One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on OLTL
Téa and Todd had a revealing discussion. Dorian crashed Viki's party. Dorothy turned down Joey's request for a date after hearing that he and Dorian had once been lovers. Melinda decided to move to Llanview. Eli vandalized the Angel Square statue.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, October 27, 1997

At the Penthouse in Téa's bedroom, Todd and Téa discuss his feelings towards Blair - and no they're not in bed together (yet), Todd is sitting in a chair and Téa is in bed. She wants to know why he's afraid of admitting his feelings for Blair, of actually admitting he's human? She goes on to say that when he gets into his cold rages, everyone around him gets frostbites and he's also hard to live with. Todd sarcastically reminds her that 5 million dollars ought to help that problem. As Téa continues, Todd wonders why she cares and she retorts "because I happen to like you, you big jerk." Taken aback by Téa's expression of affection, Todd warns his wife not to let any personal feelings ruin the business relationship on which their bogus marriage was based and also tells her coldly - "Don't" and walks out. Téa yells after him that she hates people to walk out on her. Todd returns a few minutes later and asks if she hates because her mom walked out on her and says he knows all about a mother walking out on a child. He tells her how he went hitchhiking as a 10-year old to go see his mother and the 6 days they spent together. He also tells her about how Peter Manning kept his mom's letters from him while he was growing up. Téa says "At least you found out that she loved you."

At Llanfair, Dorian is at the door asking to be invited in because she needs to see Mel right away, it's an emergency. Yeah right! In the middle of the fuss, Mel comes in from the library and is disappointed that Dorian is trying to crash the party against his wishes. She gives the feeble excuse that she couldn't stand the thought of Mel and Joey having a conversation about her without her being present to defend herself (what arrogance, she must think she's very important to everyone to be the center of conversation at a party, not to talk of distasteful). She finally forces her way in after promising to be good. Not even Viki wanted her there and she voices this as only Viki can - polite sarcasm. Mary comments that it's refreshing to see a gatecrasher at a party to which Dorian replies that Viki insisted she stay. Viki tries to apologize about Dorian's behavior to Mary, but she says she doesn't see any reason to be apologetic. She likes Dorian, "she's full of energy and has chutzpa (utter nerve or effrontery) and has been a God send to Mel." Viki is totally surprised. Joey and Dorothy leave with a lame excuse of Joey wanting to show her something.

In another part of the country, Kelly and Ian are at the beach watching the sun set over the Pacific ocean. Kelly loved the water and Ian compliments her on her swimming that she's like a "golden dolphin." Kelly confides to Ian how she's simultaneously excited and scared about taking her mother home to Llanview. They kiss passionately, but, Kelly stops and explains to Ian that because of the situation with her mother, she is not ready for romance. Ian probes a little further and finds out that she's also thinking about Joey. He understands, but lets her know he is not giving up on her. Dr. Angell calls on the cell phone that Melinda wants to see Kelly.

Back in Llanview, Joey entertains Dorothy with romantic tales of his adventures in Italy as he gives her a personal tour of Llanfair. Dorothy also recalls the Italian dishes her mother used to make and Joey wows her by letting her know he makes acquacotta. She also tells him that her mom died about two years ago. He offers to teach her how to cook some of his favorite dishes and they immediately start making bruschetta. As they cook, she tells him about her career in Social Services, which he is impressed by and flatters her. She gets tomato seeds on her dress and he offers his jersey for her to change to - in the kitchen with his back turned!

They return to the party with raised eyebrows from Dorian. Mel wonders how Joey avoided being a journalist, which is probably in the genes. Joey says he's a mutant. With all the innuendoes Dorian made during the conversation, Dorothy later asks her father as they go into dinner if there was ever anything between Joey and Dorian. Mel confirms they were lovers. Dorothy is shocked and disappointed, but Mel says he doesn't want to know the details of how and why. What's important is the present not the past. In the kitchen, Mary also ask the same question of Viki and was not shocked to learn they were lovers. Viki later makes an appointment to see Mary, professionally, later in the week.

Mel is annoyed with Dorian because of her behavior. She feigns innocence that her suggestive comments were not a big deal. Meanwhile, Joey tries to get a date with Dorothy later in the week, but, she refuses and heads for the door. Joey asks Mel and Dorian what made Dorothy leave like that and Mel says she's been reacting to news of "recent history." Joey is infuriated. Mel turns to Dorian to vent out his anger about the damage, hurt and confusion she's caused with her mean and petty remarks.

