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Whitney is the worst friend that a girl could possibly have. Instead of being a shoulder to cry on, or a sounding board, she's just making Theresa's life more complicated than it already was.

Whitney is the worst friend a girl could possibly have. Instead of being a shoulder to cry on, or a sounding board, all she's done is made Theresa's life more complicated than it already is. She knows the big secret, but instead of keeping it to herself; she almost tells Ethan, and then turns right around and all but tells Jared. He couldn't have had the door closed good before she and Chad started talking about EM being Ethan's son. He had to have overheard the entire conversation.

And then the madness doesn't stop there. Instead of staying out of her friend's business, Whitney just kept pushing Theresa to tell Ethan the truth. Why is she so pushy? Is she going to explode if the truth doesn't come out soon? And then Chad shuts her up, claiming Miguel and Luis' lives are at stake, but that lasted all of fifteen seconds. The next scene at the Blue Note, there was Whitney telling Theresa she HAD to tell Ethan the truth. By Friday I wanted to shoot Theresa for telling Whitney the truth.

And now with Theresa being so wishy-washy, Ethan knows something's up. Too bad Gwen is going to tell Ethan before Theresa does. That text message Theresa got proves that Gwen is not about to let Theresa walk off with Ethan. And the sad thing is, Theresa could've told Ethan the truth, and he probably would've kept it a secret to help her get her brothers out of trouble.

And just how did Gwen find out this little secret? The minute that Theresa decided against telling Ethan the first time, I knew Gwen would find out and that would be her ticket to holding on to Ethan. But she left town, so obviously she either ran across JT's disk, or someone still in Harmony has told her. And I think that someone is Jared. I think he overheard Whitney and Chad talking and told Gwen. I also think Gwen hired him to woo Theresa away from Ethan. I think that was his big secret. What else explains him wanting her when she so obviously does not want him?

Meanwhile, Miguel and Luis are out on bail, and Luis has been assigned to a case, HIS own case. I'm pretty sure when real cops are accused of crimes they are suspended from the force so as not to interfere in investigations. Not in Harmony; they are assigned to prove themselves and family members innocent. And to top it off, Luis' partner is the VICTIM!!! How absurd is this case going to get.

The hypnosis session had me rolling my eyes until Fancy said, "She attacked me." When she said that I started paying attention, because I just knew Luis was going to write it off. But instead, he is toying with the possibility that the same person didn't attack Fancy twice. And then Dr. Do-It-All puts him under hypnosis where they assume he was drugged due to a red mark forming on hi s neck. I know its absurd, but piece by piece it's starting to look more and more like Sheridan.

And just when we're all convinced it is Sheridan, Chris finds a hypodermic needle that supposedly was used for allergy shots, and starts to suspect his wife. He admitted this week that he knows Sheridan doesn't want Luis and Fancy to work out. How long before he figures out just how far his wife will go to hang onto her former lover?

I really suspected that Chris or Jared was the Peeper, but Chris was with Sheridan while the Peeper was sorting through pictures of Harmony citizens. Are those pictures published for town use? Because the Peeper had the exact same picture of Fancy and Luis that Sheridan punched her needle through. Now I think the Peeper may be Beth. Who else is twisted enough to want Fancy and Luis apart? I just don't see Sheridan going that far. But her interest in Theresa and Ethan baffles me, unless it was all set up to reveal that EM is really Ethan's son.

For one brief moment I thought the Peeper was all in Fancy's head, due only to the fact that Tabitha couldn't get a clear picture and didn't have a feeling. Then Rae reveals she knows the Peeper's identity. Why she couldn't tell Luis over the phone, or whisper it in Simone's ear is beyond me. Why the big production about having Luis come down to the Blue Note right away? Still in all it was nice to see TC accept her and Simone together.

It was also nice to see TC deck Julian. I along with Julian thought TC had gone soft, but it was so refreshing to see him deck Julian anyway. And then I laughed even louder when he told Ivy he would deck her too if she wasn't a woman. After some arguing, Ivy and Julian got down to business of "making woo-woo." I have to agree, with Julian; Ivy must like something as she keeps coming back for more. She even said herself she can't seem to resist Julian.

