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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 24, 2000 on GL
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Monday, April 24, 2000

In San Cristobel:
The guest saw the show of Cassie from Teaser's. Richard ordered the television off. Cassie was humiliated and ran off. Richard called the network and orders the show off the air.
Richard pounds on Cassie's door and asks to speak to her. She tells him to go away. Two reporters come and attack Richard with questions. They ask if stripping was all Cassie was in to or if it went further. He makes them leave. Richard begs her to open the door. She says, "It was supposed to be a fairytale." And opened the door and held her. Cassie tells him that she wants to crawl in a hole and hide. Cassie is worried about Tammy and her friends teasing her at school. Richard tells her that they don't have a fantasy, it is real and this will not stop them. She tells him that she can't cause him anymore embarrassment. She starts to take her ring off. He tells her that he will pull rank on her and order her to keep it on. He said he doesn't care where she has been or what she has done only who she is now. And he is going to marry her no matter what. Cassie said that she couldn't walk away from him because she loves him so much. He says, "Thank God!" He tells her that they had to go clean up a little downstairs. She tells him that she has to clean it up, since it is her mess. He wants to help. She thinks it is her battle to fight. She wants to tell the people her story, the real story. Richard said he would set up a time for her to tell her story. Cassie said that was fine and that they needed to go tend to their guests. Richard said he wanted to be there by her side always.

At Tower's:
Michelle is showing Ruth's picture around. No one knows her. She is getting aggravated. Claire comes in. She asks Michelle if they could talk. Michelle is upset. She doesn't want to talk to her. Michelle tells Claire that she is 22 years late. Claire tells her that she wants to say her peace and then she would go.
She told Michelle that it hurt when she said she didn't want anything to do with her. Michelle told her that she didn't understand that. Claire wanted to know if she had any questions about her adoption. Michelle said she had no questions, but Claire didn't believe her. Claire told her about how she was a great doctor that could do anything, but having a child scared her and she spared her by giving her to Maureen. Claire told her that she wasn't a good person back then and she had a lot of regrets. She told Michelle that the best thing she ever did was giving her to a woman that would love her with all her heart.
Rick and Harley walk in. They sit at the bar and talk. They joke around and talk about Phillip. Harley talks about how different Phillip has been since the plane crash in San Cristobel . She tells Rick that she thinks she knows why and would like to run the idea by him. Harley thinks that the virus was what Phillip's problem was, he had been sick all that time. They talk awhile until Harley sees Claire and tells Rick that Claire is sitting over with Michelle.
Claire told Michelle that she had to push her out of her mind when she gave her to Ed and Maureen and never see her again. But all that changed when she saw her at the airport. Claire gave her a number and told her to call her if she needed help. She said that she didn't expect it but she hopes she would call her. Michelle wanted to know why Claire came back there. Rick and Harley came up and wanted to know the same thing. Rick took Claire aside and told her that she always went to far and she had to stop. Claire only wants to help.
Harley and Michelle talk. Harley told her about her mom and Susan. Michelle told her that Susan came looking for her, not the other way around. She said that when Maureen died, her mom died.

At the Lockhart house:
Noah and Reva tend to Charlie. He told them that her name is Charlie Jones and they asked where his mom was. He said she was at work and that the babysitter would be there shortly. Reva said she was going to take Charlie home until his mom gets back. Noah told her that was kidnapping and he didn't want to end their date by having to bail her out.
Ruth comes in. She wants to know who Reva is. They told her and Ruth said they are fine now and they should leave. The police came in. They asked Ruth her name. Ruth told them it was "Ruth Jones." Apparently the neighbors called. Ruth panicked and told the cops that Reva ran her son down. Ruth explains what happened and the cops arrest her for child neglect. Ruth begs Reva and Noah to help her. Reva asked if it was necessary to arrest her. Ruth screamed that it was God's punishment for what she had done. She said she was sorry to her son and the cops drug her out.