Back in the Pacifics, Melinda tells Kelly that she has decided to move back to Llanview in order to try to make up for all those years she wasn't there for her. Oh boy! another Cramer in Llanview. Stay tuned for more fireworks. Will Kelly get along with her mom? Will Dorian?

Tuesday, October 28, 1997

Written by: Marcia Bryant

Nora and Georgie

Nora enters her office and goes into shock as she looks around to see her office completely reorganized. Georgie explains to Nora how she reorganized: clearing away case files, arranging papers chronologically, transcribing her phone messages into her memo book and entering appointments into her calendar. Nora stares at this wonder of wonders as Georgie suggests electronic file storage and retrieval as an option. "Wow," says Nora, cringing. The clean office makes her nervous. Georgie assures Nora that she will get used to it and learn to love it. "I get it," says Nora. She believes that this is a test from God to teach her some mystic lesson and Nora will grow completely dependent on Georgie until the point Georgie leaves at the time Nora needs her most! Georgie doesn't see herself fitting into God's plan. "But you must," says Nora, "You have been brought to me by divine providence." Georgie thanks Nora for hiring her. As they become better acquainted Nora learns that Georgie knits and crochets and Georgie hears about Nora's problems with Mud. Nora offers advice on what classes to take and which professors are the best.

R.J and Rachel

R.J. is in his office at Club Indigo reading the press release announcing the break-up of Indigo/Blue Jay when Rachel enters and tells R.J. that Jacara is nowhere to be found. Fine, says R.J. Not fine, replies Rachel, "Indigo/Blue Jay stands on three legs, not two! I didn't work this hard , so I could sit back and watch the whole thing fall apart!" Things fall apart, says R.J. He remarks that maybe they put their faith in someone who didn't return that faith and that it's time to learn from their mistakes and move on. Rachel observes that R.J.'s idea of moving on is to walk away from something he hasn't resolved yet. She insists that he go after Jacara and hammer out a way to make this work! Gabe informs R.J. that a bad situation just took a turn for the worse and lets him in on the phone call he just got from Jacara stating that she wants to exercise the out clause of their contract immediately. R.J. is enraged that Jacara is not only leaving him but hooking up with Max. Gabe tells R.J. to calm down. R.J. tells Gabe that if Jacara wants out, then let her go. Gabe points out that R.J. has two choices: stay angry or get over it and get Jacara back. Rachel tells R.J. that she know he will always regret it if he doesn't make on last effort to patch things up.

Jacara and Max

Jacara strolls into an empty Rodi's and comments to Max about the lack of business. Looks can be deceiving, Max says. According to the books, business is fine. Jacara is pleased to hear that. It makes her visit to Max's more meaningful. She asks Max to expound on the intriguing offer he made to here the previous evening. What did Max mean when he said he could use someone like her? Max says that he would like to know how Jacara managed to put Club Indigo on the map. She doesn't answer Max's question, explaining that she just risked a lot with someone who "just didn't get it", so she's not feeling too expansive at the moment, but she is in the market for a new partner. So what does Max have to offer? Max states that he would like for he and Jacara to do for Rodi's what Jacara and R.J. did for Club Indigo. Jacara asks why shouldn't she look for someone who knows the business instead of a neophyte like Max? Because of what he can bring to the table, says Max. He pitches Rodi's, saying that it is more popular than Indigo, without the shady past reputation. Plus, he can supply the real estate for studio space that Blue Jay will need if Jacara stays in Llanview. He can also bring her clean money. Money that she won't have to worry about. Max suggests that the time is right for both of them to start fresh. Jacara agrees that this could be "a good way out of a bad situation", but first she needs to finish her business with R.J. Jacara uses Max's phone to call Gabe (who's in R.J.'s office) and tells him to draw up the papers. She wants out of her deal with R.J. asap because she has another offer from Max. After the call, Jacara asks Max to join her at Nora's office.