What is wrong with Kay? She knows the lengths the Cranes will go to get what they want, yet she still believes Julian over Miguel. She doesn't believe Miguel ran down Fox, but she believes he's making out with Charity all over the hospital. And why on earth didn't either Kay or Miguel realize the girl Julian was talking to had on the same clothes as "Charity?" All they have to do now is plug in Jessica's statement that Fox bribed Miguel and Charity look alikes and they have it figured out.

Some Random Thoughts:

Teenage Endora is just as cute as toddler Endora.

I've never heard of the "Scissor Sisters" before, but they aren't half bad.

Who else thought, for a moment, the lead red headed singer was Rebecca?

When is Ethan going to realize that he and Luis basically faced the same problem as they both don't remember how they ended up in certain places?

Viewer's Voice:

"Oh for goodness sake, Theresa just tell Ethan the truth already! Doesn't she ever learn? Obviously not! How exactly does Theresa lose the Crane money if Little Ethan is really Ethan's son? I mean Alistair adopted Little Ethan didn't he? And Theresa was married to Alistair so she would have the money no matter who Little Ethan's father is, right? I don't know. I'm really confused on this. This storyline with Chad is making me sick. For all his undying professions of love he proclaimed to Whitney when he thought she was his sister, to cheat on her now is really out of character and shows poor writing skills on the writer's part. Also, why is Chad bisexual all of a sudden?!? That completely came out of left field, although everyone who watches the show and posts comments have suspected that Chad was sleeping with a man. Still, this storyline is really disturbing, although not as disturbing as the peeper/rapist, which brings me to. . . Sheridan Crane-Booth is the biggest WITCH on Passions. She even tops Ivy, Rebecca, and even Gwen (and I HATE those monsters!!!!!!!!) Sheridan is worse than Beth. While I would never defend Beth, at the very least she was certifiably crazy. Sheridan is perfectly sane and she is just showing how evil she is. She is truly Alistair's daughter. Julian would probably be shocked at his little sister's behavior! I can't wait for her to be exposed and with Passions being cancelled, we may not have too long a wait for it!" Thanks Amanda!!!

"I have to disagree with you on one count: Ivy's tirade against Luis. Since I despise Luis, Miguel, Pilar and Theresa, anyone (even the hated Ivy) that can stick it to them I get pleasure from. I do agree that I thought Sheridan was the latest attacker/peeper because the body frame was so much smaller than the other attacker(s). But the small frame person was seen "plotting" the downfall of all of Harmony while Sheridan was at the hospital with Fancy and company. Fancy's tirades of being attacked are snoozeville. How are you going to run for the door to escape and NOT put your hand on the handle? I LOVED Gwen telling like it is. Yeah she brought most of it on herself but I'm glad she read Ethan like a book and figuratively spat in his face. He's scum. Theresa's an idiot to think she'll be happy with Ethan. It is still an obsession between them. It isn't love. And Miguel is really working my nerve. And are people on crack in saying Kay deserves to be happy?!? That skank deserves every bit of misery Fox and Julian are dishing out." Thanks Kamal!!!

"I thought it was heart breaking when Jane didn't want Theresa. How could Ethan let his daughter forget her real mother?? And then just talk about Jane will be missing her mommy (talking about Gwen) how cold is that? Ethan claims to love Theresa and wants to be with her but he takes her baby away from her? That's her child too. It's like he just forgets that. And how could whit even tell her "best friend" to just let Ethan go after Gwen WITH Jane and never think about them again, just because Whit could be that cold to just turn her back on her newborn baby doesn't mean anyone else could. And another thing I think that FOX should buy Passions. They don't have any soaps, it could be on right before Tyra. NBC is making a huge mistake in canceling Passions just to make the Today Show 1 hour longer. (That show is not that great and is already too long as it is) NBC only has 2 soaps most networks have 3. And Passions isn't even on Soapnet. I think we should boycott NBC till they change their minds about Passions. Who's with me??" Thanks Simone!!!

Until next week friends,

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