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Dixie dying because of poison laden peanut butter & banana pancakes was bad enough but for Tad and Dixie to not have their together forever is just too sad. I cried throughout the flashbacks although they certainly brought a smile to see the past weddings. To hear the 'till death do us part' really turned on the waterworks! That along with Opal telling Dixie to say 'hello' to her dear Jenny.

Dixie dying because of poison laden peanut butter & banana pancakes was bad enough but for Tad and Dixie to not have their together forever is just too sad. I cried throughout the flashbacks although they certainly brought a smile to see the past weddings. To hear the "till death do us part" really turned on the waterworks! That along with Opal telling Dixie to say "hello" to her dear Jenny. Oh, I was sad when Jenny died, but it was Kim Delaney's decision to leave the show and although Cady left AMC previously this was not her choice. I remember all those flashback and good times not so long ago. WOW did Tad and Dixie look young. I'm not saying they don't look good now but Cady was so young when she joined AMC. They were really made for each other, but will never be together again. This whole turn of events has been awful. "Angel Dixie" realizing Kathy was her Kate was just cruel. Because we weren't "spoiled" early enough about the situation, there was no way for the writers, producers, etc. to hear our outrage. This isn't stopping the Tad and Dixie fans though as there is a petition to bring back Dixie. I'm not sure how that would work as she should have had an autopsy due to determine cause of death, but then no one is really dead in soapland. I'm also not sure Cady would come back to AMC again, but if anyone is interested in signing the petition, go to the website for more information.

I've received hundreds of emails about Dixie's demise and none of them were happy emails. This week's AMC Fan Spotlights of the week comes from many irate Tad & Dixie fans, such as Andrea who writes "I am just devastated by Dixie's death. Obviously this is part of the "mean fest" infringed upon us faithful viewers by the TPTB. We don't matter one tiny bit anymore." And Tanea who shares "I have been a fan of AMC from the beginning but was very disappointed with the Tad & Dixie storyline when Cady returned. Now that they have killed Dixie off for good I am done with AMC for good. It is such a shame because it used to be such a great soap with many talented actors and actresses." Nancy who laments "I have been a fan of AMC for 35 years now & I think this past year has been the worst I've seen it!! I can't believe they killed off Dixie before giving her & Tad time to be a couple again! I want the "OLD AMC" back!!" More from Angie "All My Children has been ruined. I've literally watched this soap since I was a teen over 25 years and I don't even want to watch it now. They've ruined it. No more Julia Barr and not even a goodbye. This show has some big names that have been in PV for years, Lucci, Knight, Willy, Mitchell, MacDonnell, Canary. Yet they bring back favorite, Cady McClain only to have her nothing like the Dixie we knew. Then she finally becomes more like the "real" Dixie and they are going to kill her off. What is with the people running this show?"

AMC can't expect to alienate their base without backlash which qualifies for this week's AMC Fan Gripes of the week first from Lee "I, too, am stunned with the unbelievable storylines AMC is showing. How on earth can Ryan be Emma's dad? How on earth can Kathy be Kate? Does AMC think the audience is truly that stupid?? Also, there has not been a significant African-American character or family for years." And from Reba "What is All My Children trying to do? If they keep firing everyone and/or killing them off, there won't be anyone left to marry Erica or Tad!!! They're firing all the wrong characters and leaving the strange ones on there. I used to be a fan that would not miss a single episode of this soap but it is getting so frustrating that I'm starting to look elsewhere to eat lunch rather than sitting at home in front of the television."


I know I'm very tired of the continual repetitive banter between Babe and JR. They repeat the same lines every week as does Josh, the one that loves Babe. The goodbye kiss was unnecessary but then again what do we expect from Babe? JR decides to blackmail Babe into giving him full custody of Little Adam since he knows Tad is the father of Krystal's baby. It seems to me JR would forget the blackmail & just tell Tad as this was Dixie's dying wish of him. Why isn't Babe warning Krystal about JR's new found knowledge? Where's the logic of this storyline? Babe, of course, needs to be rescued from the big bad JR and who's there to help? Babe's new Best Forever Friend, Zarf. I think a judge would decide Little Adam would be better off with totally different parents. Maybe I can adopt Little Adam as he is definitely a cutie.

Death by Slayer!

Are we supposed to believe that Babe is dead after she was attacked? I believe this is a ploy to try to get more viewers and up the ratings. I don't think it was the slayer at all but just a scam to get the slayer and all of PV to think Babe is dead. This way her family can mourn her and overshadow Dixie's death. Everything has to be about Babe. JR can grieve and decide he really did love her after all. Oh, I'm getting heartburn.

Lots of speculation on the slayer as I've heard from so many that believe the slayer could be a recast Liza, just to have her head off to jail or even a recast Greenlee. I could see this but what would be Liza's motive? She would have no reason to kill Erin, Simone or the others. Perhaps Greenlee's reasoning would be the whole Kendall's getting pregnant with Ryan's sperm, etc. but that's reaching. I'm not sure I believe the killer is a man as everyone continues to assume this fact. Seems the story is dragging what with Zach remembering little by little his past. I wish they'd just get it over with but it will probably continue for the whole month of February. I feel sure those Ryan haters disliked him demanding Spike back from Kendall, but I don't blame him for trying to keep his son out of harm's way. Of course now Ryan is going to meet the murderer so perhaps Spike would be safer with another family as Kendall is a target and anyone around her could be caught in the crossfire. Look at Dixie with the pancakes. Kendall is being extremely unlikable about Emma being Ryan's child as she told Annie Ryan was just the sperm donor. I believe this is the same situation with Spike too but Kendall seems to have conveniently forgotten that little fact. What's up with Kendall wanting to have Zach's baby right now? Since she can't keep Ryan on the backburner - just in case and wants Annie away from PV, so she needs another child to fill her neediness.

I'm B-A-C-K!

Barbara Montgomery has returned and appears to be very interested in Jackson much to Erica's dismay. Side note: I really dislike the way everyone sleeps with members of the same family. Erica and Travis, Erica and Jackson, Kendall and Michael C, Kendall and Ehtan, Kendall and Zach, Kendall and Ryan, Kendall and Jonathan. It's rather disgusting and unappealing. I really hope they don't pair Tad with Julia as she's sleeping with his son, Jamie. Believe me, I've never wanted to sleep with my father in law or vice versa. Will Barbara's attention to Jackson be able to keep Erica out of Jeff's bed? I must say welcome back to Janet as portrayed by the wonderfully talented Kate Collins. What a great actress she is. Of course the writers made just a mere mention of Janet killing Trevor while belaboring Janet kidnapping Babe. What's up with these writers? And what's up with Adam? When did he become such a wimp? I hate what they've done to this character.

Rumor has it that James Mitchell (Palmer) is looking to retire from acting. I can certainly understand that as the man will be 87 this year. He sure does look great for 87. I will miss Palmer if he decides to retire. I see that Y&R is in negotiations with Vincent Irizarry (ex-David) to extend his stay there. I'm not surprised as no one with half a brain would get rid of a talent like that! Thanks for the emails as always I enjoy them all and I'll see you back here in two weeks!!


Mary Page
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