Carlotta, Andrew, Eli and Cris

Carlotta and Andrew begin moving Eli into his new home. Eli seems nervous. But Andrew says not to worry. They will see each other everyday at the Community Center and every Sunday at St. James. As Eli becomes accustomed to his new surroundings, he asks Carlotta about the shrine in her living room. She says that it is a tribute to all of the people she's loved and lost, like her husband and brother. Perhaps Eli would like to put a picture of his mother there also. Eli seems embarassed by the suggestion. Just then a crash sounds in the kitchen. Carlotta enters to find Eddie and Cris grabbing supplies for Cris' new apartment. Cris reminds a hurt Carlotta that he told her that when Eli moved in, he would move out and that's what he's doing. Carlotta asks why he has to sharpen the point by moving out the very minute Eli moves in. Coincidence, says Cris. Carlotta begs Cris to give Eli a chance. What would have happened to Antonio if he had been judged so harshly? Antonio was judged for something he never did, says Cris. Eli is guilty and no one has ever made him pay the price for that. Eli bursts in and yells that he has been paying the price since he was born for something he never did. Cris blasts the boy for using his illness to take advantage of people. Carlotta finally tells Cris that she would never force him to live someplace where he's unhappy, so maybe he should move out. Jessica arrives to help Cris pack. Carlotta leaves Eli at home to go check on the diner saying that she will be back shortly.

Jacara, Max & Nora

Max and Jacara arrive at Nora's office to discuss forming a partnership. Nora asks why Jacara is dissolving her partnership with R.J. Jacara fills Nora in on R.J.'s underhanded deal with the mob to sign a new artist. She says that even though she is grateful that he protected their interests, she disapproves of the sneaky way he did it and says that she can't work with someone who functions like that. Nora is terrified for Rachel when she hears that the mob is interested in Club Indigo. Jacara says that she thinks of Rachel as a sister and that she would never leave her in danger. She also assures Nora that R.J. would move heaven and earth to keep Rachel safe. Jacara tells Nora that it is okay to discuss what has been said at the meeting with Rachel. Nora gets back to the business at hand and tells Max and Jacara that once Jacara is free of her deal with R.J. that she will be happy to draw up the papers for her and Max. After they leave, Nora takes off to see Rachel.

Téa and Viki

Téa comes to Llanfair to ask Viki's advice concerning Todd. Téa admits that although she married Todd for his money, she is starting to have feelings for him and would like for them to be a family. However, Todd's feeling for Blair keep getting in the way. Viki tells Téa that if she wants Todd, Starr and herself to be a family, then just act like it and everything may just fall into place.

Jessica, Cris and Eddie

Eli overhears Cris tell Eddie and Jessica that he doesn't like Eli and doesn't understand why everyone defends him. He says that Eli is conning everyone, but he won't fall for it. Just then, Eli storms out of the Vega home. Later, Eli bumps into Jacara in Angel Square where a second look shows that the angel statue has been vandalized with red paint!

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Angel Square

The beautiful statue created by Cristian Vega has red paint dripping down the side of her face. The angel conceived in the image of Luna Holden, who took a bullet for her brother Dylan and who always stood for peace and serenity. The angel who represents the end of gang warfare and the strength of community. Who would desecrate this beautiful symbol of peace? Across Angel Square, in...

Carlotta's House

Eli is out of breath and makes it to the couch just in time before Carlotta emerges from the kitchen. She worries that he is ill, but then changes the subject, figuring like her other sons, he does not want her to baby him. She mention all the clocks in the house are digital and she hasn't change them from Daylight Time because she doesn't know how to do it. Eli says it is easy and shows her how. He offers to fix the time on all the other digital clocks and the VCR. She leaves to make him some hot chocolate, but her eye catches his jacket. She picks it up and see the red paint and questions him about it. He tells her he must have brushed up against something.

Nora's office-Bo and Georgie

Bo arrives at his wife's office to find her assistant in tears. Georgie explains that she is just so overwhelmed with happiness. She loves Nora and the job. Bo tells her she should call it a night and get some sleep, she needs to take care of herself. She admits she has not eaten since breakfast. Bo says she is too valuable to lose. Georgie replies there is no chance of that - she is in it for the long haul. She calls him Commissioner Buchanan and he corrects her and says his name is Bo. He leaves chocolates for Nora. Georgie seems as impressed with Mr. Buchanan as she is with her boss. Her family would never think of doing such a thoughtful thing. She always wanted a mentor and Nora has been so helpful in her advice. Bo replies that Nora is a good judge of character, smart as a whip and would never steer her wrong. Bo gets a call. Someone has vandalized the statue at Angel Square.

