One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 7, 2004 on OLTL
Todd convinced Blair that he'd never slept with Kelly. Jessica watched as Antonio stripped at the club; he was unable to tell her he had been working undercover. Kelly refused to help Paul. Asa had memory problems. Bo learned that Nora had accepted a date with Daniel. Starr and Travis attended a dance at the community center, which erupted in flames.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 7, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, June 7, 2004

Kathryn tries to interrogate David, but Dorian covers for him. She told Kathryn that she suspected David and Kelly were having an affair, so she followed him to Atlantic City. But David only stayed in Kelly's hotel room for a few minutes then left, Dorian claimed. Dorian informs David that she is going to a Spa to relax, alone. David thinks it has something to do the the Santi family.

Blair and Todd have a heart to heart. Blair decides she needs time. Todd tells her he will wait as long as it takes. Blair and Dorian plan to find out what secret Kelly is hiding and how Todd fits into it all.

Paul pays Kelly a visit. Kelly is thrilled to see him alive. He demands that she hide him after all he has done for her. She refuses and shows him the door. As she opens the door, a hitman is standing in the doorway with a gun pointed at Paul.

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Marcie confides in Jen about seeing Antonio stripping at the Hook Up. Jessica admits to Antonio that they went to the Hook Up to see strippers but left before the show began. Antonio forbids Jessica from going to the Hook Up. A drunk Marcie tries to tell Jessica about Antonio but decides against it. R.J. shows concern that Jamie is spending a lot of time with Carlotta. Marcie vows to find out what Antonio is up to because she doesn't believe he is working undercover.

Paul struggles with the hit man. The gun goes off and shoots the hit man. Kelly and Paul run away. Asa comes out to see who was shooting but no one was there. Kevin doesn't believe Asa heard any gunshots. Kelly begs Paul to go to the police. Paul doesn't trust the police to protect him but he wants Kelly to hide him. Kevin is worried about Asa. Evangeline recommend they take Asa to see a doctor. Kelly tells Kevin the whole truth about Paul's disappearance. Instead of being upset about the lies he is angry that she went to Todd instead of him for help. Kevin accepts a letter delivered for Kelly. He notices it's from the Banner/Sun and opens it. A pair of earrings fall out. Kevin reads the note that is from Todd. In the note Todd promise to honor this word.

Kathryn is adamant about keeping Natalie as a prime suspect until she sees Paul with her own eyes. John confronts Kathryn about her regimented behavior toward Natalie. Kathryn feels that if they were more by the book in the past Caitlin would not have been murdered. John promises to get her proof that Paul is alive. Kelly calls to tell John that Paul is hiding out at Dorian's house. John arrests Paul. Paul feels betrayed by Kelly. Paul wants a deal for giving information about Dr. Long. Kathryn is not interested. Kathryn wants him to give up all he knows about the Santi family. When John leaves the room Kathryn discloses to Paul her plans for both of them to travel to Puerto Rico and search for the money themselves.

Roxy and Barry make plans to burn the beauty salon. Nigel interrupts them. Rex is very confident he will get R.J. the mortgage money in time. Nigel proposes marriage to Roxy. She tells him she will think it over. Rex meets Adriana. He discovers she is worth thirty million dollars.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Rex finalizes plans for the "accident" that will happen at Foxy Roxy's and soon after, finds Adriana's purse on the floor at the diner. Shannon shows up, snoops in Adriana's wallet, and decides to follow Rex when he makes arrangements to return it. She also knows how interested Rex is in the girl's thirty million dollar inheritance.

Kevin is extremely cold to Kelly, not knowing which of her stories is the real one. When Todd shows up, Kev demands an explanation on the promise note that was delivered to the house from him. Todd, annoyed that Kevin opened it, calls a truce. He reminds Kevin of everything that he has and thinks that they should settle all of their differences for their wives and for Viki, who would want Kevin to have faith in his wife. Once Viki is mentioned, it clinches the deal and the men shake hands. Todd tries to explain that Kelly called him for help because she didn't want Kevin involved in a mess; she told him the entire truth. Kevin's employee Margaret stops by to get some papers signed. When Todd leaves, she is waiting outside for him. He tells her to forget about him but she mutters to herself that she can't and he can't forget about her either.

Adriana and River hang out but Dorian and David let them know that Adriana's inheritance is gone, thanks to the way the stocks were set up. She addresses River's question of wondering if Adriana is still her daughter by answering with a firm yes. A cynical River is sorry that they kissed up to Aunt Betsy for nothing though Dorian is adamant that it got her daughter back to her. Later, David admits that he had his own DNA test run and knows that Adriana is really Dorian's daughter. He's not used to the truth; they both declare their faith in each other. Dorian insists she knows nothing about Santi's millions, though she will make an attempt to look for it all. An agitated Kelly confides to Dorian that she has a secret and though she's afraid that Todd will tell Kevin, she won't tell Dorian what it is.

Viki arrives home and cries about Ben being gone. "Their" heart is breaking, she says. She's comforted that Ben is still with her and is still waiting for her at the same time. Jess is unhappy to see her working which prompts Viki to urge her and the rest of the family to seek some help on coping with her condition. She doesn't want them hovering over her continually. Dorian visits Viki who is very happy to see her. She credits Dorian for having her go through with the operation. They both declare their anxiety over Kevin who seems more concerned over Viki than he does over Kelly. Dorian badmouths Paul and they both decide that they must learn about the secret. As they're talking Dorian places an envelope on the table. Kevin stops by with his son. He tells his mother that he went for Todd's deal today. Dorian advises them that she's leaving for a spa vacation. She receives a phone call on her way out about the thirty million dollars and confirms that it's been moved; she's the only one who has access to it. Viki finds the envelope that Dorian left behind and it contains Ben's wedding ring.

