One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 16, 1998 on OLTL
Todd and Téa married; Todd made his entrance in a glass coffin. Cristian proposed to Jessica. Will admitted to Lindsay that he was the father of Jessica's baby. Asa and Renee were missing a gun. The tape of Todd's confession was played over loudspeakers.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 16, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, November 16, 1998


Clint stops by his bedroom to get a robe, since he intends to sleep in the guest room, but Lindsay steps in front of the door before he can clear out. He suffers her apology for telling Dorian about Jessica's pregnancy, then expresses his fury over the way she set Jess up for humiliation. He scoffs at their marriage. This inspires a whine from Lindsay that Dorian is the only one in town who will talk to her, except Sam. Oh, and she also felt the love he has for Viki across the room when they were dealing with Jessica's situation. Clint denies that it's love, calls her on her manipulative ways, orders her to decide if she can be loyal to him, and escapes. Lindsay cries for a moment, but then tears through her closet to pick out an outfit. She decides on a stunning black number and heads to the wedding.


Jessica limps into the stables with the aide of her handsome men-in-waiting, Cris and Will. Cris protectively demands that she see a doctor, but she refuses, obviously OK. She just got her foot caught in the stirrup. Cris turns on Will, berating him for "letting" Jessica ride, and accusing him of hoping that she'd lose the baby. Will rolls his eyes. Basically. Jess calmly explains that the doctor told her she can be as active as she was before, to which Cris is promptly delighted that she's seen "a baby doctor." (ugh) But, Cris and Will continue huffing and puffing, so Jess tells Will to get his tuxedoed self to the wedding. Alone, she slowly and carefully explains to Cris that although Will doesn't want her to get an abortion, ultimately it's her decision. She wants to do the right thing by everyone, but doesn't know what that is yet. Cris insists that he still wants to realize the dreams he's had of life with her (my words, not his), and wants to go to the wedding with the girl he loves. They arrive after the fireworks (see below), and Jess feels crappy when Asa admires the purity of their love.


Téa proudly prepares to float down the aisle, but as she steps forward, the lights and music go out! The crowd rumbles! But wait... The lights come on, and on the altar, what appeared to be a large display of greenery slowly rotates to reveal Todd, lying perfectly still in an open glass coffin. Téa trembles and runs forward to gaze with great concern into his face, while various dignitaries of the audience make their snide comments. Suddenly, he sits up, welcoming everyone to the resurrection of Todd Manning.

Téa happily returns to make her grand entrance, again, and while she prepares her train and such, Todd works the crowd. He tells the proud parents... um, I mean, Viki and Sam that he's not going to screw up his second chance. Turning, he forgives Kevin and Joey, who are so astounded they laugh in his face. Pausing, he gives Andrew a little dig about Téa's sainthood, before briefly breaking up yet another Max-threatens-Blair-with- the-tape moment. He gives Starr a big ole warm hug, then promises Mel and Dorian a nice surprise. He seems pleased that Mel is going to write about the wedding. Striding back up to the altar, he thanks the entire gaggle of guests for coming and for giving him another chance. At last ready, he calls for the music, for Starr, and for the judge, who hurriedly finishes his drink, and who Mel recognizes as having retired from the bench ten years ago.

While Téa remakes her beaming grand entrance, Blair and Max realize that neither of them have the tape, and on the other side of the aisle, Renee cleverly discovers and confiscates a gun Asa had brought, just in case Todd got out of line. She stuffs it firmly in her purse and laughs at her cowboy. When the judge rather slurringly begins the ceremony, Asa stomps out with Renee in tow.

During the opening speech, Todd often appears confused and troubled, while Téa is simply cloyingly happy. At the invitation to dispute the marriage, Todd mutters "K, that's enough, get on with it." But Sam stands to make a speech in support of the wedding. Viki does as well. Both of them think that this ceremony is proof of the change in Todd. However, when the judge asks if anyone else would like to add anything before the vows, Todd quietly and hesitantly says there aren't going to be any vows. He can't do it. He strides away, while Téa blathers in confusion, then screams in rage, throwing her flowers at his retreating back and screeching at him to go to hell. Viki and Sam rush forward to console Téa, defending Todd, but she has none of it. She's really, really, really, really enraged, and she's had it with him. Finally, she stomps out of the ballroom with Carlotta's support.


