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Beth's anger over Lillian's silence last week was certainly not a surprise, even though her stance was admirable. You could feel the pain of Lillian's choice, and how it affected Beth's relationship with Phillip.

And so it begins....the final five episodes in a lifetime of memories for so many Guiding Light fans. Over the past few months - and especially in the weeks leading up to the finale, so many of you have been sharing your GL memories. I encourage all of you to keep sharing - don't let the Light go out for you. Despite a decision by CBS to stop production the fans of GL can keep the show in our hearts forever.

Even though we only had three shows last week, they were filled with great memories. It would be impossible to put a finishing point on any storyline, but some questions were answered this week. Phillip and Alan had successful surgery and are on the mend. The scenes with the Spaulding family members - with Lillian, Rick and Bill were so well done. Even the short little bursts of time spent together really spoke volumes about the relationships involved.

Beth's anger over Lillian's silence was certainly not a surprise, even though her stance was admirable. You could feel the pain of Lillian's choice, and how it affected Beth's relationship with Phillip. But Beth and Phillip's talk before his surgery has started their lives on a road back together now that he's healthy once again.

The Beth and Phillip scenes remind me of how much GL has been a part of my life for nearly as long as I can remember. People who aren't fans of the show that I know have no idea of the pain and loss we'll feel this Friday. So much of my own memories are wrapped up in the show's history - and I know yours is as well. I definitely encourage each of you to share your memories on our message board with one another. Like the cast and crew, this show has brought so many people into my life, my GL family - and I don't want us to lose track of one another.

Now that Jonathan and Sarah have returned to Springfield he has to face the rest of the Spauldings this week - most notably Alan. But I was overjoyed to see Marcy Rylan (Lizzie) get her happy ending - to have her daughter back in Springfield. With so few episodes remaining, I hope at least some of this can be resolved for fans.

But as Jonathan returns home, Edmund is still out there, lurking. It seems everyone in Springfield has let their guard down regarding the Dark Prince. Somehow I think that he'll have to make a return appearance this week. But will Jeffrey be able to reveal himself to Reva and Colin? GL has been very frugal with their spoilers for the finale, but surely they have to resolve part of this story, too.

This coming week will certainly be centered around the wedding and saying goodbye. While the show won't reveal much, there are some spoilers coming from cast interviews and stories that are already airing in the press. I won't mention them here but for those who are interested please check out the spoilers for this week. I'm sure there are other surprises in store for all of us - not that it will take away the pain and loss over losing GL.

I want to also remind fans that 60 Minutes will air a tribute to GL Sunday, September 13th. Remember that they could be postponed for NFL coverage so you might want to keep an eye on your VCRs/DVRs so you don't miss any of it. I don't believe it is the full hour, but should be a significant part of the show.

Speaking of Tivos and DVR's I had to sneak a peek at Friday's listing. Seeing the "Series Finale" tag really reminded me (as if I needed one) of what Friday means to all of us. While CBS' own web mentions "as the light fades" (which I found in poor taste) I think that, through fans like you, the Light will continue to shine brightly. This fight to save the show has brought people together as never before and I hope that this spirit of GL family continues....

As we honored those this past week during the anniversary I wanted to take a moment to discuss a connection to GL. Timothy J. Hargrave played T.J. Werner on GL in the mid-1980's before the role was SORASed and re-cast with Kevin Bacon. Timothy worked for Cantor Fitzgerald and perished on September 11th. More about him can be found at: http://www.legacy.com/sept11/Story.aspx?PersonID=94219&location=1

For those iPod users, I am gathering my own GL playlist of songs that remind me of the show, or were played on the show through the years. I just started the list, but have Lionel Richie's "Truly" (Phillip and Beth's song), "You Needed Me" (Kelly and Morgan's song from the early 80's), "Missing You" (Rick and Roxie Shayne's song). Cheryl and Sue added Mike Reno/Ann Wilson's "Almost Paradise" (Beth and Lujack's song). And Sue added Alicia Key's "Fallin'" - which was the CBS Soap theme song for awhile, I do recall. Kati Mac's "Only Love" is the current GL theme. I also added the B-52's "Love Shack" since they played it on the show. I know there are a million others out there, so please feel free to drop me a line and let me know what else to add to my list. I'll pass on the list here as well.

Before the show stops airing, I really want to take some time to reach out to them and let them know how much their characters, and the show, have meant to me. Even thought they have wrapped taping, they can certainly get mail to the cast members from GL fans. I certainly encourage all GL fans to drop the cast (either as a group or individually) a line to share your thoughts and memories with them.

To write to the cast members:
Guiding Light
c/o CBS
Attention: Cast member's name
51 W. 52 St.
New York, NY 10019

Together We Can...Keep the Light Shining!

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