Rex and Shannon meet up with Adriana and River at Angel Square where the purse is returned. When Shannon and River decide to watch a street musician, Rex lays the compliments on Adriana and makes a play for her. After she and River leave, he suggests that he and Shannon work together to break the couple apart. In fact, he has a plan, he confesses.

David works on putting a GPS chip into an ankle bracelet for Dorian and explains to Kelly how the chip works in locating someone. She panics over the thought of someone taking Ace. Dorian returns home and David presents her with the ankle bracelet and puts it gently in place for her. She promises not to take it off.

Kelly meets with Todd at the diner where he tells her that he has settled everything with Kevin. He reassures her that Paul won't hurt her right now about the baby but may need money when he gets out of jail. She confides that she likes this side of Todd and can see why Blair fell in love with him.

Back at home Kevin sees Margaret who's asked to see him right away. She cries about believing that Todd had feelings for her and so divulged information about Buchanan Enterprises. The more she tells, the angrier Kevin becomes though he keeps a smile on his face until she leaves the house. He does tell her that he's sure Todd will call her again and that she shouldn't let on that she's told him everything. She's quite sure that Todd has taken advantage of her. Once she's gone an enraged Kevin declares war on Todd.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Antonio confronts Kathryn when she implies that his mother isn't telling them the whole truth. John interrupts, keeping the peace, and suggests they look elsewhere. Antonio recommends starting with Dorian. John informs Antonio that he needs him to work undercover at the station. Antonio is relieved that he will be getting out of the assignment Evangeline gave him since he found out that Jessica had nearly seen him at the Hook Up. Paul asks John how much he knows about Kathryn. John insists she is one of the best, but before Paul can confide in him, Kathryn opens the door and quickly gets rid of Paul.

Blair literally runs into Todd while attempting to rollerblade with Starr and Travis. Starr invites her father to skate with them, and the end up spending the day together. After skating, Blair invites Todd to join them at the diner for dinner. Travis and Starr convince Blair to let them attend a dance at the community center.

Marcie confides in Michael about seeing Antonio stripping. Natalie convinces Jessica that the best way to deal with Antonio having a secret is to have one of her own and suggests going to the Hook Up. When Antonio gets to the Hook Up, he is warned against asking questions. Marcie tries to convince Natalie and Jessica not to go to the strip club, but they insist. Getting Michael, Marcie drags him to the Hook Up in an attempt to stop Jessica and Natalie from seeing Antonio on stage. Just as Marcie finds him, Antonio steps on stage, shocking his fiancée. Halfway through his act, Antonio sees Jessica leaving the bar.

Evangeline gets concerned when Asa has another bout of confusion. After Renee brings him the ownership agreement for Nigel's hotel, he tears it up, insisting that Nigel will pay him back in cash. When Renee refreshes his memory as to why he had loaned Nigel the money, Asa leaves, stating he is going to propose marriage to Roxy. Renee insists he is fooling around, but Evangeline isn't so sure.

Paul shows up at Foxy Roxy's, startling the owner. He tells Natalie that he is going into FBI protection and will come back for her after he testifies. She wonders if he will live long enough to return, after kissing her, he promises to come back for her. Natalie and Jessica are concerned when they find several gallons of gasoline in the corner of Foxy Roxy's. Asa shows up, asking for Roxy's hand in marriage, but Nigel shows up reminding him that he is already married to Renee. Nigel manages to get rid of Asa, but not before they both notice the gasoline cans. Roxy calls the arsonist she hired, telling him that the cans have been seen and asks him to help her move them some place where they won't be seen. She decides on the community center.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Todd catches Travis on the way to pick up Starr for the dance and lays down some rules, while Blair gives the same lecture to Starr. After seeing Starr into the dance with Travis, Blair tells Todd how hard it is to watch her growing up. While Starr and Travis share their first dance inside the community center, her parents dance and a kiss just outside. When a kid tosses a cigarette, he inadvertently lights the rags that were hiding the gas cans on fire. Realizing the Starr is still inside, Todd breaks through the police barricade to find his daughter.

Rex tries to convince Roxy to call of the arson. Barry hides the gasoline in the community center, not realizing the teen dance is going to be held there. Rex reminds his mother that arson is a felony and they will go to prison if they are caught. He calls off the deal but when Barry turns to leave, he notices that the community center is on fire. Roxy's guilt sets in when she finds out there are kids inside the center.

Spotting Jessica in the crowd, Antonio jumps off stage in an attempt to explain to her why he is stripping at the club. When he yells at her for interrupting his work, Jessica leaves with Natalie at his side. Marie tells Antonio that his fiancée had better not show up at her club again. Paul shows up and asks Marie for information to help get the feds off his back. She confirms that the family is looking for Tico, then insists that Paul keep his distance from her. Later, Paul slips away from Kathryn.

Bo and John discuss his relationship with Nora. Daniel shows up at Nora's house expecting her to be ready for their date. When she answers the door wearing mud mask, he assumes she forgot about the awards ceremony. When she reminds him that she said 'no' to his invitation, he wonders who called his office and left the message that she changed her mind. Matthew convinces his mother to go on the date certain that it will make Bo jealous. Seeing the case load that Nora has, Daniel offers to stay and help her work instead of going to the dinner. Desperate to get his parents together, Matthew calls Bo and tells him that he thinks his babysitter is dead. Just as Daniel and Nora share a kiss, Bo storms in and realizes that Matthew conned him into coming over. Bo is quickly called away, but Matthew confesses to Nora that he wants his parents back together.

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