Will cryptically tells Roseanne that Cris isn't going to get his wish of being the father of Jessica's baby.

Max laughs to Blair that Todd is going to out himself before the night is through. He realizes that Starr might know where the tape is, and, by playing one of my favorite games "hot and cold", he discovers that she's got it hidden in her stuffed animal, but Blair interrupts the game before he can get his hands on it.

Renee realizes that she left her purse in the ballroom, where it sits abandoned between Cassie and Barbara. Renee returns to retrieve the thing, but is shocked to discover that the gun is gone. She looks to her left, and Cassie gives her a "knowing" look. She looks to her right, where Barb tries her hand at a "knowing" look. Despite this, Renee decides that Asa must have taken his gun back.

Lindsay arrives and asks Mel and Dorian what happened. They give a bare-bones accounting, and then Dorian mentions that Will is there.

In the changing room, Téa angrily and tearfully rants to Carlotta that she should have taken Todd's money and run away from him, and now she feels like an idiot. Carlotta carefully tells her that it appeared that Todd didn't plan it this way, and that he really did look scared.

In the cabana, which is beautifully decorated for his wedding night, Todd stands quietly. Viki arrives, and he humbly admits that he¹s afraid of hurting Téa. Viki counters that what he's feeling isn't fear, it's his love that makes him not want to hurt her, and furthermore, Pete will never be in charge of him again now that he's a new man. He's a good risk now, and she thinks that the chances are very good that he can have a wonderful marriage. Sam shows up and prompts Todd to go to Téa, since this is his last chance. He asks Todd if he is willing to spend the rest of his life without her, but Todd doesn't know.

Back in the ballroom, Viki and Sam return, unsure of what Todd will do, but are delighted to see Todd arrive shortly after they do, obviously hunting for Téa. He finds her in the changing room, where Carlotta and Roseanne are helping her out of her gown.

Tuesday, November 17, 1998

Todd told Téa that he walked out on her because he was afraid that he would hurt her. Todd was able to convince Téa to marry him and they were wed. Before Todd and Téa could sneak out, he told Kelly, Max and Blair that he wasn't turning The Sun over to any of them. Sticking with tradition, Todd carried Téa over the threshold of the cabana to begin their wedding night. Andrew suggested that Cassie should get a new therapist, but she insisted on keeping Barbara. Blair frantically searched for the tape after Starr admitted that she had it, but it was missing. Kevin later found the tape and returned it to Starr. Clint told Bo that he thought his marriage to Lindsay was over, but Bo convinced him not to give up so fast. Lindsay once again apologized to Viki, who then warned Lindsay never to embarrass Jessica again. Jessica told Will that Cristian wanted to marry her and raise the baby as his own. Will wasn't to thrilled by Jessica's news. Renee found her purse and realized that Asa's gun was missing. What Renee didn't know was that Cassie had taken then gun.

Wednesday, November 18, 1998

Will and Cris

Will and Cris are arguing in the stables. Will does not want to pretend Jessie's baby is not his. Cristian reminds him that Will was the one who was going to drive Jessica to get an abortion. Will believes that someday the child will find out the truth of his paternity and he does not want to make it a lie and have that happen. Cris feels that the baby will benefit most from two parents who love him and it is up to Jessie to choose the life she wants and Cris is certain that is with him. If Will is so pro-choice, that is what he should allow Jessie to do.

At the Wedding

Roseanne tells Jessica that she is happy that Jessie is marrying Cris. Jessica replies that she has not said yes. She has always wanted to marry Cris, but doesn't think she is ready to be a mom. Roseanne points out that Jessica can have everything she wants so she should just do it. Carlotta comes over and pledges she will help Jessica with the baby and Roseanne seconds it.

