One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on OLTL
Joey left for Paris without Kelly. Ian Armitage arrived, looking for answers in his mother's death. Max was busy with his new radio station. Antonio and R.J. had an altercation. Nora and Téa prepared for Antonio's trial.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, February 10, 1997

Maggie and Max

Max is busy with radio station plans. Maggie is excited about renovating Roadies. She sees it as a 19th century saloon and wants to remodel. While chipping away at the ceiling, she finds a 19th century tin ceiling under the plaster. Of course, Max doesn't appreciate it since the plaster that fell from the ceiling fell on his desk and all of his work. Max tells her that he has great plans for the radio station. He then tells her his budget is around 2 million. She says Dollars???? He asked her what she thought it would be and her answer was 30 to $40,000. Max then said he wanted someone special like Howard Stern. Maggie said, for that much money you could get the real Howard Stern. Max then told her that was who he wanted. Maggie is trying to get Max to come help her with the customers when one walks in. He sits down and orders a drink. After talking with Maggie a few minutes, he goes to the pay phone and makes a call. He tells the person on the other end that he has found her and how to get to Rodi's. He then says he will send his bill and hangs up.

A little while later, a man walks in and sits down at the bar. Maggie is giving drinks to a couple and telling them she is sorry she doesn't have any parasols for their drinks, and anyway they are dangerous, she had a bad experience with a parasol... The stranger orders a whiskey. Maggie tells him, Oh good your not going to make my life a living hell. She hands him a bourbon and he asks what is this. She tells him. He then says that he had wanted a scotch. "Oh, I forgot in America when you order whiskey this is what you get", he tells her in a heavy English accent. Maggie hollers for Max to take a time out on being Citizen Kane and come help her. She then turns back to the English stranger and he then asks her if she is Maggie Carpenter. She says that she is. And he says that he has come to town to see her. He tells her that the stranger that was in earlier was an employee of his that he had hired to find her. He then asked her if she knew who Eleanor Armitage was. She said she saw the obituary and she was the wife of a prominent very well known man. He then told her that he is the son of that well known man, Ian Armitage.

Antonio, R.J., Cassie and Kevin

The fight between Antonio and R.J. is broken up. During the fighting, Kevin does grab the letter out of R.J.'s pocket. Téa walks up to Antonio and asks him if this ugly brawl was to impress the judge and jury. Nora steps up and tells her that she will handle this. Nora asks Antonio if he is finished or if he was trying to make the 11 o'clock news. She then tells him to follow her. Andrew steps up to the mike and tells everyone that it was all over and to go back to dancing and enjoying themselves. Alex steps up to the mike and says, "Thank God no one was killed", and then to herself she says, what a heck of a time to have to go to the ladies room. Rachel confronts R.J. and asks him what is wrong with him, she hasn't ever seen him loose control like that. He told her that he was in control and that he did what he had to do for a man in his kind of business.

Kevin and Cassie have in the meantime stepped out in the hall and are reading the letter. It is asking for the power of attorney before monies can be turned over to him. Cassie said that R.J. wouldn't kill for money. Kevin said for MONIES, I'd think about it. They then learn who his contact is in Brazil and Kevin tells Cassie that they have to go to Brazil to follow through on this. She says that she can't leave Andrew and go traipsing to Brazil. Kevin tells her she can get a bunch of microwave dinners for Andrew and he'd be fine. Cassie says, you don't understand. Kevin then says he will go alone then. Cassie asks if he is going to tell Bo about this. He said Bo could read it in the Banner. Kevin then tells Cassie to divert R.J.'s attention so that he can get the letter back in his pocket. She says why don't you divert him and I'll put it in his pocket. Kevin told her that she had to do it because she was more diverting. Kevin walks up to R.J. and asks him if he would like to make a statement about why he came here and started a fight. Nora then came up and said yes, I would like to know that too. Why, R.J., did you come here where Antonio was. You think he was suitable for framing?? R.J. said he didn't pin anything on anybody. Nora told him that there was alot of talk, and that for Rachel's sake, she hoped that they are wrong. Now why don't you leave. R.J. asked for his jacket and Cassie handed it too him, with letter intact. After everyone walked off, Alex walks up to R.J. and tells him "that was a brilliant idea. Why don't you just let him hang on the evidence we have on him and quit worrying about him." R.J. told her he wasn't worried.

Antonio went to Andy and told her that she didn't have to say anything, he knew that he blew it. I'm sorry, I was stupid. But now maybe they will see that R.J. is hiding something and is guilty. Hank won't want to look at any new evidence because he has his mind made up. Andy told him "any new evidence that is found Bo will follow up on it and You know it." Kevin walks up to Téa. She tells him no comment. Kevin says, I'm off duty. She says that reporters are never off duty. Kevin then asked her about defending her rebel without a pause. Do you think you can get him off? She says no, no, yes. He looks at her and says, I only asked 2 questions. Téa says, yes, I will go out on a date with you, that is what you were going to ask me next. Kevin says, well, then where would you like to go. She said anywhere that has a dry martini and no questions. Kevin told her he knew the perfect place, but he couldn't promise no questions. She said that was OK, she could promise no answers.

