One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 24, 2000 on OLTL

Cristian and Jessica taped Asa's confession regarding Will. Max planned to divorce Blair. Bo wouldn't forgive Nora. Renee learned that Max had been faking his brain injury. Jessica, Cristian, Bo, Nora, John, and Will were caught on a train that derailed. Nora had the tape.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 24, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, April 24, 2000

Cristian and Jessica went to see Asa to tell him that they just got engaged. Asa told Cristian to stay away from Jessica. He promised to take care of her and not to hurt her again. Jessica told Asa that he was right about Will and that she should have never got involved with him in the first place. Jessica told Asa that Will was using her to get to her family's money and asked him to help get Roseanne away from Cristian. Asa asked how he can help her. She said the same way you got rid of Will. Asa told Jessica that Will would do anything for you, even steal, that's why it was so easy to set him up. He said he would make a couple of phone calls and that he needed some time. Asa did not know that she was taping the conversation.

Max told Blair that she was his enemy. Blair told Max that Renee was the one who told Cristian where Asa was. Max asked Renee if she told Cristian where Asa was and she said if Asa set Will up he deserves what he gets. Renee told Max that she knows what he Asa capable of . She said if he did do this thing that he walked way over the line and he is not the same person I married.

Sam said to Will that he will find away to get him free. He told Will that if he was going to make it through this he would need stay focused on the people he loved and have faith in God and himself. Will told Sam he was scared and he said he was too.

Nora showed up at the gallery to tell Lindsay and Bo that she could not get Sam out of jail. Bo told Nora that he would be on the train with Will and she said she was going with them. Lindsay said to Nora that her son is going to prison and all you can see is another way to get to Bo. Nora said she was working on Will's behalf and that she did not regard a train ride to prison a pleasure cruise for her and Bo. Lindsay said, you would do anything to hurt me. My baby, remember you thought this child was going to come between you and Bo so you killed it. You and I got into a fight and I lost it. Nora said she wanted Bo to have that baby. You have not begun to feel the pain I felt, but you will, said Lindsay. Nora said you wanted me to lose a child and that's why you took Matthew.

Bo went to the judge about Will's case. He said that case was closed. Bo said he investigated the case and all the evidence was there, but it did not make any sense. He asked the judge why he over turned the plea bargin. He said he handed down the sentence he thought was right. You thought or my father thought, Bo asked. The judge said, you are close to crossing a line you dont want to cross unless you'd like to share a cell with Sam Rappaport. Bo told him that Asa was the one who got him elected.

Renee told Blair that Max is doing Asa's dirty work and that she does not know what happened to her family. Blair said to Renee that Max has made her a bigger fool as he has done to her. Blair said Max is a liar and a cheat, we both know that. Renee told Blair that she wanted her and Max back together and that she is good for him. Blair said there is no brain damage, Renee, he has been faking it.

Melanie was out on the docks when she got a phone call from someone who kept asking her what she did that night and she told them it does not matter. Then she bumped into John Sykes and he said, I met you before at that Inn. What are you doing here, he asked. She said she was looking for someone, but had changed her mind.

Tuesday, April 25, 2000

In Sam's jail cell, Bo talks to him. They both worry about how Lindsay will handle everything. Bo also tells Sam that he tried talking to Judge Simmons, who denied any dealings with Asa. Sam is still very upset about everything, and he screams at Bo, mostly about what Bo's father has done to his family. Ben arrives with Nora and stops Sam's tirade, telling Sam that going after Bo won't do Will any good. Sam knocks down the cot in the cell and angrily throws things around. Nora watches this and asks to be let in. She goes into the cell and comforts Sam. Ben decides to go try to change the judge's mind about throwing Sam in jail, and he leaves. Sam apologizes to Bo for what he said about his family. Bo leaves to pick up Will.

Alone, Nora asks Sam not to give up hope. Sam tells her that he had thought he could work a miracle for Will, but he was wrong. He keeps learning the same lesson over and over again--you can't always make what you want happen, no matter how much you might wish it. Nora agrees, saying that she watched her entire life come crumbling down, and there wasn't anything she could do about it. Sam admits that he doesn't know what he can believe in anymore, and Nora tells him that he can believe in her. They share a kiss. Sam pulls back, thinking that it is time for Nora to go. Nora says that she has a few minutes. She asks him if she is right in believing that the wall that came up between them is starting to come down. Sam agrees that it has come down a little, but the reason it went up in the first place is still there. Nora says that she still has some things she needs to figure out and settle, but she will soon. She tells him to remember that she loves him. Sam says that he loves her, too, now and forever. They agree to talk when Nora gets back, and she leaves.