Kelly, Blair and Max are leaning against the glass coffin Todd had climbed out of. They are moping about their failure to get the Sun from Todd. Kelly can't believe that Todd got away with his crimes, got the girl and is free to continue to terrorize them in his headlines. Max says that they should have presented a united front. Blair states that Todd never intended to give up the newspaper and she derides Kelly for whining. Her last boyfriend left her a million (did Drew have a million? Or was that all Ian gave out of his billions?) Blair advises that Kelly pursues another hobby. Kelly says this is not a hobby and walks away. Max still thinks that the tape is out there and it will explode everything Todd has done. Sam asks Blair to dance and Max climbs into the coffin.

Meanwhile Starr tugs on Lindsay's dress and tells her she has to go the bathroom. Lindsay is surprised she doesn't know where it is but volunteers to take her. Starr leaves the pink tape on a silver platter and the waiter takes it away.

Asa and Renee pose for a picture for Joey and they go off to dance. Kevin comments to Joey that Cassie and Barbara are spending more time together than they are with them. Joey replies that it is understandable since the two girls have both been victims of violent crime.

Outside on the terrace, Barbara says it is chilly and they should go inside, but Cassie refuses. Barbara wonders what trick Cassie wants her to do next, fetch, sit up and beg? Cassie tells her that she is very rebellious for a girl who should be spending the rest of her life in Jail. Barbara thinks that that might be preferable. Cassie wants to know why Barbara did not honor her request to dance with Joey. Barbara replies that it did not seem fair while Cassie was in the chair. Cassie remarks on Barbara's developing a belated sense of ethics and Barbara counters with what it is Cassie is developing. Cassie pulls out a gun and says that she now has an appreciation for Barbara's favorite hobby.

The Cabana

Tony Bennett crones "Dancing in the Dark" over the PA system as Todd and Téa make it over the threshold and into the small room. They look at each other shyly and Todd smiles. They both have gifts for each other. Téa opens hers first. It is a puzzle Briggs put together at Todd's direction. As she is putting it together, Todd opens her present. Which is a moon. She tells Todd that now he has the sun, the moon and Starr. Téa notices that there is a piece missing where his heart is supposed to be. (the puzzle is a picture of Todd)

The Wedding

Joey picks up the tape. Asa is looking for Kelly. Joey says he took a picture of her and Asa ponders why Joey is taking so many pictures at Todd's wedding. He is their enemy. Joey says he is doing it for his mom. Joey wonders who the tape belongs to.

Blair does not like the fact that Lindsay took her daughter to the bathroom. She is not supposed to go with strange people, she reminds Starr. Blair leaves to take Starr up to bed and Sam tells Lindsay that it was good she was nice. Lindsay replies she is working on it. No one does nice better when she working on it, Sam says. His ex wife admits that her current marriage means more to her than she thought. Sam advises her to discuss the situation with Clint.

Kevin asks Joey if the police department contacted him about the pictures he took at the art show and Joey says no, the case is solved. Kevin still doubts that Munk was guilty and he is worried about why Barbara and Cassie are out on the terrace so long. What could they be talking about? Joey approaches the bartender to play a favorite song of his and Barbara's and puts the pink tape in a box on the bar.

The Terrace

Barbara recognizes the gun as Asa's. Cassie says she has a good eye and questions Barbara about the gun that killed Drew and crippled her. Did Barbara buy it back or was it never missing. Barbara makes a move to leave, but Cassie won't allow it. Barbara tells Cassie that she has a lot of rage and she understands that, but it will go away like it did with her. Barbara hears the song Joey had the bartender play and Cassie tells her to dance to it. Barbara shuffles around unenthusiastically and Cassie says she can do better than that and raises her gun.

In the bathroom

Jessica is washing her face. Roseanne walks in and Jess tells her she owes her an apology for sticking by her and not telling anyone her secret. Jessie hugs Roseanne and thanks her. Roseanne tells her not to get sentimental. It is not like there isn't something in it for her. She just wants it to work for Jessica and Cris and for her and Will.