Carlotta then steps up to the mike to thank everyone for coming."It's sad that innocent people have to pay for justice to buy freedom. With this we can buy $11,432.25 worth of justice. Antonio- WOW! "I'm sorry about what happened. It was uncalled for. This is alot of money from the people of East Llanview. All the money of the world doesn't matter to me as much as the honor you have in giving it to us. Thank you. I know I can't reveal names, but I want to thank the ones that helped me to disappear. I know that alot of you think that I was crazy for staying and called me a hero. No, I'm not a hero. You are the heros. Everyday you take care of other people's families when you have families of your own that need caring for. You do jobs that no one else will do to give a better life to your children. The people of Angel Square don't run from trouble. I will no longer run from mine. He then walked over to Téa and told her that he had $11,425.25 and that she owed him $50 for the bet she lost.

Blair, Todd, Marty

Blair is pacing the floor. Todd is late with Starr. Dorian tells her to calm down. She calls the police and they tell her she is overracting since he is only 15 min. late. They ask to speak to Bo. He comes out to the house and asks what is wrong. Blair tells him that Todd has stolen Starr. He did it before, you know he did. Bo asks how late he is with Starr. It has been 20 min. now. Bo also thinks that they are overreacting but will call the station and put a APB out for Todd's limo. Dorian calls Patrick to come see if he can calm Blair down.

Todd, seeing that Starr is feverish, goes to get Marty. After checking Starr out in the limo, she tells Todd that they need to take Starr to the ER for a complete checkup. Todd wants her to do it in the limo and then just go the pharmacy to get some medicine. Marty tells him that she has done all she can do in the car, they have to go to the ER. When they get to the hospital, Marty checks Starr out and calls for another doctor. Todd stops her and says no more doctors. Marty tells him that he is too wrapped up in the custody battle to know what's best for you daughter. Her fever is high and her lungs are not free and clear. Todd tells her, "what are you waiting for, get the doctors in here." The pediatrician checks Starr over and tells Todd that she won't know anything until the tests are back. Todd tells them that Blair had mentioned something about Starr's lungs not being right. "Is it that?" She again tells him that she won't know until the tests are back. He asks if he can pick up Starr. Back at Dorian's.

Patrick has arrived and is trying to calm Blair down. He tells her that he doesn't believe Todd has kidnapped Starr. "You don't believe me either. I want to hold my baby. Something is wrong I tell you, I can feel it." Patrick tells her that she isn't doing herself any good getting upset. It's not helping Starr and it's not helping the baby inside you. Dorian then tells Bo that she is beginning to think that Blair might be right. "This isn't the behavior of a man trying to impress a judge." Bo gets a phone call that tells him that they have found the limo. "It's parked at the emergency room." Blair screams, "what has he done to by baby!" Just as Todd picks up Starr and talks to her telling her that she will be alright, in bursts Blair. "What's wrong with by baby? What have you done? I'm her mother, someone tell me what's wrong with Starr!!! Oh, she's hot. She then looks at Todd.

Tuesday, February 11, 1997

Joey, Kelly, Drew and Dorian

Joey and Kelly are sitting on the couch discussing Paris. Kelly says she still wants to go, but she has questions. They decide to go to Rodi's to discuss it. Joey tells her that until she gets away from Dorian, they will have problems. He even tells her that Asa is not to keen on her as long as she is influenced by Dorian. Drew comes in and Kelly leaves the room. Drew asks if he can do anything and Joey tells him no. Joey tells him that he has turned his life upside down to go to Paris because she was the one that originally wanted to go and he expects the same from Kelly. Joey and Kelly leave. Drew is sitting on the couch eating a tv dinner and Dorian arrives. She then tells Drew about Starr and says she thought that Kelly might want to go with her to the hospital. She makes a crack about him always being at home alone. Drew tells her that he is still not going to try to come between Kelly and Joey. Barbara S. didn't have it right, it's people who don't need people that are the luckiest people in the world. Drew tells her that Joey and Kelly would be just fine if their families would leave them alone. Dorian catches the "families." Oh..I thought that they liked Kelly. Drew told her that Asa said as long as you have influence over Kelly, he didn't trust her. It seems that the only thing that the Buchannans agree on lately is their hatred for you, Dorian. Dorian sees this as another opportunity. If Asa dislikes Kelly, then you(Drew) could use that to ingratiate yourself with Asa. Think of the millions, the companies, Kelly. Drew tells her is still not interested. Dorian then looks at him, hands on his face and says, You're a remarkable man, interesting.. and you have a great jawline. She smiles and leaves.

