One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 3, 2000 on OLTL
Nora used CPR to revive Bo. Jessica chose Will, Bo proposed to Lindsay, and Ben gave Viki an engagement ring. Kelly and Kevin stopped short of making love. Asa had the Megan Foundation audited. Sam and Nora settled their differences.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 3, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, January 3, 2000

Joey and Sophia are stuck on the roof at the Palace Hotel as the fireworks that were planned for the missing Kelly go off. The lights start to flicker as well. Joey waxes poetic as he hopes that Kelly looks up wherever she is. He then turns to Sophia and accuses her of setting the whole thing up, much like she did before with the rapist. To prove that she had nothing to do with it, Sophia offers to pick the lock with her hair pin, but Joey won't let her, afraid that she'll be shocked from the electric lock. Sophia attempts it anyway and pretends to be shocked. Joey sits her down and as they share glasses of champagne, Joey wonders why Sophia has been chasing him. She tells him it's because of Kelly and since she couldn't have her life, she thought she'd have her guy. She tells Joey that she thought he saw something in her even though other guys never have because she's not pretty;she'd look like Kelly if she could. Joey says he understands,disagrees with her statement that she's not pretty and wonders if she'll keep on chasing him. Will Kelly treat him right? Sophia asks him.

Kelly and Kevin are at the Millhouse; they begin to kiss and Kelly starts to remove Kevin's shirt. As the couple gets close to making love, Kevin stops, grabs Kelly's hand and looks at her engagement ring. Kevin gets up and walks away, while Kelly begins to cry and hold her head. He tells her they cannot do this, covers her with a blanket and the two sit in silence, alone with their own thoughts. Kevin grabs his shirt and looks over at Kelly who is looking for her shoes. He hands her one and as she grabs it, they grasp hands.

Lindsay and Sam decide to look for Nora. They notice that the lights in town are beginning to go off and on. Lindsay admits to her fight with Nora and wants to help look for her, since Sam's wedding didn't go off as planned and she feels responsible. While Sam thinks Nora's car broke down somewhere, Lindsay believes that Nora is with Bo. She feels that she has really lost him this time. Suddenly, the two spot a car that looks like Nora's. Upon investigating, they learn that the car is not Nora's. Lindsay rehashes her conversation with Bo and decides she hopes he IS with Nora because she's afraid she won't be able to lean on Sam anymore once he gets married and then she'll have no one. Sam wants to stay friends because he thinks she's terrific and she's played a big part in his life. She's convinced him that the two(Nora and Bo)haven't eloped and teases her about lying to him;she's lied to him often in the past one thousand years.She thanks him for especially keeping her secret about the sperm test and she's glad she's with him. They head over to the police station.

As Bo tries to rescue himself and Nora from the locked warehouse, he is jolted by an electric shock! He falls to the ground, as Nora screams for help. As Nora begins to perform CPR on Bo, she tells him how much she needs him in her life. He finally wakes up and jokes with Nora about her breaking his ribs. He assures her that it was just a power surge and continues to be playful about the whole episode while Nora cries. She finds a first aid kit and wraps a burn on his hand that he got when he was jolted. Bo heard Nora while she was performing the CPR and assures her that he is in her life, especially since she's saved his life and sanity many times in the past. Nora talks about the turn of their lives and how one never knows. Bo questions whether she's sure about marrying Sam. Nora decribes her fight with Lindsay and assures Bo that marrying Sam is the right thing for her to do because she loves him. The two reminisce about their own wedding. They decide to try for one of the windows, which are all covered with mesh. They are unable to pry one open and turn and face each other, rather closely.

Max and Blair kiss each other Happy New Year, while Skye lingers in the background, looking on. He doesn't remember hurting Blair before, but she tells him that he did, and he realizes this is why they no longer sleep together. Blair tells him that he's different since his surgery but she wants things to be like they were before, so she thinks they need to learn to trust each other more. Max tells her the woman he trusted is gone. After the two part company, Skye rushes up to Max and grabs him. She tells him she's on to him and leaves her hotel room key, telling him he'd better meet her. Blair wanders back over after Skye darts off, telling Max she's ready to leave. Renee and Asa are staying over so they will have the chance to be alone at the mansion, something they really need. Max tells her he'll stay with Ma and Pa; Blair leaves in a huff, telling Max she won't wait forever.

Téa and R.J. show up at the police station and tell John about the car swirving in R.J.'s direction at the Palace parking lot. They tell him they weren't able to see who was driving. When John questions if Bo was at the party, they tell him they only saw Lindsay. R.J. makes his statement and as they get ready to leave, John suggests that he stay away from Téa for awhile, until this culprit is caught. Astonishingly, R.J. agrees, but Téa decides she won't stop seeing R.J. because she doesn't want to be alone this year like she was last year. They depart and later on, Lindsay and Sam appear. They tell John they've been searching for Nora and need to speak with Bo. Sykes tells them that Bo is missing also.

