One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 1, 2013 on OLTL

Natalie softened toward Clint when he apologized. Kate continued a sexual relationship with Jack. Todd, Blair, and Téa took steps to fake Victor's death. Dani was upset when she saw Matthew kiss Michelle.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 1, 2013 on OLTL
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Monday, July 1, 2013

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Episode 33

Nora and Viki spent time together and ended up at Shelter. While Nora had planned to talk about her radio show, Viki had been the one to do all of the talking, first about her bad investment and then Clint's manipulations regarding Natalie and John. They spoke of the new digital age, and Nora mentioned that her first radio show was available on podcast so Viki would be able to hear it.

The women were laughing and enjoying themselves when Dorian arrived with David. Dorian wondered how "Queen Victoria" could be so happy after her great monetary loss. David introduced Rama and Dorian, and Rama gushed about how happy she was to have an amazing connection with David and to be David's sidekick.

David was ill at ease as Dorian was obviously upset. "So she's all excited to be your new leading lady," Dorian stated after Rama left them. He assured Dorian that she was his leading lady, not Rama, though his show was certainly not right for Dorian. He likened himself to "popcorn for the masses," while Dorian was more like Carnegie Hall.

Again, Dorian heard Viki and Nora laughing, and she ventured over to their table. Pulling up a chair, Dorian told Viki how sorry she was to hear of Viki's loss. Viki and Nora were both confused. Dorian explained that she'd heard from friends on the Senate Finance Committee how Viki had lost lots of money in the Pellegrino venture. Dorian added that Frank Baker had also tried to get Dorian to invest, but thank goodness she hadn't.

"You're wrong. I didn't lose a dime," Viki informed Dorian. She suggested that in future Dorian obtain information from several sources, not just one. "I stand corrected," a flustered Dorian uttered. Nora pointed out that David, across the room, appeared to be glowing. Dorian rose and headed over to her husband. "Nora, that was bad," Viki laughed.

David and Rama were chatting, but David declared that he was hungry when Dorian returned. Dorian stated that she had a headache and preferred to leave. She was visibly annoyed and jealous over David's and Rama's obvious chemistry. David thought that Dorian was overreacting and offered to leave with her, but she stormed out.

David and Rama returned to their flirtatious conversation, as Bo arrived to meet with Cutter. The club manager had pulled receipts for Bo from the evening that Briana had been there with her date. "He's your man," Cutter said as he handed the tab to Bo. The man's name was Jason Murray.

Natalie and Destiny shared a bottle of wine outside of the coffee shop. After chatting about their sons and men, they both agreed that it was time to change the topic of conversation. Destiny admitted that she'd always wanted a tattoo, but had been scared of needles. She disclosed that while she'd wanted a rose in the past, she'd recently changed her mind and decided on a butterfly.

Michelle visited Matthew and offered him some mini-muffins she'd baked as a peace offering. Jeffrey, on his way to the office, was not thrilled to see the young woman. Matthew was annoyed when the same car alarm that went off the night he learned that Michelle was in Llanview went off again. Michelle reminded him that they had met because of that alarm. Matthew asked her to accompany him to Shelter.

Jeffrey and Destiny found themselves in the Banner office at the same time. Shyly, Destiny asked Jeffrey if he'd like to go on a double date.

Awkwardly, Jack sat in English class, unable to concentrate, as Kate spoke to the class about poetry and rhythm. Suddenly, she called on Jack and asked about the lyrics to his favorite workout song. Jack stated that he didn't know the words because he paid more attention to the music, not the words.

Kate researched the song online and read the words out loud. She thought they were very pretty, like poetry. She gave the class an assignment and asked Jack to stay behind. They agreed that it was "quite a coincidence" that Jack had found himself in Kate's class, and he suggested that he might change to another one. Kate closed the door and moved close to Jack. She began to kiss him.

Blair, Todd, and Téa made a plan to fake Victor's death, though Téa was an unwilling participant in the scheme. The others thought that it would be the only way out of their predicament, and their kids had to be protected. Téa advised Todd that he didn't know Victor like she did, but Todd was certain that his plan was the only way to save Victor.

Téa realized that if they planned to fake Victor's death, Victor would have to hide for the rest of his life. She blamed Todd for trying to kill Victor in the first place, as none of the rest would have happened. Téa finally agreed that it could be done if it were done correctly.

Todd had a plan, and he stated that his DNA would be the same as Victor's. That would be their secret weapon. He made a phone call.