At Rodi's, Joey and Kelly are talking about Paris, Asa and Dorian. Kelly says, you know how I feel about family. It's not easy. Family means so much to me. Joey tells her that she needs Paris and so does he. Joey- "you can't let your family and my family run ours." "What do you mean ours?" Joey then tells her that she knows how he feels about her and that he thinks she feels the same and that the only thing that can come between them is Dorian. At those words, in comes Dorian. She tells them that she is here to see if Kelly would like to go to the hospital with her to see about Starr. She rattles on and then tells Kelly, no you shouldn't go, you should stay right here and eat. She then walks out. Joey tells her that she is using a sick baby to come between them. Kelly tells him that's not fair. They go back home to finish their arguemnt He tells her that she forgets that he knows Dorian. Kelly says she can't forget because he keeps reminding her and that maybe he can't forget her either. Dorian wasn't using me when she took me in, or paid my bills, or was a mother to me. Kelly gets up and says she is going to take a shower and Joey gets up and says he is going to take a long walk. Kelly tells him when he meets up with the wood nymph, not to get splinters and heads upstairs. Drew just watches and Joey leaves.

Kelly gets in the shower and Drew walks to the door, listens and then opens it. He watches Kelly in the shower for a minute and smiles and closes the door. As he closes it, he hears glass break and Kelly hollers. He asks if she is ok, she says yes, can you hand me my slippers. He comes in and gets them and hands them to her. She then asks for a towel. He hands her one of those too. She wraps it around her and asks Drew to give her a hand out of the shower. A embarrassed Drew helps her. She tells him that this is the worst day ever. There is glass everywhere, and I look like the queen of the Dorks. Drew tells her she isn't. She says, well Princess then. He looks at her and tells her she doesn't look bad at all. (grin)


Maggie is at the bar talking to Ian Armitage. She tells him that she is sorry about his mother, but why would he look for her. He tells her that he needs answers. My mother died far away from home, alone and mysteriously. I can't rest until I know what happened. She tells him that she understands, but that she can't help him. He tells her that the private investigator that he hired and accounted for all the woman with American accents except for her. Was she the one that made the call about his mother? Maggie admitted that she was. He told her that they thought their mother was at a spa and were very surprised when his father got the call from the Dutch government that his mother had died in a hotel in St. Maarten. You were the last person to see my mother. Tell me, I need piece of mind. Did she suffer, did she ask for me? What happened to my mother? Maggie told him that she had seen her in the corridor fumbling for her keys to her room. She looked pale, I walked over to see if she was alright but she went into her room. I then called the desk and told them about her because she looked ill. I'm sorry, that is all I know. He thanked her for what information she could give him. As he was leaving, he stopped and asked. Tell me, do you often travel incognito. It wasn't hard to find out your name, but it was difficult to find you because you were going by another name. Maggie told him that that was a long and unbelievable story. She then told him that even though the pain never goes away, it would get easier. He told her that that was not the Armitage way.

After he leaves, Maggie goes to the phone and calls Bishop. She tells him that she had just been talking to Ian Armitage. She tells him that she had admitted to being the one that made the phone call. "He is confused and needs our help and I can't help him." Maggie you don't talk to him, you don't tell him anything. It won't help, there is nothing to be done telling him. Don't say anything else to him, promise me. Maggie just told him bye and hung up.

Blair, Todd, Patrick, Marty and Starr

Blair is still screaming, "What's wrong with my baby?." She wants to hold Starr so they give her to her. She feels how hot she is and again asks accusingly, what have you done to my little girl? Patrick steps in and tell her that she needs to do what is right and give the baby to the doctor to examine. She does. The doctor asks for everyone to step out so she can finish the examination. Todd asks Marty what is the matter. She tells him that right now all they know is that she has a dangerously high fever. Blair comes up to Todd and yells at him for not bringing Starr to her as soon as he knew something was wrong. He tells her that he went to Marty and Marty checked her and they brought her to the ER. Patrick comes up and Todd tells him to butt out. He tells them that none of this is helping the little girl. Patrick and Blair walk off. Todd asks Marty if something he had done had caused Starr to become sick. She tells him no. He's not convinced.

The doctor comes out and tells them that Starr has pneumonia but she is not responding to the drugs. Todd says that he wants to take Starr to New York or somewhere where a specialist that knows what he's doing can help his little girl. He walks toward the door and Patrick stops him. Todd tells Patrick to get out of the way before he gets hurt. The doctor says call security. Blair says Todd, please. Patrick tells him that this isn't about him. Marty tells him that Starr is getting the best of care and that the pediatrician is the head of pediatrics. He backs off. The doctor tells them that they can see Starr, but given the difficulty between parents, they had to go one at a time. Todd told Blair to go first. He then turned to Patrick and said, "tell me, what would you have done if that were your child in there and they didn't know what to do and you wanted to help but didn't know how? Patrick told him, "I don't know and hope I never do." Patrick then walks in to the room with Blair. She is holding Starr. With tears running down her eyes she tells Patrick, the first time you see your child you find out there is something you fear more than you own death. He tells her that everything that can be done is being done. I know it's hard for you. Blair says, it's hard for Starr. Todd and Marty are outside the door. Todd tells Marty, I'm not very good for the people I care for. You'll look out for Starr, won't you? Marty tells him she will. She then asks him if he would like to go in to see Starr now. He says, You know, a few minutes ago I was ready to go 15 rounds with Patrick to go in to see my little girl and now I can't. Everything I touch turns to dust. The best thing that I can do for her is to disappear. He walks off. Marty to herself says, Your wrong Todd, She needs you now."