At the Hospital:
Drew is upset when Jesse flatlines. She cries all over him and tells him goodbye. A kiss later, he was back. The monitors responded. Drew said it was a miracle and yelled out that Jesse was alive. She held onto him and called for the doctor. Jesse came to. The doctor said he was a lucky man. Drew told him that it was a miracle from God. Drew told Jesse that they got a second chance. The doctor asked Drew to stay there while he went somewhere. Jesse talked to Drew and told her that he felt like he was dying and he heard her calling him. He told her that she made him come back. He couldn't leave her.
Selena, Max, and Buzz come in. Everyone is glad to see Jesse awake. They wish him well and said they would leave him to rest. Jesse asked them all to stay. Drew said she had been thinking about the past few months lately and all the bad things that had happened. She said she hadn't taken one second to think about the good times and all the good people in her life. She hugs everyone. They joke around a little and vow to celebrate having each other. Jesse tells Drew that he still wants to marry her. She was happy. Jesse asked Selena if she still didn't mind and she said that would be great. Buzz said they had to talk about a few things before they discussed marriage. Buzz told them their lives were so serious and they have had a rough time lately but marriage is a very serious thing. He doesn't know if the two of them knew how to have fun. They have to promise to dance with each other forever. Jesse promised. Then it was Drew's turn. She had to promise to get on Jesse's' motorcycle with him and forget everything else. She promised. Buzz pronounced them ready to be married. They kissed.

Tuesday, April 25, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Cassie tells Richard how much his support means to her. He thinks she should take a little time and then address the people her own way. She tells him that she needs to do it now. She thinks they should address their guests that evening. An aide comes to the door and tells Richard that his guests are getting anxious. Richard tells him what their plans are and the aide told them that it was political suicide and they should rethink their strategy. He tells them that the people will never accept Miss Layne as their princess now and Richard's brother will have a chance to take over the throne. Richard knows his brother is behind this somehow and says he should crush him for doing this to Cassie. Richard says they do need to do some damage control and leaves with the aide for a moment. Tammy comes into Cassie's bedroom and wants to see the tape of their special evening. Cassie and Tammy sit down to talk, she tells Tammy everyone makes mistakes, and she made on a big one she needs to tell her about it. She asks if she remembers being put in foster care, she needed a lot of money to hire a lawyer and she had to get a bad job, she tells her about what she did and how she was embarrassed and ashamed, but she did not think she had any choice. She tells Tammy she does not want her to be anything like her, she should respect herself. Richard overhears a little and comes in and tells Tammy she should respect herself but he hopes she grows up just like her mother, he tells her someone tried to embarrass her mother thinking it would drive a wedge between them but it will only bring them closer. Richard tells Tammy they have to ignore anything bad anyone says about her mom. They have to talk about it. He tells her they are a family and they will all be there for each other. Tammy yawns and they send her to bed. Cassie tells him he was wonderful. He wants to know if she still wants to go downstairs, she does and wants him to know that she doesn't think she could love him more. He says he will find out who did this and when he does God help them. Richard and Cassie are ready to go back to the party; he assures her that the people will understand. She tells them if they don't he could tar and feather them. He says they don't do that anymore, but he would challenge each of them to a dual, he would fight the whole world for her. They go in but the room is empty.

At Casa Santos:
Carman's goon brings Edmund into the basement where Carmen is waiting, he tells her he loves her, calls her sweetheart and will never do it again, and his hands are tied. She throws a drink in his face. Edmund tells Carmen he did not hang her out at Towers, she says it was not the first time, she begged him to help when she was in the hospital. He asks what would it have accomplished if he had gone to the hospital, it would only call their association to light. He says Beth and Alan like him and he needs them to accomplish his goals. She yells at him about how he deserted her. He says everyone deserts you it is a right of passage in Springfield. Carmen says she wanted to punish Edmund, he says she is out of control. He stands up and shows her that he has untied himself. He tells her that he has been untied for the last 10 minutes and stayed not because he was forced to but because he wanted to. He wants to be with her. He tells her that she needs him and to come to him. Carmen says that he will just hurt her just like everyone else does. He touches her and kisses her. He asks if that hurts. He says do you want me to go? The two give away to their attractions.
Later, Edmund tells Carmen how he had made his final move against his brother tonight and he wants her with him when he takes his rightful place on the throne. She tells him he is a liar, that he turned on his brother he will turn on her but she doesn't care because he is there with her now.

