One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 31, 2005 on OLTL
Hugh kissed Marcie. Natalie told John she loved him. Todd left town but not before saving Antonio and Jessica from a burning car. Blair refused to attend Dorian's wedding after Dorian made remarks about Todd. Spencer comforted Blair. Tess demanded to speak to Niki Smith.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 31, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, October 31, 2005

Antonio warns Nash he'll kill him if he attempts to take Jessica out of the hospital. Michael promises a worried Matthew that the doctors are taking good care of his mom. Todd admits to Blair that he doesn't know how his blood wound up at the scene of Margaret's murder. Clint consoles a tearful Viki as they stand vigil beside their daughter's hospital bed. As Hugh attempts to disentangle himself from Giselle's embrace, Marcie watches her embarrassed date being smothered in kisses by his old flame. Nash explains to Clint how hard he fell for Tess. Meanwhile, Viki reminds an anxious Antonio why he must give Jessica some space for a while. Todd returns to the police station with Blair to give Bo and John his alibi for the night Margaret died. Clint cautions Nash that integration may mean they will all have to get to know a whole new person. After finally ridding himself of Giselle, Hugh plants a passionate kiss on Marcie as Michael looks on. Bo is forced to release Todd after the surveillance videotape "proves" he was working at the Sun all evening. Clint advises Antonio to accept the fact that Tess will always be a part of Jessica no matter what happens. A drunken Denton brags to Adriana and Rex about doctoring a certain video for his boss. Nash is crestfallen when Jessica awakens and calls out for Antonio.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Blair orders Todd to pack his bags and leave, but he convinces her that he is a changed man. He reminds her that he came clean about Margaret raping him, and that he never would have admitted that fact a year ago. He tells Blair that he can't live without her, and she admits that she feels the same way. Blair goes upstairs to wait for Todd, and when she does, he gets a call from the door man, tipping him off to Bo's arrival. Todd grabs his suitcase and writes a quick note to Blair, then takes off before Bo gets to the door. Blair answers Bo's knock and is stunned to discover that Todd is no longer in the penthouse. Bo reveals that he has a warrant for Todd's arrest in the murder of Margaret Cochran and her unborn baby; Blair looks on in shock. Meanwhile, a disguised Todd speeds down the road and out of Llanview.

Jessica wakes up in the hospital, crying out for Antonio. Viki prohibits him from going in to her until they have conferred with Dr. Jamison. Jamison says that it's okay for Antonio to see Jessica. Nash continues to fret about the state of his beloved Tess. After visiting with Antonio, Jessica tells Dr. Jamison that she wants to see Nash; he allows it on the condition that he oversee the visit. When Nash comes in, he reaches out to touch Jessica, but she flinches. In a poignant scene, she tells him that Tess only existed to protect her and that it's best if he tries to forget about her. Nash tells Jessica that he wants her to get well, but that there's no way he's going to forget the best thing that ever happened to him. Jessica is visibly touched by how much Nash cared for her alter. Clint and Viki get permission to take Jessica home to Llanfair, and Antonio drives her so that they can have some alone time. As they drive towards Llanfair, they meet up with Todd's car. As Todd reaches for his cell phone to call Blair, the two cars collide.

Natalie and Evangeline have a run in at Rodi's, during which Nat tells Van that she went to see John Doe in prison. Evangeline demands to know what they talked about, and Natalie tells her that John Doe agreed to drop his appeal. Van tells Nat that she just signed Doe's death warrant. Natalie is puzzled and still can't figure out why Van is trying to help the Faux Cristian. Van tells her that one day Natalie will thank her for what she's doing. A puzzled Natalie goes to meet John at the station and tells him about Evangeline's cryptic comment. Meanwhile, Evangeline tries to get through to Cristian at Statesville. When she has no luck, she persuades Hugh to pull some weight and make a call. He tells her that the telephone lines to Statesville are having problems, but that she should be able to talk to her client first thing in the morning.

Meanwhile, in Statesville, Carlo Hesser threatens Cristian once again. Cris discovers a note in a book that indicates that some of the prisoners are preparing to break out of jail. He takes a chance by revealing this information to one of the guards, but it immediately becomes apparent that that particular guard is on Hesser's payroll.

Fresh from helping Bo and John get Denton to give up Todd, Rex meets Adriana at Rodi's. She asks him for a job at Ultra Violet, but he tells her that the only reason he would hire her is to be close to her. He pulls her in for a kiss, but backs away at the last moment; it's obvious that Adriana is more attracted to him than ever before!

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

The search is on for Todd as Blair waits by the phone. Starr wants to know where her dad is and Jack is confused too. Blair reassures her children and promises that Todd will be home soon. When Kelly arrives, Starr pulls her little brother aside to tell him that their mother is lying.

