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Monday, April 24, 2000

In Paris, Luis and Sheridan are at the Police Dept. They are telling the officials about Roger and Pierre and how they tried to kill Sheridan. They also tell them that they had also killed Jean Luc and his girlfriend and that Sheridan was the only witness. The officials plan to put Sheridan into protective custody until she testifies. Meanwhile, Roger and Pierre have a cop on the inside, who is telling them all about Sheridan's plans. They said that Sheridan has to be killed because it's either her or them. Luis thinks that there is a cop on the take because so many French witnesses show up dead. He encourages her to return to Harmony for her own safety. He said that her family could hire someone to protect her, and he would be there. Sheridan seems to want him to admit that he has feelings for her, but he just says that he didn't want anything to happen to her. Sheridan refuses to return to Harmony. Luis tells her that he is taking the first plane back and he tells her that someone was coming to protect her. He leaves and the cop shows up. Roger and Pierre say that it will be only a matter of time before their man on the inside has Sheridan right where they want her.

Tabitha and Timmy are talking about Tabitha's almost suicide. Tabitha said that she can't believe that she almost killed herself. She is happy about Charity's premonition that Miguel was going to propose to Kay. She said that since Charity wasn't going to end up with Miguel then it should be easier to lure her to the dark side. Timmy thinks that this will be his time to pursue Charity .

Miguel and Charity are talking about the premonition. He tells her that he loves her and that he and Kay are just friends. Kay comes into the room and he asks her to explain to Charity that nothing like that would ever happen between them. Kay does so reluctantly.

Eve is upstairs getting dressed. She is thinking about the proposition that Ivy made to her. She says to herself that she knows that Ivy doesn't have the pictures so she doesn't have anything to worry about. Meanwhile, TC is in the kitchen cooking breakfast and the picture that Ivy sent is still downloading on his computer.

Pilar and Ivy are discussing the pictures of Julian and Eve. Pilar still thinks that Eve is a wonderful person and she can't believe that Ivy would want to hurt her. Ivy said that she didn't have anything against Eve, but that she wanted Sam back and wanted Eve to help her. She said that she didn't want to destroy Eve or Grace's Marriages. She said that she just wanted to have an affair with Sam. Pilar unplugs the computer, but Ivy tells her that TC has already received the photo. She said that she was going over to the Russell House so that she could see some reactions.

Sam and Grace make love. They realize that the girls would be home soon, and are enjoying their time alone. Miguel and Charity arrive at the house and inform them of the avalanche and that Miguel was almost killed. They also tell them about Charity's premonition about Kay and Miguel. Grace tells Charity that she has nothing to worry about because Kay and Miguel have been best friends since they were kids. They are not even sure that Kay looks at Miguel as a boy, just as a pal. They ask where Kay is. Charity said that she had gone to visit Tabitha.

Kay arrives at Tabitha's. She tells TAbitha about Charity's premonition about Miguel proposing to her and how excited she was about it, until Miguel said that it could never happen. Tabitha offers to read the tea leaves for Kay and tells her that Miguel will propose to her, but she has to believe that it will happen.

Grace arrives at the Bennett's with a basket of cranberry muffins. TC goes to look for some papers and Grace and Eve talk about their wonderful husbands and marriages. They talk about how great everything was with the girls away on the ski trip. Grace tells Eve that if she and TC ever wanted to take a trip that they would be happy to watch Simone and Whitney. Eve tells Grace that she is just like her sister and Grace feels the same about her. Grace leaves. Someone knocks on the door and Eve thinks that Grace has forgotten something. It's Ivy at the door. She barges right in and requests a cup of coffee. Eve asks her to leave, but Ivy won't budge. She starts talking about the pictures and Eve tells her that she knows that she doesn't have them. Ivy tells her that it's obvious that she cares more about Grace's marriage than her own. Ivy tells Eve that she had already sent the picture to TC and it was downloading as they spoke. Eve goes to the computer and gasps. TC returns to the kitchen and asks why Ivy is there. Ivy said that she was there to discuss the new pediatric wing. TC takes the computer to do some e-mailing, but Eve tries to stop him. TC leaves with the computer as Eve looks on.


