One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 2, 1998 on OLTL
Kevin and Cassie were married. Jessica and Will were in a car accident on the way to find an abortion clinic. Todd faked the integration of his alters for Téa. Sam ordered Lindsay to keep quiet. Cassie tormented Barbara.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 2, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, November 2, 1998

Pre-Wedding Jitters

At Llanfair, Viki and Carlotta get the last minute preparations made for the wedding. A huge, gorgeous stacked wedding cake rests on the kitchen table, and Viki thanks Carlotta for helping out so much. Carlotta' happy to do it, of course, and mentions that she feels Cassie is very brave. Viki wonders aloud if it' bravery or if it's something else. Roseanne and Cristian arrive to help Carlotta serve the guests. Cris claims he's only there for the money, and Jessica can ignore him all she likes.

Will and Jess have a hushed conversation about meeting the next morning to head off for the abortion. Jessica tells him that if she doesn't go tomorrow, she'll probably chicken out, which, Will points out, should tell her something. Sam interrupts them, while Lindsay, freshly arriving with Clint (and with some *funky* hair), is angered that Sam was invited. Clint is mildly jealous. Lindsay cats to Viki that Llanfair has been a veritable wedding chapel, to which Viki replies,"well, I'm sure it can't compare to the real thing in Las Vegas."

In a bedroom, Mel asks Cassie why she's rushing into this marriage while her mother's in hiding. She laughs that he hardly has a right to ask, reminding him of his quickie proposal/marriage to Dorian. He backs off, and an elated Kevin enters to give Cassie a kiss. Mel makes a hurried exit. He promises her that they will find and punish whoever put her in the wheelchair, and that she will get her satisfaction. Cassie, with a slightly smug smile, assures Kevin that she will, while Barbara enters the bedroom.

Bibi is confused because she was given a bridesmaids dress, but Cassie, with a sugary sweetness, assures her that it's hers. Kelly arrives, kicks Kevin out, and is surprised to discover that Bibi is another bridesmaid. Barbara huddles uncertainly while Cassie beams at her that she will make everything right.

Todd opens the door to Bo and Nora. Bo makes a snide remark, so Todd pulls out his list, to add "anybody named Buchanan", and, alone, sounds out the spelling of the name. Téa asks if he's inviting more guests to their wedding. "Not a wedding, a coming out.. . see, I get to come out, and then I get to have a wedding. Think there's any food in there that's not flan?" Kevin and Todd exchange compliments on each other's appearance. Joey is impressed with Kevin's civility, and thinks Kevin should be able to accept Bibi. Kevin admits that she's different with Joey.

Bo congratulates the father of the groom, and then everyone coos over Nora. Bo says "The bigger she gets the more beautiful she'll be." Sam tells Lindsay that he was invited to escort a member of the bridal party, then heads off to greet the gorgeous, and a little late, Blair, with the adorable flower girl Starr.

In the kitchen, Cris discovers Jess's backpack, and her journal falls out. Roseanne encourages him to read it, then leaves him alone. He barely hesitates and starts reading. He reads that Jess has a decision to make that will affect the rest of her life, and that Will still wants to marry her. Jess arrives, infuriated that he's reading her journal. Cris is infuriated in turn. He tells her he read it all, and knows what she and Will are planning. A distraught Jess flees the kitchen while Viki and Roseanne notice her panicked demeanor. She finds Will on the terrace and tells him that they have to leave -now-. She writes a hurried note to Viki, then they rush off, while Roseanne watches.

Meanwhile, Viki is busy dealing with a cop who is there to make sure Dorian doesn't show up. She also deals with Todd, who wants to spend time with his daughter, but Téa reminds him that it's up to Blair. Starr sees him and starts to run to him, but Blair grabs her. Sam quietly tells Blair that lots of people are around, and Starr will be safe, so she lets Her Little Girl run to her daddy. Starr and Todd have one of their touching scenes, while the women look on. Blair takes her to play with Jessica's doll house. Sam suggests that Todd leave, since he doesn't like Kevin. Téa agrees, and Viki knows where they should go. First, she escorts the cop out of the house. As she's doing so, Cris breezes through from the kitchen and finds Roseanne on the terrace. At first, she's smug, thinking he knows about the pregnancy, but is surprised when she hears that Jess and Will are planning to get married. They take off to find them.