At the hotel in Baltimore, Cristian and Jessica talk outside of Asa's suite. Jessica wonders if the tape is enough to get Will off. Max grabs the tape and says that it probably is, and it's too bad no one will ever hear it. Cristian and Max struggle over the tape. Asa comes out upon hearing the commotion. Max informs Asa of Jessica's real reasons for coming to the hotel. Asa is clearly hurt that his granddaughter could do this to him. Cristian goes after Max for the tape again. Asa intercepts it and takes the tape out of the recorder. Despite Jessica's desperate pleas for him to give her the tape, Asa throws it and the recorder out the window. Defeated, Cristian and Jessica leave.

In an alley outside of the hotel, Cristian and Jessica search furiously for the tape. Cristian finds it, and they hurry to try to bring it back to Llanview.

At Llanfair, Viki reads a web site listing the side effects of chemotherapy. She is upset by what she reads. When Melanie calls, Viki asks her to come over to talk. She does, and Viki openly discusses her fears and thoughts with the doctor. Viki feels that she should be able to deal with this. She goes on to explain what is going on with her daughter's friend and admits that she is worried about Jessie. It's just another thing that she has no control over. Viki asks Melanie to help her remove the bandages to see what she looks like now. Viki is still upset about it, but Melanie assures her that she will feel better and more comfortable with who she is soon. Melanie also offers her the advice that there is no time like the present, and she mentions the man who called out to Viki at Cherryvale. Viki tells Melanie that she and Ben have a lot of things standing in their way.

Melanie, who seems to be thinking of her own life, says that it must be like most things in life, which are more complicated than they look. Viki comments that it is interesting how even though they don't know each other that well, Melanie has become a friend. Melanie tells her that she feels the same way. Viki then outlines the story about how she met Ben. It was like a fantasy how she just connected with him. Viki notices Melanie's reaction to her story. Melanie tells her about how she met an amazing man by accident, and they just connected, with no baggage to get in the way. She wonders if he was even real. However, she can't look for him. Sadly she says that sometimes fantasies are better left unexplained.

Ben and Kevin try talking to Judge Simmons, asking why he handed down such a harsh sentence for Will. The judge refuses to answer their questions because there is nothing he or anyone else can do, since Will ruined his life all on his own. Kevin tells the judge that he has some information that may cause him to reconsidered. Ben breaks in and says that Sam should be allowed to go on the train with his son. Kevin tells the judge that he has to call in an order for Sam to be released. He shows the judge files which he says contain printouts listing all of the judge's connections with Asa. The judge openly tells them of his social connections with Asa. Kevin adds something the judge didn't admit to--the fact that Asa has been the greatest contributor to all of Simmons' campaigns. Also, most of the sentences Simmons has handed down in the last 20 years directly affect Asa's holdings positively. Kevin comments that in Simmons' position, even the suggestion of impropriety can do as much damage as the real thing. And if Simmons doesn't want his face plastered all over the front page of his paper every day, he should let Sam out.

At the gallery, Will arrives to find Lindsay packing. She tells him that she bought a few things to help him get started. Will explains that he is not allowed to bring any personal belongings to Statesville. He is surprised when Lindsay tells him that he is not going to prison. She wants him to run away until he is found innocent. Will attempts to convince her that it is not a good idea for him to flee. She screams at him for being so stupid. She quickly apologizes in tears, but Will says that he agrees. He was stupid. Lindsay insists that she didn't mean a word of what she said. She just got upset because she loves him and is scared for him. Will admits that he's scared, too. They hug, and Bo arrives with John. Lindsay cries as they tell her it's time to go.

Later, it is almost midnight when Bo, John, Lindsay, and Will arrive at the train station. Lindsay tells Bo that she doesn't think she'll be able to take it. Will waits in chains as the announcer calls for everyone to board the train.

Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Renee confronts Max about faking his brain damage. She tells him that she can't believe one word he says, because everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Max tries to convince Renee that he was only lying to protect her feelings, but she is unconvinced. Renee wants to know who the real son is and blames Max for fuelling Asa's feud against the Rappaports. When she informs Max that she is going to spill the beans to Asa, Max replies that doing so would only be admitting that she had been lying to Asa too!