In the Stables

Will upbraids Cris the so-called responsible good kid for telling him to lie. He refuses to fight Cristian, but his rival tells him that it is Jessie he is concerned with. It was her first time and he would wager that was not the case with Will. Is he just one of those guys who gets a girl pregnant to show the world what a stud he is? Cristian grabs Will by the collar.

The Cabana

Téa is fretting about not finding the piece of the puzzle which holds Todd's heart. Todd says that it is not important, it is just a picture Briggs cut up. Anyway, he thinks that it went better this time than the first at City Hall, even with all the interruptions. Téa is very nervous and wants to light the candles, but the small room would make it difficult for her to maneuver in her gown. Todd goes to light them and Téa says she will open the champagne bottle. Todd says she is a bull in the china shop. She is so flustered that he has to believe she is scared of him. Téa says that she just wants to get back to where they were before, when they were at their best. But maybe they rushed things. He has not finished his therapy and then, too, maybe she will not live up to Todd's expectations. It's their wedding night and she has a right to be nervous. Todd admits that he is nervous too. They both sit on the edge of the bed. It is a brave new world for them. They slide closer together and slowly come together in a kiss.


Blair is about to look in the box by the bartender when she is diverted by Sam. He wonders what is so important. Blair is about to tell him but Sam says that if they are to trade secrets it should be when they have a night to themselves. Tonight he would just rather have her company.

Clint arrives and Lindsay says she wants to apologize. She shouldn't have told Dorian about Jessica and she is deeply sorry. Clint admits he is pretty angry, but he talked to Bo and cooled off. Jessica is his first priority right now. Lindsay replies that she hopes that he and Viki find a way to help her. Clint wants to keep Jessica away from the juvenile delinquent who caused this and Lindsay says she is 100 percent behind him.

The Terrace

Cassie asks Barbara to imagine how it would be for her to be in her condition. Barbara snaps and asks who made her god. Cassie counters that it was what Barbara did when she decided who lived or died. Barbara says that she had no idea that Cassie and Drew would be there. Barbara thinks that love is the cure for Cassie and for her. Cassie replies that it is easy for her to say. She and Joey wake up together and Barbara bounces through her day. Cassie awakes every morning amazed that her legs don't work. She can't sleep or make love to her husband.

The Stables

Will tells Cris that Jessica is not another notch in his belt. She is his friend and he respects her. Then he shouldn't mess it up for her, Cris says. He leaves and Lindsay comes in and asks Will what happened to his hand. He says he slammed it against a post. He is in quite a mood! She asks him to give her a hug and inquires whether she is still his best girl. Will replies that he doesn't know if he has one now. Lindsay wants to know what just happened between her son and Cris?

The Wedding

Jessica returns to the reception and Clint says that he and Viki discussed Jessie's situation. Jessie does not want her parents to make the decision for her. Clint only wants to help and Jessica realizes this and apologizes for blowing up. Clint chalks it up to her delicate condition. Jessica thinks that is rather old fashioned but Clint admits that he is that kind of father. She doesn't want him to blame Cris. Clint admires her loyalty. Cris comes through the door and Jessica makes Clint promise not to yell at him.

Blair and Sam kiss and he tells her she is dangerous in public places. Blair goes of to freshen up and the bartender asks whose tape it is in the box. Sam replies he knows who it belongs to.

The Cabana

Téa thinks the music Todd picked is beautiful. He can be romantic when he wants to be. They talk about dancing, but Todd thinks with Téa's big dress they should go outside. The door is a little jammed and Téa says he shouldn't have kicked it shut when he carried her in. He gets it open, but Téa would prefer to do their dancing in private. She opens her arms to him and he holds her close.

