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How can Theresa possibly think that Ethan loves her after he has taken yet another child away from her? Now that her children are gone, they all of a sudden are Theresa's whole life. She's never worried about her children until they aren't there for her anymore.

I'd like to start off this week thanking all of you who wrote in and offered your understanding and support for last week's short column. I'm still not 100% settled, and but I am close to being back on track. Thanks again for your understanding.

I've stated before that Harmony is not a place I wish to visit, as murderers walk around scot free and now apparently a judge (or adoption agency) will give anyone a child. I believe neither Gwen nor Theresa are fit to be mothers, but apparently Gwen is the "better" choice, so here we are, in the 6,452,114,284th round of Gwen vs. Theresa. The sad thing is Ethan puts on this act of being so conflicted, yet he constantly does whatever Gwen wants and hurts Theresa.

Theresa was flat out wrong attacking Eve the way she did. I agree Gwen hasn't always been sane where Theresa was concerned, but to attack Eve and drag her problems into this was uncalled for. I'm glad nit Whit stood up for her mom too. And there are a lot of people out there that want to blame Gwen for always attacking Theresa, and yes Gwen has a violent history where Theresa is concerned. But Theresa seems to always turn to violence as well, so both women should be reprimanded.

Theresa is brainwashed. How can she possibly think Ethan loves her after he has taken yet another child away from her? And now that her children are gone, they all of a sudden are Theresa's life. No they aren't. She isn't worried about either of her children until they aren't there for her anymore because she has no reason to get to Ethan. And it must be a Lo-Fitz thing because has anyone else noticed Kay had Miguel's baby, Beth "had" Luis' baby, now Theresa has Ethan's baby, yet none of the fathers are married to the mothers.

How much do I love Kay? She's worried about being a horrible mother to Maria, but she is being an excellent one to Jessica. Everyone wants to treat Jessica with kid gloves, but what she needs is some tough love and Kay seems to be the only one who wants to give it to her. I hope she turns her life around and soon, but this dynamic between Kay and Jessica is awesome and I hope that the writers don't screw it up.

I love the new characters Ned and Fancy. We all know Ned is Noah Bennett and Fancy is one of Julian and Ivy's daughters. As awesome as they are, the thing that bugs me about them as they are being brought on as another Luis and Sheridan. A spoiled rich girl and a blue collar down to earth guy. Why not bring them on and have them interact to upset the applecart with some existing characters? Bringing them on together, having them fall for each other, and them end up together, just basically is a side story and ultimately serves no purpose.

High Point of the Week:: Ned and Fancy.

Low Point of the Week:: I'm going to guess Luis and Sheridan because I fast forwarded them all week.

Fantasy Storyline of the Week:

This week it goes to Antoine:

I would like to see Luis be with Beth, because Luis is very controlling and Beth will let Luis do whatever he wants so they can be happy together. Sheridan should get little Marty back because that is her son. And she should get a real man, who respects her and loves her and not trying to separate her from her mom.

Julian and Eve get married, and then let T.C. figure out the truth that Liz set out to break up him and Eve. Valerie finds out she was adopted, and her parents are Liz and Antonio. Liz does not want it to be knows that she has a daughter, so she change Valerie's DNA test.

Grace comes back to town finding out the truth that David is not her husband, and John is not her son. Grace, Kay, and Jessica set out to get Sam back with their mom. Miguel and Charity come back, and Kay still wants Miguel and would do anything to break them up. Fox and Chad are reinstated as Crane heirs

Theresa wins custody of Jane, and Ethan spends more time with Theresa and their child, and he decides it's best to marry her, because not only does he still love her but he wants to be a nuclear family with their child. Gwen and Rebecca set out to destroy Theresa vowing, if she cant have Ethan no one can.

New Crane Daughter appears on the scene determined to be the Crane heir. She sets out to top her opponents including Fox, and Chad. Crane daughter also comes with a man that she loved and met in college...Noah! Crane daughter holds deep resentment for Ivy and Julian for loving Ethan more and shipping her off. SO she plans to destroy Ivy by breaking up Sam and her. Noah and Ethan become best friends and he because Ethan's legal assistant.

Some Random Thoughts:

"To be honest I have never really looked threw this website very thoroughly until today. When I came across your commentary section I found it to be a sigh of relief. It's nice to know other peoples honest opinions regarding the characters and their actions (especially passions). I haven't had cable television for some time since I find it is too much of a distraction during the school year (as a vet. tech. student in college). I agree completely regarding the repetition of Passions and I find that reading the daily summary from this website is enough for me." Thanks Jodi and good luck with school!!!

"Gwen isn't a violent person by nature? Please! Let's not forget when Ethan called off his engagement in 2000 and Gwen nearly chocked Theresa to death - she would have if Ethan hadn't come in when he did. Was it a drug interaction then? I don't think so. Plus didn't she push Theresa out of a window?" Thanks Galit. Seems the writers choose what they want to remember and Gwen's faults are obviously something they don't want to remember.

"I really pity Terror's children. Imagine the nerve of this psycho twit telling Whit her life hasn't perfect because she didn't have Ethan. What a selfish girl and a poor excuse for a mother. How dare she put her own selfish desires before her own children. Terror is a gambler at heart and wants to win the game more than she wants custody of her daughter. I can hear her now at weeks end. Terror will be blaming Gwen, Eve, Ivy and Rebecca but when all is said and done they are not to blame. Terror chose Ethan over Jane and I hope she is lost to her forever. And where is Paloma?????" Thanks Katie!!!!!!!!

Quote of the week: "In the 5/13 episode, Pilar called Theresa a "broken record." Hello, Pilar! The ENTIRE SHOW is a broken record!" Thanks Jamison!!!!!

Until next week friends,
Brandi Until next week friends,

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