Roseanne and Antonio both show up at the police station to give their statement about R.J.'s claim against Bo. R.J. reminded Roseanne not to mess with him. When Roseanne asked Antonio where Cris was he told her he was with Jessica. Roseanne threatens to take the diner away if Cris won't live up to his end of the agreement. In response, Antonio asked her if keeping the diner would bring her love or happiness. Later, Roseanne found a picture of her and Antonio together and decided to send it to Andy.

At the train station, Lindsay can't say goodbye to Will. Finally Bo says it is time for Will to go. He promises Lindsay he will take care of her son. Bo, Nora, Sykes and Will board the train. Nora tells Bo she thinks this will be a good opportunity for them to talk about "things." At a later stop, Jess and Cris board the train with Asa's taped confession. They are shocked to learn that Will stills has to go to Statesville. Nora informs them that they will have to go to court again for another trial and submit the tape as evidence. Further down the tracks, a truck is stalled at the train crossing!

Thursday, April 27, 2000

Asa's Mansion

Blair insists that Ben can't leave until Renee "knows the whole story." While Max and Ben think Blair is playing games, she threatens Max, "If you don't tell, I will." Max doesn't want to "drag" Ben into their problems, Renee doesn't understand "what Ben has to do with this" and Ben doesn't want any part of this family because "I'm trying to get my brother through this night. I don't need you dragging me over here for false emergencies." Max decides to settle things with Blair in private but when Blair balks he simply tosses her over his shoulder and carries her upstairs. When Ben tries to leave, Renee asks him to stay because "we need to talk...about the truth." Renee apologizes for "everything Max has done" and berates herself because she "should have known...I should have put a stop to it...all these horrible things wouldn't have was all Max's lies." Renee realizes that Ben knew about Max faking his brain damage and thinks it explains why Ben delayed helping Asa in the stable when he had his heart attack. Ben admits that he had been trying to use the fact to get Asa to drop the charges against Will but "I'm not proud of that...I didn't even know who I was." Renee tells him she knows who he's not: "You're not the cold-hearted S.O.B. Asa and Max wanted to turn you into." Later, Renee and Ben bond when she confesses that "I should have had the guts to keep my baby...I would be looking at the man I raised right now and I'd be so proud." Ben reassures her, "You did what you thought was the right're an incredible woman...and mother. Anyone but Max would have treasured you." They share a hug and Renee wonders, "Part of my family is trying to destroy all of your family and you're sitting here being so kind to's amazing, how do I feel so connected to you?"

Upstairs, Max throws Blair on the bed and demands to know, "What happened to you? What happened to my wife? What happened to the woman I loved for so long that I couldn't draw a breath unless she was near me?" Blair wonders if Max just expects her to "sit here until you come home from your side action with the red-headed tramp? I'll destroy you first." Max insists that he did nothing with Skye because "I'm in love with you. I've always been in love with you." Blair doesn't believe in Max's love for her and doesn't want to share in any blame for his schemes against Asa. Max decides his next course of action has to be "something more permanent" and informs Blair that he intends to put their marriage "out of its misery" and will file divorce papers first thing in the morning.

Lindsay's Gallery

Lindsay informs Sam that she has "no intention of learning how to live with the things Nora does...especially since everything she does takes something away from me." Sam wants to be Lindsay's friend, "I'd like to comfort you but I can't as long as you're attacking Nora." He decides to go home and spend the night with Matthew, but when Lindsay asks if she can come, too, he is forced to be harsh with her: "Absolutely not...I don't want you anywhere near Matthew...not again." Sam doesn't buy the "bull" Lindsay tries to shovel about taking Matthew: "You took our baby to scare the living hell out of me and Nora and you succeeded...Matthew will not be a pawn in this little war between you and Nora...I don't want you anywhere near him until it's over." Lindsay is shocked that Sam could believe she would ever hurt a baby and blames Nora for influencing this opinion. Sam is dismayed that Lindsay can't let go of her vendetta, "You blame Nora for everything that's wrong in your need shouldn't have to handle this by yourself." Of course, this doesn't sit well with Lindsay; she accuses Nora of making him think she is "nuts" and demands that Sam leave immediately.

