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Monday, May 1, 2000

Julie explained to an incredulous Lucy that she was Christina's mother. Lucy became angry and demanded that Julie stay away from her and her family. A protective Scott then ushered his family out. Eve realized that Frank must be Christina's father and voiced her thoughts, which Neil overheard. At the firehouse, Scott tried to assure Lucy that they wouldn't lose Christina. Lucy agonized over misinterpreting her dreams of seeing Julie as a guardian angel. Later, Scott found Lucy preparing to leave town with Christina. Kevin blasted Rachel for destroying a family in public and later warned Julie that she would never get her hands on Christina. Eve was furious at Chris and refused to listen to his explanations about his actions. Eve and Chris later tended to a woman who had been brought into the hospital unconscious. Courtney told Frank what had happened at the Recovery Room and he realized that Julie had been telling the truth about being pregnant.

Tuesday, May 2, 2000

Eve and Kevin arrive at Scott and Lucy's. Lucy is glad to see them. She's upset and told them everything is okay because she loves Christina and knows she belongs with her. No one is going to take that baby away.

Julie and Chris arrive at the courthouse and see Scott leaving. They wonder what he's up to. Julie is convinced that Scott is calling in favors (his own or Lee's) to secure custody of Christina. Chris tries to tell her that Scott could be trying a case.

At the firehouse, Eve gets Serena to show her some new clothes hence getting out of the room so Kevin and Lucy can talk. Kevin asks Lucy not to run away and she says he doesn't understand; they're not. In Serena's room, Eve asks her if it's hard being a kid with so much "grown up" stuff going on and Serena says yes. Eve told her that, if she ever needs a friend, she can count on Eve or, if she wants to talk to Lucy, that's even better. Eve told her that the emotions she's feeling are normal and okay. Serena thanks her.

Back downstairs, Lucy is telling Kevin how much she loves Christina and believes she was meant to be the child's mom. Kevin agrees; he's Christina's Godfather and he knows she belongs with Lucy.

Upstairs, Serena is showing Eve the dress she got for Lucy and Scott's almost wedding. She expects it won't fit. Maybe her sister can wear it someday. Eve told her she and Kevin are looking for a flower girl for their wedding. Someone just like Serena! :) Serena gets a big smile and nods in the affirmative.

Lucy is tearfully talking to Kevin who reassures her this situation is not punishment. She says no one will ever get the baby from her.

Karen storms into Chris and Julie's penthouse and demands to know what Julie thinks she's doing. Why is she trying to destroy her family? Julie asks Chris to leave them alone and he reluctantly agrees. Julie is sorry Karen is so upset. Karen say she IS upset; when no one else supported Julie, she did; when no one visited Julie at Ferncliff, she did - was Julie planning this the whole time? Julie says she had no idea Christina would wind up with Scott and Lucy and, when she did, they were so much better than foster care; good and loving people who genuinely cared for the child. Karen says Scott and Lucy are incredible people and parents and that Julie isn't fit to wash their floors. Julie says it wasn't like that. Christina deserves to be with her mother and she will be. Karen says, "Congratulations. You just lost your only friend" and that she deserves to rot in hell and exits.

In the new patient's room Joe told her where she is and who he is. She looks confused and frightened. When he finishes his attempts to explain, she asks what gave him the right to keep her alive?

At the firehouse, Eve is leaving and told Lucy to call if she needs anything. Eve exits and Lucy told Kevin that she was going to run away but Scott talked her into a better idea. Scott rushes in, spouting details - he's called Karen, taken care of details...Scott told Kevin, what the heck, he may as well come to. And where are they going? Scott and Lucy are getting married today.

In Claire's (the new patient) room, Eve is explaining how serious her condition is but she knows; cancer has metasized in her brain. She's dying. She asks why she was brought there - she has a DNR in her purse. Her purse wasn't with her. She doesn't want treatment, she wants to die. She insists she be released but Eve says she's sorry, that's not possible.

