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Port Charles-related news from 2000
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It's impossible to keep up with all of the twists and turns from the world of soaps. Luckily, Soap Central has archived all the Port Charles news from 2000.

Here are the news stories posted on Soap Central during 2000 that focus on Port Charles or past and present PC performers. To read any of the articles listed below, simply click on the appropriate link. To access articles from other years, click here.

February 2000
Two weeks after leaving Days of our Lives, Louise Sorel will debut on Port Charles as Lifestyle Maven, Donatella Stewart. Sorel steps into the outrageous role of Donatella on March 10 as a General Hospital patient who's caught up in the tensions between nurses and management and creates some excitement of her own. Donatella is carelessly banged into a wall, loses her purse to Lucy, then loses her temper - all in her first episode! Tune in March 10th!
February 2000
If anyone thought Mary Scanlon looked familiar when she started on PC, you're right. And if you watched family television in the late sixties you may even remember why.
February 2000
Less than one month after ascending to the helm as co-head writer for Port Charles, Jonathan Estrin has been relieved of his duties.
April 2000
One of the few remaining original Port Charles cast members, Mitch Longley (Matt) will make his final on-air appearance later this month. He has chosen not to renew his contract with the show.
July 2000
The Port Charles set is abuzz with talk that David Gail (Joe Scanlon) will soon be departing.
October 2000
There are major changes in store for Port Charles. Not only will the show be getting a new batch of head writers, but the soap is taking a radical approach in developing its storylines that network executives hope will raise the show's sagging ratings.
October 2000
If you're really attached to any Port Charles characters, you might be sitting on pins and needles over the next couple of weeks. During the course of the November Sweeps period, three --- count them --- three Port Charles characters will meet an untimely demise.
November 2000
Guiding Light exile Ramy Zada has found a new role on daytime television --- even if he's a little nervous about making a trip back to the soaps.
December 2000
Kimberlin Brown's (Rachel) year-and-half on Port Charles came to an end on November 29th, the result of the climax of a sometimes-undefined storyline. The veteran soap actress admits a bit of disappointment over the run with the show.
December 2000
For those of you who have wondered where in the world Courtney has gone, Port Charles now has an answer: Sarah Aldrich has been let go from the show - but only temporarily.
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