One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 4, 2005 on OLTL
David wasn't happy about Dorian's obsession with Viki. Blair learned that Kevin had been the one to save Todd. Bo asked Nora to call off her wedding, but she and Daniel were married. Michael saved Marcie, her brother Ron, and her father after someone attempted to kill them. Jen asked Rex and Riley to give her space.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 4, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, April 4, 2005

"Tess" seduces a married stranger in the back of his limousine.

Rachel tells Antonio she knows what Kerry wanted for her daughter: Kerry didn't want R.J. and Antonio fighting over the baby.

Natalie goes inside when Evangeline joins her and John outside before Nora and Daniel's wedding. Van is surprised and worried when John tells her that Bo has arrived; he urges her not to worry.

On his cell phone, Daniel warns someone not to show up because "Nora can't find out" but hangs up when his son arrives. Riley and Daniel discuss Bo's arrival.

Bo goes upstairs and tries to convince to stop the wedding. Matthew eavesdrops as his father explains to Nora that he's trying to stop the wedding because of their son. Riley finds Matthew and points out that they'll be brothers now, and assures Matthew that Daniel is okay once you get to know him. Matthew is thrilled when his new step-brother agrees to teach him how to play the guitar.

Bo and Nora continue arguing about their son. She explains that Daniel makes her happy; Bo isn't convinced but wishes her luck. He walks out and they discover Riley and Matthew, who tells his Dad he'll get used to the marriage.

Duke and Adriana enjoy their visit to Asa's island. Duke vents his frustration over Asa's behavior; later they have an awkward moment over sleeping arrangements - he wanted to share a bed but Adriana isn't willing. They passionately in the hot tub, but are interrupted with news that Asa has been sighted on the other side of the island. They're more frustrated than relieved.

At the wedding, Viki and Kelly discuss Adriana, and Viki comments that she's happy to see Kelly doing so well. Natalie greets them both and once alone with Viki, confides that she's trying not to feel bad. Viki tells her daughter it's understandable to feel that way at a wedding, but Nat confides that she felt fine while she was talking to John.

Jen pleads with Rex to leave the wedding before something bad happens. Rex tries to convince her to leave with him, but Jen feels she needs to be there for Nora. Nat can't convince Rex to leave either.

Daniel makes another clandestine phone call and says that marrying Nora will solve all their problems.

Despite her doubts, Nora and Daniel wed. After the ceremony, Riley accompanies Van on guitar as she sings a love song. Natalie watches her gaze at John as she sings. After the song is over, Nora glows as Daniel expresses his love for his new bride. Van blurts out to John that she wants someone to love her like Daniel loves Nora. Nat rolls her eyes.

Antonio is worried when Jessica is late for the ceremony; at the same time "Tess" puts her clothes back on and checks lipstick before leaving the limo. Jess finally arrives, but wants to leave when she learns that Viki has been told about her sleepwalking. Viki is confused and worried about Jessica's behavior. Jessica scowls at Antonio when she inadvertently catches Nora's bouquet.

Nora gives Matthew the phone number of their honeymoon hotel; he and Bo look woebegone when the newlyweds leave on their honeymoon. Bo calls Rachel and makes a date for later

Jen and Riley talk at the reception and admit that they miss each other.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Kevin and Kelly are enjoying a quiet dinner when they are spotted by Dorian and David. Dorian is supposed to be devoting her undivided attention to Mr. Vickers, but she can't stop spying on Kelly and Kevin. David grows increasingly annoyed, especially when Dorian starts carrying on about Blair and Todd as well. The final straw comes when Adriana calls Dorian from St. Blaze's, telling her that she is spending the night with "a friend." Dorian's worry takes over completely, and she goes off on yet another vicious rant against Todd, Viki, Asa, and the Buchanans in general. Having had enough, David leaves. Back at La Boule, Dorian apologizes that Kevin ruined their evening. David tells her that Kevin didn't ruin anything ... "you did that all on your own," he says, storming off.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Kelly enjoy dinner and dancing until Kevin accidentally makes a comment about Ace. Things are a bit tense, and they only grow worse when Kelly accuses her ex husband of wanting to protect Asa. Kevin says that Asa should pay for what he did to Blair, but that he doesn't think prison is necessary. Kelly leaves, telling Kevin that the evening hasn't turned out the way they had hoped it would.

