One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 30, 2006 on OLTL
Kelly gave birth to a son, Zane. Vincent admitted his guilt and was charged with attempted murder. Spencer was furious when DNA results proved that he was not Asa's son. Antonio and Nash worked together and toasted to a loan that Nash agreed to accept. David and Spencer tried to figure out why their mother wanted to destroy Asa.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 30, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, October 30, 2006

Evangeline becomes startled when "Hugh" says "it's me" to her. She leaves the room as the nurse examines him and runs into Vincent outside of Hugh's room. When she asks him what he is doing there, Vincent reminds her that he and Hugh are old friends and that he is there to visit him. An unimpressed Evangeline starts in again about how Vincent set up Cris and forced his exit from boxing. Vincent tells her that it was only a matter of time for Cris due to his hurt hand but Evangeline reminds him that at least Cris would have still had his reputation. Vincent offers to give Cris some of the money he made off of him but Evangeline doubts that Cris will take his blood money. Back in Hugh's room, Vincent confesses that Natalie read him the riot act for setting up Cris and Evangeline is pleased. Hugh once again tries to communicate leading Evangeline to leave again to try to find the nurse. While alone with Hugh, Vincent tells him that he is not after Natalie who is still distraught from losing John. He does confess that Natalie kissed him which causes Hugh to get riled up yet again.

Blair is impressed by the way Cole stood up for Starr at the dance as Todd goes on and on about the ways they could get back at Britney and her father. While Blair and Todd get ready to leave, Starr gets permission to stay behind for another hour with Cole who she will give a ride to when they leave. Cole tells Starr that her parents are cool but Starr does not agree with Cole's assessment. A curious Cole tries to get information regarding Todd and his rape conviction but Starr stays tight lipped. At the penthouse, Blair tries to get Todd to admit that he had a good time at the dance until the slideshow. Todd worries that the sins of the father are being put upon his daughter and wishes that he had lead a different life when he was younger. Blair tries to remind him of all the good times he has had especially the memories that he has involving the two them. Blair reminds him how their dancing that evening almost led up to a kiss. Todd tries to get away from Blair by saying that he is going to look for Starr but she stops him at the door and pulls him into a kiss. Right outside the door, Starr and Cole have arrived. Cole wonders if he can kiss Starr and while Starr is trying to let him know that it's ok, he pulls her into a kiss.

Kelly becomes distraught when Michael is unable to stop her contractions. Outside her room, Dorian, Viki, Clint, and Bo go back and forth about whether or not Spencer has done something to Kelly that is causing her problems. Bo vows to get to the bottom of what is going on with Spencer while Viki suggests that they tell Kelly what is going on. Dorian doesn't think that it's a good idea but Viki and Clint feel that Kelly should be made aware of what Spencer is alleging. Michael decides to do an emergency c-section since Kelly and the baby are in distress. Before the surgery, Dorian informs Kelly and Kevin about Spencer's possible involvement in Kelly's predicament. Kelly believes that Spencer can save her baby and puts the decision on Kevin as to whether or not they bring Spencer in to consult. Kevin fears being placed in that situation again and having to decide who lives and who dies. Kelly tells Kevin that she trusts him to make the decision. After looking to Duke for guidance, Kevin decides that Spencer will not be assisting today. Michael performs the surgery but Kelly and Kevin become worried when the baby does not cry.

Bo confronts Spencer along with Paige. They accuse him of harming Kelly to get back at the Buchanan's. Spencer tells Bo that he is the only one who can save Kelly and her baby but only if he can get out of jail. Bo tells him that Kelly must make that decision. Kevin calls Bo and asks to speak with Spencer. He tells Spencer that he will not kill Kelly's baby as he did Duke so he is not letting him near Kelly. Spencer accuses Kevin of making the wrong decision yet again and now the blood of Kelly's child will be on his hands.