Natalie and Destiny arrived at the local tattoo parlor. Destiny was ready and handed the artist her sketch. The man guessed correctly that it was a butterfly, but was happy it wasn't a rose. The girls laughed hysterically.

Natalie suggested that the man design a tattoo for her, but they were interrupted when the phone rang. The tattoo artist stated that he was closed for the night. It was Todd on the phone and he wanted a tattoo identical to the one that he was sending to the man. It was Victor's tattoo.

Téa couldn't believe that she would never see Victor again. When they'd said goodbye in the past, she'd always assumed she'd see him once more. Blair assured Téa that she was tough and would be able to get through it. Todd arrived at the conclusion that Dani's overdose was not an accident, and Blair believed that Briana had been killed. "All I know is that Todd's plan has got to work," Blair said.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New episodes of One Life to Live now air on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. Each week's new episodes are made available on Mondays. In an effort to keep the recaps as consistent as possible, we will continue to post the recaps under Tuesday and Thursday, as they had originally been posted.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Natalie was sitting on her couch with a book when there was a knock on her door. She called out, wondering who was at the door. "It's Dad," Clint replied from the other side of the door. When she ignored him, he knocked again, pleading for her to open the door. She begrudgingly opened the door. He immediately admitted that he had been wrong and begged her to forgive him.

Natalie refused to let Clint manipulate his way back into her life. She added that Clint's actions were the most "controlling, insulting, disgusting" acts of manipulation she'd ever seen. He assured that he'd been trying to protect her, but she only opened the door and told him to leave. He informed her that everything he'd ever done had been out of love for her. "You don't know what love is," she spat.

Natalie again told Clint to leave. He maintained that he'd been trying to protect her from John. He looked at a picture of Natalie as a child. He wished that he'd been there to help her grow up and admitted that he sometimes forgot that he hadn't been there. Softening, a tearful Natalie hugged her father. He told her that he loved her and insisted that he was sincerely sorry.

Todd explained to Blair and Téa that Bobby, his tattoo artist, would put Victor's tattoo on an unidentifiable body from an out-of-state morgue. He continued that Natalie would use Todd's DNA for the forensic reports, since his DNA was the same as Victor's. Téa didn't think Natalie would do that, but Todd thought she would cooperate once she found out that Viki's name was on the hit list.

Téa wanted to call Bo, but both Todd and Blair objected. Blair and Téa argued about it, but Todd stopped them. Téa reluctantly agreed to "play the grieving widow," but she refused to put Dani through Victor's death again. Blair agreed on behalf of her children as well. The women wanted to tell their kids the truth. However, Todd objected, reminding the women that they were saving their children's lives.

"I hate you for this," Téa told Todd. He joked that the list of reasons why she hated him was already long. Téa wanted to talk to Natalie, but Todd insisted that he would. He didn't want Blair or Téa connected to the plot. Téa agreed and left. Todd thanked Blair for backing him up. "Don't make me regret it," Blair said.

Destiny awkwardly asked Jeffrey to go on a double date with her. She explained that Natalie and Cutter liked each other, but that Destiny, Jeffrey, Drew, and Liam would be there to make it "less romantic." Jeffrey thought it sounded like fun, so he agreed to go with Destiny. She moved to hug him but shook his hand instead. Destiny made sure that things wouldn't be "weird" because of Matthew. Jeffrey assured her that they wouldn't, because it wasn't a real date. He smiled and left.

Later, Jeffrey knocked on the door, looking for Viki. When he entered and saw Destiny, he joked that Viki should let Destiny live in the office. He wondered when her break was and invited her to get some ice cream. Her break wasn't for another hour, so they agreed to meet at the coffee shop then.

At Shelter, David told Rama that Dorian had left, and she wondered if he was in trouble. Nikki recognized that he needed a drink. Before she could make David a drink, Cutter requested a shot of bourbon. "You only drink bourbon when you're upset," Nikki observed, and she wondered what was wrong with him. When he lied that he was fine, Nikki surmised that he was worried about the police finding out that Cutter had been sleeping with "that dead hooker" Briana.

Nikki continued that Cutter had looked "misty" at Briana's memorial service. He demanded that she pour his shot, or he'd do it himself. She wondered how "Princess Natalie" would feel about it as she poured his shot. He informed her that he and Natalie weren't exclusive. "Neither are me and you," Nikki replied as Cutter took his shot.