Frank leaves his third messages for Julie as she play with baby clothes and ignores him.

At the courthouse, Lucy explains why they're getting married so fast. It should help with custody and they've been going to do it for months anyway. As Scott enters the judge's chambers he is served with papers. Karen rushes in. Kevin takes the baby from Lucy and says a sweet farewell. Chaos reign. After minor delays and confusion, the ceremony begins. It's short and, although they say they need no vows, they do say them, sweetly and naturally. They exchange rings, the judge pronounces them married - It's done! Karen has to return to work and Kevin told Lucy that Scott better be good to her! She knows. Scott calls her aside and told her he's just been served with papers demanding a blood test for Christina. He says Chris and Julie are in for a hell of a fight.

Chris is checking his mail at the hospital when Julie approaches. He tells her the papers should have been served already. Julie says good; once the test is done, everyone will know she's not crazy. Christina is her daughter.

Wednesday, May 3, 2000

Julie panicked when she was served with a court order barring her from going anywhere near Christina. Scott went to Lee for advice and wondered if he was doing everything possible to keep Christina. Joe and Eve had an emotional discussion about Claire's dilemma and her right to die. Frank was served with papers demanding a blood test to prove Christina's paternity. Later, Frank was smitten with Christina when he ran into her and Lucy at the hospital. Courtney approached Lucy with a very interesting proposition and said she would influence Frank to relinquish his rights to Christina in exchange for money.

Thursday, May 4, 2000

Courtney and Neil brought Frank home from the hospital, but their joyful homecoming was cut short when Frank went to confront Julie about why she had kept the truth from him. Julie tried to justify her decision to keep quiet, but an angry Frank refused to believe her rationalizations. Claire demanded that Eve either release her or transfer her to a hospital that would allow her to die. Eve asked Kevin to evaluate Claire's mental competency, but Claire caught on to Kevin. Meanwhile, Rachel arranged for a special kind of wedding cake to be delivered for Kevin and Eve to sample. Eve asked Karen to be her bridesmaid and Karen accepted. Later, Karen covered when Eve caught her popping a pill.

Friday, May 5, 2000

by Rika

Eve opens the door to the Lighthouse to admit Kevin - she's in PJ's and is sipping coffee; he is arriving back from the store with two big bags of stuff. She thinks it's early for him to be exercising his credit cards - he reminds her of early birds and worms. Not being much of a worm-eater herself, Eve explains that she is in favor of sleeping in on her day off. She wonders why Kevin isn't at GH; he explains that he cleared his calendar so that he could bring her a present. He pulls a bag of fertilizer out of one of his shopping bags and shows it to a confused Eve, telling her, "Put on your work boots; we're burning daylight." She protests that she does not own work boots, and he pulls a shiny new pair of them from his other shopping bag, much to her dismay.

When we return, Kevin and Eve are outside the Lighthouse, modeling the latest tres chic fashions in work boots. I am sad to report, though, that Eve's pink shirt and pants clash with the orange trim on her boots. Eve is most unenthusiastic. She thinks the area is like a swamp; Kevin explains that this is why they're going to dig a drainage ditch. (Okay, now WAIT a minute. Kevin planting a garden is improbable but not impossible. But Kevin the ditch digger? I think not.) Eve is as horrified as your updater. Kevin waxes rhapsodic about the beauty of the day until Eve teasingly calls him "Victor." Kevin starts to repeat the old saying that, if you want to know more about the person you're going to marry, you should check out his/her parents - but then they agree that they'd better not go there. Kevin hunkers down and frowns at the dirt, perhaps expecting it to speak up and tell him where to start digging. Eve offers a deal - her assistance in return for a dinner out that night. He agrees, hands her a hoe, and told her to start raking. Eve tries to escape, offering to go get lemonade, but Kevin stops her and tells her to get busy ho-ing. She says, been there, done that, gave it up a long time ago. (Okay, that didn't really happen. He told her to take the hoe and get busy whacking, which is an interesting phrase in its own right.) She told him that once they're married, they're hiring a gardener.