Wednesday, February 12, 1997

The Student Union Building at Llanview University-Drew, Kelly, Joey, Clint

Kelly is looking for Joey and asks Drew whether he has seen him anywhere as he posts a notice for Patrick's Valentine Day Poetry Slam. He doesn't know where Joey is, but suggests that Kelly consider signing up for the special event. Kelly replies that she is supposed to be on a plane to Paris tonight, but with the way things are going, she may never leave so she might as well sign up. Joey overhears and says, "I guess you have already decided." Kelly says that they are so far apart, she doesn't see how they can go to Paris together. Joey apologizes for dumping all over the night before. He didn't know how sick Starr was. Of course, she can delay going to Paris. He just needs to know she wants to go. Kelly is overjoyed that Joey has withdrawn his ultimatum and they kiss and make up while Drew looks on. Before Joey leaves to iron out last minute details with the college, he invites the two of them to join him at Rodi's for burgers and fries. Joey says he is busy but will see Kelly later and by then they might have some good news about Starr and maybe they can still leave together.

Later, Joey meets with Clint and his father asks him about his meeting with Asa. He tells Joey if he loves Kelly, he should hang on to her. Grandpa Asa is no expert on women. No matter what Asa says, Clint will back up Joey. Joey tells Clint he is the best of dads. Joey would not let Asa stand between him and Kelly, but 3000 miles of ocean might, if Starr doesn't get well. Clint wants Joey to take care of himself and to give him a little advice about love. Everyone wants the lasting kind, but few get it. If he is one of the lucky ones, he should hold on to it. Joey invites him to Paris. Clint tells him no matter where he is, he will always be "his boy" (said with special meaning since Joey is the biological son of Viki's first husband Joe Riley) and that his mother and he are so very proud of him. They hug each other and say how much they will miss each other.

Llanview Hospital- Patrick, Marty, Blair, Dorian, Todd and Viki

Starr's mysterious illness is taking its toll on everyone concerned. Patrick is worried about both Marty and Blair. Marty has not gotten any sleep since Todd called her to examine the baby. He hands her a cup of coffee and asks if the doctors have made any progress on diagonosing her Starr's condition. Marty replies that it is really setting in how serious a job being a doctor is. Starr is not responding to antibiotics. The blood workups have revealed an abnormality. Blair refuses to leave the hospital and Todd has called several times. Marty is beginning to fear for the baby.

Blair is looking through the window of the Intensive Care Unit. Dorian is by her side. She confesses to her aunt that she is consumed with the fear that Starr, who is sleeping, may never wake up. Dorian tells her that will not happen. Blair sees Starr as helpless and alone. Dorian can't resist asking where the baby's supposedly devoted father is. Blair was told by Marty that Todd has called about Starr but she has no idea when or if he will come back to the hospital. Dorian says that this for the best. "Let Todd work out his sick demented rage on someone else", Dorian says. Starr and Blair are better off without him. On another floor of the hospital, Todd reads the plaque on the chapel door. "Ask and it shall be given", he recites. "This is the place for me." Slowly, he walks down the aisle to the altar and plucks a pink baby rose from a bouquet and takes a seat. Holding the rose, he begins to say the Lord's Prayer. He does not get far before he begins to become angry at a god who can make little children sick. He wonders if Starr's illness is payback for the many bad things he has done. He says this is making his life a living hell. He says he never gave God enough credit. "You're good, you're really good ", he says sarcastically. He tells God he wants to make a deal. He wants God to make Starr better. If he does that, they can negotiate. Otherwise, he has to question why God keeps him here just to watch his daughter suffer. He raises his voice and denounces God as being sick and twisted (all the things people have called Todd) and starts to utter an expletive, as Viki arrives through the door and quietly watches. Todd wants to know why his life was spare in Ireland and in the plane crash. If anyone is to be punished for his sins, it is him, not Starr who is good and sweet and everything Todd is not. "Take me, not her." Todd suddenly turns around and sees Viki.

