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Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 25, 1998 on PC
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Monday, May 25, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite

Lucy is visited by the Escort boss. He's carrying a gift for her in a shopping bag. She puts it on - it's a Xena outfit. She doesn't want to wear a wig, but he told her she has to wear the black wig. She complains about being almost arrested. He told her he'll take care of her. She asks him if there is a chance of her involvement being known - if there is a paper trail. He told her that no one could crack his files. She wants to see them and he refuses. Kevin walks in.. Lucy claims that the man is Henri - a new designer for the Nurses Ball. "Henri" flounces out. Kevin told her he doesn't like Henri's taste in costumes. But since she has it on... She asks if he has a sword - he says he'll see what he can do.

Later, Lucy arrives at a customer's seedy apartment building. She flashes back to the PI telling her about the rumors that Eve was a paid escort She told herself she's doing it for Scott and Serena. Calling herself Xanadu, she went in to meet a guy wearing underwear and a stuffed lion around his neck. He's supposed to be Hercules. He wants them to lay on his bear skin rug (the bed). But Lucy wants to hear his exploits with women of yore. He wants to know how yore, and she told him 3-5 years ago, perhaps brunette. He does remember one who was very young, buxom, full lips, big eyes, but he doesn't remember her name. Then he remembers - Evelyn Honeysuckle. He told her he saw he about six months ago and she was dressed as a......then he has a heart attack before he can say. Lucy calls Victor comes in to give Kevin a letter his publisher that was accidentally sent to the hospital - it's a check. A reporter calls about Jules being poisoned in the book and told Kevin about Julie's poisoning.

Joe and Frank try to resuscitate poisoned Julie. Frank starts in with his paramedic kit. Something they give her brought her around. Since the substance worked - it means she had a drug overdose. Frank claims that Julie wouldn't use drugs. Her head hurts as she awakes but she seems otherwise fine. Frank carries her off to go to the ER. They put her on an opiate reversal drug and along with Jake and Mary - they realize someone tried to kill her. Jake told Chris and Karen that Julie had an opiate overdose. Karen says "No way!" In a nice tie-in to GH, Chris says it's not uncommon for a doctor under stress to sample medicine - it's a dirty little secret. They discuss how the book is being followed. "Jules Melvin" came to town posing as "Jules Norris", Jake's character gets to find out how it feels to be a lab rat at the end of the day, Tris Rambo gets cut down to size and bleeds to death, and Carol Waxler, the ex-stripper is treated to a hangman's noose. They realize that the killer seems to be going in random order. They discuss Lark's going missing.

Meanwhile, back at the Scanlon's, the cops are searching the place while Eve paces. Scott arrives and Eve fills him in on everything. This convinces Eve that Julie is innocent. Frank arrives and Garcia comes upstairs and starts questioning him about what she ate and drank during the day. Frank and Alex argue. Scott tries to calm Frank down and he stomps back to the hospital. Scott then starts in on Garcia about the murders following General Homicide. He yells at him that both himself and his daughter are in the book along with everyone he cares about in PC. Then *he* stomps out.

Tuesday, May 26, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Nicco Duncan

Lucy calls 911 after her "date" has had a heart attack. As the Paramedics arrive, still dressed in her Xanadu outfit, Lucy hides outside on the ledge of the building barely escaping again!

Julie is recovering from her near death experience from the poisoning, while at the same time Garcia is placing an armed guard at her door. He tells the guard that he wants to know everyone who comes in or out. Scotty is happy (for a moment) to see that Garcia has come around and realizes that Julie is in danger, but Garcia explains its to protect everyone else from Julie. Scott is outraged.

Frank meets up with a strange looking yet professionally dressed man in one of the small rooms General Hospital seems to have so many of. He starts speaking with him about copying the formula for the drug. He explains that he has copied it to perfection.

Lucy went to General Hospital and meets up with Audrey at the Nurses Desk. She explains that she is there to make arrangements for the Nurses Ball. Audrey asks her about the clothing she intends to wear this year and is she is planning to strip or swing from the ceiling. (Remember last year?).. but Lucy assures her that she will be completely and elegantly clad. After Audrey leaves, Lucy enlists in conversation with one of the nurses standing at the desk. She asks about a heart attack victim that was brought in earlier that evening, and the nurse told her that some guy was brought in wearing a Hercules outfit from a seedy hotel where a woman called 911. Lucy says he's a friend and asks for his room number. She went to visit him but he does not recognize her. She told him who she is, and he wants to continue the role playing. Lucy, scheming as we know her, then has Eve paged to Hercules' room so that he can get a good look at her.

