One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 7, 2006 on OLTL
Kelly broke the news of her pregnancy to Kevin. Adriana found herself in a dangerous situation. Marcie was upset after seeing Tommy at Rodi's with his new foster parents. Bo was reinstated as police commissioner after the discovery that he had been framed. Starr had a loss of memory. Antonio decided to rejoin the police force.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 7, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, August 7, 2006

Todd is distraught when Michael informs him that Starr may have brain damage due to injuries sustained when she took her dive at the rock quarry. He tells Todd that he will know more once they have run a few more tests and he also advises him to call Blair and let her know what has happened. Todd becomes surly and decides that Blair doesn't have the right to be there anymore. Michael reminds Todd that Starr will need both of her parents around and warns Todd that he will tell Blair if Todd continues to refuse. Todd stops Michael and tells him that he will tell Blair. He tries to reach her cell phone, and then tries to have a message sent up to Spencer's suite. When he fails to reach her by either method, he ends up going to Spencer's to find her.

Blair distracts a suspicious Spencer by claiming she was looking for body oil so that she could give him a massage. She begins massaging Spencer's back and an excited Spencer turns over and begins kissing her until they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Spencer wants to ignore the knock but Blair insists that her answers it. Todd comes storming in yelling out to Blair that he needs to see her. When Blair steps into the room, Todd tells her about Starr's accident. Blair can't believe what's happened since Starr is supposed to be at Dorian's. Todd blames Blair for Starr's accident since she is the one who is constantly leaving the kids at Dorian's house so that she can spend quality time with Spencer. Spencer tells Blair that he will check on Starr while she is getting dressed and then take her to the hospital. Blair says that she won't be able to forgive herself if anything happens to Starr.

After failing to get a confession from Lenny, John decides to enlist David's help. David will agree to help John only if he can use a character voice. John warns David that there are two things he doesn't like: overacting and bad acting. David promises to do neither as he is escorted into the interrogation room with Lenny. David, who ends up breaking his word to John about the overacting and bad acting, gains Lenny's by reminiscing with him about the days when Lenny and David's father ran together. David also flatters Lenny by recalling how his father used to call him the Da Vinci of forgery. Lenny offers to get David released by signing Bo's name on release papers. When David reminds him that Bo no longer has a badge due to some papers he signed, Lenny hints to David that he was the one who signed the papers and not Bo. Just as Lenny is about to come out and say he forged Bo's signature, John comes in and hauls David out of the room. David reminds Bo not to forget who helped him get his badge back and asks for a copy of the tape that showcases his acting talent while John tries to get Lenny to name Spencer Truman as the man who hired him by offering Lenny no jail time.

Rex frantically calls out to Adriana who has run off after hitting him over the head with a lamp. He calls Bo and tells him that Adriana hit him and he doesn't know why. As Bo is trying to get Rex to calm down, Rex sees that his notebook is open to an email that was sent to Adriana. Rex finally figures out that Adriana is convinced that he is one who has been sending her all those emails. He quickly hangs up on a confused Bo and runs out to the beach to find her. Adriana, who forgot to get her phone when she ran off, hides behind the life guard chair when she hears Rex calling out her name. The hooded stranger comes up behind and tries to talk to her but Adriana hits him and then runs off again. She ends up on a dark and deserted road not knowing which way to go.

Kevin leaves Clint's place while Viki stays behind per Clint's request. After going into a speech about how he debated on whether or not he should tell her, Clint tells Viki about Dorian's suspicions regarding Kelly's pregnancy. A shocked Viki is happy on one hand that something good may come out of this tragedy and on the other hand she is devastated at what the news is going to do to Kevin. She wonders how Kevin will ever be able to put what happened behind him once he finds out that Kelly is pregnant with his dead son's child. Viki agrees with Clint that Kevin must be told about Kelly and offers to be there with him when Clint tells Kevin.

Kelly is furious when Dorian reveals to that she shared her suspicions that Kelly is pregnant with Clint. Kelly accuses her of saying things when she doesn't know anything but Dorian is convinced that Kelly is pregnant even though she won't admit it. Dorian trips Kelly up when she inquires as to whether Kelly is planning on keeping the baby or not. Kelly answers that of course she's going to keep the baby and now that Dorian has told Clint, Kelly feels that she has to tell Kevin that night before he hears the news from someone else. After Kelly leaves, Dorian gets a call from Blair informing her of Starr's accident.