She apologizes for disturbing him and says she came to the chapel to pray for Starr. Judging from what she just heard, he might be better off spending his time with his daughter. Viki says his prayer was more like a curse. Todd responds that is how he prays. His sister says that he is awfully angry at himself, she can see that. It isn't as if she doesn't understand what he is going to. She has three children, but once there were four and her oldest daughter died in this very hospital. But why is he aiming his rage at himself. Todd says he is at fault and it is he who is responsible for his daughter being sick. After all, he took Starr out without the Social Worker and he should have realized sooner the baby was ill. Viki argues that he called Marty, who is a doctor, right away and got help. Todd admits he thinks Starr is paying for his past. Viki recounts the many times she blamed herself when something went wrong in her family and thought things happened because of what she had done. She tells Todd he must stop blaming himself and realize that Starr is sick because she has a virus and he needs to be a father and let Blair and Starr know he is there for them.

Marty tells Patrick that she believes something is missing and rushes off with Starr's latest tests to the lab. She wants to rush things along as fast as she can. Patrick is worried about Blair's welfare. She says she cannot understand how Todd can just walk away and leave Starr like he did. Patrick says she can't be expecting for him to explain Todd's actions. He tells her he is going to the university and offers her a ride home so she can get some rest. She assures him that their son is just fine. But Starr is another story. She is afraid if she stops looking at her, something bad will happen. Patrick tells Blair that Starr is lucky to have her for a mother. Blair returns the compliment and replies that the son she is carrying is lucky to have him as a father and she knows he will always be there for him through good times and bad times. He leaves and Marty returns from the lab and examines Starr. Marty says Blair shouldn't be alone and would she like her to call Cassie, Dorian or Todd to keep her company. Blair says she doesn't want Todd. Dorian comes in and questions the medical tests and whether they are appropriate. She talks about what doctors did in her day. Marty tells her that Dr. Sands if a very good doctor and that she needs to be patient. Viki and Todd arrive and Dorian says it would be better if he disappeared. He ignores her and joins Blair in the ICU. Viki tells Dorian she has no right to interfere, that her brother has every right to be with Starr. Dorian implies that Todd is a danger to Blair and that her niece needs a bodyguard. Viki states that Todd is not a menace and he is as concerned about Starr as Blair is. He loves his daughter with all his heart. "What heart?", counters Dorian. Viki says Todd is a dedicated father. Dorian goes for the low blow and asks is he a dedicated father like Victor Lord. Viki replies that Dorian never misses an opportunity and again tells her to quit interfering. Dorian responds that it is not interference, she calls it love.

Todd joins Blair in the ICU. He inquires how Starr is doing and Blair says the same as when he left her last night. He tells her the truth. He was mad at the doctors, at God and at himself and thought their daughter would be better off without him. Blair replies, blame yourself and take the easy way out. Todd tell her he is not going to leave. He has nowhere to run. Starr is a part of him. He will stay until the baby is better. Whenever she wakes ups, she will see both her parents. Marty returns and tells them that Dr. Sands was called away on a consultation. They still don't know what is causing Starr's illness. They need to be strong for their daughter. Can they concentrate on her and put their difficulties aside? Blair says yes, they can as Todd listens without speaking.

Carlotta's Diner-Antonio, Téa, Kevin and Cassie

Kevin is very ill. He is coughing and sneezing and trying to medicate himself for his upcoming trip to Rio. Cassie thinks he should delay the trip. Kevin replies that they have a hot lead that may implicate R.J. in Carlo's murder. He tells her a good reporter must always follow the money trail. If R.J. wants power of attorney over Carlo's money that could be incriminating evidence. This is a story they have to follow through on. He sees Antonio watch him from across the room and decides to call him over. He informs him tht he is working on a lead regarding Carlo's financial holdings and could use his help. Antonio thinks Kevin has a lot of nerve. Cassie steps in and says she can't tell him what it is about but if he'll trust her...Antonio does not allow her to finish the sentence. He says she is only on the side of whatever sells papers. Téa informs both Cassie and Kevin that her client has nothing to say to the press and she has more important matters to speak to him about. Antonio tells her that he can handle reporters without her help. Kevin swears they are not manipulating him. Téa reminds them that she knows how sneaky they can be like when they hid in Todd and Blair's stateroom on the night of the murder. Kevin laughs and commends her on her background check and says after he is over his cold maybe they can compare notes over lunch. Téa says make that dinner. Cassie interrupts and says she must speak to Kevin. She is not very happy to hear that Kevin thinks so highly of Téa's college and professional experience and the fact that he is planning to get to know her better.

Meanwhile, across the room, Antonio accuses Téa of going after Kevin because he is rich. Téa wants to know who he would expect her to chose, one of his friends, like Eddie. She informs him that the judge has moved the court date up to the end of the week and that Nora is trying to block it. He says he does not want to postpone the trial. His family and friends are going through hell. Téa responds that it is staying away from Andy which is bothering him. He tells Téa to have Nora call the judge and keep the new date and if Nora won't do that, he will. Cassie and Kevin go over what contacts to make in Brazil. Kevin asks Téa for her number, which she puts on the back of her business card. Antonio tells Cassie and Kevin that if they are on to anything, they better find some answers quick. His trial starts the end of the week. After he leaves, Kevin confesses to Cassie that she could be right after all. Antonio could be innocent. He tells her he will call her from Brazil and to wish him well. As he gets up, he becomes weak and keels over, hitting his head in the process.