The Stables

Will says not to blame Cris. He has a lot on his mind with Jessica. Lindsay replies that Clint puts Jessica on a pedestal like she does Will. Lindsay is surprised at Cris actions. She thought he was more responsible than to have unprotected sex in this day and age. She wants Will to stay away from Cris. Will tells her that he was the irresponsible one that didn't use the protection. He is the father of Jessie's baby, not Cris.

The Wedding

Cris says he loves Jessica with all his heart. Clint would rather have this talk tomorrow, but Cris insists on going on speaking. He asks Clint for Jessie's hand in marriage. Clint flares up. He trusted him with the most precious thing he had and Cris seduced her. He wants him to stay away from his daughter.

Kelly joins Asa and Renee as they come off the dance floor. They would love to see her name on the masthead of the Sun. Kelly informs them that the deal with Todd fell through because Bo and Nora were not there. Asa says that Todd is a doublecrosser and that they delivered. He wants his gun now. Renee says that she doesn't have. Didn't he pick her pocketbook? Cause if he didn't, someone is running around with a gun.

The Terrace

Cassie tells Barbara to take the gun and finish her off. It would be a mercy killing. If she lived to 100, Cassie could not use up all her anger. Barbara better pull the plug or she will make her life living hell.

The Cabana

Téa promises Todd to make it work. They sit back on the bed and he unfastens her diamond and pearl necklace and nuzzles her neck. In the background, the song "I Love You" by Sarah Mclachlan is playing.

Meanwhile, at the reception, Starr comes down in her pajamas. She is glad that Sam found the tape. She tells him that Minnie is watching TV and she wants to give the tape to Daddy. Sam informs her that Daddy is busy, but maybe they can play the tape now.

Todd and Téa are on the bed and he is kissing her.

At the same moment, Sam gives the tape to the bartender to put it on the PA. Blair and Max watch and everything goes in slow motion as the bartender pushes the play button.

At the Cabana, Todd takes off his jacket and leans over Téa.

The camera focuses on the puzzle with the missing piece for Todd's heart.

Thursday, November 19, 1998

Due to breaking news events, One Life To Live did not air today. The episode that was scheduled to air on Thursday, November 19th, will now air on Friday, November 20th.

Friday, November 20, 1998

The Stables

At first, Lindsay doesn't want to believe that Will is the father of Jessica's baby, but as Will explains what happened, how they got drunk, and how when Lindsay saw them at the pharmacy they were buying a pregnancy test, she begins to accept it as fact. She then asks who else knows about this. Jessica, Cris and Roseanne, Will tells her. "You are not to tell another living soul, do you understand", Lindsay orders him.

Will wants to tell the truth, but Lindsay insists that he can't, he just started college and it will ruin his whole life. Like Lindsay being pregnant with Will ruined hers, he wonders. Lindsay insists it's not the same thing, but Will isn't so sure. Clint is furious with Will, Lindsay points out, does Will want all that anger coming down on him? Will finally understands her true motivation, she wants him to keep this a secret so it won't hurt her marriage with Clint.

Lindsay is hurt by his accusation, if that's what you think, you don't know your own mother, she tells him. If it came down to a choice between her marriage and her children, she would do whatever it would take to keep Will and Jen from getting hurt. That's what she's trying to do now, because having a child at this age will hurt Will, Lindsay says. Will is still skeptical and Lindsay does admit that next to her children, her marriage is most important to her, it's her only security right now. Lindsay's asking for Will's sake as much as her own, "please don't tell anyone about this". Clint arrives before Will can answer and Lindsay asks if there's anything wrong. "I think you just missed the shortest wedding in recorded history", he replies.

The Wedding

Clint tells Cris that his marrying Jessica is completely out of the question. Carlotta tells Cris the same thing, that marriage is not the answer right now. Viki walks up and Jessica turns to her looking for support. But Viki sides with the others, that marriage at this moment is not a good idea, it will just compound the problem. Viki promises they'll sit down and talk about it later. Jessica does not look pleased.

Asa and Renee realize that neither one of them has Asa's gun and they begin to worry where it is.

Kevin and Joey are talking and Kevin is wondering why Cassie wants to spend so much time with Barbara.