Meanwhile at ..

Club Indigo

Nora tells Rachel she does not want her involved with R.J. Rachel replies think again, Mom. Nora is judging without all the facts and she is not making an informed decision. Nora says Jacara told her about R.J. signing the singer to keep the mob from owing a percentage of the club. But that does not mean that R.J. is not in bed with the mob. Rachel counters that this is all because her mother lacks confidence in her and it dates back to her prior drug addiction. Her mother assures her it is the shady characters in the music business which concern her. Rachel replies that R.J. signed the singer to keep the mob out, to save the business. The world is a dangerous place. Jacara is not ready to acept that fact. Rachel is totally behind her uncle. She loves Indigo, the business, and her uncle and she is not leaving it.

Rodi's-Jacara, Max, R.J. and Hank

Jacara casually asks Hank why he is not with Carlotta. He replies that Eli is moving into the Vega house tonight. She mentions she saw Eli earlier, then changes the subject to the fact that she has quit her partnership with R.J. The man himself shows up and asks her to step away for some privacy. She is hesitant, but he promises her he won't bite. The conversation moves over to the juke box. R.J. tells her he has heard the rumors about her impending partnership with Max. Jacara reminds him of her out clause and admits that she checked it out with Nora and she intends to exercise her right to dissolve the partnership with him. R.J. angrily confronts her about her feelings. He says she is afraid and all this talk is just blowing smoke. This is not about him signing the new artist to Blue Jay without consulting him. She is running away from her feelings for him. She tells him to get a gripe. He has an overinflated ego. He replies that they could have something real good. They begin to argue loudly. Max intervenes. R.J. shoves him and he shoves back. Hank comes between them. R.J. tells Max he will not let him muscle in on his turf and leaves. Hank asks Ja.k.ara and Max which one wants to tell him what is happening. Jacara tells him about the deal with the gangsters to sign the new singer. Hank is upset. He warned Rachel about R.J. and she didn't believe him. A customer comes in and says the Angel in the Square was vandalized. Jacara says she was just there and she didn't notice anything. Maybe it was because she was upset and didn't really look up. She did bump into Eli. Maybe he saw something. Hank says he thinks he will go over Carlotta's and ask him.

Nora's Office- Nora and Georgie

Georgie tells Nora that Bo had been there and found her in tears. She was overwhelmed with happiness. Nora reassures her this is a happy situation for both of them. Georgie mentions the vandalization of the statue. Nora tells her that the artist is a freind of the Buchanans. She pops the chocolates in her mouth and announces she is headed to the Diner to speak to Carlotta Vega. Her son is the artist. Georgie asks if Nora saw Rachel. Nora is taken back. She does not remember mentioning that she was going to see Rachel. Georgie admits that she overheard Nora and Jacara talking when she was serving them coffee. Nora sighs about the difficulties of parenthood and Georgie assures her that she raised Rachel right and that Rachel described her mother in nothing less than glowing terms. Her daughter is proud of her. And Rachel handles things so well she must have gotten that from her mother. Nora goes off to the Diner and Georgie promised to call Bo and tell him about his wife's wherabouts.

The Palace-Dorothy, Mary (Dr. Maude) and Renee

Dorothy is late for her dinner appointment with her grandmother. Renee is keeping her company and mentions Asa. Mary says that he still hasn't called her for the dinner date he won at the auction. Renee explains that Asa just wanted to make sure that Renee wouldn't tell Mary all their secrets so he outbid her. Now, he is scared as hell to go out with Dr. Maude. He has been married 9 times and terrified that Mary will question him to death. Dorothy arrives and admits she was rude leaving Viki's house without saying goodbye. She had a headache. Mary replies that the headache has a name. Dorothy agrees that she left because she could not deal with Dorian. After Dorian confessed to her affair with Joey, Dorothy just couldn't look at anyone for the embarrassment. Mary says that maybe Dorian was a little jealous seeing Dorothy in Joey's hockey shirt. Dorothy is borthered by the fact that Dorian slept with a man half her age and is now with her father, Mel. She thinks Mary is sticking up for Dorian. Her grandmother counters that this is not about Dorian, it is about Joey. Dorothy tries to deny it, but in the end she has to admit she is disconcerted about Joey having had relationships with both Dorian and her niece, Kelly. Mary asks her if this happened to one of Dorothy's clients, how would she advise her. Dorothy says she would tell her to head for the hills. Mary does not believe that. Dorothy admits that she thought she and Joey would have some fun. Her grandmother advises her to give it a chance. Dorothy has not lived long enough to acquire the wisdom not to judge Joey too prematurely or too harshly. After her grandmother leaves, Dorothy daydreams over a cup of coffee about the night before. She recalls their conversations about Renaissance art and Italian cooking, the fun they had making dinner, and then Dorian's comments and walking out the door without any explanation to Joey. She gets up and leaves the table.