Blair and Spencer arrive at the hospital while Todd and Michael are discussing Starr's condition. When Spencer tries to see Starr with Blair, Todd goes off and tells him that he cannot see his daughter. Blair tries to remind Todd that Spencer saved his life and may be able to help Starr. Todd asks Michael if there's anything that the idiot can do that Michael can't and when says no, Todd demands that Spencer stay away from Starr. Dorian arrives at the hospital and when she asks Spencer how Starr is, Spencer informs her that he has no idea since he can't go near her. Dorian approves of Spencer's restriction so Spencer lashes out by blaming Dorian for Starr's predicament. Dorian tells Spencer that if anyone is to blame it is him since he is always monopolizing Blair's time. While Dorian and Spencer are throwing blame around, Starr opens her eyes with her parents by her side.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Spencer dashes Todd's and Blair's hope that Starr is waking up when after an initial exam, he informs them that Starr's eyes opening was due to an involuntary reflex and that she is still unconscious. Dorian agrees with Spencer when he goes on to tell Todd and Blair that they won't know the extent of her brain damage until the next day when they start treating her with antibiotics. A furious Todd throws Spencer out and warns him to stay away from Starr. As Todd and Blair are speaking encouraging words to Starr, Evangeline comes in to see how Starr is doing. Todd gets up and embraces her as a jealous Blair looks on. Evangeline tries to intervene when Todd starts to lay blame but Blair accepts her part in pushing Starr away by not believing in Todd's innocence. Todd walks Evangeline back to her room while Blair promises Starr that she will make things right for everyone.

Clint goes to the hospital to be there for Dorian. When Dorian asks him if he told Viki about Kelly, he tells her that he did share the news and that Viki was excited about the news and also worried about how Kevin would take it.

Kevin demands to know what Kelly has to say especially when in his eyes there's nothing left for them to discuss. After going around the subject and trying to prepare Kevin for the news, Kelly finally reveals to him that she is pregnant with Duke's child. Kevin is stunned and listens as Kelly tells him that she intended to never tell him and to leave town to raise her baby without the hurt and shame that would follow them in Llanview. Kevin blames himself and the virus he contracted for everything that has happened since then. He believes that if he hadn't caught the virus that left him sterile, Duke would still be alive and that he would be the father of Kelly's baby. Kelly tries to talk Kevin out of blaming himself but a remorseful Kevin leaves the room and heads upstairs leaving Kelly to see herself out.

Even with the promise of no jail time, John cannot get Lenny to confess to Spencer's involvement in framing Bo. Hugh does feel that Lenny has provided them with enough to get Bo his badge back. David summons Spencer to the docks and informs him that Lenny has been arrested. Spencer wants to know if Lenny turned him in. David tells him that unfortunately Lenny is as loyal as a dog but not as smart. He adds that Lenny would rather face prison than break the old code that you don't rat out your buddies. Spencer thinks David could learn a thing or two from Lenny but David reminds him that it was Spencer's lies that have put a wall between them. He tells Spencer how he would have given anything to be like him and that he looked up to Spencer as more of a father to him than their father ever was but all that has changed. David gets a kick out of telling Spencer how with John McBain on his trail it is just a matter of time before he gets the goods on Spencer which means that Spencer will lose Blair if he hasn't already. David tries to get Spencer to see that his best bet is to turn himself in.

Matthew comes into Nora's bedroom telling her that he cannot sleep. Nora guesses that Matthew is worried about her and that is why he can't sleep. Matthew confesses that he is afraid that she will fall and hurt herself. Nora tries to get Matthew to not worry so much but Matthew feels that since Nora always took care of him when he was sick, it is now his turn to take care of her during her illness. A proud Nora hugs her son until she is interrupted by a visit from Hugh and Bo in her bedroom. They fill Nora and Matthew in on the good news that Bo is going to get his badge back. Hugh tells them that he never believed in the evidence against Bo. Bo lets Nora know how much Hugh has grown in his job since she fell ill. Nora can't wait to get back to work and quizzes Hugh as Bo tucks Matthew in.

John is furious when David tells him about his chat with Spencer. John is afraid that David has compromised the investigation by giving Spencer confidential information. Natalie tries to get John to see that David is only trying to help and that she is confident that he didn't give away privileged information to Spencer. David insists that it would be better if Spencer turned himself in instead of John wasting time at a trial that would probably end up going in the great doctor's favor.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Nash pays a visit to Antonio and Jessica in order to apologize for taking her and the baby to NYC. Antonio tries to get him to leave but Jess wants to hear what he has to say. He promises that it will never happen again and she thanks him. Upon receiving a call from Bruce, he advises his lawyer that his services will no longer be needed. Bruce tells him that he can have Claudia if Tess doesn't work out and besides, she just inherited plenty of money from her father. Nash insists he's not interested. When Jess realizes who is on the phone she has a Tess flashback to when Bruce drugged her at his party. She can't believe that Nash has been involved with someone so sleazy. He promises that he would never let anything happen to her. Unable to see Brennan because she's sleeping, he finally leaves. Jess and Antonio agree to give the baby a nickname; she knows that Antonio has difficulty with the baby's name and she understands. They decide on Bree. Antonio assures her that he fell in love with Bree from the moment he saw her and has had no trouble in accepting her. His family is his life and he will never take Jess for granted. She's the love of his life.