Tuesday, April 25, 2000

The Ski Cabin:
Simone walks in the living room with breakfast for Chad....Whitney then comes in and starts yelling at her and everything saying she needs to stop. Just then Theresa and Ethan come in saying that there is good news that the roads will be cleared soon so they can go home, Whitney says thank God. Ethan asks if there is a problem and Simone says that the only problem is Whitney. So Simone goes back to Chad and Whitney says that she wants to talk to Simone but Simone says no...So Whitney storms off to the room, Ethan says what was that all about, and Theresa says I don't know I'll go check on she leaves. When Theresa gets there, Whitney talks to her self. Theresa asks what's going on, and Whitney tells her about what Simone saw. Theresa then accuses Whitney of being in love with Chad, Whitney of course denies it..Theresa tells her she's got it bad, saying that she sees the way they are together and she can tell that she likes him, Just then Simone walks in! And yells at Whitney saying she knew that Whitney wanted Chad all to herself, Whitney denies it and says that Theresa was just telling her that. So Simone asks Theresa if its true and she says If Whitney says she doesn't have a thing for Chad then we have to believe her. So Whitney Just tells Simone on the verge of tears that she doesn't have or nor will have feelings for Chad, she can't stand him he has no goals. And she says she is happy that she is a goody two-shoes, she says she is like her mother, and when she gets older and when she WANTS to settle down she won't settle for anyone like Chad who doesn't know what he wants.....

Meanwhile, after Theresa left, Chad says that he's gonna go see what's up Simone says why, and he says I'm gonna go see how her leg is. Simone says there is no need that Theresa is in there with her and that shell be fine. So she goes and gets him a coffee. Ethan asks her what's going on with them and he says he doesn't know. So Ethan talks about Whitney and Chad and he asks Chad if he would like to get to know Whitney better, and Chad says he they go to Whitney's room and walk in when Whitney says that she cant stand Chad and could never fall in love with him, and Chad just looks on really hurt, then Ethan clears his throat, and she turns around. Simone says to him that she's sorry and that Whitney can be like that sometimes but it doesn't mean that she feels that way. Chad and Whitney just look at each other.

The Russells' House:
Ivy is talking to Grace saying that all she has to do is help her get Sam back and her marriage will be saved. TC comes in and tells them about the photo saying that he can tell that its a porno and that its probably some kids playing a prank on them. Ivy says that there are so many disquieting people around here, and Eve looks at her and says I know!. So TC says when he finds out who this couple is he is going to have them arrested, or get them in trouble. So Eve gets nervous and says maybe they didn't know. But TC says he just wants to see the picture now more than ever. So he leaves. Eve and Ivy talk more, and tells her one more time that all she has to do is just get her Sam back. Eve says she won't hurt her friend, and Ivy says Grace won't be hurt she can have Sam. All she wants Sam for is to have an affair. She says she doesn't want to break up there marriage, nor does she want to divorce Julian. She says she loves what comes along with being Mrs. Julian Crane. She says she just wants Sam for an affair. Eve says she will rot in hell before she helps her, then Eve says yes but you'll have to go through hell first to get there. So they go into the living room, and TC says that he can almost see the faces. Then Eve says to TC that this couple might not know that someone sent these pictures, someone could be blackmailing them. So Ivy says yes but these pictures could have been sent other places like peoples homes, and even hospitals! So TC says that he wants to see the picture, so then Eve backs up and says that she needs to talk to him clutching the family picture and he says wait because he wants to see the picture, and she says its important he goes wait I can see the faces, and then he gasps and says oh my God! Then Eve faints and Ivy looks at her with a pathetic look on her face.

Sheridan is in her hotel room with the guy that is her bodyguard, but actually is paid to kill her. She asks him his name and he tells her (can't remember the name sorry). So then he asks if her American friend will be coming back soon, and she says no with a sad look, he is probably right now getting a flight back home. He asks her if she would show him where they were when the two men fired at her and her friend. So she goes out in the balcony and points to it, so he tells her she will have to show him so she gets up and shows him, he is just about to push her when Luis comes running in yelling for her, and pushes him out've the way and knocks him out. He is unconscious. He then turns around and hugs Sheridan, and she hugs him back. She breaks the hug and asks him what he is doing, and he says that he came in and he saw that she was almost killed, but then he says your all right, right? and she goes yes I'm fine. She asks how she was almost killed and he says that that guy was going to push her off the ledge, and she tells him how he is a cop to protect her, So then she says that the man is coming to. So he wakes up and Sheridan apologizes and everything, the man asks Luis why he punched him, he says he could have him arrested for assaulting a police officer, and Luis goes yeah, yeah, yeah! You were gonna push her off the ledge and he goes no I wasn't. So Luis asks for some ID and then calls the police department and asks them if he was sent to watch her. He gets off the phone and says that he is off the hook this time. Then she asks why are you here anyway, and he goes well I need my passport. She gets sad and says is that the only reason you came? and he says well you can't leave the country without a passport. So she asks when he is leaving and he says probably tonight. So she says this is probably good bye then right, and he says yeah. So Sheridan tells him it is too bad that he has to leave, when he didn't get to see the beauty of Paris, he says he did, he saw the country side, he overlooked Paris from the top of a hotel. She says but he didn't get to see the good stuff. She says he should get a tour guide, and he says he can't because he spend his savings on coming here. So she says that she happens to know someone who will only charge him for a drink and he smiles and say who she say they head off to the Museum of Art.

