because she wanted to interview him for her social studies project about what made her family unique. Alan rushed to the farmhouse to give Emma an "accurate" view of what their family was really like. He felt that if anyone knew the meaning of family, it was her grandfather. "Let the brainwashing begin," Olivia said as she and Natalia watched Emma interview Alan. Olivia quickly tired of Alan's family boasting, but Natalia continued to monitor Emma and him. Alan told Emma that she was lucky to be born into a family like the Spauldings because they never forgot their own. When Emma left after concluding the session, Natalia asked Alan how he could feed his granddaughter a bunch of hypocritical nonsense.

Olivia returned in time to hear Natalia light into Alan about proclaiming that he never forgot his own, while he hadn't even bothered to visit Rafe or ask about him since his imprisonment. Alan said it wasn't his fault that Rafe had committed a felony. Natalia wondered what would happen if Emma made a mistake. She asked if he would wipe Emma off his list as he had his grandson. Once Alan ascertained that Natalia was finished, he said, "Good, because you're quickly removing yourself from my list." After he left, Olivia apologized. Natalia wondered why Olivia was sorry, because Natalia had never felt better.

As Olivia and Natalia worked in the kitchen later, a confused Emma strode in to say that Alan had done a lot of talking, but he hadn't said what made her family unique. Natalia agreed that Alan did do a lot of talking, but to make someone understand something, Natalia felt one had to show instead of tell. Olivia and Natalia busily continued to coordinate Beacon work and their personal errands. Emma smiled to see how well they worked together.

Coop slapped his thick manuscript down on the counter at Company, claiming to Buzz that it was meaningless gibberish with no proper ending without Beth. Buzz was relieved that Coop had gotten out of Alan's orbit before something bad happened. Coop wanted to throw the novel away, but Buzz thought that one day a publisher would think it was a goldmine. Buzz asked Coop to review Company's financial statements. Coop suspected Buzz of trying to divert him from thinking about Beth, and he warned Buzz that he would bill him for the work.

Outside Company, Beth prayed that Coop wasn't there, but Coop came outside, saying that he was indeed there. When he saw that she wasn't wearing Alan's ring, Beth said that it didn't mean she wouldn't marry him. Coop brushed by her, telling her to save the semantics for court. She said she hated how they had ended things, and Coop retorted that they didn't have to end at all. He didn't understand how she could choose a man who didn't get her over one who completely understood her. Just then, Brooks showed up and curtly told Beth that they needed to get their meeting over with because he had a court appearance at five.

Coop and Beth had a difficult time working across the room from each other. Coop couldn't concentrate on Buzz's finances, and Beth couldn't keep up with the pompous Gerald Brooks, who only cared about getting a tax write-off for the pro bono case. Beth tried to understand the case, but Brooks just wanted her to get the briefs done without wasting too much of his time. At the counter, Coop told Buzz that he didn't like the guy that Beth was with. Beth stepped away momentarily, and upon her return, she overheard Coop telling Brooks that Beth could really contribute to his case if given the chance. Brooks felt that his ditzy law student needed to learn that she couldn't save the world. Brooks shooed Coop from his table, and as he and Beth departed, left a nickel tip on the table.

When Beth and Brooks met with their client later, Brooks tried to persuade the client to sue her landlord for an injury unrelated to her initial dispute. The client didn't want to do that, and Beth asserted that the matter could be handled in another way, perhaps without even going to court. Taking Beth aside, Brooks demanded to know what she thought she was doing. She said she was helping their client and thought he ought to try doing the same.

Meanwhile, Alan searched for Beth at Company. As he asked if Buzz had seen her, Coop approached to talk to Buzz privately. Coop had gone over Buzz's financial books, and Coop murmured that he thought they could be losing the restaurant.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Olivia showed Emma vacation brochures for Emma's spring break. Natalia entered the kitchen, anxious to share some vacation brochures, saying she had noticed that spring break was approaching. Emma and Olivia looked at each other and laughed at the coincidence. Natalia volunteered to take Emma shopping for art supplies, but she had a nagging feeling that she was forgetting something important. Olivia offered to watch the food in the crock-pot. Olivia assured Emma that she would soon figure out what made her family unique.