Clint accompanies Viki to the hospital so that she can see Starr. She learns that her condition is still the same and she feels badly for Blair and Todd. When Clint mentions that Dorian has become more accepting of the Buchanans, Viki realizes that he has slept with her nemesis and is horrified but appreciates that it's none of her business. It really doesn't bother her, she claims. She only wants him to be happy but just can't believe he is with Dorian. Rolling her eyes when Clint tells her that so far he really is happy, she suggests that she should stay at the hospital until there's word on Starr. He convinces her that they need to go home and get some sleep.

Rex searches the island fruitlessly for Adriana and keeps in touch, with difficulty, with Bo. He's sure she's in trouble and may be involved with her stalker. She saw him with a homeless guy and ran away after hitting him over the head. Voicing his thoughts out loud causes Rex to realize that the man may have actually been the stalker after all and he becomes more frantic. Bo cannot put out an APB or a missing persons report as she ran away and it's not 48 hours. He also doesn't want a Dorian panicked and finding more ways to get Rex out of Adriana's life. In the meantime, the man nabs Adriana as she wanders around and she struggles to get free. He manages to calm her down and announces that he only saw her crying and was trying to help her. He relates the same story that Rex did. Adriana begins to doubt that Rex is in cahoots with the stalker and figures maybe he arranged it all just to be her hero. She is still confused though, over all of the emails on his computer. He advises her that he knows of a small boat that she can take to get to the mainland and suggests she follow him. She does, at a distance, but is stopped by a man in a car. He knows of her blond boyfriend as he's seen them together while with his own family. He needs to get off of the island himself for a meeting and offers to take Adriana with him. She gets into his car.

At Rodi's, Marcie spies on Tommy with his new foster parents who appear to be drinking more than they should. She's caught by Lindsay and explains that she's already tried to convince Michael, the police and child services that the new parents are irresponsible. It's after midnight and the child shouldn't be at a bar. Lindsay agrees to sit with her and watch so that she can later be a witness. The waitress recognizes Marcie as having been the person who created quite a scene earlier. When the baby begins to yell soon after the parents get up to dance leaving him behind with the same waitress, Marcie jumps up. She makes another scene, as the girl wants to put whiskey on the baby's gums to soothe his possible teething. An already depressed Nash arrives and gets in between Marcie and the parents as a shouting and shoving match ensues. He himself was bounced around in foster homes and can relate to the baby, he yells. As Marcie tries once again to reach someone at child services, the parents sit down and wait. Lindsay comments that Nash has quite the paternal instinct. Tommy is just a little older than his Brennan, he replies.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Todd and Blair both sat by Starr's bedside as she lay unconscious. Todd felt it was a shame that they no longer wanted the same things. Blair disagreed. They both wanted Starr to wake up. Blair called John about the photograph she found of Spencer and his father with matching guns. Blair left the photo for John at the main desk. Blair visited Evangeline and asked her if she thought Todd was "having real feelings for you." Evangeline didn't think Todd had feelings for her and added that, "I'm with Cristian." Blair left and Todd popped in. Evangeline asked him point blank if he was having feelings for her. Todd just said he was happy she had her sight back and then took her hand. She assured him that he had done more than enough for her, referring to the fact that he had funded her eyesight surgery.

Nash was annoyed to hear that Brennan had been renamed Bree, and accused Antonio of being behind the change. Jessica denied it and explained it was just a nickname. Nash promised not to cause any more trouble but said that Tess would have hated the name change. Nash couldn't tell if Jessica wanted to know more about his relationship with Tess or not, but Jessica clearly didn't like hearing about Tess and Nash's sex life. Nash admitted he wanted Tess back. "I'm being honest with you. I always have been," declared Nash.

Antonio told Claudia that Tess hadn't come out again and thanked Claudia for the tip that helped him find Jessica. Antonio promised to protect Claudia, who was touched by the offer. A creepy guy then held up Antonio at Capricorn and demanded he give him the money. Antonio distracted the guy, grabbed him and tied him up. "Just like the old days," Antonio said referring to his days as a cop as he proudly took charge.