When they get there they are looking at a painting and Luis says that the picture reminds him of Harmony because of the mountain. Sheridan says well you must really love Harmony. He says well one day I plan on hooking up with someone and getting married, and starting a family of his own. And Sheridan looks down, He goes well you you've probably known you could only live in Paris, and she goes I could live other places, and he goes but not Harmony right, and she looks down just as that guy comes...and asks if they will be going after this and she says no there is more. So Luis and Sheridan leave. And that guy calls Roger and Pierre and tells them they are leaving the museum. Sheridan and Luis end up stopping at this little place. And he says they should stop they've been walking forever but Sheridan says she's not tired and he goes you must be your wearing heels. She looks at him and he says when you go for a hick it is better to wear flats. And she says oh so are you gonna tell me how to dress huh. And he goes I'm not gonna fight with you on this. Lets just go inside and get an espresso, that was part of our bet. And she says YOU can get an espresso, and I will get a glass of wine! that is my drink so he goes fine and they go inside. That guy calls Roger and Pierre back and says that they are at the cafe, and Pierre says not to let them leave they will be right there. So the man goes inside. Sheridan tells the waiter he regular table, they sit down and that guy comes in and sits in back of them. They order, and Luis says he doesn't like it, after Sheridan says how perfect the day was. She asks why he doesn't like it she says this is her favorite place she comes here all the time. Luis says I know that is why its not safe for you because someone who wants to kill you would come here. Sheridan says well I'm not leaving! So they end up staying. Just as Pierre and Roger show up and Pierre says for Roger to go in the side and Pierre will go in the back. The waiter comes over and gives them there orders. Sheridan says thank you and tells Luis that she is fine and that she has a guard that will protect her.

Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Chad overhears Whitney vehemently explain to Theresa and Simone why she would never date him. Whitney is shocked to see Chad overheard her, but she resists apologizing to him. Theresa warns Whitney she may be missing out on love. Simone comforts Chad, who bravely insists he was not hurt by Whitney's words. Chad considers telling Ethan about Theresa's feelings for him.

TC tries to revive Eve, who has fainted. Once she's awakened, Eve fears TC's reaction to seeing the photo of her and Julian. Eve braces herself for the worst when he says he's deeply disappointed in her. Eve threatens to kill a smug Ivy.

Luis continues to worry about Sheridan's safety, much to her annoyance. Despite her attraction to Luis, Sheridan stubbornly insists she doesn't need him to protect her. With the help of the dirty cop, Roger and Pierre poison Sheridan's drink. Sheridan picks up her glass and raises it to her mouth.

Thursday, April 20, 2000

Sam and Grace catch Eve murmuring to herself about blackmail. Eve freaks when Sam asks her if she's being blackmailed. She covers by saying a patient of hers is the one being blackmailed. Sam and Grace tell Eve they're going to renew their wedding vows. Eve feels guilty when Grace asks her to be her maid of honor and expresses how much Eve means to her.

Ivy is caught looking at the photos of Eve and Julian. Pilar predicts Ivy will bring about her own downfall. She advises her employer that she is underestimating Eve.

Sheridan refuses to go back to Harmony with Luis "" she won't have him controlling her life. Sheridan and Luis struggle to admit their feelings for one another. Luis reluctantly leaves for the airport alone. The dirty cop attempts to shoot Sheridan.

Friday, April 28, 2000

At the Crane Mansion:
Eve holds a gun on Ivy threatening her life unless she gives up the pictures of her and Julian. Ivy, afraid but she tries to bluff off Eve's threats. She asks Eve again if her friendship with Grace is worth all of this, and says that the only way she'll give up the pictures is if Eve helps her get Sam back. Ivy tries to persuade Eve to think about her family, saying that she has to think about her girls.
Meanwhile, Sam and Grace are sitting on a bench in the park. Grace has a 'feeling' that something is wrong at the Crane house. She asks Sam if they could pass by the house to warn Ivy about the burglar present in the town. Sam agrees to please his wife.
Back at the Crane Mansion, Ivy tells Eve that if she goes through with this and is arrested for her murder, what would her family think? She continues telling Eve that with her as their mother, one of them must follow in Eve's footsteps. Eve denies this possibility (getting frustrated). She says that she was very careful with her girls. They have too much self-respect to let a man treat them the way she let Julian treat her. She gives Ivy an ultimatum as Sam and Grace approach the door.
Sam tells Grace they will only warn Ivy about the burglar that is around, then they will leave. They then hear a gun shot. Grace goes to call the police as Sam pounds on the door. Eve is afraid of what she has done. Ivy stares at the bullet in the cushion. She hears the pounding at the door and says that if Sam walks in everything will be out in the open.
Eve leaves and Ivy goes to answer the door. She smiles as Sam and with a somewhat shaky voice, invites both Sam and Grace in.
They walk into the living room where Sam anxiously looks around. He then asks Ivy what went on. Ivy then builds up a false story about what took place, saying that she was searching for something in Julian's desk. She found his gun and took it up to move it to a safer location, when it went off accidentally. She shows them the pillow. Grace buys the story and leaves the room to make a phone call. Sam then confronts Ivy, saying that he does not believe the story. She tries to change the subject stating the Sam is always thinking like a cop. She then tells him that she still has feelings for him. Sam says that he has no interest in her and that she should get any delusions of them getting back together out of her head. Grace returns to the room and Sam uses the opportunity to leave.
Later, Sam and Grace go to the Book Café. Grace notices that Sam's worried expression and asks if he is thinking about what happened at the Cranes'. He confesses that he doesn't believe Ivy's story. How could she know about the burglar? It wasn't on the news.