While running errands with Emma, Natalia realized that she'd forgotten Rafe's prescription. Natalia tried to call Olivia to say that she and Emma were headed to the prison, but Natalia's cell phone was dead. Emma asked if Natalia liked helping Olivia. Natalia said they helped each other like partners. Meanwhile, as Olivia conducted a conference call, she found Rafe's prescription. When she couldn't reach Natalia on her cell phone's other line, she abruptly ended her conference call, saying that something important had come up.

Natalia and Emma took Rafe his prescription, and Emma mentioned her spring break. Natalia explained to Rafe how she and Olivia had coincidentally brought up spring break at the same time. Emma said it was weird, but Natalia doubted the women would be in sync like that again. Just then, Olivia showed up with another prescription for Rafe, and everyone laughed that it had happened again. At the farmhouse later, Emma decided that Olivia and Natalia made her family unique. She wanted to base her project on them. Olivia thought that certainly beat writing about Alan. On their laptop, Emma titled her project, "My Two Mommies."

While Emma worked, Olivia said that Emma's project had brought to the forefront Olivia's dilemma about Phillip. She knew that sooner or later, she would have to tell Emma about her father. Natalia said Olivia didn't have to worry about it just then.

Frank entered Company in time to hear Buzz, Coop, and Alan discussing Company's financial situation. Buzz had refinanced Company with an adjustable rate mortgage. The interest rate had shot up, and Coop estimated that Buzz was paying more than the place was worth. It was conceivable that Buzz could lose the restaurant in a few months. Alan agreed that Buzz was in trouble because Alan had seen that type of thing before. He said the lender had probably roped Buzz in with a line of credit. Buzz agreed, saying that had been why he'd bought a new stove. Coop commented that they couldn't refinance the mortgage until the line of credit was paid. Alan regretted that Company would close, and Frank demanded that Alan leave.

Buzz beat himself up for his mortgage mistake. He said he had wanted Company to be something he could leave for the family. He lamented the fire that had destroyed their last diner, and Frank asked him not to blame himself. Coop went outside for air, and Frank assured Buzz that they would survive just as they had survived after the diner fire on Fifth Street.

At the courthouse, Brooks was unnerved by Beth's gall to counsel his client. She said that someone special to her had made her realize that she had what it took to help people. Brooks insisted that Beth was too na´ve to be a lawyer. Just then, their client approached, ecstatic that she and her landlord had settled their differences outside of court, per Beth's advice. She hugged Beth, saying the settlement had been more than she could have hoped for. Beth stared pointedly at Brooks and asked him to resume doubting her ability to be a good lawyer.

A triumphant Beth found Coop at Company to tell him about her day in court. When she noticed Coop's gloomy mood, Coop told her about Buzz's financial problems, saying that the restaurant might go into foreclosure. He asked to hear about her news to take his mind off it. Beth told him how she'd preformed with the case, and said she owed it all to Coop's conversation with Brooks. Coop said he had merely asked Brooks to give her a chance, but she had been resourceful enough to solve the client's problems on her own. Beth's eyes sparkled as she decided that she was resourceful enough to help Buzz, too.

At the mansion, Alan roared Beth's name through the house. Lillian entered the parlor to say Beth wasn't there and Lizzie was sleeping. He grumbled that Beth was still with Brooks. Lillian asked him to be happy for Beth. Alan said he would be happy when Beth accepted his proposal, after which she wouldn't have to work as a lawyer or anything else. Lillian frowned, thinking Alan only cared about himself, and certainly not Beth's needs. Offended, Alan wondered who in that town cared about Beth's needs more than he did. Lillian rolled her eyes.

Beth entered with news about Company. Alan said he already knew, but a concerned Lillian implored Beth to tell her. Beth explained Buzz's mortgage situation, and she said that Buzz would lose the restaurant unless Alan stepped in to save it. "Me!" Alan indignantly replied. Beth theorized that Alan could buy Company's mortgage and then give Buzz a new, more reasonable one. Lillian doubted either man would enjoy Alan being Buzz's landlord, but Beth pointed out that Alan would be hailed as a hero for saving a city landmark. Additionally, Alan would be repaying the kindness Buzz had shown Alan when Alan had been hard on his luck. Beth reminded Alan that Buzz had been the only one to befriend Alan after Alan had lost the company and the mansion. Alan asked Beth if it were important to her. When Beth said that it was, Alan hugged her, deciding then that it was important to him, as well. Over Beth's shoulder, he winked at a wary Lillian.