Midnight Train to Statesville (via Cherryvale)

Will thanks Jessica and Cristian for getting the "amazing" taped confession of Asa but Jess wishes it would have done some good. She can't believe how calm Will is about his impending imprisonment and promises to make it easier by writing and visiting often. Will urges Jessica to "forget about me" but Jessica thinks this is because he feels he won't survive prison so she suggests they help him escape. Will explains that his mother already made that suggestion and he didn't go then because he couldn't face never seeing her again and "it's too late now." While Jessica dozes, Cristian asks Sykes if he can speak to Will alone. Cris offers to have Antonio "put the word out" to his gang contacts doing time in Statesville and Will gratefully accepts. Will asks Cris to "take care of Jess...make her happy..." and Cristian promises that he "won't let anyone hurt her...I'll take care of her, I swear."

Standing in the vestibule between two train cars, Nora and Bo pull back from their embrace and Bo hands the tape recorder to Nora. Bo expresses his regrets about the unfairness of what Asa did to Will but Nora offers that Will is strong and will survive Statesville; however, "there's more going on here than us being worried about Will." Bo doesn't want to "go there...we're taking Will to prison, isn't that painful enough for one night?" Nora doesn't want their discussion to be painful, "I want it to be healing for both of us." Bo wants Nora to simply "ignore" her feelings for him but finally gives in and agrees to talk. "You want to have a catharsis on a train? Maybe some healing moments? Let's do that. You go ahead and start. What are these feelings?" Nora spits out, "A part of me still loves you, Bo. It's as simple as that, and as complicated as that, and you know what else? I know that a part of you still loves me." Bo admits that he loved Nora "passionately" when they were together but "that's in the has nothing to do with the future. There's no reason to talk about it. You've got to move on." An exasperated Nora cries out, "I have tried...I want to give my heart to Sam...I feel like an idiot, or worse...knowing that I love Sam and I still can't get over you...I know I'm a mess but I don't think I'm the only one...I should be able to leave you alone but I can't help me wacko." Bo smiles at this thought and assures Nora, "You're not're just - you." When Nora asks Bo what to do, he replies, "We find you a way through this because we both know that there's no going back...just too much has happened." Bo reiterates that he is sure this is how he feels and a light goes on for Nora: "You're still angry with me...You haven't forgiven me for blowing the whole thing up...Will you ever be able to forgive me?" Bo wonders if forgiveness is what "this whole thing is about?" Nora agrees that it is, she needs to make things right, but Bo doesn't think it should matter that much. Nora disagrees, "It matters...I slept with Sam and everything went to hell..." Bo surprises Nora by saying that he feels "it started before that or that never would have happened...there's no need to dredge it up." Nora, however, feels the need: "Maybe that's why I keep running around in circles trying to make everything right in your life...What we had was so special and I know it ended because of what I did...I really need you to forgive me so that I can move on with my life." But Bo can't offer Nora what she needs, "I was incredibly angry and if I could have gotten through that and found a way to forgive you, I would have...It's not that easy...I wish it was. I wish I could just get past it all and then it would be easy for me and it would be easier for you." A tearful Nora asks Bo what she is supposed to do. "Forgive yourself...that's all you really need anyway...I'm sorry, Red." Nora turns and enters the front car of the train while Bo joins the others in the rear car.

Jessica awakens when Bo sits down beside her and expresses her fears for Will to her uncle. "I'm never gonna see him again, am I? Once he goes in, he's never gonna come out...I feel so bad...I was so mean to him...I swore I would never forgive him." With this hitting too close to home for Bo, he interrupts to remind Jessica that "Will wasn't guiltless" but Jessica is undeterred. "It took me so long to get over him...but if I lose him forever then I never even knew what we could have."

Sitting alone, Nora takes the tape out of the recorder and places it in her coat pocket. Missing Matthew when she looks at a photo of the two of them, she decides to call home. Nora is surprised when Sam answers the phone but is eager to share her news about Asa's taped confession, which she now possesses. Sam is encouraged when Nora assures him that "we're gonna be able to get him out, I just know it" and is glad to hear her opinion of Will, "He's holding up better than the rest of us. You'd be really proud." Sam holds the phone up to Matthew's ear and Nora tells him, "I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. You're my little treasure. I'm so glad I have you...just remember that I love you." Nora's phone goes dead as the lights dim in the train car.

Outside, the gates have come down on the stalled car at the train crossing. The lights are flashing. A train whistle is heard. The driver gets out and tries to push the car off the tracks but when he can't move it, he gives up and jumps out of the way of the oncoming train.