Whitney, Chad and Simone:
Whitney and Simone arrive home from the cabin and Whitney argues with Simone about her inviting Chad over. Chad comes in for a short time despite Whitney's protest. While talking, Chad mentions what happened at the cabin when he thought that Whitney was a burglar and he saw her naked. Beginning to feel awkward, Chad leaves to go to work at the book café. Simone then confronts Whitney again on what Chad said, accusing her of chasing after Chad. Whitney again explains what happened and reassures her sister that she has no interest in Chad.

Charity and Miguel:
Miguel and Charity have lunch at the Book café and he apparently convinces her that she is the only one for him -- her premonition was wrong. A love song plays in the background and Charity feeds Miguel cake.
Meanwhile, Kay who is dining with Tabitha and doll Timmy at the cafe is upset to see Charity and Miguel together. She questions Tabitha's statement about seeing she and Miguel together in the tea leaves. Tabitha tells her to have patience, if she wants to get a boy, she has to be determined. Kay leaves the table to refill her drink and change the music. Timmy comes to life and comments on how cute Charity and Miguel look together. He asks Tabitha if that is what love and marriage is all about. Tabitha says no, there is much more to it. Finally, fed up of watching Charity and Miguel, Tabitha takes Timmy to the park.
There, they sit on the bench where Tabitha tells Timmy that Chemistry is what brings two people together. It is chemistry and the urge to procreate. Timmy is confused by the word. Tabitha then explains that she means having babies. Timmy asks, 'what about love?' Tabitha denies the existence of love. She uses the birds and the bees metaphor to explain things to Timmy. He still does not understand. Then, Tabitha sees Eve talking to Father Lonigan and wonders what is going on.

Eve in the Park:
Eve is frightened by what happened at the Crane mansion. She sits on a bench in the park and cries, wondering what will happen. Father Lonigan arrives and sits to talk to Eve. She explains that she is being blackmailed and the person wants her to help get another woman's husband in bed with her. She tells Father Lonigan everything. He replies that she must not give in to blackmail. What matters, is who she is now and not who she used to be. Eve thanks the father and leaves to go home.

Sheridan is walking out of the airport thinking about Luis, when someone grabs her from behind knocking her unconscious. We then see Luis at the airline counter with an unconscious Sheridan hanging on his shoulder. He buys her a ticket, using the excuse to the attendant that she is afraid of flying so she took some pills.
Later on the plane, Sheridan wakes up thinking that Luis stayed in Paris with her. She realizes that she is on a plane and thinks that Luis saved her life again, until he spills the beans that he was the one to kidnap her. Sheridan becomes furious, accusing Luis of being the same as her father and brother, trying to control her life. They argue and she slaps him.
Back in the airport, Roger and Pierre are frustrated when they realize that Sheridan is headed back to Harmony. They decide to follow her and take care of everything there.

Back at the Russells:
Kay comes over and tells Simone about Charity's premonition. She tells her that she is determined to get Miguel and she needs Simone's help. Simone turns down Kay's request saying that for the first time she has a chance with Chad and she has to use it. Kay asks about Whitney and Simone says that they worked things out. She tells Kay that Whitney has no interest in Chad. Kay asks if she believes her, bringing up what they saw at the cabin. Simone asked (angrily) if it is wrong for her to believe her sister. Whitney walks in asking about her schoolbooks. Soon after, Eve walks in pleased to see her daughters. She asks about Whitney's leg, noticing her limping. Whitney tries to explain, but Kay buts in and spills the beans about her staying at the cabin with Chad, and seeing her naked with him. Eve is surprised and this probes her to remember what Ivy had said earlier. Just then, Ivy walks in the house.

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