Rodi's-Max and Jacara

Jacara assures Max that she and R.J. had no personal relationship and as far as a partnership with Max, she has not made up her mind yet. Right now she would probably say yes, but then she wouldn't be sure it wasn't because she is angry with R.J. She is her own woman and cannot be dictated to. She needs a little time and he needs to provide the cash. Max says he has the cash. They toast to the possibilities. Max continues to sell his idea and asks her input on where the stage should be set and so forth. He likes her business sense and she thinks mabe it would be good not be around R.J. after all.

Carlotta's- Hank, Carlotta and Eli

Hank arrives at Casa Vega and tells Carlotta what happened to the statue. She is concerned whether Cris knows yet. Hank says that he is not sure. Carlotta tells Eli the statue is a special symbol of the community. Hank wonders if Eli has seen anything. He replies it is probably just some kids warming up for Halloween. Carlotta has a flash of insight of where the paint on Eli's jacket came from, but does not share her thoughts with Hank. After he leaves, she asks Eli who the hell he thinks he is. He tries to deny his culpability at first, but Carlotta finally gets him to admit he vandalized the Angel. He confides that he did it to get her angry enought to throw him out so he could return to Andrew. Carlotta reminds him that he is on probation and child services would not let him go back to the rectory. If they found out, he would be sent to a juvenile home and eventually he would go to prison. Thinking out loud, she realizes she can't give up on him or tell Hank, at least not yet. Later, when he has proved he has changed. Eli says not to bet on that happening. She tells him how she fought to keep Cris from joining a gang and now he has grown into a man who can create a beautiful statue for the community. As much as she fought for Cris, she will fight for Eli whether he wants it or not.

Indigo-R.J. and Rachel

R.J. comes crashing through the door and tells Rachel what happened at Rodi's. Rachel can't believe Jacara would walk away like that. R.J. replies that they will survive without Blue Jay and its artists. Rachel will keep the bookings on track and R.J. will start his own label. Rachel asks how people will react when they find out why he split with Jacara. R.J. is immediately suspicious and tells Rachel she must mean Nora. His niece admits that her mother stopped by and tried to get her to leave Indigo. He asks if she is in or out? Rachel assures him she believes in him and the club and she is not going anywhere. She also thinks it is possible Jacara will come back. R.J. replies, "Not going to happen, sugar." After she leaves, he vows that Max will regret tangling with him.

Thursday, October 30, 1997

Sorry this is so short today, gang. It's been one of *those* days.

Angel Square - Carlotta's Diner

Everybody's up in arms about the statue in Angel Square being vandalized, especially Cris. Téa, Bo, Carlotta (guiltily) and Hank discuss who could have done this. Asa showed up, and much to the chagrin of Cris, offers a $10,000 reward for the "SOB" who did this. Cris found Eli's jacket with red paint on it and confronts Eli in front of Bo, Hank and Carlotta. Eli admits that he was in Angel Square, but denies that he painted the statue. Cris questions Carlotta about knowing this information yet doing nothing about it. Understandably so, Cris storms out of the diner. Téa sees what Carlotta is doing, but doesn't say anything to anybody but Carlotta. After everyone leaves, Carlotta scolds Eli. Eli thanks her for what she did and tells her he's learned a *very* important lesson. When Carlotta leaves the restaurant, Eli scoots behind the counter and takes money from a cookie jar.