Natalie finds Cris and tells him that Vincent confessed to setting him up in the boxing ring. Cris can't believe that Vincent confided in Natalie and inquires as to how his confession came about. Natalie shares with Cris how Vincent followed her up to John's rooftop out of concern for her. Cris wonders if Natalie is becoming involved with Vincent which Natalie denies. Cris is determined to go the police station as soon as possible so that Natalie can give a statement. Natalie promises to go in the morning but Cris does not want to wait. When he observes Natalie stalling, Cris wonders why Natalie wants to give Vincent a break and not help him. Natalie reminds Cris that she was a bad seed when she came to Llanview and it was because Cris gave her a second chance that she was able to get her life together. Cris isn' buying her explanation and tells her that he knows how she reacted to his "death" by getting involved with Paul Cramer. Natalie tries to assure Cris that Vincent is not Paul and she has no intentions of getting involved with him.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kelly and Kevin are relieved when they realize that Kelly's baby has survived but their joy is short lived when Michael rushes the baby to the neonatal ICU gives him a 25 percent chance for survival. Kevin wonders if he made the right decision in not getting Spencer involved but Viki and Clint try to reassure him that he made the right decision and that he cannot blame himself no matter what happens. Michael tells Kelly to take care of herself so that she can be strong for her baby. When Kevin offers to leave, Kelly asks him to stay and reveals to him that she has decided to name her son Zane.

While waiting on a hot lead regarding the car that his informant described, Rex runs into a tired Marcie and little Tommy. Rex and Adriana comment on what a natural Marcie is even though she is getting very little sleep these days. Marcie tells them that she wouldn't trade the sleepless nights with Tommy for anything. Rex tells her that Tommy looks like her but Marcie insists that she can see Michael in their son. Marcie comments that even though Tommy is adopted, it feels like he has been with them his whole life and is glad that no one can take him away. Rex receives a call from another informant who has news on the car that Rex described. They have found three matches and so Rex decides to following up on the leads. Adriana decides that she needs to have a career of her own now that the modeling thing is defunct. She thinks about starting a magazine to rival her mother's until Rex reminds her of a dream she had to be a fashion designer.

Starr and her father have a heart to heart regarding her new friend, Cole. Todd is weary of him but Starr insists that Cole is a good guy. She does admit that things got a little weird between them after Britney's stunt at the dance. When Todd presses further, Starr confides in her father that Cole started asking questions about whether the things on the slide were true especially regarding Todd's rape conviction. Todd apologizes to his daughter for her having to pay for the things that he has done but he explains to her that he is a different man now than he was when younger. During their conversation Starr reminds him that Blair knows all about the things that he has done and still sees him as a good person. She wonders why her father can't do the same thing for Blair. As Todd fixes on Starr's computer, Starr and Blair have a heart to heart regarding the dance and some of the things that Blair went through when she was Starr's age. Blair reminds Todd when they are alone that Starr was right about Blair seeing the good in Todd and that no one gets them the way they get each other.

Cole is confronted by one of his teammates about his friendship with Starr. Cole insists that no matter what Todd has done, Starr is a good person. Cole's teammate reminds Cole that he cannot let anyone distract him from his commitment to the team since the coach's job is riding on them winning the championship which is why the coach pushed so hard for Cole's transfer. When he offers Cole something to "help" him, a hesitant Cole accepts.

David confronts his brother about the possibility that he did something to Kelly that is now causing her deliver a premature baby. Spencer denies that he did anything but insists that Kevin made the wrong decision by not allowing him to treat Kelly. When David threatens to kill Spencer, Bo tells him to back off because Spencer isn't worth it. Bo gets a call informing him that the results of the DNA test will be available in the morning which gets Spencer going. He tells Bo that by tomorrow they will all know that Spencer is the rightful Buchanan heir. When Bo takes his leave, David tells Spencer that he will be penniless and dead once his lawyers are through with him and that his plan to leave his possessions to his son will also backfire on him. David proposes that Spencer could still be rich if he dies before his execution.