Later, Bo is the first to come to after the train wreck. He calls 911 and reports the derailment 5 miles from Cherryvale. He finds John Sykes injured from a tree branch that came through a window and applies a compress to the wound. Cristian comes to and calls out for Jessica. Bo and Cris help her up; Jess calls out to Will when she sees him unconscious and trapped under fallen luggage racks and seat parts. Will comes to and complains of his head hurting. John Sykes smells leaking fuel and has Bo evacuate the train. To make it easier to move Will, Bo gives Jessica the keys to unlock his shackles while he rushes to find Nora in the other train car. With a flashlight, Bo searches among the injured for Nora. The light shines on the photo of Nora and Matthew which is now torn and sits among broken glass. Bo discovers an unconscious and bleeding Nora trapped underneath seat cushions and other debris.

Later, outside the train, Cristian is watching over John Sykes while Jessica helps Will out of the train. Jessica encourages Will to take his "last chance to gotta run for it...this is happening for a reason...this could be your chance to live...take the chance."

Sam and Nora's House

Sam is trying to get Matthew to fall asleep, to no avail. A worried Sam tries to convince himself by promising Matthew that there is "nothing to worry about...I would never let anyone...harm a hair on your head...try to dream...dream about Will...dream about Mom coming back and sitting here right next to us...dreaming may be the only way we can get through this night."

Friday, April 28, 2000

The Docks

Sophia is walking Wally (Rae's dog)and she hears a noise. She screams out she's a cop with a gun and a very mean dog who would attack on command. Then her supposed attacker turns out to be Rae. Sophia smiles and runs to her to give her a hug. Then Rae bends down to pet Wally.

Sophia told Rae she inspired her to be a cop. Rae told her it was probably her brother's death that did it. Rae told her she was anxious to see Sykes and admitted to her that she wants more than friendship from him. She said he needs to help her.

Sophia tells Rae alot of people need her advice. Rae said to tell her in the car while they head down to the police station so she could wait for John. Sophia tells her she needs a thick book for the wait because he escorted Will Rappaport to Statesville. Rae said the train derailed and they must hurry.

Nora's House

Lindsay gets to Sam frantically and tells him about the train crash. She prays Will's okay while Sam calls to check on the train crash's status.

Lindsay starts crying saying she can't lose another child. Lindsay tells Sam to call Nora back, but he receives her voice mail.

Sam had the babysitter come over to take care of Matthew so they could leave. They were walking out to take the 2hr drive to Cherryville where the crash is when Ben showed up at the door. Sam asked if he knew what happened. He said yes & he knew some doctors out there. Sam asked him to go and told Lindsay now she could stay & man the phones now. (So much for leaving Matt with her ever again) She told him that Will's her son and she's going. Ben agreed, so Sam had no choice, so they all left together.


Sam, Lindsay, and Ben were pushed into a lobby with other relatives from the crash by a cop. They saw the firetruck from there and Lindsay was panicking again. Sam said he was free and told Ben about the tape. "Is he?" asked Lindsay. "If he could get through this first", she said as Sam comforted her.

Sam tells Ben that Lindsay's coping skills has diminished from this past year, with all that she had to deal with. Sam tells Ben he can't lose his son like this and the woman he had loved half of his life.

Crash Site

Jess is trying to convince Will to run and reminds him that his shackels are off so there's nothing holding him back. Will said no. Jess reminded him it'll take too long to clear him and in the meantime he'll be in Statesville. He asked where he should go. She said she doesn't know, anywhere. Chris is putting pressure on Sykes' shoulder and spots Will and Jess. He leaves once the medics come and said he saved Skyes' life. Dr. Melanie shows up with them. (I guess the surgeon volunteers as a medic on time off.) Jess tells Will he's not running from anything, he's running towards his freedom. (What about paying for the $35,000 he did take?)

Bo finds Nora and she's coming to. Nora screams out claiming she can't move. Bo screams for help and no one listens. "Am I gonna die in here?" asked Nora. "This'll be like New Years Eve except I'm going to do all the work," said Bo, trying to figure a way out of this one. Bo tries to move Nora, but she screams out in agony "my back!" she says then passes out. Bo then notices the fuel seeping in the train car near Nora.

Jess hands Will money and tells him to escape. Chris shows up and tells him if he's gonna go to go now. Jess asks how did he know. Chris said he knows how she thinks. Then he gave Will the few dollars he had. Will thanked him and was about to escape, till he passes out. (Looked more like he tripped.)

A fireman finally replies to Bo's cry for help and he tells Bo that the fuel tank is really bad. Bo tells him to get more help. Nora, on her death floor, decide to tell Bo her last truth for him. "Lindsay was really pregnant when she told you at your wedding day. But she lost it at the Garrett that night when I went to see you, remember?" she said.