Rodi's - Max, Renee, Kelly, Drew and Patrick

Max is very excited as he tells his partner, Renee he is now the proud owner of WVL, thanks to her ex-husband Asa. Whatever piece of his soul Asa might want, it will be worthwhile. Renee tells him not to worry about the bar. She will help and so will Maggie, who, by the way makes a mean martini, not to mention the fact that the male clientele really appreciates her. Especially, that one young man who was bending her ear. Must have to do with her having been a nun. She is so good at listening to other people's troubles. Max is not too fond of this conversation so the subject returns to radio. Renee tells him to concentrate on building up his new business, but for now she has some errands to run and could he take over the bar. Drew and Kelly arrive and order Rodi burger platters since it may be the last American meal Kelly has for a while. She tells Drew that Joey withdrew his ultimatum and that she can go to Paris whenever she wants. Drew sarcastically says that Joey is "letting" her go to Paris. Kelly explains that this is a mutual agreement, that she and Joey are as close as ever. It was her idea to go to Paris to get Joey away before she discovered how she covered up for her aunt. And even after Joey found out, he still wanted to go to Paris with her. He's been very understanding. Drew counters that Joey has done nothing but test her loyalties.

They are arguing when Patrick arrives and asks her if she would like to be a part of the poetry slam he is hosting. It could be fun. Max comes over with Kelly and Drew's order and approaches Patrick with an idea he has for Valentine's Day. He explains that he is now the owner of WVL and that his late wife used to host a radio show and every Valentine's Day she would play special music and recite romantic poetry. He would like it if Patrick would carry on Luna's tradition. Patrick gladly accepts. Drew apologizes to Kelly and she forgives him for his outburst.

Thursday, February 13, 1997

The Carriage House At Llanfair- Joey, Kevin, Cassie

Cassie helps Kevin into the house and to the couch, where he lies down. Joey comes downstairs and asks what's going on, Cassie tells him that Kevin is sick, and that he fainted at the diner. Kevin says that he's fine and he wants to go and pack for his trip to Rio, but he can't manage to get off the couch. He asks for vitamins and juice from Joey. Cassie tells him not to worry about Rio, telling him that they can follow up the lead on the phone. She leaves to meet Andrew for lunch at the Palace Hotel. After she leaves, Joey and Kevin hang out and talk about Joey's situation with Kelly. Kevin agrees that having Dorian around doesn't help much. Joey thinks that things will turn out fine, and soon they will be in Paris together. Kevin decides he is feeling well enough to travel. Joey tries to stop him, but he insists that he is going. They say goodbye to each other and say they love each other, as they won't see each other for a long time since Joey is off to Paris.

The University – Maggie and Max

Maggie and Max are talking about the poetry reading, Maggie is looking in a poetry book for a poem that suits them. Max is feeling jealous about Ian, and tells Maggie that she shouldn't bother looking for a poem if she doesn't want to be with him. Maggie tells Max that she's sorry if he got that idea from Renee, but that she wants to be with him and she loves him. Max's phone rings, it is Renee calling for Maggie. She asks her to pick up some flowers for Rodi's and also tells her that Ian is waiting for her at the bar. Maggie asks Renee to tell Ian that she will meet him at the Palace Hotel. Renee gives him the message. Maggie heads over there, too, telling Max that she's going to pick up some flowers for Rodi's.

Hank's Apartment-Hank and Rachel

Rachel stops by Hank's with dinner. They talk about the upcoming trial. Hank tells Rachel that R.J. told him about Carlo's passports. Rachel says that R.J. is helping with the case, and asks why Hank still holds the past against him. Hank says that R.J. has made a lot of mistakes, but he'd be happy if he got back on the straight and narrow. Hank tells Rachel that if they can find someone going after Carlo's fortune, they'll find the killer. Rachel remembers the conversation she overheard in R.J.'s office about the bank in Rio. Rachel asks Hank if he's sure that would lead to the killer. Hank, thinking Rachel has Antonio in mind, tells her that sometimes people we love do bad things sometimes.

Nora's House – Nora, Téa, Antonio

Téa and Nora are trying to convince Antonio not to accept the new trial date, but he wants to get the whole thing done as soon as possible and wants the new trial date. He also tells them that he wants to testify at the trial. Téa and Nora both think that it is a bad idea, what with his bad temper and all. They think he will ruin all the work they've been doing to help him. Antonio wants to be able to take the stand to tell all his friends and family that he is innocent. Téa thinks he will damage the whole case in 10 seconds if he testifies for the sake of telling people he is innocent. Nora says that she will consider letting him testify, then she leaves for her office. Téa wants Antonio to rehearse being on the stand; she asks him a lot of questions that make him lose his temper. She tells him that Hank will be even worse than that if he is on the stand.