Dorothy and Joey

Mary (Dr. Maude) and Dorothy are having breakfast at The Palace when Joey enters the restaurant. After a few minutes of conversation (sorry, I missed this part), Joey decides to go with Dorothy to check out Marty and Patrick's old apartment. Dorothy fell in love with the place and through conversation was even able to make a joke about Dorian. Joey started to reminisce about Professor Thornhart and his encouraging of a young student (Kelly) to overcome her fears and insecurities. Dorothy picks up on his forlorn look, but doesn't say anything. They then leave the apartment to grab a bite to eat.

Viki and Dr. Maude

Viki attended her first appointment with Dr. Maude (Mary). After they exchanged pleasantries, Viki (Erika - what an actress!!!) summarized her history of being abused by her father and then the discovery that she had -- or one of her alters had -- killed him. Dr. Maude asked if sex was a problem before these revelations and Viki said "No, at least not that I know of." Viki continued to recount what had brought her to this point sexually. They discussed Clint and Viki's feelings for him and how she thinks he feels about her. Dr. Maude assures Viki that she thinks she can help Viki and asks for Viki's therapists' phone numbers and consent. Viki gives it to her and says something to effect of "the first step is the hardest." Dr. Maude responds by telling her "Not by a long shot!"

Kelly, Ian and Melinda

Due to the weather, Ian informs Kelly that they have to bump up their departure to a.s.a.p. Kelly says she'll tell Melinda. When Kelly enters Melinda's room, Melinda's deep in meditation and when she opens her eyes she tells Kelly that she's changed her mind - she's not going. After much cajoling from Ian, Melinda is still hesitant, but decides to stand by her original decision to go since she and Kelly have lost so much time.

Friday, October 31, 1997

Todd, Téa, Starr and Moose

Todd, dressed in a pirate costume, is unsucessfully trying to get the parrot to say "pieces of eight." Téa and Starr come down the stairs in matching pirate outfits. Starr looks terrific, Todd compliments, and Téa looks.... He doesn't finish the sentence and continues on to complain he looks ridiculous. Téa suggests maybe he should accessorize, have Moose perch on his shoulder, which he does. Téa thinks they are the best looking pirate family she's ever seen.

Max, Blair, Frankie and Leslie

Blair arrives at Rodi's to find Max getting his two little Martians ready to go trick-or-treating. Without thinking, Max asks what Starr is going as. Blair has to answer that she doesn't know, she hasn't seen Starr in a while. Max apologizes for his thoughtlessness. Blair suggests that maybe they can stop by the Manning's for a little trick or treat. Hasn't Blair already played the biggest "trick" on Téa by pushing her out a window? Téa should stay away from Blair and concentrate on getting Ian and his money, Max recommends. Max also says that if Blair can't be with Starr tonight, maybe she can help him out with Frankie and Leslie. Blair protests that she doesn't have a costume. Max gives her the cape from his costume and tell her to put her hair up in two buns and go as Princess Leia. Blair gladly accepts the offer. They leave to go trick-or-treating.

Mel, Cassie, Dorian, River, Melinda, Kelly and Ian

Mel arrives at Dorian's home, but finds Cassie there, not Dorian. Cassie brought River there before they head off to the Halloween Party at the community center. River's hungry, so Cassie sends him off to the kitchen to get an apple. Mel's there because Dorian called him, they haven't seen each other since she crashed Viki's party and wouldn't behave herself. What was Dorian's problem now, Cassie asks. Mel thinks Dorian was upset about Kelly going behind her back to see Melinda and was a little jealous of Joey and Dorothy. Just then Dorian makes her entrance, looking exactly like an evil queen from a fairy tale. "How do I look", she asks. Like the wicked witch who crashed the party she wasn't supposed to, Mel answers bluntly. Exactly, her behavior was deplorable and she plans to make it up to both of them starting tomorrow, I promise, she tells them as she bows at their feet.