On the island of St. Blaze's, Duke and Adriana have followed up on a false lead as to Asa's whereabouts. Back at the hotel, they discuss how happy they are to be together. Adriana asks Duke if he's upset that she's not ready to sleep with him. He says he is only upset because he thinks she is using him to anger Dorian. Adriana assures him this is not the case, and Duke seems relieved when she reluctantly phones her mother. He confesses to Adriana that he cares about her so much, he wouldn't be able to stand Dorian punishing her for being with him.

Tess and Antonio return to Llanfair after Nora's wedding, and Viki shows up with the bouquet that Jessica left behind. When she tries to hand it to Jessica, Tess snaps at her. Viki and Antonio are confused by this reaction, but Tess covers and goes upstairs. She debates climbing out the bedroom window, but Antonio interrupts her. Suddenly, Tess reverts to Jessica and breaks down in Antonio's arms. She confesses that she remembers nothing from the time Paige performed tests at the hospital to the moment Antonio showed up in her bedroom, and she believes something is seriously wrong with her. Antonio promises to help her figure out what's wrong, but Jessica makes him promise they will not tell Viki. Having been warned by Jack that Jessica is crying, Viki comes upstairs and demands to know what's wrong. Jess sees her reflection in the mirror, and Tess warns her to keep her mouth shut. Jessica and Antonio reassure Viki, saying that Jess was simply upset about the way she reacted to catching the bouquet; she didn't want Antonio to think for one second that she doesn't want him in her life.

Starr and Viki bond over ice cream, and Starr tells Viki she knows that she is in trouble at L.U. Starr also expresses concern for Matthew, and tells Viki she is glad that her own parents are back together.

Todd and Blair attempt to enjoy a quiet night at home, but Blair is plagued by thoughts of Margaret. When she answers the door bell, she sees Margaret's face in place of the man delivering their dinner. Later, the power goes out while the new security system is being installed; again, Blair jumps to the conclusion that Margaret is responsible. Todd does his best to comfort Blair, who demands to know what Margaret did to him in the cabin. Todd tries to brush her off, but Blair comes right out and asks whether Margaret tried to get Todd to have sex with her. Todd passes up on this opportunity to be honest with Blair. They begin kissing passionately.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

As John and Evangeline return to his place after the wedding, they run into Roxy who wants the rent paid and Michael, who is frantic that the killer is after Marcie. He's beside himself because John hasn't answered his calls. He suggests that one suspect might be Nick since he caught him sneaking around Marcie's place. John tends to agree because Nick has been difficult to locate. They call Marcie and learn that Nick has just returned. Michael gives John a difficult time because he wants to go along but finally agrees to wait behind with Evangeline. He becomes quite antsy but is convinced to keep waiting for John as the two discuss their relationships together. Michael admits that he and Marcie still love each other but fight too much. Evangeline admits that she and John have problems as well but will continue to work at it. Nigel arrives and tells Roxy that there's still a search for Asa. She thinks he needs to be severely punished.

With someone watching Marcie's house, she jumps at a knock at the door. Tipped off by Michael, both her brother Ron and her dad have come to spend time at the house. When Nick walks in, Marcie practically jumps out of her skin. Showing the key that he still has from living in the place, he reports that he's come to try to find his wallet, possibly lost in the scuffle he had with Michael. As Ron gently takes the key from him, Michael calls and learns that Nick has just shown up. John grabs the phone from him and asks for Ron; he urges him to stall Nick until he arrives. When John gets there, Nick learns that both Julie and Hudson have been murdered, though he's put through quite a grilling from John at first. He divulges that he and Julie were seeing each other but no one knew as they had planned to keep it secret. He is astonished to learn that the murders are following Marcie's book, establishing that he wouldn't be familiar with that, not having read it yet. He wants the killer to burn he tells John as he leaves his address. Later, Marcie tries to get her relatives to leave but they won't hear of it. As the killer waits outside and thumbs through the book and watches, the men head off to bed. The killer knows where to go next and begins to fiddle with the gas lines.