Palace Hotel – Maggie, Ian, Cassie, Andrew, Max

Andrew and Cassie are having lunch; Cassie tells Andrew about the lead at the bank in Rio. She tells him that it could point to R.J. and really helps Antonio's case. She explains that Kevin is too sick to go, and by the time he is better, it may be too late to help Antonio. Andrew suggests that Cassie should go, even though it would mean they wouldn't be together for Valentine's Day. He thinks it would really help the Vega's. Cassie decides to go. She thanks Andrew and heads to get ready for her trip.

Maggie and Ian are talking; he tells Maggie that he thinks that she knows more than she's said. Maggie says she has told him everything she knows. He says that he wants to know every little detail she can remember. He tells her how sad he is about his mother, and that he feels connected to Maggie because she is the last person to see his mother alive. Maggie understands how sad he is, having lost her own mother. She tells Ian that she's happy to listen to him if it will help. He says it will, and to thank her for her help he wants to buy her an early dinner. Maggie accepts. As they are eating steak and drinking their martinis, Ian tells her that his mother's precious locket disappeared when she died, and he wonders if she remembers seeing it. Maggie is telling him that she doesn't remember, when Max walks into the restaurant.


Cassie has just settled into her seat when she hears a familiar voice behind her. She turns around, and there's Kevin asking the stewardess for some juice. He sees Cassie at the same moment that she sees him, and they both say in unison, "What are you doing here?"

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Friday, February 14, 1997

by Susan Richmond

Happy Valentine's Day!


Kevin and Cassie are arguing about who was supposed to be on the plane to Rio. Kevin was supposedly too sick and Cassie supposedly had to stay with her family. Cassie switches seats with the woman sitting next to Kevin, commenting Kevin will probably now give her his cold. "You'll have to kiss me for that one", Kevin tells her. Neither one is very happy to be there when they didn't have to be.

Cassie's going over their plan with Kevin, who looks just about asleep. They'll go with the truth, that they are reporters from America covering a big murder trial that could impact the business their bank is doing. And if that doesn't work, they'll have to try plan B. Kevin leans over and gets comfortable with his head on Cassie's shoulder. Cassie looks down at him, brushes back his hair and rests her head against his.


Patrick is setting up for the radio broadcast of the poetry slam. Cristian and Jessica are picking out a poem to read. Patrick and Viki talk about Starr, the doctors still don't know what is wrong with her. The poetry slam begins with Patrick mentioning they are carrying on the tradition that Luna's Love Line started a few years ago, a night of music and words of love. Antonio's listening to Patrick on the radio when there's a knock on the door. It's Andy, she couldn't stay away, she needed to see him. Patrick is reading a poem in the background while Andy and Antonio kiss. At the end of the show, Antonio and Andy are shown together in bed, with Andy sleeping and Antonio kissing her shoulder.

Cristian and Jessica are reading a poem. Next, Kelly reads a poem by herself and stops in the middle, seeming to be thinking about the meaning of the words. Cristian jumps in and starts a song playing. Marty comes and she and Patrick kiss. They walk over to talk to Viki, Starr's fever has come down, but she's not out of the woods yet. Viki offers to stop by, but Marty suggests maybe Blair and Todd should spend some time with Starr alone. With Marty watching from across the room, Patrick dedicates a poem to Starr Manning.


At the gatehouse, Joey is lugging a suitcase down the stairs. He explains to Drew that he's not sure if Kelly is coming with him yet, it depends on how Starr is doing. Is Joey sure that's all that's keeping Kelly here, Drew asks. There's a knock at the door, it's Dorian, she's come to see Joey. Dorian asks Joey not to take Kelly to Paris right now, what with Starr being sick and all. This has nothing to do with Starr, this has to do with you, Joey accuses. Dorian just hates the fact that Joey and Kelly are together, she's jealous, Joey says.

Dorian admits there was a time when they loved each other, but everything has changed since then and they've moved on. Dorian will always treasure the time they had together(she reaches up and touches his face). But you were using me to hurt my mother, Joey reminds her, and I was living a fantasy. Dorian tells him at first what she did was to hurt Viki, but she did fall in love with him. Joey says that until he and Kelly can get out of this town, away from their families, they will never find out what they want from life and from each other. Joey doesn't want Kelly to forget about her family, they just need some breathing room. Dorian warns Joey not to hurt Kelly and leaves.

Kelly arrives home and watches Joey through the door for a moment before going in. Joey tells her she did a wonderful job reading the poem, but it made him sad. The lovers in the poem reminded him of them, they find it hard to talk anymore. Kelly hugs him and says she know that. She's made up her mind, though, and she's going to Paris with him. Joey feels like he's been forcing her to go. He can stay here in Llanview right now and they can go to Paris next year. Kelly says he can't do that, she'll be holding him back. Kelly's got a compromise, Joey will go over to Paris and get settled in, and she'll join him there as soon as Starr is better. They hug.