Viki is sure that something is wrong as she and Clint await the arrival of Jessica and Antonio. They talk about the possible cause of Jess' D.I.D. but are interrupted by the doorbell. It's Nash, bearing a letter that he found from Tess. He is determined to stand up for her though he accepts the fact that Jess and her treatment will come first. Clint explains that Jess will end up with all of her best features but Nash may not be included. He thanks Clint for his honesty and for helping him to understand. Viki asks about Tess and Nash tells her about their life together. In answer to questioning, Nash responds that Tess never spoke of her family, only of her dead twin, Jessica. He needs to be in her corner and feels it's necessary for him to stay in Llanview. He feels badly that they never took pictures and a sensitive Clint hands him one of Jess. He assures Clint that he will not be malicious but he will not give up easily nor walk away, especially if Jess' child is his. Viki becomes more nervous with passing time; she's sure something has happened.

Todd(with his newly applied goatee and moustache)finds that he's in good shape after the accident. The same can't be said for Jessica and Antonio who are both unconscious. Todd frantically tries to awaken Jess but decides to leave when he's unsuccessful. When he turns back and sees flames leaping from the front of the car, he changes his mind and smashes the rear window in with a rock. He drags Jess from the car but is still not able to rouse her. Hearing sirens, he rushes back to the car and pulls Antonio out; they are just cleared of the car when it explodes. He tells a slowly awakening Jess that she will be fine and takes off for his car. Jess sees Antonio on the ground nearby and she is suddenly consumed by the well-being of her baby.

At the police station Kelly tells an astonished Kevin about Ginger and her relationship to Margaret; she hears about Jess' situation and her illness. They hear about Todd being wanted for the homicide of Margaret and her baby. Spencer is lingering nearby and overhears the news. He saunters over to Bo who is with Paige and offers his help with Nora, mentioning that he knows it's a bad time, what with news of the floater. He leaves his card. Kevin volunteers to help as well but slips and mentions Margaret's being pregnant by Todd. He covers up quickly.

Kelly heads over to Blair's to offer comfort but just as Spencer arrives, she recalls a previous encounter with Todd when he mentioned that he would have to set Margaret straight. She suddenly becomes agitated and leaves, calling Kevin and asking him to meet her. Blair is annoyed at first that Spencer knew about Todd being stabbed by Margaret however when he cites patient-doctor confidentiality, she understands. He helps get the kids back up to bed and Blair is adamant that she be alone with her thoughts.

An almost hysterical Kelly tries to convince Kevin that it's their fault that Todd killed Margaret; he told them he was going to set her straight. Kevin is just as adamant that they have no proof that Todd meant to kill her when he said what he did, but Kelly is not accepting of that explanation. There's no calming her down.

Viki receives a phone call from Jess; she and Antonio are fine now but they've had a car accident. She is going to the hospital for an ultrasound to double check the baby. A man helped them from their car and she thinks he knew them though she doesn't know who it was.

Todd, driving away, pulls over and sobs. As the song "Alibi" plays, he decides against calling Blair but studies both a map and his family's picture. Spencer lingers in the penthouse, looking at the family portrait. Nash glances at Jess' picture while Paige looks on at Bo and down at Spencer's card. "Stone blind alibi I will eat the lie......Where d'it all go wrong...," goes the haunting piece.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

John had a nightmare of running into Cristian with Natalie and Natalie screaming, "You knew and you didn't tell me!" Natalie told John that she had had a bad dream about Niki Smith. Natalie clued John into the whole DID situation involving Jessica. John assured her it was just a dream; it was over now. Natalie said she knew John would never keep anything important from her. "Bad stuff doesn't come between us," Natalie said. John then remembered his bad dream again. Natalie got a call about the car crash involving Jessica and Antonio and made plans to head to the hospital but then said, "I can't do this, I can't see her." She eventually went to visit Jessica, but as she was asleep she just caught up with Viki. (This was offscreen.) Natalie did share with John that Jessica was pregnant and no one knew who the father was. When they came back to John's house Natalie told John she loved him. He didn't reciprocate but did give her a big kiss and ignored his ringing cell phone (it was Evangeline frantically worried about what was happening in Statesville).

Meanwhile in the real prison, Cristian demanded to make a phone call. The guard said no, then gave the painting of Natalie to Carlo. Carlo made sure Cristian understood that he (Carlo) ran the prison and gave him a book called The Greatest Escape. Cristian opened the book and saw the pills (presumably to commit suicide) inside. Carlo said it might be better for Cristian to end it all. Carlo set the painting on fire.

Hugh brought Marcie a latte to makeup for the awful first date that they had just had. They made nice, and then Layla came over and said hi. Hugh joined Evangeline at her table which worried her a bit as he's the ADA. She griped that she hadn't gotten a hold of her John Doe, but accused Hugh of fishing for information on Todd Manning.

Michael ran into Marcie at Rodi's and told her how much he missed her. He asked her if she missed him and she agreed that they had been very close. Hugh rejoined Marcie and that caused awkwardness for all.

Blair was harassed by a photographer who was soon hit on the head, and later kneed by Dorian. David asked, "Did that hurt? It looked like it hurt."