Natalie pays Hugh a visit and runs into Vincent who is still visiting his friend. When Vincent wonders why she is visiting Hugh, Natalie confesses because he is alive and John is dead. Natalie feels that seeing Hugh in pain reminds her that she is not the only one suffering from the tragic aftermath of the accident that claimed John's life. She thanks Vincent for helping her realize that she needs to move on now that John is gone but Natalie also makes it very clear that she will not be moving on with him because John's memory deserves better than that. When Vincent is unapologetic for kissing Natalie, "Hugh" becomes agitated. Natalie tells Vincent that she told Cris about his confession and now Cris wants her to make a statement to the police. Vincent warns her that it will be her word against his which makes Natalie realize that Vincent will never change. While Natalie says her goodbyes to Hugh, she gets a strange feeling that he is trying to tell her something.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The Buchanan family is gathered at the hospital as they keep watch over a critical baby Zane. His heart stops and starts again, the beat slower than before. The doctor finally relents and allows Kelly and Kevin to be closer to him, even going so far as to let Kevin hold him. The baby, who appeared to be giving up, shows a stronger heartbeat as Kevin begins to speak to him.

Claudia pleads with Nash to skip the wedding and head out of town with her but he declines. He's doing it for Brennan, who will know one day of his noble gesture. He thinks Tess will return and run off with him, Claudia berates him. He's sicker than Jess is! He doesn't really know Jess, Nash responds. What if Jess can't handle his being there, wonders Claudia. Why don't you ask me, Jess interrupts. It's actually none of Claudia's business anyway, she continues. Claudia retorts that she hates to see Nash being jerked around but Nash thinks Jess is incredible and that Antonio is very lucky. He's not holding out for Tess. He and Jess agree to make new memories as friends. Claudia looks on as Jess grabs Nash's hand.

Adriana has spent the night sketching lingerie but when she sees Rex in his boxers, she's onto something big. Asking Rex to change and pose, she's decided to design men's underwear. Layla offers her help and the ladies really seem to get into it as a reluctant and embarrassed Rex models for them. The fun is interrupted when Rex receives a phone call regarding Vincent and breaks the news to Layla. She heads for the police station while Adriana is thrilled not only about seeking revenge on Dorian, but proving that she is in control and can be successful on her own.

Nat and Cris visit Antonio with the intent of sharing their news about Vincent. Just as they begin to speak, Vincent himself walks into the office and confesses his guilt! He agrees to record or sign whatever is needed. He admits that he tried to stop the whole thing from happening but was too late. He's willing to be punished because of things that Natalie said to him. She's been very brave while he's been a coward. Antonio learns that he has no prior arrest record and charges him with attempted murder! Vincent is sorry, thinks the charge crazy, but writes up his confession. He should have thought about the consequences. He apologizes to Cris, citing the fact that he now has his honor and rep back. It doesn't pay the rent though, Cris advises him, and he doesn't care that Vincent is losing out too. Vincent offers to give the money he won to a charity of Cris' choice though aware that it still doesn't make him a good guy like John McBain. He's only sorry he's disappointed Natalie. He does feel like he has a sense of responsibility now, like John. He's cuffed and read his rights. Layla bursts in and Vincent expresses how much it means to him that she is there, though sorry she's seeing him like this. After he's led out, Cris, Nat and Layla express dismay over the charge. It is definitely too harsh, especially if Evangeline prosecutes as the new assistant district attorney.