Bo asks Kevin what he wants for a wedding gift... how about Drew's killer? Kevin asks what he knows. Bo admits that Barbara has a piece of what they need.

In the bedroom, Bibi comes out of the bathroom in her dress. Cassie coos over her appearance while Kelly tries to maintain a calm expression. Blair arrives and is angered over the sight of the nervous, huddled Barbara, but Cassie is alllll smiles. She wheels to her dressing table, and brings out gifts for each of them, since they've each made such important contributions to her life. Kelly gets a cell phone, for her power lunches. Blair jokes that she got a box. When she opens it, we hear laughter. Cassie put a gag gift of a laughing box inside because Blair always makes her laugh. Underneath, Blair finds a necklace, which is lovely, "just like you," Cassie smiles, before calling Barbara for her gift. Bibi shakily steps forward, and, under the intense looks of Blair and Kelly, and the brightly smiling Cassie, hesitantly opens the box to reveal a silver bullet on a chain. Blair wonders what it means. Cassie sweetly responds that Barbara can answer.

Cassie suggests that Bibi reads the card. Barb clears her throat and reads, "Thanks for the bang-up job." Kelly doesn't get it. Cassie kind of babbles, mentioning the job Bibi did with Kevin's burns, the job with her father, and the job as a bridesmaid. She says the bullet refers to the Lone Ranger, who rode into town wearing his -mask-, using silver bullets to right wrongs and then take off into the sunset. It also refers to "biting the bullet," a tribute to Bibi's ability to overcome adversity, which Cassie would like to emulate as she deals with being in a wheelchair, which she's in because of a bullet. (I know this is confusing... but what Cassie said is actually more convoluted). Anyway, she tells Bibi to wear it, and Kelly puts the chain around her neck. Cassie hopes it brings to Barbara the kind of happiness she's brought to others.

Downstairs, Viki says good night to Todd and Téa. Mel volunteers to serve appetizers, and Bo grabs some for Nora. Viki tells Clint that she sent Todd and Téa up to the cabin, and Mel makes an abrupt departure to call Dorian, who doesn't answer.

Upstairs, Blair presents Cassie with the jewelry David had given Dorian. Kelly gives her a freshly minted penny to put in her shoe. Cassie asks Bibi to put it in her shoe, and as she's doing so, in a low, sinister voice, asks her for something borrowed, like her legs. Bibi flees to another corner of the room, while Cassie chuckles with great mirth. Blair has stolen a borrowed garter from Dorian. Barb tries to flee the room, but Cassie asks for some alone time with her instead, so they can share secrets.

Downstairs, Viki mentions to Kevin that she thinks it's strange that Cassie wanted Barb as a bridesmaid. Kevin agrees, but points out that ultimately it was Cassie's choice. He also assures her that he loves Cassie just as much as he did before she was put in the wheelchair. She asks if he realizes that he'll have to be her nurse, too, but he's prepared to love her though sickness and health.

Lindsay takes a picture of the Buchanan men, while Kelly and Blair agree to call a truce in their fight over the sun for tonight. Blair is saddened to see Sam talking to Nora, which Lindsay greedily notices.

In the kitchen, Carlotta assumes the blonde in a black uniform she sees is her relief help, and gives her an order. The blonde turns around, spills a tray, and Carlotta sees that it's Dorian!

Upstairs, Cassie slams the bedroom door shut, then wheels around to glare at quaking Barbara. Cassie holds up the garter, and asks Bibi for help putting it on. She promises not to kick her. She taunts Barb that she would look good in black from head to toe, so Barb tries again to escape. Cassie tells her she's not going to run, and she can't hide. She tells Bibi that she knows exactly what she's done.

