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It looks like the walls are about to cave in on Harley and Gus's adoption of Sydney. What a way to find out what your daughter is really like! Once the smoke clears, how will she react to Gus's protection of her daughter, and what it might have cost them?

Such a fine line between these two emotions, and GL is dancing between the two this Valentine's.

While I usually enjoy a good romantic tale on this holiday for romance, I don't think we'll be getting the traditional (albeit sometimes boring) happy ending this week on GL.

With the loss of Tammy so fresh in her mind, Cassie is a mother ready to battle Alan Spaulding for his part in Tammy's death. Of course, Alan is being blackmailed into a non-romantic marriage to Doris Wolf this week, which could be an interesting punishment for the dastardly duo. I remember when Doris used to come off so lily pure, standing up against bad guys like the one she'll be marrying this week. I mean, sure, the money and power would be nice, but how can you subject Ashlee to Alan's manipulations? Although I can see her driving Alan crazy - which he so richly deserves! And while I really chafe at the lack of air time for so many of the cast, I have always had a soft spot for the talents of Orlaugh Cassidy (Doris). This pairing reminds me of the days of Diane Ballard and Alan - way back in the 70's and 80's - powerful and more than a little corrupt!

Kudos to Nicole Forrester for her outstanding work as the distraught Cassie. It's taken me a long time to get used to this recast, but all of the raw emotions (and sometimes lack thereof) are so powerful in her face. You can imagine yourself in her place, fighting for justice in the face of all of the injustice her family has faced. While Alan sits in his mansion puffing on an illegal Cuban cigar! This showdown should be worth the wait!

It looks like the walls are about to cave in on Harley and Gus' adoption of baby Sydney. What a way to find out what your daughter is really like! And once the smoke clears, how will she react to Gus' protection of her daughter - and what it might have cost them? Certainly not all hearts and flowers over at the Aituro household!

This week the show shifts some of the story to the Gulf Coast as part of the "Find Your Light" campaign. It will be interesting to see if this shift in story does anything for the show's ratings - although the real winners will be the families who benefit from the much-needed assistance.

We'll have to see how it all plays out as the Sweeps period continues. And before I forget, the Emmy pre-nominations are up on the site. Lots of GL (and former GL'ers) listed. This list gets paired down quite a bit, then the Emmy's are later in the year. After last year I can't imagine GL topping the 4 trophies we took home, but a girl can hope!


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