At Towers:
Harley and Michelle continue to talk, Rick comes back and says Claire will not bother her again. Harley and Rick go off and have supper together. They talk and laugh and seem to have a great time together. Harley tells Rick that she and Claire have a lot in common they both gave up a baby. He talks about what happened with him and Claire, she does not want to talk about that, she wants to talk about Claire and Michelle. Rick says Claire uses people, and he does not want her anywhere near Michelle. . Rick thanks Harley for listening to all his stuff, Harley says this is the first time they have spent time alone, she is enjoying getting to know her husband's best friend, they are looking out for each other.
Danny comes into towers and is talking to Michelle, she tells him about Claire. Danny wants to know how Michelle feels about Claire coming back into her life. Michelle considers Maureen her mom and says she kept looking at Claire and seeing things that resembled her.
Danny talks to the bartender he says there is a maid who worked with Ruth that will talk to them after her shift. He tells Michelle about it. Danny's phone rings he talks to the maid she does not tell him anything. Danny tells Michelle he will tell Claire to leave her alone; Michelle says no she just seems like someone who is empty inside. She just wants their life back. They go over to the bar and get some tea. On the television above the bar is the police arresting Ruth Lockhart, but they miss the broadcast.

At Ruth Lockhart's:
Ruth is being taken out of the house by the police; Reva wants to know what she has done. One policeman takes Ruth and the other says he will take the child to Children's services Charlie bites the cops hand Ruth gets away and takes the one cops gun and goes back into the house with Charlie and continues to hold the gun. The cops say they have a major hostage situation. Noah wants to just leave, Reva says no she is going to go around to the back of the house and get in, Noah says that is a mistake, he does not want to help her and does not like how she is handling this, but he distracts the cops so she can get to the back door.

Outside, the house is surrounded with cops. They are going to use tear gas, Noah is upset, the cop wants to know where Reva is, there is a TV crew on the scene now. Ruth and Charlie talk about her leaving. Reva comes in Ruth points the gun at her telling her she will hurt her if she does not leave. Reva tries to get Ruth to put the gun down. She wants to know what she had done to be punished for. Reva says she wants to listen to her because she needs someone to listen. Reva says she will have to trust her because she is the only one who will be able to get her out. Reva asks about Charlie, Ruth says it was his heart, he had to have surgery. Ruth says it was expensive, and she had no choice. Reva says she is a good mother and a good person. Ruth says she is so tired, Charlie needs her and she is so tired but cannot say no to him. She says she never stops worrying, and she wants it to stop, she is trapped. Reva says she has to surrender and she has to trust her, the have to resolve this together, just walk out together and trust her. Ruth gives Reva the gun and the get ready to walk out together. Charlie, Ruth and Reva start out Reva says she will go first. They go to the door. Reva calls don't shoot and tells the cops that everything is ok, they are all coming out. Reva opens the door and starts out, they make her put up her hands, and put the spotlight on her. Reva says she told Ruth she would not be hurt. The cops promise no one will be hurt. They tell her to get the boy and bring him out first, Ruth must come out alone. The reporter starts reporting, and Reva goes after all of them. When they come out, the cops grab Ruth and handcuff her. Reva gets mad and tells them that they are being unfair. She gets up in the camera and tells the cameraman to look at Ruth. She is a woman who loves her son.