Out on the terrace, the gun is now in Barbara's hands. Cassie is taunting her to finish the job, if she doesn't, Cassie promises she'll never stop tormenting her. Barbara is shaking and crying. Cassie continues harassing her, saying that this should be easy, Barbara's a born killer. She could have Joey and Kevin all to herself, everything she's every wanted. All she has to do is pull the trigger, taunts Cassie. Barbara changes her mind, she could do it and make it look like a suicide. And even if it didn't, what has Barbara got to lose? That wipes the smug smile off of Cassie's face and she starts to look nervous. Barbara's finger moves toward the trigger, but then she lowers the gun, I can't, she says. You *do* have a life left, she tells Cassie, you have Kevin. And I have Joey, she continues, we both have something to live for. She hands the gun back to Cassie. "If neither one of us is ready to kill each other, how's this going to end?" It ends when Kevin and Joey come out on the terrace. Cassie quickly hides the gun.

Blair and Max notice Starr giving the tape to Sam.

The Cabana

Téa is lying on the bed and Todd is leaning over her, kissing her. We see the puzzle pieces of Todd lying on the floor, missing the piece with his heart. We hear the sound of a heart beat, and then everything goes into slow motion. Starr handing Sam the pink tape, the tape being put in the tape player, Blair rushing across the room, the "Play" button being pressed. But Blair's too late, the sound of her voice can be heard throughout the country club, including inside the cabana, "well then you tell her who you are, and you tell her right now that this is just a game or we *will* walk out of those doors and you will never see your little girl again. And any court will back me up." In the cabana, Todd suddenly sits upright and Téa looks puzzled about what she's hearing. But Todd knows exactly what it is.

The Wedding

Meanwhile, everyone in the dining room is listening in silence to the same thing. Blair's voice:"Tell her, you tell her this is just a game, right?" Viki moves across the room to stand near Sam. Todd's voice:"It's just a game. There never was Tom, there never will be. And thank God, I hate him, the pathetic little runt. No, I am what I am, I always was and I always will be Todd Manning!"

Max smiles in the background as Blair listens in horror as the tape continues to play. Todd's voice:"I had to come up with something, I'm really sorry that (faking DID) was all the best I could come up with." Blair's voice:"Oh, that was so brilliant, splitting into two personalities." Todd's voice:"I got Viki, I got Sam, I even fooled the hospital shrink. I am damn good at being somebody else." Blair's voice:"And look where it got you." Asa starts shouting, "Hallelujah, I knew it, I always knew it!", thrilled over the proof that Todd was faking the whole thing. The tape is continuing and Todd is saying, "I'm not going back to jail, I don't care if I've got to come up with another 50 people to run around my head." Kevin walks across the room to Viki and (instead of being the jerk that I expected) softly tells Viki that he wishes he had been wrong about Todd. Sam walks over to Blair and says, "Todd was faking, and you knew". Blair nods her head and goes to turn the tape off, but Sam stops her, he wants to hear it all. Starr asks her mother if she(Starr) did something wrong, but Blair soothes her and tells her it's alright. What a waste of a perfect piece of blackmail, Max gloats in Blair's ear. Sam goes over to Viki, but can't seem to find the words to say anything. Viki says to Sam how sorry she is.

The Cabana

After all of the above has played, in the cabana, Todd rips the speaker off the wall. "I know this look bad, but it's not what it looks like", Todd tries to explain. Téa doesn't believe him for a moment. Todd tries to claim it was Pete saying those things, but Téa knows he's lying, like he's been lying all along, every day, every minute. Téa tries to leave, but he grabs her arm and pulls her back. She shakes off his hand. He swears he's not trying to hurt her. "Imagine the damage you could do if you were", Téa replies. Todd asks her to forget what she heard and just look at him. Téa says she is looking at him, and she can see him clearly now, perhaps for the first time. "You are what you've always been, somebody whose own impulses and appetites are so out of control that you'll violate anyone to get what you want. Every interaction we've ever had, including all the times you wouldn't make love to me, has been a rape, because that's what you are, you're a rapist." Viki and Sam enter the room and say nothing, they just look silently at Todd.