John and Bo looked at the photo Blair had left for them. They were sure the gun Spencer was holding was the gun that killed John's father.

Clint ran into Dorian at the hospital and they talked about the various family members who were there, specifically Asa and Starr. Rex called Dorian with word that Adriana had run away. Clint wondered why Dorian was so calm about the fact that Adriana was missing. Dorian claimed to be worried about Adriana but added she felt relieved that Rex appeared to be out of Adriana's life.

Rex began searching the beach for Adriana. He caught up with the homeless guy. The guy was pretty sure that Adirana left the island.

Adriana and Bruce waited for the gas station to open. Adriana wanted to borrow Bruce's cell phone, but he said they wouldn't get any reception. He invited Adriana to tell him her story, which she proceeded to do. Adriana believed that Rex had set up everything so he could play the hero. Bruce thought Adriana was better off without Rex. Bruce got Adriana a bottle of water but drugged it before she drank it. Adriana got woozy immediately and as she began to fade out, Bruce told her that he was behind all the stalking, not Rex. Adriana tried to escape but passed out.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Antonio finished up with the cops at Capricorn and then snarked with Nash. At the loft, Jessica had a less snarky chat with baby Bree about Tess and then found Tess' diary. She started reading about her other half as Kevin dropped by. Big Bro brooded over Bree, asking Jessica to congratulate him: He's going to be a grandpa. Clint interrupted Nash and Antonio and laid "down a few rules." Kevin opened up to Jessica, admitting Kelly's baby is a part of Duke. "I love her, no matter how she got her start," Jess pointed out about Brennan. Clint told Nash to quit manipulating Jessica and told Antonio to quit pushing the integration. Antonio promised Clint he'd find all of Norman Leeds' tapes as a cop. Nash wasn't sure Jess would be thrilled about Antonio's career change. Jessica told Kevin about Tess' journal and assured him he'd be able to accept the baby when it was born. Bree started crying and Jessica gave her to angsty Uncle Kevin. "A baby has a power to heal," she sighed. Antonio told Nash to worry about himself. Amused Clint accused Tonio of wanting to bust Nash. Renewed by baby therapy, Kevin left and Jessica cracked open Tess' diary again. Suddenly, she remembered Norman's voice: "Smile for the camera, beautiful."

At Hallowed Grounds, a cute guy checked out Natalie as Vincent noted, "You're about to jump outta your skin." Was he the cause? No! Nat's nerves were for her upcoming board certification. Hugh revealed Vincent was his law school pal and ex-roommate, but Natalie preferred a tutor on the right side of the law so she recruited (forensically inclined) Cute Guy. Hugh caught up with Kelly, who told him that "all Hell's gonna break loose" when Kevin accepts she's pregnant. Natalie realized that Cute Guy was actually one of Vincent's cronies! "I was hoping you'd realize I'm not such a bad guy after all," Vince drawled. Hugh was glad to hear that Kelly is taking charge of her life. "Everything's gonna work out," he promised. The minute he left, she booked a flight to Arizona. Overwhelmed Natalie tried to resist asking Vince for help as he eyed her from across the room.

At the station, John and Bo were still trying to get a closer look at Spencer and his pop's guns. They had just enough time for Bo to sneak the original photo back to Spencer's room. Bo and John worried over Blair's side of the investigation. "The best we can do is cover for her," noted John, and the picture was their best bet. John made himself scarce as Paige visited Bo. (Awkward!) At the firing range, John vented bullets and frustration. "Target practice helps me think," John told another cop. And, sure enough, a light bulb went on! Bo wasn't sure where he and Paige were headed, but didn't say it was over: "I think it's something that we have to earn." John popped back in with the photo, hoping to run Spencer's dad's name, "N. Truman," through the system. They were closer to nabbing Spencer! Awesome!

At the hospital, Spencer called a realtor about a house for "me and my new family," as Todd visited Starr. Woozy Starr wanted to go home to the penthouse with both parents. Paige and Spencer talked about Starr's condition in the hall as Todd and Blair realized that Starr was lacking in the memory department. Paige observed that Blair and Todd were "pulling together" for their daughter but Spencer wasn't threatened. "I'm the one that Blair's going home with," Spencer crowed. "Keep telling yourself that, Big Guy," Paige snorted. Spence then took a look at Starr and told Todd and Blair to stop stressing her out. "She thinks we're together, in love," Blair gasped at Todd. "Maybe we should pretend for her sake," he suggested. United, Mom and Dad comforted Starr and kept up the charade. Starr asked her parents to kiss and make her feel better. So, they did as Spencer watched.

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