Wednesday, April 26, 2000

At the Lewis house:
Shayne, Marah and Josh come in. They yell out for Reva, who isn't home yet. Josh wonders where she is and tells the kids that he will wait with them until she gets in. Marah says it's ok to leave them alone since they have been alone before. Seeing Josh's concern, Marah took the initiative and made up a story about her mom telling them that she would be late. She said she was out with Noah and she just forgot about it. Josh doesn't know if he believes her or not, Marah hasn't been a paragon of honesty. Marah continues telling Josh that her mom was giddy like a schoolgirl and that the good doctor was taking her out of town tonight and she may not even come home that evening. Josh tells Marah that she is taking it so well since she took Olivia so hard. She explains that her mom was so sad about the breakup it was nice to see her happy again. Shayne gives Marah a look like what are you talking about? Josh wants to know if she is coming home tonight. Marah says she is not sure. She tells Josh he should go home and they will be fine. He continued questioning her and she said that Reva and Noah left first thing that morning. Josh confronts her with the information that he ran into Reva at Towers earlier and she didn't mention the date. Shayne says "Busted!" Marah looks caught. He tells them that they have to stop the stunts. Shayne wants to know if Josh is going to yell at them. He talks about how HB used to punish him with a switch and he couldn't sit down. They want to know if he is going to spank them, he says no. He wants to throw their drivers' licenses in the fireplace. They freak out but he says no he is not going to do that, he is going to do something worse. Make them talk to him like a human being about all of the things they have been up to concerning Olivia, Reva and him. She says they are hurt that he left them. He tells them he knows they are hurt because he was too. He tells them he has a life and he has to start moving forward. He is not just a dad, but also a person and there are things he has to do. He thinks he can make good choices on his own. Marah says, "Fine choose Olivia, but what if I don't want to choose her for our family? What if I refuse to accept her as part of the family?" Josh looks at his daughter and tells her, "If you can't accept her there is a big chance you can't accept me, Marah!" She looks stunned. Josh is not going to let Marah force him to make a choice between her and Olivia. Marah says probably because you don't know who to choose. Phone rings, it's Olivia. Josh tells her that it is not a good time. He tells her he has a situation to handle. She wants to know if she can help, he tells her he will call her back later. He tells the kids he doesn't want to argue anymore. They win, he can't take it anymore and he is leaving. Marah laughs when her dad storms out of the house and puts on his coat, which happened to be hers. He comes back in wearing a tiny pink coat and laughing. He got the wrong jacket. They laugh awhile. Olivia comes and rings the bell. She has cheesecake for everyone. He tells her that things are better now, that he is sorry and the dessert is a lovely gesture. He is glad to see her and he didn't want to leave things like they were. They kiss and Reva arrives with Ruth and Noah. Just then Marah yells for everyone to see Reva on TV. Everyone is wondering what she did!

At the Lockhart House:
Ruth is struggling with the cops. Reva telling them that they shouldn't have taken away her son. She says if they arrest Ruth, they have to arrest her too!
Noah stops her and tells her that she will be more help to Ruth out of jail then in. She told Noah that she promised to help Ruth. She admits she gets emotional in some situations and tells him that he can go if he wants. He reminds her that she is his ride. She doesn't want help from someone who thinks she is "irrational." He thinks she is crazy but also brave. She tells him that he can go to the station with her.