Blair and Todd head upstairs to make love but are stopped dead in their tracks by Dorian, who had a key to their place made while Blair was missing. She tries her best to get Blair to leave with her, afraid that her niece will end up dead with Todd's many enemies on the loose. Todd and Blair get back to business when they eventually get her to leave, but things don't go as planned. Todd's thoughts stray to Margaret and he's unable to do anything more than snuggle with Blair. He vows to find the woman who held him prisoner and promises that he would do anything in the world for Blair. He blames himself for stringing Margaret along in the first place and putting them in the fix they're in now.

Rex accompanies Nat back to Llanfair after they spend the evening together. She thanks him for a great time, though he explains the smile on her face is really due to the fact that she got to spend some time with John. Téasing each other over past relationships and their past with Roxy, the siblings suddenly turn serious when Rex tries to push her a little too hard into going after John. The end result is tiramisu all over Rex but he continues to egg her on. When a fuming Dorian knocks on the door, the fun ends. Blaming Viki as usual for Kevin and Todd seeing her nieces and vowing that Adriana will never have anything to do with Duke, she demands that Natalie awaken her mother. Nat refuses and threatens her bodily harm, finally managing to toss her out. Not before Dorian manages to get some rude comments in first. Rex is excited as he sees the "old Nat" is back. Denying changing in any way, either before or now, Natalie is still deep in thought when her brother leaves.

John finally returns and lets Michael know that he doesn't consider Nick a suspect. Instead, he accuses Michael of tipping him off. Evangeline ends it before the brothers get into it and John assures Michael that Marcie is safe between the detail he's put on and her family members. Roxy still waits for her rent check, which John begins to write out when he and Evangeline are alone. They get side-tracked.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

While at the diner, Michael receives a strange phone call: a recording of Marcie's voice promoting "The Killing Club," possibly from a press conference. Not knowing who is responsbile for the call, he frantically races to her house and finds her unconscious, the house filled with fumes from a gas tank. Michael revives Marcie and gets her outside, along with Mr. Walsh and Ron. Ron discovers that the gas tank in the basement has been tampered with. Michael calls John, who rushes to the scene. John vows to catch the person who is mimicking the murders in Marcie's book, as Michael emphatically reminds him that he won't stand by and watch someone treat Marcie's life like a game. Michael insists that Marcie come stay at his house.

Lindsay and Jen receive a visit from Riley, who tells Jen how much he misses her. Rex shows up shortly after and exchanges heated remarks with Riley. They nearly come to blows, but Lindsay steps between them and threatens to call the police. Jen has reached her saturation point with everybody and takes off to Marcie's house. Lindsay forces Riley and Rex to sit down and subsequently lectures them on their respective mistreatments of her daughter. Riley says that he refuses to be lectured by a woman who's never been a good mother in any real sense. He throws Lindsay's past in her face, including the fact that she sent Jen to boarding school for years, and that she shot and killed Sam. Riley storms out, leaving Lindsay in tears. Rex tries to comfort her. Jen returns to Lindsay's, unable to stay at Marcie's because of the murder attempt. Rex vows to give Jen all the time she needs, then leaves. Lindsay is happy that Jen plans to stay with her for the time being.

Bo brings Matthew to see Paige, because the boy is complaining of a stomach ache. Paige recommends a call to Nora as the cure. Matthew phones Nora at her hotel in Paris, but gets Daniel on the line. Daniel informs Matthew that Nora is at a spa, and Bo takes the phone from his son. Daniel and Bo exchange angry words about Bo's refusal to arrest Jen for Cramer's murder. Meanwhile, Paige and Matthew bond in the hallway. Paige tells the boy he is lucky to have Nora as a mother, and Matthew tells Paige she will make a good mother herself.

Once Bo hangs up with Daniel, the honeymooning D.A. receives a call from his mysterious lover. "I hope all this was worth it," Daniel mutters.

Friday, April 8, 2005

Blair still fears Margaret will return. Kevin won't promise Todd that he'll keep the secret about Margaret forcing Todd to have sex with her. Todd receives a postcard from Margaret. Evangeline encourages Antonio to finish law school. Lindsay is conflicted when R.J. asks for her full support in his quest to get sole custody of Jamie. Jessica and Antonio grow closer. David has concerns about his and Dorian's relationship. Viki is forced to resign from the university.

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