A bit later, it appears that Kevin HAS a gardener, and that he's not quite as crazy as he earlier appeared to be. He is reclining on a lounge chair, a cold drink at his side, while a sweat-drenched Eve wearily whacks at the ground with the hoe. Kevin moves the hat shading his eyes and helpfully offers, "You missed a spot." She throws her hat at him. He assures her that they're a partnership - share and share alike, and all those other cliches. She rushes the lawn chair, tickling Kevin, until he cries Uncle - or Aunt. He chides her - how awful, a doctor attacking a man who is still recuperating from major heart surgery! She retorts that vigorous lovemaking hasn't seemed to be any problem for him; he claims that it uses a "different part of the heart." She joins him on the lawn chair for a rest; he gives her a backrub.

She remarks on how nice it is to sit and look around. He asks if she remembers when they camped there. She does - he read to her from his book. And they did other things too, he reminds her. She also remembers the sound of his snoring. She can't believe how fast life moves on. And yet, in other ways, things don't improve - like Scott and Lucy, and like Claire. She gets up from the lawn chair - enough relaxation. She whacks a weed, splashing mud all over Kevin, and a full-fledged mud fight erupts.

When we return, they are drenched in mud. Kevin thinks there's nothing like a woman covered in mud. Eve remarks that it's a turn-off (apparently forgetting about the popularity of mud wrestling); Kevin disagrees. He starts to embrace Eve, but then figures it would be better if they cleaned up. He went over to a small pond and leans over, intending to clean himself off; Eve pushes him from behind. He falls into the pond face first; Eve squeals and offering sham apologies. When Eve offers a hand to help him out of the pond, he pulls her in there with him.

Kevin jokes that the wedding guests could throw mud instead of rice. This gives Eve a great idea - they can get married here. Kevin asks, in the pond? Eve explains - on the shore, by the footbridge, would be beautiful. Kevin agrees, and they share a mud-laced kiss.

Chris and Julie are at the hospital, awaiting the arrival of an attorney. Julie isn't so sure about using someone that Rachel recommended. Chris understands Julie's concern, but he notes that one thing Rachel seems sincere about is helping Julie get Christina back (yeah, especially since it gives Rachel a chance to try to stick it to Lucy). He told Julie that if she gets any bad vibes from the lawyer, they'll bail. They discuss the results of the DNA test - now Scott and Lucy have proof of Christina's parentage.

At the Firehouse, Karen is sharing the bad news with Scott and Lucy. Karen told them that there is no question that Frank and Julie are Christina's parents. Lucy looks glum, but she insists that it'll all work out - Julie abandoned Christina, and she had plenty of opportunities to come forward, so the adoption was legal. Scott, looking uncomfortable, starts to say that there's something he needs to tell Lucy, but he doesn't finish due to a sudden attack of RingingPhoneus Interruptus. It's Claire Wright, the cancer patient, on the phone. She told Scott that she needs to talk to him right away - it's about his wife.

At the hospital, the lawyer has arrived to talk to Chris and Julie. He agrees to take the case. He'll petition to have the adoption overturned, and he'll work on getting the protection order lifted and getting Julie visitation rights. He leaves; Julie and Chris agree that they are encouraged. On her way out of the hospital, Julie sees Scott waiting by the elevator. She told him she needs to see her daughter; he insists that the protection order is going to stay in place.

Lucy, Christina, and Serena arrive back at the Firehouse. Charlene greets them. Apparently it's a half day of school, and Lucy and Serena discuss possible activities for the afternoon. The subject turns to boys, and then they talk about Neil. One of Serena's friends thinks Neil is cute, but Serena thinks of him more as a brother - well, a half-brother, since they found out that "Christina's real mom is Julie." Lucy, her face falling at this remark, asks Serena to stay home for the afternoon. They decide that Internet shopping is just the ticket; Serena is excited about buying something "leopard print" for Charlene. She dashes upstairs to get the catalogs.