At the Hospital:
Jesse is asleep, Drew kisses him on forehead. He wakes up. Talk about being together for the rest of their lives. Drew wants him out of the hospital and back home. Jesse wants to know how Michelle and Danny are doing. They were there while he was sleeping. He wants to know if she talked to Michelle. She lied and said that she did and that it will take time, but they are rebuilding their friendship. He says that he knows she is lying to him. Drew tells him that Michelle and Danny weren't there and they haven't worked things out because she did unforgivable things and ruined the relationship between her and Michelle. She doesn't have a right to ask for her forgiveness. He says they are getting married soon so her problems are his problems. He wants to call Michelle. He got the phone and Michelle walked in the room before he could dial a number. She asks how he is. He asked her and Drew to work things out. Michelle says that they have talked already, and he says they need to talk again. Jesse said that almost dying changes your perspective in life. He knows that friends and family are what is important. He says that they used to be good friends and he wants them to go outside and work things out so that they can get past all this. Michelle says that it can't be fixed in an instant like that, but he wont back down. The girls go outside to talk. Danny is left alone with Jesse neither knows what to say! Danny breaks the ice with' "How you doing, Jesse? Ever wish you could change the past? " Jesse replies, "Everyday."
Drew says she heard Michelle went to turn herself in. Michelle tells her that she has 48 hours to clear her name. They have to find Ruth Lockhart and so she doesn't have time to play games with Drew. What games? Drew says. "Don't pretend you didn't put Jesse up to this." Michelle says. Drew tells her that it wasn't her idea, but that she does miss her. She also says she realizes there is nothing she can do to change things. Drew tells her that she was awful and she says she can't forgive herself and knows she may never want to speak to her again. Michelle says she doesn't want that, she just wants it all to be over. Michelle wants to know why everyone believed in her except Drew. Selena and Jesse backed her up, why not Drew? Why was she so quick to accuse her of murder? Drew tells her that it had nothing to do with her, it is all about herself. She says everyone that has ever been in her life has turned on her in the worst way and she knew things were too good, having a friend and a mom and a boyfriend and a brother, so something had to happen. Drew says she doesn't want to make excuses for her actions but suffice to say she expected Michelle to stab her in the back. She couldn't trust her because Michelle was so good to her. She tells her that she has all these insecurities. Everyone she cares about hurts her. Michelle assures her she wouldn't do that. Drew says you know how many people have promised that? Michelle says you thought I was next? Drew says when Ben died, everyone rallied around Michelle and no one supported her. Michelle says you accused me because everyone supported me? Drew says she was afraid of being alone again. Drew says she doesn't deserve a friend like Michelle. Michelle says she is not prepared to lose her best friends and tells her that she forgives her. Drew cries and Michelle comforts her. Michelle tells her she loves her and that they should go and check on their guys. Drew can't believe it and tells her that she will be there in a moment. Drew sees the news cast about Ruth Lockhart on the TV in the lobby. She runs into Jesse's room and tells Michelle and Danny that Ruth is at the police station! They ask if she is sure, and she says yes. They run to the station to find them. Drew is smiling and holding Jesse's hand. Drew tells Jesse that Michelle forgave her. Jesse tells her its because Michelle cares about her. Drew says she has her friend back and she hopes Ruth can help clear her.

At Tower's:
Claire bumps into Olivia. They are excited to see each other. They mention it being about four years since they met on a cruise. Olivia wants to sit with her and asks why she is in Springfield. Claire says she used to live here and trying to tie up some loose ends. Olivia is here because of two men. Followed one but stayed for another. But he can't seem to get over his ex. Claire is shocked that Olivia and Josh are together. Claire knew the infamous, "Reva and Josh" and how everyone thought they would die together. She tells Olivia that from what she remembers of Reva, Josh is a lot better off with Olivia. Olivia tells her that Josh says he is only interested in her, but she has a tendency to push. Claire seems to know that side of her personality. Olivia says she pushed too much tonight and so she is alone for the evening. Claire doesn't know about that and thinks Olivia should give him a call. Olivia calls, but has no luck. Claire tells her to go over to see him. She tells her never to remove her foot from the door. Claire tells her about Michelle and how she wants to reconcile with her daughter. Olivia is shocked to learn that Michelle was her kid. Claire tells her that she doesn't want to talk to her. Olivia tells her not to give up. Claire says she wont because Michelle is worth it! Olivia gets a cheesecake to take over to Josh and the kids.