In a Cabin, Far-Far Away

R.J. irritably plays solitaire, while Dorian annoys him with her "helpful" pointers. R.J. berates himself for taking her up on the job of tailing Kevin, since he should have known he would get in trouble. Dorian, making a cup of tea, points out that they did nothing illegal, and rants about Kevin. They continue their arguing until finally R.J. buries his head in a pillow and screams in frustration. :)

Later, the two play cards, but hide in the back room when they hear a car approach. It's Will and Jessica, but Will figures Viki will look for them there, so they leave, though not before Jessica mentions that she hopes Kevin forgives her for walking out on his wedding. Dorian, predictably, is upset to hear that her daughter's getting married tonight. She leaves the cabin while R.J. is turning on the lights. Meanwhile, Cris and Roseanne are on their way to the cabin, but catch up to Jessica's car, which they follow.

Todd/Rod and Téa arrive at the open, but apparently empty cabin. He's seductive.

Will notices the car following, and Jessica realizes who it is. Cris is confident that Jessica still loves him, and Roseanne tells him that Jessica is pregnant. They are on a winding road. Will decides to pull over, and Jess stupidly grabs the wheel. They are out of control. Cris slams on the breaks and Roseanne screams.

Tuesday, November 3, 1998

As Cassie branded her a killer, a nervous Barbara tried to deny the accusations. Cassie admitted she overheard Barbara's confession to Andrew. R.J. arrived at Llanfair in time to prevent Dorian from stopping the wedding. Cassie and Kevin were pronounced husband and wife. A horrified Dorian saw Cassie in a wheelchair and rushed to her daughter's side. The police quickly moved in to apprehend both Dorian and R.J. At the cabin, Todd and Téa began to give in to their passion. Not wanting to hurt Todd's recovery, a concerned Téa pulled back. In the aftermath of the crash, Roseanne pulled Will from the wreckage while an unconscious Jessica was rushed to the hospital.

Wednesday, November 4, 1998

Todd and Téa

Todd asks Téa what they are doing in Viki's cabin and how they got there. He says that he has been in jail since after the lodge incident, no thanks to her. Téa explains that that happened months ago. Todd replies that he still remembers Sam hammering at him. And his head started to hurt. Téa wonders who she is talking to. "Mahatma Gandhi", he says sarcastically. Téa tries again, asking which one is she talking to. Todd points to her and then to himself, "You Téa, me Todd".

Now Téa is almost convinced that this is Tom playing a joke. Todd wants to know if she has been sniffing something because she is acting strange. She tries to walk him through what happened at his hearing. Todd says he passed out. Téa tells him that his trial is over and he was found not guilty. Todd says he will go along with, so Sam got him off.... How? Téa elaborates on the Disassociate Identity Disorder and his multiple personalities. "C'mon, Delgado, You're kidding". Téa is taken aback for a moment. No one has called her that but Todd and Pete. Could he really be Todd? Her ex husband is getting exasperated, seems like they are back to the beginning of the conversation. Téa tells him he better sit down, she has a lot to fill him in on.

A few minutes later after she explains Rod, Pete, Tom, and Ms. Perkins to him, Téa tells Todd about how Pete came out while he was on the witness stand and convinced the jury that the DID was authentic. If Todd was faking, he certainly would not show that violent side of him. Pete only comes out to protect the other alters. Todd says it is unbelievable that he would speak Italian with a Russian Accent or be a teacher. He hated school. Téa explains that Tom liked school and it may be hard to believe, but it is true. Todd replies that now he understands the blank spots. Sometimes he's someplace and he is not sure how he got there. He never told anyone because he did not want them to think he was screwy. Téa tells him that he was protecting himself from something he couldn't face. His adopted father did something bad.

Suddenly, Todd turns nasty. "You shut your stupid mouth right now".

It's Pete, Téa realizes. Téa wants Todd to come out and fight Pete. Pete tells her that Todd is not strong enough. No one needs or wants Todd. Téa says she wants the real Todd. Suddenly there is a conversation between the two personalities with Todd telling Pete to leave Téa alone. "I have been protecting you all your life. You will wind up in a straight jacket", Pete warns Todd.

Téa professes her love for Todd. Pete picks up a poker from the fireplace and it looks like Pete is going to hit Téa. She tells Todd that Pete has hurt Todd all his life. Todd comes back and swears that he will never hurt her.

"I love you Todd", Téa says with tears streaming down her face. She hugs him close to her and is relieved to have him back.

