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The prospect of seeing Lillian with Buzz is exciting. Lillian is one of those characters who makes you recall the way the show was with Bert Bauer all those years ago...if you can put aside the fact that Lillian had a role in Maureen's death, that is.

OK. I had planned a nice column this week on the marriage of Beth and Rick - two characters I've grown up with. All warm and fuzzy - the Bauer bar-be-que, the spontaneous wedding, getting even with Alan - all tied into one story. That was, until Josh uttered those two words at the Springfield Police Department.

Now I know that many of you don't like the way this couple is going - and the idea that Josh can be a minister in a short time (much like Mel can be a lawyer and Rick can be a doctor). I understand that the show can't waste years of air time showing them in medical or law school (or seminary) but surely you can remember not to have Josh utter profanity. For the record, I'm certainly as guilty as many people of saying things that might make a sailor blush (especially sitting in rush hour traffic) but come on, GL. My husband's first cousin is a preacher, my mom was a church secretary for nearly 20 years, and I'm pretty sure I've never heard either man ever say anything close to what Josh uttered this week. Pick which way you want this story to go and be true to the story. Sheesh!

Now, on to the wedding and bar-be-que itself. I didn't want to "spoil" anyone last week, so I didn't mention what I thought of the show having the bar-be-que on the Main Street set. Where is the Bauer house/yard set? Did we leave it at the old studio (they moved in 2006)? Shame on whatever short-sighted person decided to botch the MAJOR event that the Bauer bar-be-que is. Of course, you have pared down the Bauer family - the one the show was started around 70 years ago - to the point that they are a fringe family we rarely see. I know you had to add families and characters when the show went to an hour (in1977) but not at the expense of the Bauers. We only can celebrate the anniversary of the show (and it's theme "70 Rocks") BECAUSE of the Bauer family who have tied the show together for seven decades. Someone at GL had better wake up and realize this and give us more Bauer time! I do not want to see the whole town at Main Street for the holidays this year either. So either find the missing sets (or if you know where they are - use them!) before the holidays. No turkey carving at CO2 or caroling at that odd looking "Main Street" sign. Of course, nothing tops the tropical feel of the Midwestern hospital Cedars - hopefully that set designer has found a new career path.

As I watched Lizzie's meltdown this week (which was much deserved - she couldn't even be there for her mother's wedding?) I was thankful that the show might finally be showing her as something other than a Spaulding teen with a hefty bank balance and no friends. I'm glad to see her interact with people who can relate to her loss, and help mold this character into a more productive member of Springfield's community. There are so many things the show could have Lizzie do, but somehow she's lost in the shuffle - like so many other characters.

I was excited at the prospect of seeing Lillian with Buzz. Even though I really wanted to see Alex get another shot at him. Just someone, please, tell Justin Deas to remove the gum before he shoots a scene - it drives me nuts! Lillian is one of those characters we rarely see who really remind me of the way the show was with Bert Bauer (Rick's grandmother) all those years ago. Just as long as I can put the fact that Lillian had a role in Maureen's (Michelle's mom) death that is...

I hope that, however non-traditional the Springfield 4th was, you were able to enjoy the show and see the genuine interaction between cast members who you don't see interact all that often.

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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