At the Police Station:
Ruth wants Reva to tell Charlie that she loves him. Cop is annoyed to see Reva at the station. Noah wants to know how much bail is set for. That will be decided in the morning, she will stay in jail tonight. She wants to talk to Frank or David, but they are on a stakeout. Reva is not budging. She is yelling about it being unfair, while Noah drags her out! There is a crowd of women yelling outside protesting Ruth's arrest. A reporter wants to talk to Reva. Noah is trying to help her PR strategy. Reva brings the reporters in to see the officers. Reva finds out Ruth is really Ruth Lockhart, the star witness in the Santos murder case. Reva is shocked, but says she will deal with that later. She is talking to the cameras about the injustice that is being done to Ruth. The cop says he will not back down, and he is protecting Charlie from a negligent mother. She must have something to hide since she gave a false name. Reva still pushing for bail that evening. She says the station is going to look bad for prolonging this and he could stop all of this and come out looking like a hero instead of a jerk. He lets Ruth out on bail.
Michelle and Danny run into the station. They ask about Ruth. A cop tells her that she had already been released. They look very upset.

Thursday, April 27, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Cassie and Jenny are talking in the hall; Richard is listening as Cassie says the people of SC will never accept her now. She says she will have no choice and will have to leave Richard. Cassie says she is going to hide how she feels and is going to go upstairs pull it together and go on. Richard tells his aide that he wants the numbers of all the guests, the aide offers to call them but Richard says he will make the calls himself. Jenny runs after Cassie and tells her that Richard called her to come to dinner, Cassie walks back into the dining room and everyone is there, Richard welcomes her and one of the VIPS makes a toast to Cassie. They offer Cassie champagne and caviar, She says they must have questions and she wants to explain, they don't want to hear about it they just keep complimenting her, she gets up and leaves with Richard behind her. She says those people are scared. Richard tells her that they should be. He says it doesn't matter, she says she cannot be his wife unless the people understand and accept her and what she did, she wants to go on TV and tell the people if he will arrange it. He says he can arrange anything and if anyone can win them over she can. Richard tells Cassie he loves her and doesn't think she understands what might happen. She says it is their only chance. He tells her that he will arrange everything and she can talk to the people tomorrow, but tonight he needs to be with her. He just wants to hold her tonight.

At Casa Santos:
Carmen is tired of things not going her way; Edmund says she has to just ride it out. The phone rings, it is Dietz, he tells her about Ruth on the television. Carmen is very upset that Ruth is with Reva. Edmund offers her some champagne and tells her to sit down and relax. He says he will help her and stick it to Reva and others as well. He asks about Charlie. Springfield social services are funded by Spaulding and he will get him placed with Carmen for leverage. He calls and tells them he wants to transfer Charlie to a Spaulding foundation home. Later, Carmen comes back down thinks Edmund is gone but he come back with Charlie and introduces him to his new foster mom. Carmen tells Charlie not to worry all will be well. Edmund leaves.

At the SPD:
Michelle asks a cop where Ruth is and he tells her and Danny about Reva. They leave and head for the Lewis home.

At the Lewises':
Josh is upset at Reva for bring home this stranger to stay with her and the kids. Reva tells him of Ruth's plight. Noah says he was proud of Reva but Josh is very upset. He asks what if she had shot you, and then asked Noah if he would still be proud of her. Noah says you don't like me, Josh says I don't know you. Noah says how about a drink and we can get to know one another. They talk about Michelle's trial. Ruth says she will leave, she is upset that Charlie is with someone and they have no idea where. Noah looks out and tells them that the lawn is full of reporters. Reva says she will talk to them. Marah mentions a family court judge Josh knows. Josh goes to call him. Marah brags to Olivia about her mom. Michelle and Danny walk in. They are wondering why Reva is protecting Ruth after she helped put Michelle in jail. Danny tells them Ruth lied. Michelle explains it all to Reva and Josh. Danny says she has going to the police and tell the truth. Reva tells them that jumping on Ruth will not help Danny and Michelle; Reva wants to try to talk to her. Reva explains to Ruth she has to tell the truth no matter what and God will make things all right. Ruth says she knows she is right. The phone rings it is for Ruth it is Charlie he says a nice lady wants to talk to her. Carmen gets on the phone and asks Ruth how life is. Reva convinces Danny and Michelle to go home and let her take care of Ruth, Josh, Olivia and Noah leave. Reva wants to talk about Michelle but Ruth tells her she has nothing more to say, she told the truth and she wants to go to bed now.