The Wedding

Clint is asking Asa why he brought a gun with him in the first place. He wonders where Viki is and Asa says she's probably with Sam. Clint then decides to go find Lindsay.

Cris offers to take Jessica home. Jessica can't believe that Todd did this to her mother, this must have been what he meant when he was talking about "living a lie". Is that what we're doing, too, Jessica wonders, and is it all going to blow up in our faces? Cris tries to tell her it's not the same thing, but Jess doesn't seem convinced.

The Cabana

Blair arrives at the cabana and Todd demands that she tell everyone that it was "Pete" she was talking to on the tape. Blair starts to fumble out an explanation, the stops and declares, "I won't do this, Todd". Todd's not surprised, Blair's been waiting for months to get her hands on the tape, he accuses. Blair denies playing the tape. Then who did it, I'll kill them, was it Holden, Todd yells. "Starr played the tape. Your daughter wanted to give daddy a present", Sam informs him. That shuts Todd up. He then says to Téa that he wants to discuss this with her later, but Téa isn't interested in hearing anything from Todd and leaves. Sam takes Blair outside to talk to her, leaving Viki alone with Todd. Outside, Blair asks Sam what Viki will do to Todd. "What do you think he deserves?, asks Sam.

Country Club

Carlotta and Roseanne find Téa sobbing in the bathroom. She thought she had a good legal mind and was a good judge of character, so how could she have let herself be fooled by Todd, Téa cries. All the signs were there, even the tarot cards knew, but she was too blind to see it. "If I ever meet another man again, how will I be able to trust?", Téa wonders, "how will I be able to rely on my own judgment again?" She went back to Todd over and over again, "and now I'm married to him, how could I have been so blind? And how will I ever forgive myself?"

Téa asks for some time alone before she goes home, then realizes she really doesn't know where "home" is anymore. She guesses she'll go back to her suite at the Palace, but Carlotta insists that she come home with her. Angel Square and Esperanza Street will always be a home for her. "Esperanza....hope", Téa finds the name rather ironic, but Carlotta says there's nothing ironic about it. Téa asks for some time alone by herself, but promises she will meet them at Carlotta's house later. Roseanne and Carlotta leave and Téa sits there, alone.

Outside the Cabana

Sam is furious with Blair for not telling him the truth. But I *did* tell you, Blair defends herself, and I tried to tell again tonight, but you wanted to put off the discussion. It killed Blair watching Sam try so desperately to save Todd, knowing that he was faking, and Blair begged Todd to tell the truth, but he wouldn't. "No, you, you didn't tell me!", exclaims Sam. "I told you, but you wouldn't believe me", Blair says again. "There are many reasons why I didn't tell you, Sam. Because I was afraid I would lose you. Because I love you".

The Cabana

Todd tells Viki to go ahead and get this over with and to not just stand there looking disappointed. Viki pauses a moment and seems to consider her words carefully before asking, "Do you have any idea why I loved you so much? It's because I knew you were born of the same ugliness that I was, and I'd been through it and I thought I could help you." That's why she testified on his behalf in court and relived all the things that her father had done to her. She did it for him, because he loved him. "And now I've given you all I can, there's just no love left Todd, not for you."

Country Club dining room

Asa, Renee, Joey, Jessica and Kevin are standing by the bar discussing the situation with Todd. Kevin is angry at Todd because he hurt Viki so badly. While they are talking, Cassie quietly wheels over to the table where they were sitting and puts the gun back in Renee's purse. Renee wants to report the gun missing, but Asa talks her out of it. Kevin says he'll look for it one more time and goes and gets Renee's purse. When he opens it, the gun is inside. Asa backs up Renee, he looked in the purse earlier, too and the gun was definitely not in there.