Does this mean they can look forward to a kinder, gentler Dorian, Mel asks. Yes, Dorian replies, in honor of her sister Melinda's return. Mel and Cassie are shocked to learn that Melinda is coming to Llanview, tomorrow. Dorian confronts Cassie about knowing that Kelly was going to see Melinda. You knew and you didn't try to stop her, did you, Dorian asks. No, Cassie tells her, she wants to find out the truth about the past and hopes Melinda can help them. Cassie has no intention of apolozing for that. And you don't have to, Dorian replies, I was wrong. I thought I was protecting you and Kelly from the past, she continues, but Kelly and Melinda reconnected and are getting along well. Dorian has realized the Mel and Cassie are right, you can't escape the past, they might as well open up the doors and see what comes through and then deal with it, the good and the bad. Cassie finds it a little hard to believe what Dorian is saying, is that really Dorian under that costume? It is, she assures them, but she's going to need their help. Melinda is doing well according to her doctor, but she's still very fragile, she needs Mel and Cassie to very gentle with her and give her time to adjust. They give her their word, but "where did this sudden and total change of heart come from?", asks Cassie.

When she was talking to Melinda, she suddenly realized that Mel and Cassie want to understand her, understand her out of love, and what harm can come of that? Suddenly she heard herself asking Melinda to come visit her in Llanview. River comes back into the room, tells Dorian that she looks very "wicked" and asks his mother if they can go to the community center now. Cassie agrees and the two of them leave. Now alone, Mel tells Dorian he's still upset about her behavior the night before, it was despicable and ugly. The "new" Dorian will tell him the truth, she was jealous. Of what? Of the fact that Viki invited Mel and not Dorian, and because Joey was flirting with Dorothy. Mel agrees to forgive her. The doorbell rings and Dorian rushes to answer it, thinking it is trick-or-treaters. In her best "Wicked Witch" impression she opens the door and says "Happy Halloween." Melinda screams in horror.

Dorian apologizes for scaring Melinda and gives her a hug. Melinda's fine, she was just startled when Dorian opened the door like that, there was a brief moment when Dorian reminded her of their mother. Dorian shows Melinda her house, leading her into the living room. Ian explains that there was a stormfront coming in and they had no choice but to leave early. Dorian introduces Melinda to Mel. Melinda apologizes for being startled by Dorian, she should have remembered that Dorian always did that as a child, appeared suddenly, popped out of a hiding place and scared her. Dorian brushes Melinda's comment off, that's something that all children do, she says. Kelly tries to talk to Melinda, but Dorian asks if she can have some time alone with her sister. Kelly agrees and she and Ian head off to the community center to see if Andrew needs some help.

Dorian walks Mel out, she apologizes for having to cut their evening short, but she didn't know Melinda would be there when she called him. Mel promises to call her tomorrow and then leaves. Melinda tells Dorian she's happy that everything is going so well for her. She knows that things weren't always easy for Dorian, but now she has a man that loves her, a beautiful house, her daughter and nieces close to her. Dorian knows that it's been even harder for Melinda, but she promises that that is all over now. But it's not, Melinda replies, there are things that happened in the past, things that kept them from being as close as sisters ought to be. They need to get those horrible things out in the open, that's the only way that she's fully going to recover. Melinda wants Dorian's help to do this.

Their lives have taken different paths, but Dorian thinks they have all been hurt in some way by their childhood. Melinda says that sometimes the memory is right in front of her, almost like she could reach out and grab it, but the memory always slips away. Dorian promises she will help, but not tonight, they both need their rest. They are headed up the stairs when Melinda remembers that she left her purse with her medicine in the living room. Dorian goes to get it, opening the pill box and taking a look at the pills, before taking Melinda by the hand and leading her up the stairs.

Dorothy, Joey, Kevin and Viki

Dorothy is at Llanfair, waiting for Joey to go to the party at the community center. She apologizes to Viki for leaving so suddenly, but Dorian just made her feel like her head was going to explode. Viki is familiar with the feeling and tells her not to worry about it. Joey comes down the stairs, but he's not wearing a costume. The doorbell rings. Joey answers it and is attacked by a big gorilla!

The gorilla wrestles Joey to the floor, but Joey is laughing, he's figured out that it's Kevin. They are happy to see each other and give each other a big hug. Kevin is introduced to Dorothy. He jokes, what is she doing with Joey? Viki asks about Duke and Kevin tells her that he's getting big, he's like a little person and he's missing it. Viki tried to comfort him by saying it goes fast, even if you're there. Kevin asks if he can tag along with them to the community center, Cassie left a note that said she would be there with River. Viki tries to recommend that Kevin not go since Andrew will be there, but Kevin has missed Cassie, he hasn't seen her in days, and Andrew will just have to live with that. Kevin goes to get out of his gorilla suit. Viki comments how good it is to her have her whole family back together.