Blair told Dorian that Todd was gone, and "My world will never be the same." Then Spencer dropped in and offered to "help." Dorian told her niece she should accept the fact that Todd had killed Margaret and then suggested she take a bath and rest so she would be there for her wedding. Blair said she was going to wait for Todd, forget the wedding. Dorian blew up at Blair and "that baby killer." Blair asked David to take Dorian away, but not before Dorian blasted Spencer for being there."Thank you for being here," Blair said to Spencer. That was music to Spencer's ears. Spencer wanted to apologize for not telling her that he knew that Margaret had stabbed Todd. Blair and Spencer agreed that they were the only two people who understood Todd. Spencer calmed Blair down and she dozed with her head on his shoulder. He gently touched her finger. He must be one happy man that Todd is in such BIG trouble.

David asked Spencer to stay away from Blair; Spencer made it clear that he wasn't going anywhere. David offered to set up some face time between Blair and Paige. Spencer threatened to tell Dorian all about David's past. Later when Dorian and David were waiting for the elevator, Dorian asked, "How bad can it be?" referring to what Spencer has on him. David denied that Spencer had anything on him.

Bo was sitting next to Nora reading to her, talking to her. He then got word (that he shared with Paige) that the DNA tests were in. Todd Manning was the father of Margaret's baby.

Friday, November 4, 2005

Spencer is comforting Blair when Ginger shows up at the penthouse. Blair can't stand the sight of her, but Ginger says that she needs to deal with Margaret's remains, as well as those of the dead baby. Blair goes upstairs, leaving Spencer to contend with Ginger. Spencer is nice to the young girl, who vows that she will pay him back for the money he loaned her. Spencer says that he isn't concerned about the money, but reminds her of her mission to persuade Kelly to go ahead with the surgery. In return, he promises to help Ginger hook up with Duke Buchanan. Ginger takes off, and Blair comes back downstairs. Spencer tells her that he admires her strength, then takes off for the hospital. Dorian shows up, determined to persuade Blair to come to her wedding. Blair warns her aunt that if she says one derogatory comment about Todd, she will kick her out of the penthouse for the second time that day! Dorian reminds her niece how much she loves her, but says that giving a person false hope can sometimes be the worst thing you can do for them. When Dorian brings up the fact that Todd lied to Blair about her own child being dead, Blair kicks her aunt out.

Meanwhile, an exhausted Todd has visions of a bloody child as he tries to catch a small nap on the side of the road. He still hasn't called Blair when he discovers that his rental car won't start. Todd gets out and works on the car, but when he closes the hood a cop pulls a gun on him and announces that there is a warrant for his arrest!

When Duke shows up at B.E. to join Kevin for a meeting, Kelly comes along. The two of them can't stop laughing about the things they witnessed on their jog, and Kevin feels slightly left out. Kelly brings up the fact that Duke sympathizes with her about having a baby. Duke assures his dad that he didn't encourage Kelly to endanger herself in order to conceive. During Kevin and Duke's meeting, Kelly does some work in the office. Ginger shows up, and Kelly apologizes for the way that the Cramer women came down on her. Ginger says that she deserved it, and she brings up Margaret's dead baby, which disturbs Kelly. Ginger waits for Duke in the reception area, and when he shows up, she asks if she can spend a little time with him. He agrees, but at the last minute Ginger remembers her promise to Spencer and sends Duke in to speak with Kelly. Duke comforts Kelly with an embrace, and Kevin walks in on them ...

Bo continues to watch over Nora, hoping to have some good news for Matthew. When Spencer shows up at the hospital, Paige tells him that Bo appreciates his attention to Nora. Spencer blows her off with a wise crack. David shows up to give Spencer the rings, and warns him not to mess up his wedding to Dorian. Spencer assures him that things will run smoothly, unless something more important comes up. David gets an ominous feeling from his brother's comment.

Dr. Jamison arrives at Llanfair to begin Jessica's therapy. Viki tells him that since the trauma that created Tess occurred during Jessica's childhood, she and Clint would like to sit in on the sessions. Jamison agrees, but tells Clint and Viki that they must remain standing behind Jessica. Antonio is annoyed when Nash shows up, but Jessica assures him that she invited Nash. In case Tess comes out during the hypnotism, Nash will be the only one who knows how to deal with her. Antonio and Nash wait in the foyer as Dr. Jamison begins to hypnotize Jessica. He asks her about her childhood, and she says that it was wonderful. He asks her if there were ever any bad times, and Jessica describes a memory of being at a bar when she was a little girl. She refuses to speak any further, and Tess suddenly emerges to protect her. Tess is livid when she realizes that she is locked inside the library, and she begins shouting for Nash. Nash wants to race in to her aid, but Antonio stops him. Tess agrees to answer the rest of Dr. Jamison's questions if she will be allowed to see Nash. As Clint and Viki look on, Dr. Jamison asks Tess about the first time she came out. Playing coy, Tess says that she agreed to answer questions, but not to Dr. Jamison. She says that the only person she wants to talk to is Niki Smith. A horrified Viki looks on.

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