"Don't you see what this means", she asks. He fought Pete and won. He is in charge and Todd acknowledged Pete's presence. This must mean he is integrating. The separate parts of himself are becoming whole.

Now there is something else she must tell him and he needs to stay calm. Téa and he got a divorce to convince the jury to acquit him. It worked, but in the process, they temporarily took away custody of Starr. Now they must fight to get it back and Todd must focus on changing things.

(For those who haven't been watching, Todd has been faking all his personalities and is using Téa's love for him to fake the integration of his supposed alters in order to regain Téa as his wife and custody of his daughter)

Police Station

Detective West tells R.J. she has enough to put him away for years, including the charge of eluding arrest. Hank scolds R.J. for listening to Dorian and going on the run.

Meanwhile, Dorian is angry at Kelly and Blair for evading her questions about Cassie's health. Cassie is wheeled in by Kevin and tells Dorian that they just did what they were told because Cassie did not want to put her mother in jeopardy. Mel is incensed when he sees that Dorian can barely touch her Cassie because of the handcuffs and wants to discuss this with Detective West. Blair assures her aunt that Sam must be on the way.

Llanview Hospital

Clint thinks that Will must have been drunk like the last time he and Jessica got into trouble. Joey can't understand why Jessica would have run out on Kevin's wedding.

Cristian has to wait for treatment. His hand has been injured. He is more concerned with Jessica. Viki and Clint go into the ER and they can see that Jessica is not responding to the doctors. She is unconscious. Cristian and Roseanne are put in a room together awaiting treatment. Roseanne would love to see how Will is doing, but she is sure his mother would throw her out.

In the hallway, Joey is on the phone, but he is unable to get Kevin. Barbara promises to track him down and get him back to the hospital.

Cristian finally has the opportunity to ask Roseanne about why she said Jessica was pregnant. Roseanne says she guessed it and confronted Jessica with what she thought and Jessica did not deny it. Why would Jessie do such a thing, Cristian wonders. Roseanne explains that neither Will nor Jessie meant for this to happen. They were at the lodge and had too much to drink.

Police Department

R.J. denies that he is a paid assassin and wants his cuffs off. Bo asks Sykes how Graham did in the elections. Then he asks Sykes to drop the bogus charges. Nora threatens to file harassment charges. Kevin tells Detective West that she should do as Mel says and show some compassion to Dorian, who just wants her cuffs taken off. Her daughter is paralyzed. She has been through enough. West does not want to take the cuffs off someone who said she wanted to scratch her eyes out. Sykes orders her to do it.

Dorian tells Kevin he should have taken the bullet for her. He says he understands and Dorian accuses him of patronizing her. Dorian would have been at her daughter's side, had she known she was in a wheelchair. Cassie assures her there is something she can do right now about Dorian's arrest.

Dr. Lange looks at Will. He has two fractured ribs, abrasions and bruises. Will tells his mother that it hurts just to breathe in and out. Sam wants to know just what happened Will mutters that it happened so fast, the lights were on them. Sam asks just where Will and Jessica were going?

Viki and Clint are together in Jessica's room. The doctor is ordering tests. Suddenly Jessica goes into cardiac arrest. The doctors work on her with the paddles and finally get back Jessica's pulse. Viki is crying in Clint's arms. The doctor asks Viki and Clint if their daughter has any medical conditions. They have to do x rays and if she is pregnant, it would be dangerous to her baby.

Cristian bursts into Will's room and tells him he is at fault for what happened to Jessica. He spits out a few choice spanish phrases.

Meanwhile Roseanne is out like a light on the floor.

Will has had enough of sitting in the bed. He goes off to see what happened. Lindsay is angry at Sam for not restraining their son. He ought to focus on the kids that are here rather than the one on the way, she hisses.

Blair arrives and Lindsay is not happy to see her.

Police Department

Graham is certain he has enough votes to make it official that he has been re elected to congress. Mel threatens to make it the shortest term served in history.

Barbara wants to go back to the hospital after telling Kevin about Jessica's accident, but Cassie lets her know that she will tell everything she knows if Barbara doesn't have her mother and R.J. released.