Roseanne enters the room and stops to talk to Cris. He asks how Téa is and Roseanne replies, furious, humiliated, hurt. Cris can't believe Todd did this to Téa. Well, some couples just aren't meant to be together, Roseanne says, but he and Jess are not one of them. Cris doesn't think it's going to be so easy, and tells her about how both Carlotta and Clint were against his proposal of marriage to Jessica.

Kelly is standing alone when Max comes up behind her and asks, "Believe me now that the tape exists?" "I believe you, but I still don't trust you", replies Kelly.

The Cabana

"Viki, please don't say that", Todd pleads, "you were the one, you were the one who had faith in me, you're the one who believed I was worth something". "Yes, I did", she agrees, "I loved you. And I was as loyal to you as anyone could ever be. Maybe you should have thought before you acted. You mocked everyone who ever loved you, Todd, and you ridiculed the deepest agony of my life. You chose DID because you knew that I couldn't ignore it". "Yeah", Todd admits. "It was smart, Todd, it was very smart, but you have hurt me more that any other human being on this earth has ever hurt me. And you don't care." "I do, I do care", Todd insists, almost in tears. "No, you don't care, because you would never have done this if you cared. I'm sick at heart. I'm sick of everything you put me through and I have absolutely nothing to say to you ever again." Viki walks out the door, leaving Todd standing alone.

After exchanging a look with Sam and Blair, Viki walks away without saying a word. "I did what I did because I love you, Sam", Blair tries to explain again. "Blair, from the bottom of my heart, I believe you don't have the slightest idea what that word means". Sam goes inside the cabana. Max shows up and Blair asks him if he's there to rub salt in her wounds. "Nope", he replies, "you know, it's no fun to watch the woman you thought you loved embarrass herself over another man".

Inside the cabana, Sam is clapping and saying sarcastically, "Bravo, cowboy, bravo, you certainly pulled the wool over all those fools eyes, now didn't you. But you know something, even though you gave brilliant performance, you didn't get off totally because of that. You got off because I am a great lawyer. You know why I'm a great lawyer? Because I believe in what I do. And I get the jury to believe what I believe, and God knows I believed in you. You know something, I must have had some need deep inside of me to think of you as that twisted, fractured, hurt little boy that I knew. You're still a little boy, Todd, you haven't changed a bit." "I couldn't go to jail, Sam", Todd says in little boy-like voice. "And you're not going to go to jail, Todd. You're a free man. All it cost you was your sister, your wife, your daughter and me. That's all. Enjoy your freedom". Sam leaves and after glaring at Blair and Max standing there together, walks away. Todd is left inside, completely alone, sitting on what was supposed to be his and Téa's bed. We also see Téa, sitting alone on the bathroom floor.

Country Club bathroom

Téa is wiping the tears away and giving herself a pep talk in the bathroom mirror. "You can do this. Just walk out of here with your head held high. You're Téa Delgado". "Manning", Todd adds from the doorway, "You are Téa Delgado *Manning*". Téa tries to get away from him, but he grabs her around the waist, covers her mouth and carries her out the door.

Country Club Dining Room

Kelly is sitting alone at a table when Blair rushes in. Blair asks her if she's seen Sam, but Kelly asks if she hasn't hurt Sam enough already. And Kelly accuses her of dragging Max into it too.

Kevin's talking to Jess. He says that Joey and Barbara took Cassie home, so he's going to stay and talk to Viki. Will is worried about Sam, but Lindsay and Clint offer to take him home to wait for his dad. Viki walks in and Asa offers her the use of his gun. "Thanks Asa, maybe next time", she replies. Renee says how sorry she is and gives Viki a hug. Sam arrives and he and Will leave together, completely ignoring Blair. Jess gives Viki a hug and Clint walks over and puts an arm around both of them. Lindsay watches jealously from across the room.

The Cabana

Todd forces Téa into the cabana and pushes her so that she falls on the bed. "Why are you doing this?", she asks. "I don't have a choice. I'm not letting you go, Delgado. I'm never letting you go."

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