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Passions Recaps: The week of March 12, 2001 on PS
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Monday, March 12, 2001

Miguel begs Kay to help him bring her cousin back from the depths of hell. Meanwhile, Hecuba transports a protesting Timmy and Tabitha to her cave to help her celebrate Charity's imminent demise. Eve tearfully explains to Grace how Alistair forced Julian to abandon her once the elder Crane learned of her pregnancy. At the Book Cafe, Beth swallows her pride and tells Luis she's glad he's found happiness with Sheridan. Theresa decides to enter a vacation contest in hopes of winning a tropical honeymoon for herself and Ethan. Whitney lends Chad a sympathetic ear when he confides his fear that his birth parents may not want to be found. Still stinging from Sam's secret, Grace urges Eve to come clean with T.C. before her marriage winds up on the rocks. Ethan cautions Sheridan that hunting for her mother's journals could bring Alistair's wrath down upon her. Timmy warns Hecuba that Charity always seems to find a way to wriggle out of trouble. Kay tells Miguel and the others how she first encountered pure evil in the bottom of the mine shaft. Chad has mixed emotions upon hearing that his DNA results are ready. Theresa admits to Ethan how she retrieved his Crane Enterprises pass from the trash can.

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Tabitha reminds Timmy that they're next in line for Hecuba's chopping block if she succeeds in destroying Harmony's teenaged lovebirds. Kay admits to Miguel how she feels responsible for Charity's downfall. Hecuba treats Tabitha to a sumptuous feast and Timmy to a pitcher of his favorite libation. Though Sheridan is excited to learn that Theresa retrieved the security pass for Crane Enterprises' archives, Ethan refuses to hand the card over. No longer certain if he wants to know the results of the DNA test, Chad confesses to Eve how Ethan's paternity mess has made him rethink his own family situation. Whitney encourages Chad to seek out the truth, however, reminding him that he owes it to his future wife. Peering into her magic mirror, Hecuba is irked to spot Kay and Miguel approaching the mouth of her cave. Still smarting from Ivy's lies about Ethan, Julian catches Eve off guard by waxing nostalgic about the infant son they lost years ago. Sheridan finally persuades Ethan to let her use the security card to look for the truth about Martin Fitzgerald.

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

As Grace mourns her lost son, whose name was to have been Jack, she verbally attacks Sam each time he begs her to hear him out. Jessica asks her parents to stop fighting and is gently led from their bedroom and sent downstairs so the fighting can continue. Ultimately, Grace collapses.

Sheridan and Luis use Ethan's security card to gain access to the Crane family archives. As they wade through many file cabinets' worth of material other than that which they seek (Katherine Crane's diaries), Julian enters with the intent of getting the diaries and burning them (especially after Alistair has threatened to have him killed for failing to do so). It is unknown at the end of the episode whether or not he sees the other two in the room.

Timmy asks Hecuba to let Miguel and Charity see each other one last time. Hecuba agrees, pleased with the idea of giving them one final moment of hope before snatching it back. Miguel and Kay wander through a hall of mirrors in the caves, searching for Charity, whose bound image is seen in each mirror. Miguel finds the girl and tries to untie the ropes, when another portal to Hell appears, and four demons prepare their attack.

T.C. and Whitney show their support as Eve prepares the program that will show Chad the likeliest matches to be his parents. No information has appeared on screen by the end of the episode.

Thursday, March 15, 2001

Sam's guilt pangs intensify after Grace collapses. Dead set against taking the moniker of a man he doesn't respect, Ethan tells Theresa that instead of using "Bennett" he's decided to change his last name to "Winthrop" to honor his mother's family. Luis and Sheridan duck into hiding as Julian enters the archives. Startled to find piles of files on the floor, Julian assumes that Ethan was snooping for the journals on Sheridan's behalf. As he struggles to free Charity from her bonds, Miguel is set upon by another pack of hissing demons. Chad waits impatiently for the hospital computer to match his DNA with his birth parents' samples. Certain her life won't be worth a plugged nickel once Hecuba finishes tormenting Harmony's star-crossed teens, Tabitha decides to try a simple spell to open an escape route. When her plan backfires, however, Timmy wails in despair to see his princess knocked cold by a falling rock. At the hospital, Eve urges Grace to get some rest. Julian disables Ethan's security card, thereby stranding Sheridan and Luis in the vault.

Friday, March 16, 2001

In the hospital, Grace admonishes Eve to tell TC about Julian and the baby. Grace insists that there is an evil in Harmony connected to all the misery going on, from the loss of baby Jack to Charity's disappearance, and that the only way Eve can stop it in her own life is to come clean now. Eve is not yet at a point where she can do it, especially since she believes TC would kill Julian if he knew.

Sheridan and Luis discover that they are trapped in the Crane family archives, as Ethan's security card was revoked before they could leave. Sheridan realizes that the air pump is creating a vacuum.

Julian warns Ethan of the consequences of trespassing in the Crane family archives, and Chad says that Ethan meant no harm by showing the room to Theresa, Whitney, and himself. They all insist that no one touched anything and that they are not responsible for papers being strewn about the room. Julian learns that the hospital is running a DNA check on Chad and is hostile to the idea of the hospital conducting pro bono work until Whitney explains that her mother is paying for this. She goes on to say that if Julian has a problem, he can speak to her father about it. Julian decides there is no problem and leaves quickly. Unfortunately, he bumps into TC and knocks him over, inflaming the latter's knee injury.

Hecuba is nowhere to be found. Timmy and Tabby are still trapped in Hecuba's lair, watching the actions of Miguel, Charity, and Kay unfold. A still-bound Charity explains to Miguel that she will gain her powers if he has sex with her. As they kiss, a desperate Kay finally finds the real them (instead of their many mirror images) and interrupts. As Miguel cuts the ropes with the sharp rock that Kay has brought, Charity's eyes glow orange and she reveals herself to be possessed. She casts a spell over all of Harmony, commanding people to act on their angers and hatreds. In the hospital, TC's eyes glow orange and he begins to strangle Julian.

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