David visits Spencer again and advises him that the DNA results are in. He is hopeful that Spencer is not related to him at all, even with Spencer claiming to have loved him all along. David is happy to watch him suffer and wants him out of his life for good. On the other hand, Spencer is sure that things will go his way once again. David realizes that Spencer has always been jealous of him for having his family tree, as do the Buchanans. Spencer is just illegitimate and unwanted by all. A frail Asa also receives the news of the results being available and asks that Spencer be brought to his mansion, as Bo will not allow him to travel. "Hello dad, or should I say Pa?" Spencer is escorted into the house. Asa would love to knock his block off. "Easy dad," Spencer says smugly. The notary arrives and dispenses the envelopes to the two men, from two separate, independent labs. Anxiously, everyone waits for the news.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

In Principal Wexler's office, Todd and Blair bantered about her high school past. Blair said she had gotten suspended in school and been a bad girl. The two thought they should be blamed for all the problems Starr was having in school. Brittany's parents showed up and called the Mannings "white trash." Ouch. Todd said they could "kiss my ass" at the exact moment that Brittany and Starr entered the office. Brittany said she only meant it as a joke. Todd wanted Brittany expelled. Principal Wexler couldn't do that but did give her two months' detention. Brittany apologized but when they left the room Brittany said to Starr: "You are so dead." Back in Marcie's classroom, Brittany read her essay on rapists and concluded that they should be castrated. Todd overheard that and Blair had to restrain him.

In the gym, Gabe reminded Cole that the fate of the football team was dependent on him. The coach said he could get some stuff (could that be steroids?). Starr wondered what he said to Cole. Cole changed the subject and asked if Starr would be at his football game.

Layla was wondering why Natalie was visiting Vincent in jail. (This was after Vincent made reference to that dockside kiss.) Vincent tried to explain that confessing was the right thing to do. Vincent was brought in for his arraignment and Cris, Natalie and Layla were in the courtroom. Evangeline refused to offer a plea bargain. Vincent's attorney said Vincent had nothing to do with the lacing of the other fighter's gloves. Ted showed up and took the blame for the tainted gloves. Vincent's attorney put the plea bargain back on the table. Evangeline conferred with Cris and they decided to take the deal, on the agreement that Vincent would make a full confession to the boxing commission. Vincent thanked Layla for coming. She reminded him that this didn't change things between them.

Asa grabbed Spencer's DNA results (still in a closed envelope) and said again Spencer wasn't his son. David and Viki placed bets. Clint demanded that Spencer get his results. Asa dropped them. Spencer picked up the envelope, opened it and learned that he was NOT a Buchanan. Asa was elated and Spencer was dumbstruck. "He was not worthy of being a Buchanan," Asa crowed. Spencer accused the Buchanans of cheating. Spencer lost it and grabbed Viki in a headlock, to the horror of the Buchanan men. Bo pulled a gun. Viki assured the men that Spencer wouldn't hurt her. Spencer continued to claim the Buchanans had doctored the result. "You can't get kicked out of a family you never belonged to." Asa made things worse by accusing Spencer and David's mother of being a whore. "My mother was a hooker," David quipped. David got Spencer to release Viki and Bo arrested him. Bo took Spencer away. David asked Asa why his mother would have lied to Asa. Asa proceeded to bash David's mother and David left. Viki and Clint told Asa they thought he had been a bit harsh with David. "That was his mother you were talking about," Viki said. Clint asked Asa if he had been in love with Spencer's mother. Asa explained that he had never seen Emma again and took a swig of bourbon. Bo asked Spencer how it felt to be Spencer Truman. "What a waste," Bo said.

Friday, November 3, 2006

As they gather to visit Kelly, Kevin, and Zane, Clint and Viki share with Dorian how badly Spencer reacted to the news that he was not Asa's son. Dorian is horrified but also semi grateful that Spencer turned out to not be a Buchanan and that Viki was not injured. When Viki and Clint have to leave to put the finishing touches on the evening they have planned for Jessica and Antonio, Dorian makes a snide comment to Kelly about her taking over where Viki and Clint left off since she has cleared her calendar and nothing comes before Kelly and her baby. After unsuccessfully trying to get Kelly to get some rest, Kevin decides that the best thing for Dorian to do would be to leave. Dorian wonders if Kelly is going to let Kevin just send her away like that. Kelly thanks Dorian for her support and then asks her to leave.