Viki, Max, Blair, Todd, Téa, Starr, Frankie and Leslie

Max and Blair have stopped at Llanfair with the twins to visit Viki. As Max helps the kids get some goodies, Viki talks to Blair. Blair says that Max is being very nice and letting her "borrow" his children for the evening, but she is still really missing Starr. Blair thanks Viki for all that she's tried to do to convince Todd to agree to joint custody. Viki advises Blair not to give up and Blair assures her that she won't. The doorbell rings and Viki excuses herself to answer it, it's Todd, Téa and Starr. Viki is thrilled to see Starr, but warns Todd and Téa that Blair is there. Todd's about to turn around and walk right back out when Viki stops him and begs him to allow Blair a few minutes with Starr.

While they are arguing about it, with Téa taking Viki's side, the decision is taken out of his hands. Blair appears in the doorway and Starr runs right to her. Blair picks up Starr, overjoyed at the chance to hold her. Blair plays with Starr for a little while, commenting on their costumes, the happy pirate family. Viki picks up Starr and everyone moves into the living room, where Max and the twins are. Téa suggests maybe it's time for them to go. Blair gives Starr a kiss goodbye, then drapes herself over Max as the Mannings leave. Max would be flattered if Blair's motive wasn't trying to make Todd jealous. Blair apologizes for using him. Max tells her not to worry about it, he's used to it. What they need to do now is come up with a plan to pry Ian away from Kelly.

At the Community Center

The Halloween party is underway, Andrew directs some of the children to the haunted house. Carlotta comes in and asks if Andrew has seen Eli, she thinks that he has run away. He cleaned out the tip jar, but at least he does have his medication with him. After making Andrew promises to keep it to himself, she tells him that Eli was the one who vandalized the statue in Angel Square. Eli overhears Carlotta talking to Andrew and thinks that she has ratted him out. He runs back outside before anyone sees him. Andrew send Carlotta back to her house, just in case Eli shows up. Later, they'll go to Bo and get his advice on what to do.

Dorothy and Joey arrive at the party. Joey greets Andrew, promises to tell him all about his trip later, and introduces Dorothy to Andrew. Andrew has heard that she'll be working at the free clinic as a councellor. Dorothy heads off to get some punch. Andrew asks if Kelly knows he's back. No, Joey says, she's off with that jerk, Armitage. That "jerk" is my cousin, Andrew points out. Joey doesn't understand the relationship, but apologizes for what he said, he needs to get over this and realize that things have changed. Speaking of change, Joey feels terrible about the fact that Cassie left Andrew for his brother. Andrew assures him that it has nothing to do with him and the two of them are still "cool." Andrew asks Joey to keep an eye on things, he has something he has to go and do. Andrew says hello to River and Kevin sneaks up behind Cassie and surprises her. They are about to kiss when River notices Kevin and asks if he wants to go in the haunted house. Kevin declines, so River heads off on his own. As Andrew heads outside, he turns back around a sees Kevin and Cassie kissing. Outside, Andrew gets into his car. Suddenly a figure with a black mask rises out of the back seat and grabs him on the shoulder!

"Trick or treat" the figure says. Andrew realizes that it's Eli and pulls off his mask. First Andrew checks that he's been taking his medicine, then he yells at Eli for scaring Carlotta. Cristian doesn't want him there, and neither does Carolotta, Eli insists. That's not true, Andrew tells him, Carlotta is lying to everyone she knows in order to protect Eli. Eli begs Andrew again to let him come and stay at the rectory, but Andrew refuses, his life is just too much of a mess right now. "You just don't want to watch me die", Eli accuses. Andrew denies it, but Eli's heard enough, he bolts out of the car and runs away, Andrew is too slow to catch him.

Ian and Kelly arrive at the community center, but it is practically deserted, everyone is at the haunted house. One of the kids leads them there. Just as they leave, Joey and Dorothy come back from getting some popcorn from the storeroom. Dorothy heads back to get her watch, which she left there. When Kelly returns, Joey has Kevin's gorilla mask on and Kelly mistakes him for Andrew. Joey recognizes her voice and slowly takes the mask off, "It's me." Kelly stares at him in shock.

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