At the Spauldings':
Susan is laying on her bed reading there is someone at the window knocking it is Shayne, he was in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by. He didn't come in the front because he brought refreshments, beer. None of his friends were around so he came here he opens a can and offers it to her, Lizzie says she is telling Max that Susan has a new boyfriend, and has beer. Susan tells her he is her uncle. Lizzie says she just wanted to talk but she will leave, Susan asks her what is wrong and have she been crying. Lizzie tells them she woke up and found a handful of hair on her pillow. Susan holds Lizzie and tells her it is going to be ok, what is happening is going to help, and someday it will be over and all will be well. Lizzie says that she got the role of Wendy in the play Peter Pan because of her hair and now she is not able to do it. Shayne tells her to do the play there for them. They goof around and have a great time acting out the play. Beth comes in wanting to know what is going on. Susan tries to explain to Beth about Lizzie finding hair on her pillow. Lizzie says she did not want to upset her mom. Susan tells her that the beer doesn't matter because Shayne had helped cheer Lizzie up. Beth and Lizzie talk Beth is upset Lizzie did not come to her, Lizzie is upset about her hair. She says that her daddy always told her how beautiful her hair is. Beth reassures her that he will always love her and that she was bald when she was born, Lizzie says she and the baby will be bald together. Beth says they will love them both bald or not. Lizzie says, " But Jim is the baby's father."
Later, Lizzie falls asleep on Susan's bed; Beth asks if Susan will sleep in the other room. Susan asks about Shayne, Beth tells her that Shayne is family but no more beer. She says that Susan is on probation for putting on a good performance of Peter Pan. Beth says the baby kicked and she lets Susan feel. They will have a slumber party in the room all 3 of them.

Friday, April 28, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Richard is beside Cassie who is still sleeping. He vows to make everyone understand. She wakes up from a nightmare. It was about the evening where all her secrets came out. She tells him about it but lies and tells him that she couldn't remember the ending. Jenny knocks and comes in to help Cassie dress for her address to the people. Jenny tells Richard that Henri was back with someone he had wanted to see. Richard excused himself and Cassie told Jenny about her dream. She told her that the dream ended with the people of SC rejected her and she had to leave Richard.
Richard walks into the courtyard where some palace guards have Edmund. Edmund tells him that he would have come to see him without being brought in by the militia. Richard doesn't say a word, walks over to Edmund and slugs him. Richard sends everyone else away and starts in on Edmund. He tells him that he has made Cassie a laughing stock and he will pay for that. Richard grabs Edmund and screams at him about embarrassing the woman he loves. After a moment Edmund stood there gapping at his brother, he said, "Oh, my God! You are in love with her." He told Richard that he should have known not to get involved with someone with a questionable past, it just isn't royal. Richard tells him that her past means nothing; she was only trying to survive and keep her family together. He screams at Edmund that everything is his fault and that he is the one trying to hurt people. Edmund told him that Richard's problem is that he rules with his heart and not his head and that gets him into trouble. Richard doesn't want to hear anymore and tells Edmund that he dealt with him in the wrong manner. He should have had a more severe punishment then exile and now that he has gone after Cassie he has a chance to change things. He tells Edmund that he has made a fatal mistake. Edmund says whatever crimes he might be guilty of he never wanted Richard hurt. Richard tells him that he could never be the ruler of SC because he has no conscious and would be a selfish ruler. Edmund accuses Richard of letting Cassie pull the country down. Richard says if she cannot fix this problem with the people Edmund will wish he had not started this thing against Cassie. Edmund asked if he meant a life sentence but Richard told him that he would have no more chances and would be executed.
Cassie says she will not make Richard suffer for her mistakes; she will leave if the people reject her. Jenny tells her that he wouldn't allow that but Cassie said he would have no choice, she would just leave. Cassie asked Jenny about her new boyfriend and if he knew about her past. Jenny told her that she told him and he broke up with her.
Richard comes up at Cassie's door and overhears a little of her and Jenny's conversation. Jenny tells Cassie the love between her and Richard is worth fighting for, Cassie says she is going to do everything she can but after her speech it is out of her hands. She says she loves him so much she will not make him choose between her and his country, she loves him enough to let him go. Richard comes in the room and holds Cassie. Richard tells her he will be at her side while she addressed the people. She says she doesn't want the people to do this for him she has to appeal to the people on her own. He says doesn't want to leave her alone. He says the people will fall in love with her all over again and he will not lose her. The camera crew is there he tells her she will be fine chin up as he leaves her room. The cameramen set up in her room; Edmund and Richard are in the courtyard. Edmund wants to know if his life really depended on a television show, he doesn't believe his brother would kill him. Meanwhile on TV, Cassie is sitting behind her desk says Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen of San Cristobel .