Meanwhile, Kevin is at the hospital and runs into Audrey. Kevin mentions that Lucy is meeting with her designer "Henri" and Audrey explains that she just saw Lucy. Kevin is greatly suspicious of what Lucy's up to and decides to have her paged. As he is standing up at the Nurses desk (The same nurse that Lucy inquired about Hercules), he overhears the paramedics talking about bringing in Hercules. Kevin mind is spinning and then he realizes that Lucy is involved. Lucy doesn't answer her page, so the nurse asks if she should page her again, and Kevin says no. The he inquires about "Hercules" and the nurse snickers a bit, and told him the room number.

Back in "Hercules'" room, Eve responds to her page and walks in the room. Lucy is standing behind the door. Eve demands to know why she was paged, and Lucy told her that the patience knows her from somewhere. But neither recognize the other. Hercules is excited that they know each other and states that he would pay big money if they were a "team". Lucy rushes Eve out the door and makes up and excuse that she was just trying to help him out because he thought he knew Eve. Lucy rushes off just as Kevin comes around the corner. He speaks to Eve briefly letting her know that he saw Lucy and then went into the room with Hercules.

Garcia, after testing several of Julie's things for possible poisoning, determines that the poison was in the water bottle. Julie almost becomes hysterical stating that it was in the dishdrainer all day, but Lark is the one who did the dishes. She accuses Lark of trying to kill her. Frank just sits by and lets the accusations fly.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

Scott suspected that Eve had overheard Lucy telling him about Eve's past as an escort. A furious Scott demanded that Lucy take Serena to see Gail at the hospital while he tried to look for Eve. Meanwhile, Kevin found a miserable Eve and tried to comfort her. Kevin urged Eve to give Scott a chance to respond to the truth about her past before jumping to any conclusions. Later, Scott returned home and was surprised to find Eve waiting for him. Kevin returned to the lighthouse and he and Lucy prepared to attend Katherine Bell's memorial service. Kevin was angry with Lucy for what she had done to Eve and warned her that she could lose both him and Scott if she continued with her vendetta. Serena gave Neil a get well card at the hospital. After seeing Courtney being friendly with Joe, Frank warned her to stay away from his family. Courtney tried to stand up to Frank, but he made it clear that he wanted her to keep her distance from Joe. Karen and Joe were surprised to find Matt at Ellen's but they didn't think anything was out of the ordinary. Alone, Matt tried to convince Ellen to take her job at the hospital back. Ellen agreed to return to work at General Hospital and then surprised Matt when she said she didn't want to postpone being with him any longer.

Thursday, May 28, 1998

Karen is surprised to learn that Joe used to date Neil's mother during his college days. The masked executioner instructs a rattled Lucy to get on her knees in front of the guillotine. When Lucy tries to escape, her client bars the way, then removes his mask to reveal his identity. As Courtney teases Joe about their wild days together, Karen eagerly asks for details about their escapades. Kevin told a flustered Lucy how he learned about her recent employment with the Enchanted Escort Service. Though she explains why she had to go to such lengths to prove Eve's guilt, Kevin demands that she stop putting herself in harm's way. Later, Munson receives a visit from the masked executioner, who orders him to remove "Angela Delight" from the payroll. When the man refuses to comply, Kevin threatens to chop him into tiny little pieces unless he forgets he ever met a woman named Lucy Coe. Courtney told Joe and Karen how her rat of an ex-husband deserted her and their son right after Neil was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. Lucy hits upon a new scheme involving Victor. Courtney pressures a married man to meet her blackmail demands.

Friday, May 29, 1998

Lucy cautions Victor not to let Kevin know that they'll be posing as a hooker and her pimp in order to get the goods on Eve's dirty little secret. Meanwhile, at the precinct house, Kevin casts doubts on Garcia's theory about Julie and suggests to Mac that a serial killer is using General Homicide as a blueprint for murder. Frank brought Julie home from the hospital. Scotty explains to Eve why his relationship with the late Katherine Bell was so complicated. After positioning Victor outside the door of the hotel room, Lucy meets her newest client garbed as Princess Leia from "Star Wars". Julie finds a bottle of morphine in Eve's purse and furiously accuses Eve of drugging her. Ignoring Eve's protestations and denials, Frank phones the police and turns her in. Mac asks Kevin if some enemy of his could be enacting revenge by making his novel come to life in the most tragic manner possible. Admitting that he himself is a likely suspect, Kevin confides to Mac how he's been having some strange dreams about his twisted twin brother. After Lucy names her price, her client reveals himself to be a vice cop and places both her and Victor under arrest for solicitation.

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