Tuesday, January 4, 2000

Bo and Nora pulled back from their near kiss and attempted to make the best of their captivity when they found a box full of toys. Will told Sam and Lindsay that he couldn't find Jessica, but covered his concern that she was with Cristian. Ben surprised Viki by taking her to the Crossroads and informed her that he had recently bought it. Ben challenged Viki to a game of pool and she found an engagement ring on the end of her cue. Ben and Viki then became officially engaged.

Kelly and Kevin struggled with their betrayal of Joey and decided not to hurt him further by telling him what almost happened. Meanwhile, Joey and Sophia were pressed into service at the police station to field phone calls. Later, Kelly watched as Kevin took an important step in kicking the bottle for good. A frantic Sam and Lindsay finally discovered Bo and Nora at the warehouse and were disheartened to find them happily sharing a dance.

Wednesday, January 5, 2000

Skye tried to persuade Max to admit that he was faking his brain damage. A desperate Max attempted to prove Skye wrong by mistaking her for Blair and began to make love to her. Max was forced to reveal the truth when Skye played along with his ruse to the point where Max finally gave himself away. At the cabin where they stayed when they ran away, a romantic Cristian asked Jessica for the chance to start over. Jessica gave in to Cristian's kiss and they begin to make love unaware that Will and Roseanne were hot on their trail. After watching Nora and Bo dance, Sam was finally able to break the lock and free them. Lindsay then accused Bo of wanting Nora back because she was about to marry someone else and a disgusted Bo stormed out on her. Nora blasted Lindsay for being paranoid after Bo nearly died. Bo later struggled with his conflicting feelings towards Lindsay, while Sam sensed a change in Nora.

Thursday, January 6, 2000

Skye's Room, The Palace Hotel

Max pulls away from Skye, the "hustling, blackmailer," declaring that "it proves I'm off my rocker to even consider sleeping with aren't stealing my mojo because I have a wife I truly love - an emotion you know nothing about." Skye admits she was "just calling your bluff" and accuses Max of being a "big talker with an even bigger ego...but when push comes to shove you just shrivel up and go south." After more of Max's "cons" and "abuse," Skye challenges Max: "I'm holding all the aces; any way you play your hand, I win." Max admits to Skye that what he's doing is for his future and that of his wife and children, too: "Whatever it takes to stay a Buchanan, I will do." Max theorizes that he could push Skye out a window and doctors would testify that he wasn't responsible for his actions. He grabs Skye and threatens, "I am desperate enough to squeeze the life out of you" but lets her go declaring, "You're not worth it." Skye agrees to make a deal with Max: she won't go public with her information as long as Max's "charade" serves her purposes - "to keep Asa focused on getting revenge on Ben." Skye also wants to know why Max hasn't "confided" his plan to Blair. In the beginning, Max confides he "wanted to protect Blair," but now is reluctant to spill all: "I got my reasons...I said too much already." Later, Blair comes to Skye's room looking for Max and Skye enjoys telling Blair that Max "burst in here and practically attacked me." Blair accuses Skye of "seducing a brain-damaged man" and they trade insults and threats - nothing new for these two.

Maryland Cabin: Jessica, Cristian, Will, Roseanne

As they are kissing on the bed, Cristian declares his love for Jessica. Jessica is kissing him back, but suddenly pulls away. "I can't do this...this isn't right...I'm with Will...I love him, not you...please take me home." A hurt Cristian agrees to this and declares, "I won't bother you again." As they prepare to leave the cabin, Will bursts in threatening to kill Cristian. Jessica separates them and screams, "Don't you remember what happened the last time?" Roseanne enters the room as Jessica tells Will, "I had a choice...I chose you." Later, Cristian admitted to Roseanne that he brought Jessica to the cabin "to remember the feelings we had when we tried to elope...I thought I was over her...I was wrong...I finally got that Jess is done with's over...I'm sorry for it all." Roseanne was uncharacteristically quiet and just asked Cris to take her home. In Will's car, Jessica "explained" her actions to Will: "I didn't sleep with him...didn't even think of it...we talked, that's all...I told him how I felt about you...he kept bringing up the past...I didn't go behind your back...I love you and I told him exactly how I feel about you - right before you got there." Will stopped the car to tell Jessica "the most important thing I've ever said to anyone in my entire life...I never doubted you and your love for me, not even for a second...I was right because you just told me...I love you and I know you love proved that...that makes me about the happiest guy in the world."

