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It was wonderful to see Margo promoted to Chief of Detectives last week. Most of her family was there to cheer her on, and she even took some time to honor Hal.

As much as I have been a bit negative of the show lately, this week was so much better as story moved along with some interesting things happening in Oakdale: Margo takes over Hal's job, Lily has her hands full with Faith and Emily tries the oldest profession.

Margo and Tom and their Sons
It was wonderful to see Margo promoted to Chief of Detectives; what was nice was seeing her remember her old friend and boss, Hal. It was good to hear he had not been forgotten. Most of her family was there to cheer on - it was great to see Nancy, Kim and Lisa. I wonder why Craig and Katie can never seem to make it to family gatherings but are seen talking about it later.

Tom was beaming with joy for his wife and it was jolting to have their son, Casey being arrested at the ceremony. Tom fell right into his lawyer mode and Casey was man enough to take responsibility for his actions. Why did he not let everyone know that his older brother, Adam was pulling the strings? I felt sorry for Maddie because she wanted so badly to believe that he had quit gambling. Zach Roerig who plays Casey has become so much better since he first began and you can see how his life had gotten out of control and his relief by just telling the truth.

Adam Munson has change considerably since he left Oakdale. I am sure the viewers want to know why he is so different - what happened to him in Los Angeles? Is his behavior related to the sudden loss of Hal? Okay, the last question is a stretch. Can you believe Jade as she is the savior here by telling Will about Adam and keeping Adam from running out of town? This is the first time that I have really liked her.

Emily's New Profession
Emily Stewart has done so many things in her life so why not try being a prostitute. I like this story because she just fell into it and she is being drawn into this little by little. She has had so far, two men who have given her almost more than all the other men in her life - respect and then reward her for how well she does.

It looks like Dusty is starting to see her in a different light as if he is becoming interested in her. He has gone up against Lucinda more than once on her behalf. I like the fact that the writers are not rushing Dusty or Emily into another relationship. This can only work if they take things slowly - not a trait of the current writing team.

Lily and Faith
This also is a story to keep an eye on - this is so different. How many times on soaps are people worried about their appearance when just about everyone is pencil thin. Lily current problem is natural for woman sometimes after giving birth and then it rubbed off on Faith. It's sad that Faith is so young and is having image issues.

I do like the fact that she has a friend her age that she can relate to - Parker. Parker has become such a hand full lately because of his inner rage at his mother and the death of his father. All of this is so real and is being told in a manner that makes it is all the more interesting.

I don't know where it is going: Parker and Faith become friends with the biggest outcast in Oakdale - Paul Ryan. He relates to these kids so well and it is changing Paul for the better.

Vienna and Brad and Henry and Katie
The way that these four should pair up is simple - Vienna and Henry as Henry needs a woman who is not a blond. Katie will probably fall for Brad Snyder as he is just her type and the fact that they hate each other on sight tells the whole story.

Finally, it is sad that they are recasting the character of Dallas. They had never given the current one a story in the first place so hopefully this is being done so the character can get a story.

Here are comments from some readers:

Vivien says, "Whatever happened to Gwen, that street smart kid who we all came to love? The only person who stood by her side through thick and thin was Will. Yet she is willing to believe anything Mom/Jade/Adam says or insinuates about him. She NEVER defends him. A whisper into her disloyal ear, and she is ready to turn on her one true friend. If anyone should be kicked to the curb, it's her. I think she has to remember what it's like to be alone. As for Adam and Jade, they belong together."

Helen says, "I have a lot of thoughts to the show right now, but one in particular that keeps popping in my head in the Paul & Parker scenes is...doesn't anyone remember when Parker had "visions" and found Jack because of it? Parker himself doesn't even seem to remember with all the questions he's asking Paul, I would think that would give the characters something more to bond with. Maybe Parker doesn't remember because when you age 5 years overnight your brain takes a while to catch up! And I can understand why Parker is becoming an angry teen, he lost his sister & his father in the same year, along with all of his mother's drama and his "parents" getting divorced, but it's still hard to accept since we went from that sweet, smart bright little boy to this dark, angry pre-teen. Maybe he will progress with time as the writers find the right "niche" for his character. It's like he & JJ switched, JJ is sweet now, and he should be a little angry since his mother (who is never mentioned) just died 2 years ago. Lack of consistency."

Sandi says, "I love Vienna. I hope they keep her too. Too cute with Henry!!!!! What a darling pair they would make. I STILL like Craig. I just wish Katie would get pregnant in real life and leave. That must be so hard to play. I never believed for a minute that Carly was in love with Simon. But I will still miss her."

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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