While she is upstairs, Lucy talks to Charlene about Serena's "real mom" comment. Charlene assures her that what matters is who Christina loves, and who is there for her when she needs someone, and that's Lucy. Lucy reports that she often finds herself scanning Christina's face, looking for any resemblance to Julie. She can't see it - all she sees is that Christina is HER daughter.

At the hospital, Scott visits Claire. First we have to establish to which wife she was referring on the phone, and Claire clears that up right away - Dominique. She knows of Dom because people talk about her a lot at the hospital. Claire has something in common with Dom - she has cancer, and she's dying. Scott understands what she's going through, and it's not pretty, but he can't see how he is involved. Claire explains - she wants Scott to help her die. She doesn't mean suicide - she just wants the hospital to allow her to refuse treatment and leave. Scott tries a reversal of the standard Bones McCoy line on Star Trek, saying, "I'm a lawyer, not a doctor." She explains her reasoning - he's on the hospital board and has influence and power. Further, she has heard that Dom didn't want to die in the hospital, and that Scott helped her to make that happen. Scott tries to back out - he's too busy, etc., etc. - but Claire points out that it is "hardly a long-term commitment." He agrees to consider helping her; she asks him to do it quickly.

Back at the Firehouse, Lucy and Serena are sitting in front of a laptop. Lucy thinks matching sister outfits for the Nurses' Ball would be great; Serena agrees, on the condition that SHE gets to pick the outfits. Charlene arrives with a plate of s'mores; it's hard to tell who is more excited, Lucy or Serena. Lucy is thrilled because this is Christina's first s'more. Serena grabs the camera. We see lots of photos of Lucy, Serena, and Christina with chocolate on their faces.

Karen asks Chris where the triage nurse is; he offers a slightly smart alec reply (though it's pretty mild by Chris's standards), and then Karen snarls at him about what he and Julie are doing to Scott and Lucy. Chris asks if the situation has put him on the Chief Resident's blacklist. Karen says she doesn't mix professional and personal matters; he reminds her of Joe's transfer to the graveyard shift right after he slept with that nurse. Karen claims, "That's what he wanted." Karen assures Chris that he and Julie will get what they deserve from her - namely, nothing. She assigns Chris a patient who just arrived, and he heads off to handle it.

Alan Quartermaine approaches with a handful of patient charts. He has heard that the ER is near capacity, and doesn't think he could handle the stress as well as Karen can. He hands her the charts and leaves; she heads for a water fountain to take a pill.

Scott arrives home. Noticing that he is distracted and subdued, Lucy reminds him that his focus needs to be on winning in the battle with Julie and Chris. Scott says he needs to tell her about something, but he doesn't finish due to a sudden attack of KnockingDoorus Interruptus. He answers the door - it's Judge Clemmons, who signed Christina's adoption papers. (During this whole conversation, Christina wriggles and does everything in her power to get out of Lucy's arms and down to the floor - in fact, she almost dives down head first at one point. It's very cute.) He came by to tell them that Julie filed her claim for Christina on May 1, the day BEFORE Scott and Lucy were married. He assures Scott that this has no bearing on his position as Christina's legal father. Lucy asks, aren't they BOTH Christina's parents? The judge, surprised that Lucy is in the dark about this, explains that the adoption isn't official until the court rules on the biological mother's issues. An agitated Lucy asks - what does this mean - isn't she Christina's mother?

A man arrives in the ER with an unconscious young boy. Chris meets them; the man demands to know where the treatment room is, explaining that the boy had a skateboard injury. They head for a treatment room, while Chris asks the man who he is.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ian Thornhart, brother to Patrick Thornhart, formerly of One Life to Live. Both are portrayed by the oh-so-gorgeous Thorsten Kaye, though he looks quite a bit different without Patrick's longer, curly locks.

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