David complained that he needed something new. Nikki mixed him a drink and set it down in front of him. David took a sip and loved it. Rama informed Nikki that there was another customer who needed Nikki's attention. After exchanging a long stare with David, Nikki left. Rama wondered if Dorian was upset about Rama. He assured her that he could handle Dorian.

David excitedly told Rama that he'd found his new drink. "You could do better," Rama said suggestively. David agreed that Rama could as well. He'd heard that she and Vimal had an "arrangement." She clarified that she and Vimal had an open marriage. She admitted that it wasn't as exciting as it sounded but that it wasn't for everyone. David hoped that he could be one of her first dates. Rama wondered if David and Dorian had the same kind of arrangement.

Dani watched as Matthew entered the club with his arm around Michelle. She danced over to the couple and purposely bumped into Matthew. Matthew introduced Michelle and Dani. Dani went on about how she and Jeffrey had thought that Matthew had been making Michelle up. Michelle felt that she owed Dani an apology, because the way she'd acted had affected Dani as well.

A surprised Dani recognized that it was easier to be someone else over the phone, because not a lot of people who met online ended up meeting in person. She was happy that Matthew and Michelle were working things out, and they both agreed. Matthew took Michelle to the dance floor, and Dani watched as he put his hand on her waist. She made a beeline for the bar and ordered a stiff drink.

Dani watched Matthew and Michelle dance closely, and Nikki set down the drink. Dani walked away toward the exit. Nikki called out that someone needed to pay for the drink, but Dani was already gone. Nikki shrugged and took a sip of the drink. Dani was surprised to bump into Arturo. He wondered where she was going, and she responded, "Anywhere but here." He told her to stay and offered his hand. She took it, and the two ended up sitting at a table together.

Dani continued to watch Matthew and Michelle grow closer. Arturo looked at Matthew and stated that Matthew was still uncertain, even though Dani thought that Matthew was "drooling all over" Michelle. Arturo continued that all one would ever want to know was in the eyes. Dani wondered what he saw in her eyes. "Sadness," he said. "Well, look who's talking," she replied.

Matthew and Michelle danced closely. They shared a kiss. Matthew smiled and offered to walk her home. The two left holding hands.

A short while later, Dani and Arturo talked about Briana. He told a story about how Briana had wanted fish painted on her nails because she'd liked Swedish Fish but how she'd hated real fish. He related that the fish on her nails had been chipped when he'd gone to identify her body, apparently from clawing at the ground. Dani didn't think it was a good idea to keep talking about Briana, and she got up.

Dani thought better of it and said that there was something she needed to tell Arturo. She revealed that, the night Briana had died, she'd been with another, older man at Shelter. Arturo pressed her for answers about the man, but Dani didn't know anything. Clearly upset, he thanked her for having a drink with him, and he left.

Nora and Bo sat at the table with Nora's computer and a microphone. The caller on her radio show was crying about how she'd just left her home, husband, and kids. "Are you sure you can handle this one?" Bo asked her. "I have to," Nora replied.

Outside of the coffee shop, Destiny and Jeffrey ate ice cream. Matthew and Michelle walked up and joined the two, who were listening to Nora's radio show. The crying woman was telling Nora about how she and her husband, who both worked two jobs, had three kids. Between work and the kids, the woman and her husband were both tired and fought all the time. She hadn't been able to take it anymore and had left.

Nora told the woman that she'd been there before. Nora asked if the woman loved her husband. "Of course, since we were seventeen," she responded. Destiny and Matthew locked eyes as the woman talked about how she and her husband hadn't planned a family, but he was a good father. Nora informed the woman that she'd done something every mother thought about doing.

Nora wondered where the husband was. When the woman told her that he was in bed, she and Nora laughed over the fact that she'd left her husband while he was asleep. Nora instructed her to "go home, climb into bed, give him a big squeeze, and talk to him in the morning." She continued that the woman needed to tell him everything she'd told Nora. The woman felt better and thanked Nora.

Bo told Nora that she was incredible. Nora had recognized that the woman only needed support. Bo thought that Nora needed to keep doing the radio show. Nora warned him that he was going to give her a "big head."

Jeffrey told Matthew that Nora was "a rock star." Destiny needed to go back to work, so she said goodbye and left. Jeffrey had work to do, so he got up to leave. He related how Nora's show made him want to tell everyone everything that was on his mind. He said goodbye and left.

Friday, July 5, 2013

New episodes of One Life to Live now air on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. Each week's new episodes are made available on Mondays. In an effort to keep the recaps as consistent as possible, we will continue to post the recaps under Tuesday and Thursday, as they had originally been posted.

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