Barbara whispers something to Sykes and he tells Graham that he needs to speak to him in his office. Barbara follows them. Graham says that he has to get back to election headquarters. Barbara replies that there are more pressing matters. He has to let R.J. and Dorian go or she will confess to everyone. This is not his call. Either go along with what she says or tomorrow along with his victory the papers will be reporting on her arrest for murder. Graham says it is not too late for her to have a life. She is doing well and in love with Joey. Barbara assures him she must do this.

Llanview Hospital

Joey and Kevin go in to see Jessica. Outside the door, Viki tells Clint that Jessica could be pregnant. She has been so secretive lately, acting strangely and this breaking up with Cris doesn't make any sense.

Cristian asks Will if he slept with Jessica. Cris knows she was waiting until it was right. Will must have gotten her drunk and taken advantage of her. Now she is knocked up. He read in Jessica's journal that Will and Jessie were getting married. Will admits to the pregnancy and that he asked Jessie to marry him, but she refused. They were not headed to Maryland to get married but to find a clinic where she could have an abortion. Clint comes in and tells Cris he has to talk to him.

Police Department

Detective West is about to book R.J. and Dorian but Sykes tells her no. He can't divulge any information, but he will drop the charges. Bo asks Sykes what is going on? Justice, I think, Sykes answers.

Dorian asks Cassie how she made this happen. Cassie just tells her it happened because Dorian is innocent.

Sykes walks up to his office door and fingers the door plate that says "Commissioner". He strides wearily over to his desk, carelessly throwing his jacked down on a side chair. As he sits behind his desk, he looks at photos of Barbara. Bo knocks and comes in. "You finally got some guts, John. You let the innocent people go. Tell me how come?"

Sykes just says, "Because I know who the real killer is".

Llanview Hospital

Sam tells Blair that Will is going to be fine. Sam asks where Starr is and Blair says she is with her nanny. Sam tells her that this night drove it home that kids are the most important thing they've got. Blair agrees and heads home to Starr, but not before giving Sam a kiss. Lindsay watches on jealously.

Roseanne fainted after Will left her side, but the doctors say she will be alright. Will can't forget that she saved his life and he hugs her. They both wonder what Jessica's father wanted with Cristian.

Meanwhile, Joey and Kevin are by Jessica's side. She looks like sleeping beauty. But she can get up and show the those beautiful eyes. They tell her how special she is to them. They threaten to put shoe polish on her hands but then decide that black polish on the hands might be fashionable. Joey leaves because he is discouraged. Kevin thinks he can get through to her. He tells her how proud he is of her and how she gets more beautiful every day and how she stayed together with Cris all this time. She has a better track record than he does. Kevin says he learned a lot about commitment from her and a lot about love. "I love you Jessie and if that doesn't shock you out of your sleep because that is something I never said to you..."

In the hallway, Clint confronts Cris. "Tell us there is no way Jessica can be pregnant". Viki and Carlotta hover in the background. What will Cris answer?

Thursday, November 5, 1998

Hospital (Clint, Viki, Cris & Carlotta)

Out in the hall, Clint tells Cris that the doctors asked them (he & Viki) if there's a possibility that Jess could be pregnant. Cris hesitates. Clint grabs him by the collar, Asa style, then Cris says no, Jess isn't pregnant.

Cassie's Place (Dorian, Cassie & Kelly)

Dorian complains that Kevin is not with Cassie on their wedding night. (uhh Dorian did you forget that his sister is in the hospital?) Cassie reminds her of this and shoos her away. Dorian tells her that there is something different about her (gee could it be the wheelchair) [I'm sorry, I'm feeling a little campy today]. At any rate, Dorian tells Cass that the change in her is scary.

Sykes Office (Bo & Sykes)

Bo asks Sykes if he knows who killed his son. John finds some backbone (or so I thought), picks up a picture and shows it to Bo.

Hospital (BB, Joey, Sam, Nora, Roseanne, Will, & the divine Ms. L)

BB tells Joey that they dropped the charges against R.J. and Dorian. Joe notices the silver bullet necklace and asks about it. She tells him that Cassie gave it to her and that it has something to do with the Lone Ranger.