Sam and Nora's New House

Sam encourages Nora to "be honest" with him about what happened with Bo in the warehouse saying that he "totally understands" how it "had to affect you deeply" but that he doesn't understand "how you went from reviving him to dancing with him." Nora is confused about her feelings but agrees that "something did happen...I'd gotten used to not having him as my husband...but I realized I wasn't ready to not have him in my life at never see him never hear him call me ‘Red'...everything that we were...wiped out in an instant...that it would only be real in my head...wouldn't be nearly enough..." Sam thinks he understands all too well, "It's very never stopped loving Bo." Later, promising to be "completely honest," Nora continues, "I realized I still cared for Bo...if that's love, it's not romantic, but it is that deep." Sam says he understands the deep feelings but is afraid that Nora isn't being honest with herself because the dancing "sure looked romantic" to him and Lindsay. Nora wants to "open herself up completely" to Sam because "I trust you...otherwise I wouldn't have agreed to marry you" and confides that "there was a moment when Bo and I might have kissed...we didn't...nothing that moment we both realized we had moved on...I love's not betrayal...this had nothing to do with us." Nora reminds Sam that he kissed Lindsay at the fishing cabin, but Sam disagrees with the comparison because "I do not love Lindsay anymore, not that way." Nora tearfully tells Sam that the point of the comparison is that "what might have happened between Bo and me didn't...nothing happened because I love you...nothing has changed between us and that moment with Bo only made that clearer to me...that moment taught me that I loved you, without hesitation, without doubt...that I wanted to marry you and that I had to get back to you...I don't want anything to change...I want our plans to happen just like we planned, our marriage, our honeymoon, and our life together...I love you and tonight I just realized how deep that love really is...I'd be lost without you...I was lost tonight, just a little while ago..." Sam embraces Nora and promises, "You're not lost now." Nora asks Sam to "just hold me...don't ever let me go...let's stay here amidst the reminders of the wedding that is going to happen for us...let's make this house a home...stoke the fire and we'll lie on the floor next to each other...I just need to be near you." As Nora headed to the car to get a blanket, Sam verbally agreed with her that they "are settled" but the worried look on his face (which Nora doesn't see) indicates differently.

Bo's Place

Lindsay tells Bo that "there are things going on inside of me that I want to tell you...I hope you have enough respect left for me that you will hear what I have to say." Lindsay explains that she is "completely mortified for my bad behavior" and "for the first time" agrees with Nora's assessment of her as a "neurotic idiot." "You almost died tonight...and I was thinking about wounded pride...I am completely ashamed of saw the most monstrous side of me...I don't expect you to understand or forgive me...I want to thank you for the most astonishing and wonderful love affair I've ever had in my life...and to say good-bye..." Lindsay explains that she is going to Europe to spend time with elusive daughter Jennifer. "I have a lot of issues and ugly truths to face about myself...I hope it's not too late to change..." While they both agree there are "no hard feelings" between them, Bo wants to address Lindsay's problems of "insecurity." Lindsay agrees that she needs therapy and a support group and promises to find one in Europe, but Bo thinks "the kind of therapy I had in mind would be best if it happened here...everybody makes made a big one tonight...but that doesn't mean I can't forgive you..." Bo wants to "set things up" so Lindsay can have "more faith in me and the love I feel for you...I was thinking along the lines of marriage...will you marry me, Lindsay?" Later, after pacing, Lindsay answers Bo's "unexpected" marriage proposal: "No, I can't marry wouldn't be right...I love you much too much to make that kind of mistake...I will never forget that you asked." Lindsay hugs Bo and leaves the apartment as the camera pans to Bo and Nora's wedding photo.

Friday, January 7, 2000

After a troubling dream involving Bo, Nora awoke and asked Sam to marry her today. Sam had to be persuaded to go along with Nora's idea and agreed to head down to the courthouse for the ceremony. Nora convinced a stubborn Judge Fitzwater to stop court proceedings and perform her wedding. A disturbed Sam called an abrupt halt to the wedding and told Nora that although he loved her, he couldn't marry her. Meanwhile, Bo devised a clever ruse to bring Lindsay to the police station and explained his reasons for wanting to marry her. Lindsay questioned Bo about his feelings for Nora and he admitted that he would always love her, but he was in love with Lindsay. A romantic Bo once again proposed to Lindsay and this time she happily accepted. As Roseanne continued to stonewall Cristian, R.J. advised her to forget about him. A surprised Asa walked in on a steamy moment between Will and Jessica and became enraged that they were still together. Later, Asa initiated an audit of the books at the Megan Foundation.

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