Cris tries to talk Antonio into having a few drinks on the eve of his wedding but Antonio is determined to stay clear headed for his wedding. Nash walks up and apologizes to Cris for their "fight" and also congratulates him for being cleared from the boxing scandal thanks to Vincent's confession. Nash leaves and after leaving Cris, Antonio ends up at Nash's vineyard where he helps Nash do a little construction. Antonio asks Nash about his business dealings with Vincent Jones. Nash tells him that the banks weren't opening up their doors to him so he borrowed the money where he could. Antonio offers to give him the cash to pay off Vincent as a loan so that Bree's father does not have to associate with a known criminal. Nash accepts Antonio's offer and they toast with water since Nash is on the wagon these days after his confrontation with Cris.

Evangeline tries to talk Todd and Blair into stopping their paper crusade against Spencer for fear that the result will be a change in venue. Todd is determined that Spencer will pay for everything that he has done and the evidence points to that. Evangeline is not so sure since everything they have is circumstantial or can be only corroborated by questionable witnesses. Todd has faith that Evangeline can bring Spencer to justice and tells her that if all else fails all she has to do is bat those beautiful eyes to persuade people to see things her way. Todd vows that he will make the jurors see the truth about Spencer one way or another. Evangeline begs Blair to stop Todd's insane crusade but Blair reminds Evangeline that no one can get Todd to change his mind once he decides to do something. A jealous Blair comments that if she could get Todd to do anything it would be to stop flirting with Evangeline in front of her. Evangeline tries to assure her that Todd only does it to get a rise out of Blair but Blair thinks that Todd does it to get a rise out of Evangeline.

After her visit with Todd and Blair, Evangeline meets up with Cris at Capricorn and goes straight for a Martini. When Cris wonders what's up, Evangeline shares with him her fear that Todd will get the trial changed to a different location because of his relentless crusade against Spencer in his newspaper. Cris tries to get her mind off of it by reminding her how lucky they are to have found each other and lucky Antonio and Jessica are that after everything they are finally getting married. Evangeline agrees and after making plans to attend the wedding together, Cris wonders if Evangeline will be able to concentrate on anything but work tomorrow. Their evening is interrupted by a call from Spencer's attorney that makes Evangeline head off to work again.

Jessica and Natalie go to Capricorn looking for Antonio and bump into Claudia who tells Natalie how truly sorry she is to hear that John is dead even if they didn't see eye to eye. An unimpressed Natalie and Jessica find a seat and end up meeting up with Viki and Clint. When Jessica tries to take her leave, Viki and Clint tell her that they can't let her do that since they have plans for her and Antonio. While Jessica, Viki, and Natalie leave Antonio arrives to find Clint and Cris at Capricorn. They ask him if he has seen Nash so Antonio explains that he was just with Nash talking about a business proposal. Clint feels that something may be wrong with Nash so he and Cris manage to convince Antonio that they should go and check on him. Antonio decides to call Nash instead who does not answer his phone.

David and Spencer have it out about Spencer's life long crusade to make the Buchanan's pay for turning their back on their own flesh and blood who turns out not to be a Buchanan. Spencer defends his mother and the lie she told on her death bed but David is not as forgiving and tries to figure why his mother would use Spencer from the grave to exact revenge on Asa. Spencer tries to remind his brother that Asa ruined their mother's life but David counters with Asa didn't force their mother to become a prostitute. David tries to get Spencer to see that his whole failed revenge scheme was based on a lie but even he can't quite put his finger around why their mother would lie especially on her death bed. Spencer can't see how their mother's favorite son could so easily turn his back on her. David suggests that his mother treated him better because she saw how Spencer and his dad treated him so badly. Secretly they both wonder about Eve's motivations when she told Spencer that Asa got her pregnant and then abandoned her.

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