Bo told Nora they'll talk about this when they get outside. She said she isn't gonna get outside. "Forgive Lindsay. Forgive yourself. Promise me! Promise me." she cries out. "I promise. I'll get you out of here." he said as she passes out again.

Will's finally up and says he's dizzy. Jess and Will then decide to hide him. The fireman said Nora's in a high risk situation. Bo said he'll take that risk. The fireman leaves for men. Bo then sees Jess and Chris walking Will out and he just looks on.

Bo tells the Chief fireman that he's from the Llanview PD and asks for help. (He's suspended as commissioner, but he is still an officer from Llanview PD? I see why he's on the train to speak with the warden, but is he there as an esort or did he pay as a passenger?) The fire chief said he doesn't have access to the equipment they need to get her out & once the fuel tank blows, they wouldn't be able to put out the fire. Bo snatches the radio from him and calls in others to help who are in the area. Nora is now praying for her daughter, then baby, then Sam; still with her eyes closed.

Bo grabs the "jaws of life" from one of the firemen and goes in after Nora. He yelled it was too late and tried to hold him back, but Bo pushed him off and tried to go down the narrow walkway to Nora until an explosion blasted him backwards from the direction of where Nora was. (And she is supposed to survive that?)

Asa's House

Renee and Ben are still on the couch talking. She confesses to him that she liked him the moment she laid eyes on him. "It must be our common bond," she exclaims as she smiles at Ben. Renee said she can't change Asa's mind, but she does want to help him get his medical license back by speaking to the medical board on his behalf. He said no. He said it doesn't do anything for him anymore. Renee thought he wouldn't want to see her anymore because she was a Buchanan and the Buchanan's destroyed his family. "No, you'll always be a part of my life because of who you are," said Ben. "How? If Asa's your sworn enemy?" asked Renee curious about his comment. "I can't hold your marriage against you, after all, I married Skye. I don't blame you for Asa. You are apart of my life because I plan on making a life here and you are a good person. Renee told him she admired him.

Max's bedroom

Blair asks why Max wants a divorce. "We don't have a marriage, we have a wrestling match... we don't have passion for anything but revenge," replied Max. Max starts to walk out, "You can't divorce me," said Blair after him. He turns around and grabs her, "give me one good reason why I shouldn't." Blair pleads to him that she doesn't want one and holds him caressing him. "I know I've tortured you Max," she nestled in his neck and smelled his collar, "but-," she pushes away, "not nearly enough from Skye's perfume, your smirks, or nearly enough from your big fat lies," she said wiping her nose as tears start to roll. Max walks in the room and closes the door. "When I'm done with you then I'll toss you aside," she said. "What do you want because it's sure not me," he said. "Oh, I want you Max, just as much as you want me," she said. "That little," Max replied. (ouch!) She smirked. "You may not want me, but you are stuck with me. No one's going to file for a divorce around here except for me!" she said walking to the door. "but first I've got too much to do." He told her he'll file in the morning and there's nothing she could do about it. "I could tell Asa everything. And I mean EVERY-THING!! I may not be able to stop you from dumping me, but I could sure make you sorry as hell for doing it." Max walks out passed her. "I HATE YOU! I'LL ALWAYS HATE YOU! Till death do us part!" Blair said after him.


Max opens the double doors to the living room and asking about Ben. Renee told him, "Dr. Davidson and I had a wonderful conversation," she said. "Don't you mean ex-dr?", he said as he walked up to her. She laughed. "Now Max, don't be so modest, you not only took his job away from him, you stole his entire identity." (Did that hurt Maxie? Does the truth sting a little?) He swallowed hard. "Did he tell you that?" "It's your fault he lost his life!" she said. "What are you going to do about it?"

Max called out "mom" once she turned around. She looked at him with disgust and told him to never call her that again. She said she once allowed him to when she thought it meant something to him, but there is only one man who deserves to say that name, "Who is he Max?" "I don't know," he said. "You're lying. But that's okay. Asa and I could just pick up where we left off in finding our son till we were so rudely interrupted." Max asked why does she want to ruin what was so good with them. She said she doesn't want it because it's a lie. She said it became it once she found out he could conterfeit his feelings like his birth certificate. "Are you gonna tell Asa?" he asked. "Well, he gets home tomorrow morning.... stay tuned," Renee said as she walked out on him. He went to to the desk to lean on it in frustration. (Just in case, get your bags ready Maxie!) Blair comes down as they both look at each other.

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