When Company's phone rang, Buzz was leery of bill collectors, but Coop urged him to answer it. Buzz seemed astonished by the caller and said they would be right over. Later, Frank, Buzz, and Coop met Alan, Lillian, and Beth in the mansion parlor. When Buzz heard Alan's proposal to buy Company's land and lease the restaurant to the Coopers, he couldn't believe Alan wanted to be his landlord. Frank questioned Alan's motives, and Alan said it had been Beth's idea, not his. He said she had brought it to him as a business investment, not a favor. Beth added that the P.R. would be fantastic for Spaulding. Even though Buzz knew Frank was skeptical, he said he couldn't turn Alan down.

As they celebrated with ouzo shots, Coop whispered thanks to Beth. He said he owed her one, but Beth replied that they were even. Brows raised, Coop hoped that meant what he thought it meant. "Maybe," Beth said with a smile. Alan took Coop to discuss the financial details, and Buzz told Beth that he didn't like what she had with Coop, but he had come to understand it. He requested that she not hurt Coop. When Alan returned, he told Beth that he had decided not to pressure her to marry him. He said he had approached their reunion all wrong by not putting her needs first. He had decided to give her all the time she needed because he was more certain than ever that she would come to him when the time was right. As Alan hugged her, Coop mouthed thanks to her and she smiled.

At Mallet and Marina's house, Mallet complained about a leg pain. As Marina massaged it, she decided he needed to see a doctor. Mallet said it was just a cramp, but Marina noted that the cramp had become chronic, which meant it was a symptom of something else. She wondered when his last physical had been and grimaced when he said it had been a while. They learned that neither of them had had physicals, life insurance, or wills, but Mallet assured her that they would be okay. Mallet tried to deter the conversation by making love, but shortly afterward, Marina dressed, saying that she had made him an appointment for a physical.

At Cedars, Dr. Mansfield examined Mallet as Mallet nervously murmured that his wife overreacted about his health. A tense Marina stared into the doctor's office with seemingly baited breath. The doctor discovered a mole on Mallet's back and asked how long it had been there. Mallet had no idea, and he stiffened, wondering if it were bad.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Reva ran into Marina, who was waiting for Mallet, at Cedars. After Reva belatedly congratulated Marina on her marriage, talk turned to Reva's condition. Marina stated her belief that Reva was brave going through with her pregnancy while battling cancer. Reva discounted that it was bravery and said that the baby could be helping her battle leukemia. Reva asked if Marina and Mallet were thinking about having children and Marina responded that it was not possible. Reva told Marina not to give up on miracles.

The doctor informed Mallet that the mole on his back could be myeloma. Shocked that he could have cancer, Mallet asked a ton of questions and kept repeating that he had a wife and he could not have cancer. Reva overheard Mallet's assertion that it could not be cancer. When the doctor left, Mallet realized that Reva overheard and told her about the mole. When Mallet asked her not to mention it to anyone, Reva realized that he meant Marina, as well, and urged him to tell her. Mallet told Reva that it was pointless to make Marina worry, since he was not even sure that it was cancer. Reva warned him not to rationalize it, because the longer he waited to tell her, the worse it would get. Reva told him that keeping that secret could destroy his marriage. Mallet argued that it was his job to keep Marina happy and Reva replied that his job was to respect Marina and give her credit to stand by him. Just as Reva again urged Mallet to tell Marina, Marina came by and Mallet told her that he needed to tell her something.

Mallet told Marina about the possibility of his having myeloma. Marina began asking questions and Mallet told her not to get upset and to take everything one step at a time. Marina began crying and talked about how she wanted to grow old with him. After Mallet calmed her down, Marina thanked him for telling her and commented that he was always the one who kept everything together. Soon, the doctor arrived and informed them that the mole was benign.

Afterwards, Marina asked a contemplative Mallet what was wrong. and he stated that the scare and Reva's talk got him to thinking about his mortality. Mallet said that he would be leaving nothing behind. Mallet commented that Reva had a miracle baby and asked why they couldn't have a miracle. Mallet told Marina that, after his accident, he accepted what the doctor told him about not being able to have children. Mallet went on to say that it had been a long time before, and there might be some medical advances. Mallet told Marina that he wanted to look for a specialist to see if he could father a child. Mallet told Marina that he knew how much she wanted a baby and how good of a mother she would be. Mallet wanted to try to Marina agreed.