At the Springfield Police Department:
Danny and Michelle wait for Ruth and Reva at the police station, Ross arrives. He has talked to Doris and things do not look good. Frank and David come into the station, Matt wants to know why Carmen is still free. Vanessa is upset because her statement is doing no good. Ross says there is nothing he can do without Ruth. Michelle is very upset and says she cannot go back to jail. Danny wants to know what is wrong, Michelle says they have to face that they are going to jail; he says it will not be long with what they know now. She thinks she might be pregnant. Danny wants to know if she is really pregnant, she says it is just a feeling she is late and has not taken a test.
David says he has been on the wrong side of this and he does not want to mess it up again. Frank leaves. Matt and Bill talk, they wonder about what is happening, Matt gets a call, Vanessa is missing.

At the Lewis house
Ruth sneaks downstairs and calls Carmen. Carmen tells her she took excellent care of Charlie and all she has to do is keep her mouth shut, come get the boy and leave town. She lets Ruth talk to Charlie. She tells him to be a good boy for Ms Santos. Reva overheard and tells Ruth that she knows where Charlie is and tells Ruth she has to help get him away from Carmen and put her where she belongs. Reva wants her to trust her and they will get Charlie, Reva has an idea, she needs one other person's help.

At Casa Santos:
Carmen is waiting for Ruth to come get her son. Pilar comes in and goes over to her mom. Carmen is very happy to see her and wants to know what she is doing there, Pilar says she needed to see her to help deal with her feelings. Carmen wants to know if Pilar missed her, Pilar says she did. Carmen tells her that she just wanted the family to be together, they used to be so close, Pilar says she wants that too. They go into the office and Reva sneaks in. She goes down the hall looking at a map Pilar must have drawn for her. She finds the cellar and goes down. She finds Charlie and tells him that she came to get him.
Carmen tells Pilar she didn't mean to hurt anyone and that she loved her kids. Pilar says she knows she loves them the best way she knew how. Carmen wants her to forget everything and remember back when she was away. Pilar says things cannot go back to the way it was, she still has nightmares. Carmen wants to take care of her and Pilar says they need to work through things. Carmen says she has a surprise for her; she has slept in her room waiting for her to come back and noticed it was a little girl's room so she had it re-decorated for her. She wants to take her to see it. Carmen hears a door outside and wants to go see who it is. Pilar panicked and said "it's Ben."
Pilar acts like Ben is there so Carmen will stay with her and not find Reva. Pilar's phone rings and Reva tells her that all was clear and they thank her. Carmen finally figures out that she has been set up. She runs to the door of the cellar while Pilar tells her she is a liar and she is going to pay.

At the Lewis House, part 2:
Reva brings Charlie in the house. Ruth thanks Reva; Reva tells her she has to tell the truth now. Reva says she has to clear Michelle. Frank knocks, he wants to talk to Ruth.

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