Over in Will's room, Nora pays a visit. As she hugs him, the divine Ms. L walks in and snaps "don't touch him". Nora leaves and Ms. L follows hot on her heels. Nora turns and snaps that if "this is about Sam, I am so not in the mood". Ms. L tells her that she got Sam and that's life but she won't get her son. [give this woman some Prozac] Ms. L goes on about the baby, when Sam walks up and asks her does she ever think of anyone but herself, then he tells her to knock it off.

Sykes Office (Bo & Sykes)

The picture he shows Bo is of Munk (the fence). (Does Senator Graham have dude by the gonads or what?) Anyway, Bo asks why Munk would kill Drew. Sykes says he doesn't know. Bo says that Munk sold the murder weapon. Sykes says apparently he lied. Then he says that they went over the autopsy report and found a bullet wound consistent with where R.J. says he shot the suspect. Bo suspiciously asks Sykes how he missed that tidbit in the first viewing. Sykes explains by saying that Munk had so many wounds that they just missed it. Bo tells him he expects a full report of his findings. After Bo leaves, Sykes pulls out a picture of BB.

Hospital (BB, Will, Roseanne)

Will asks about Jessica and finds out that she's still unconscious. Out in the hall, Cris tells the doctor that Jess is pregnant. Doc asks why he didn't speak up earlier and he explains that Jess didn't want her parents to know. Doc says she has to tell her parents because this fact alters the course of treatment and since Jess isn't conscious to make her own decisions, Clint & Viki will have to. Just then, Kevin comes out of Jess's room and announces that she's awake.

Jess asks about Will and Cristian. Kevin asks her what made her take off. Jess changes the subject and asks about Cassie. Once the guys leave the room, Viki asks Jess where she and Will were going.

Will's room: Will tells Roseanne he just wants to do the right thing especially after overhearing his mom and dad argue about him. He says that married or not, Jess isn't ready to be a mom. Rosie asks if he's ready to be a dad and he replies yes, but it's up to Jess. He then asks her what about them. Rosie says she doesn't know. BB walks in and tells them Jess is awake.

Out in the hall, Ms. L blasts Sam for speaking to her like that in front of her (Nora). She goes on about how he doesn't have any kind words for her even while their son lays in a hospital bed. Then she whips a major zinger on em and says that she doesn't have the luxury of replacing him with another child. Nora turned white as a ghost. After Ms. L stomps off, Nora asks Sam what's up and why Ms. L keeps getting in her face as if she knows the baby isn't Bo's. Sam tells her that Lindsay knows that Bo's little guys can't make the big swim. Nora, visibly shaken (what's new) asks him why he didn't tell her that Lindsay knew. Sam assures her that he'll take care of Ms. L. Nora reminds him that Lindsay hates her and is just waiting to blow her off the face of the earth. Just then Bo walks up and asks about Will and Jess. He tells them that Sykes says the killer was Munk.

Bo and Clint talks while Nora and Lindsay glare at each other. Over in Jess's room, Cris tells everyone that it's his fault that Jess left in such a hurry. He says that they had an argument. After everyone leaves, he tells Jess that he knows she slept with Will and that she's pregnant. She asks how he knows and he tells her Rosie filled him in. He tells her that she should have trusted him. He says he loves her. She tells him that she and Will were drunk and that she didn't even remember it happened until the next morning. She would put it all out of her head if she weren't pregnant.

Later after Cris leaves, everyone else files back into Jess's room and tells her how wonderful she is. She begins to cry and Viki asks what's wrong and tells her that she's never seen her hurt like this before. Cris goes to Will's room and tells him off and also informs him that he will be taking care of Jess (and baby) from now on.

Will goes to Jess's room and apologizes. She tells him that she is still going through with the abortion.

Sam's House (Sam & Lindsay)

Sam tells Ms. L that she will not mess up Nora's life.