Remy and Christina ran into each other at Company and she informed him that she was taking the MCATs again. After Christina talked about how stressful it would be, Remy noticed that he only had two dollars, and asked her to buy his coffee for him because he did not want to charge it. Christina lectured Remy about not carrying around emergency money and Remy told her that she worried too much. Remy stated that he knew why she failed the MCATs, and asked her to come with him.

Remy and Christina went to his place and Remy told Christina to close her eyes. He then told her to find her happy place and go there when she was overwhelmed, since that was why she failed. It seemed to work. Soon, Christina saw the divorce papers. Remy stated that they just needed to be signed. When Christina seemed pensive, Remy asked if the divorce was what she wanted. Christina jokingly said that she was just used to being married. Christina showed Remy her financial aid form and showed him the requirement that she be married. She said that staying married to get the aid was crazy and wrong, and she tried to rush out.

Remy stopped her and suggested that they stay married a little longer so that she could get the money. Christina argued that it was fraud, but Remy stated that they were already married and there was no rush for a divorce. Despite Remy's argument that she was putting undue pressure on herself, Christina was against the idea. Remy got her to sign the papers and told her that he would send them in. As she was leaving, they almost kissed but pulled back. It turned out that the papers Christina signed weren't the divorce papers, but the financial aid form, which Remy had switched.

After ending a phone call, Daisy told Grady that she found a way to help Bill. Daisy told Grady that she found a hypnotherapist who could help Bill remember whether or not he kidnapped Lizzie.

Alan presented Bill with buyout papers and told him that if he loved Lizzie, he would sign the papers. Later, at the mansion, Grady visited Alan and told him about the hypnotherapist. Grady warned a skeptical Alan that he had to stop it, but Alan pointed out that Grady was much more involved than Alan was. Alan refused to do anything and told Grady that Cyrus agreed to stop blackmailing him as long as Alan had no dealings with Grady. Grady told Alan that this could cost Alan big, and warned him to do something about it. After Grady left, Alan attempted to get information on the hypnotherapist, Dr. Henry Winkle.

Lizzie told Cyrus about the buyout plan and commented that if Bill signed the paperwork, he would be out of her life. Cyrus asked Lizzie if she wanted him to sign, even if it turned out he did not kidnap her. Lizzie responded that she did not know. Lizzie discussed her doubts and Bill's uncertainty. Lizzie stated that when Bill was in a coma, she felt empty, but that emptiness had been replaced with pain. Bill overheard the exchange and stated that he had his answer. When Cyrus walked out, Bill told Lizzie that he had hoped that moving out would be enough; he did not think that he could hurt her by staying at the company. Bill asked Lizzie what she wanted him to do, and she asked if he was close to getting his memory back. When he admitted that was not, Lizzie stated that the buyout was a good deal. Suddenly, she got a business call. Bill offered to help but, Lizzie refused and left.

After Lizzie left, Daisy burst in and told Bill about the hypnotherapist who could help him get his memory back. Bill seemed skeptical, but Daisy convinced him to speak to the doctor. When Bill agreed, Daisy stated that the doctor wanted Lizzie there as well since she was involved in the kidnapping. Bill did not like that idea and asked what if it turned out he was guilty. Bill stated that it was a risk; Daisy called it hope.

Lizzie rushed into the mansion just as Alan ended his call with the investigator. Alan asked about Bill. Rushed, since she was looking for a press release, Lizzie stated that he had not made a decision about the buyout. At that point, Bill called Lizzie and asked her to return, since he had some information. Lizzie asked if he remembered something. Bill answered "not quite" and asked her to meet with him. Lizzie rushed out. She arrived at Spaulding-Lewis where Daisy told her about the hypnotherapist. Bill told Lizzie that he would try anything to get his memory back. Lizzie was unsure. After Daisy left, Bill told Lizzie how awful it was waking up without her and told her that he needed to know the truth. Lizzie agreed.

Alan asked Dr. Winkle if he could speak with him.

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