Viki and Jessica have arrived at the gatehouse and Joey explains that he will be going to Paris by himself and Kelly will join him later. Viki thinks that's a sensible solution. Jessica wishes Joey weren't going, she hugs him and says she's going to miss him. Jessica goes outside to bring a bag to Joey's car and Viki goes to help her. Joey and Kelly say goodbye and hug and kiss. Joey leaves. Drew is, of course, there to comfort her and assure her everything will work out fine. Kelly goes upstairs and misses Joey, who comes back in with Viki to pick up the plane ticket he forgot. Viki tells him if he's having second thoughts, he doesn't have to leave on this plane tonight. Joey wonders if he's being selfish. Viki thinks that they have both been very grown up in the way they've handled this and Viki is very proud of him. Joey's worried that once he's gone, Dorian will convince Kelly to stay there forever. Viki promises to deal with Dorian. Joey says she's the greatest mom in the world. They hug and Viki promises to come and visit. Viki leaves and Joey follows soon after with tears in his eyes.


Blair and Todd are in the room with Starr. Marty calls them outside to talk to them. Starr's fever has gone down a bit, they're treating her with some new antibiotics. Marty's going off-duty right now, but there will be a pediatrician on call all night. Blair thanks Marty.

Blair and Todd are watching Starr through the window. Blair comments that this is all like a bad dream. Blair remembers doing this before, alone, when Starr was born, waiting to see whether she would live. Blair thought Todd was dead and Starr was his last gift to her. She sang to Starr then, hoping she would know Blair was her mommy. Todd suggests that she sing to Starr now. They go into the room and Blair sings to Starr.

As Patrick is reciting a poem dedicated to Starr, we see Starr in her crib at the hospital with Todd stroking her hair. He gives Starr a stuffed white bear, then goes into the hall, where Blair is sleeping in a chair, and covers her with a blanket. He sits next to her and reaches out to push back her hair. She wakes up and turns to look at him.


Maggie is having dinner with Ian at the Palace Hotel. Max comes over and reminds Maggie that they had plans to have dinner together. Maggie introduces Ian Armitage to Max, who asks if he's a relation to Guy Armitage. Ian says he's his son. "What's going on?", Max asks Maggie. Maggie explains that Ian wanted to talk to her to get any information she had about his mother, but she wasn't much help. Maggie quickly excuses herself and Max, they have to leave or they will be late for the poetry slam. Maggie goes upstairs to shower and change.

Maggie's in her room trying to figure out which dress to wear when there's a knock at the door. It's Max, with a single red rose for Maggie. Max is curious why Ian was talking to her, out of all of the people that were at the hotel with his mother. Maggie supposes maybe he's talking to everyone that was there. Max then wonders how Ian found Maggie when they were registered under assumed names. Maggie replies he's very rich, he could probably find Jimmy Hoffa. Max want Maggie to tell him why Ian seems to be only interested in her.

Max just won't let it go, why didn't Ian invite me out to dinner and talk to me about his mother, he asks Maggie. Maggie accuses him of being jealous. "Should I be?", Max asks. Maggie suggests he spend Valentine's Day with her and find out. She asks Max to zip her up, but he starts kissing her neck instead. They fall back on the bed, kissing, as we hear Patrick reciting a poem.

Max and Maggie are lying in bed listening to Patrick recite another poem on the radio. This one was dedicated to Maggie from Max, Patrick says. Maggie kisses him, she loves the poem and she loves him. Downstairs in the restaurant, Ian mentions to Renee that he's having some rare orchids flown in tonight and he would like Renee to keep an eye on them when they arrive, he would like them delivered to Maggie's room. He's decided to stay on a little longer. Renee assures him he can keep his room, but wonders how long he'll be staying. "Indefinitely", Ian replies.


In her bedroom, Nora is working on her opening statement for Antonio's case and is having trouble with it. Bo interrupts her with a box of candy and an offer to go dancing. Nora would love to go, but the trial date has been moved up. Bo offers to help if necessary, but Nora reminds him he can't, they are on opposite sides.

Nora's reading her opening statement for the trial to Bo. Bo tells her to stop, she's rewritten it a least a dozen times already. Nora doesn't doubt Antonio's innocence, but she is doubting her ability to convince a jury that he's innocent. Bo tells her all she can do is do the best she can. Sometimes the system works and sometimes it doesn't. Bo doesn't like being on the team trying to put Antonio away.

At the courthouse, Nora is sitting in the empty courtroom with her feet up on the table. Bo joins her and tells her, for what it's worth, I wish I could be on your side tomorrow. Nora reaches up to hold his hand, then stands up and turns around to hug him.

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