Friday, November 6, 1998

Sam, Lindsay, Blair

Sam drags Lindsay back to his house after being at the hospital and demands that she keep her mouth shut about Nora and the baby. He and Lindsay have been able to be friends since the divorce, but if Lindsay hurts Nora she will lose Sam forever, Sam warns. He also suggests that she look around her and see how much she has, two wonderful children, a husband that would adore her if she gave him the chance. Give up your vendetta against Nora or you will lose it all, he tells her. Sam also demands that Lindsay go to Nora's and apologize to her and reassure Nora that she won't ever say anything about the baby. Lindsay's not too happy with the idea, but before she can argue about it, Blair arrives and Sam urges Lindsay out the door, reminding her she's got a husband to go home to. Sam is glad to see Blair and she encourages him to sit down and tell her about his problems. Sam gets a little nervous when Blair turns the conversation to his discussion with Nora on the terrace, but is relieved when he realized Blair has no idea what went on between himself and Nora. Blair finally leaves because she wants to be there in the morning when Starr wakes up and Sam agrees, he wants to be at the hospital early to see Will.

Bo, Nora and Lindsay

In Bo and Nora's bedroom, Bo is talking about how happy he is about the baby and how glad he is that Nora went to the fertility clinic and convinced him to get tested. The two kiss and get into bed. Later, they are looking at a book of baby names. Bo first suggests "Asa Beauford" and then they jokingly suggest maybe it should be something looking toward the future, like "Shuttle" or "Space probe", or maybe "Barbarella". Things turn serious when Nora asks if he'd like the baby's middle name to be Andrew, but Bo rejects that idea, there was only one Drew Buchanan. They are eating chips and salsa in bed when the doorbell rings. It's Lindsay, she's there to see Nora. Lindsay tells Nora that she won't say anything about the baby being Sam's, it's not worth losing Sam over. Her message delivered, Lindsay leaves, and Nora gets a smile of relief on her face. Later, after Bo is asleep, Nora calls Sam to thank him for convincing Lindsay to be quiet.

Kevin, Cassie, Barbara, Joey and Kelly

Kevin returns from the hospital to find Cassie waiting for him in bed. They discuss the situation and he promises not to rush her in any way. Cassie agrees, but gets upset when Kevin starts massaging her feet. She can see Kevin touching them, but can't feel it at all. She asks Kevin to leave her alone. Kevin is reluctant to leave her, but finally agrees to take a walk.

Barbara has made herself at home in the carriage house, even wearing one of Joey's shirts. After they make love, Joey says that he wants to know everything about her. Barbara looks nervous and seems glad of the interruption when the phone rings. But she's not glad for long, it's Cassie demanding that she come over to Cassie's house right away. Barbara has no choice but to agree, but Joey praises her for her dedication.

Barbara arrives and asks Cassie what she needs. Cassie has her move an arrangement of flowers on the desk...a little more...more... no that's too far move it back. Of course she's doing this to torture Barbara and Cassie yells at Barbara, can't she do anything right. Barbara tries to stand up to Cassie, she says that she's very sorry that Cassie's been hurt, but she won't be her personal slave. Barbara, however, changes her mind when Cassie picks up the phone and calls Joey. Barbara promises she'll do whatever Cassie wants.

Kevin takes his walk in the park and runs into Kelly there. Kevin feels bad that he can't help Cassie, that she doesn't even want him in the house. Kelly encourages Kevin that he's a good person and she knows that he loves Cassie.

When Kevin arrives back at the Mill House, Cassie appears to be asleep. He takes of his clothes and slips into bed beside her. Only after Kevin is settled in bed with his eyes closed, does Cassie open her eyes.

Todd and Téa

Todd and Téa arrive back at Llanfair to find no one there. Téa wonders where everyone is, but Todd, being Todd again, just starts to dig right into the food, eating with his hands and showing his usual lack of manners. Todd claims that he is reintegrated, but Téa tells him that tonight was just the first step in his integration. She can't believe she's saying this, but she missed Todd, and promises they will be re-married as soon as he is reintegrated. Todd has Téa put a towel on her head(pretending it's a veil) and pretends it's the "you may kiss the bride" part of their wedding ceremony. The two of them kiss tenderly. Later, Téa has fallen asleep sitting at the table. Todd takes the opportunity to call Dr. Boyd and leave him a message, "that the integration is going fine." Looking over at Téa, who is still sleeping, Todd says, "Téa, the fun is just beginning".

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