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Passions Recaps: The week of October 27, 2003 on PS
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Monday, October 27, 2003

Rebecca is upset with Julian for always putting her and her needs second to Eve. She really loses it when she finds out that Julian has offered to loan his private jet to Eve, TC and Liz so they can leave Los Angeles. Rebecca is hurt that he wouldn't let her use the jet for her daughter, Gwen, but is more than thoughtful and generous when it comes to Eve and her family.

Whitney hits rock bottom when she realizes that Latoya has a legal hold over Chad and that she can't be with him. She's still at the hospital recovering from her gunshot wound, fearing her life is unraveling. Whitney fears Chad has left her to be with Latoya. Meanwhile, Chad uses seduction as a means of getting what he wants from his wife.

Sheridan's memory becomes clearer with every passing day. She is able to tell the police that the sketch of Charlie is indeed a likeness of the person who kidnapped her and wanted to take her baby away from her. Meanwhile, Beth is reluctant to call for help as a murderous Charlie closes in. Tabitha gets a visitor from the past.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Eve and TC can't seem to put aside their differences on their way out of Los Angeles. TC verbally attacks Eve, insisting that it is her fault Whitney was shot. She would never have been in Los Angeles if Eve had spoken up to prevent it. Meanwhile, an irritated Rebecca can't figure out the motive behind Julian's generous actions.

Whitney is increasingly worried when Chad doesn't come to the hospital to see her. Fox and Ethan decide to conduct a sweep to find Chad and make sure he's OK. Meanwhile, Chad tries to get out of a dangerous situation with Puff Dog and Latoya when they suspect that he is only pretending to go along with their scheme.

Charlie takes an ax and threatens to kill Beth, Mrs. Walker and Precious if they try to call the police. Luis realizes that something is wrong and races to their rescue. Meanwhile, Sheridan prays Luis will apprehend the kidnapper and find out where their baby is.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Ethan and Fox attempt to find a way to save Chad, who's being held at gunpoint by Puff Dog.

A tape on Julian's jet becomes a hot topic thanks to Liz's manipulation of Rebecca. TC erupts when he thinks he knows something about the mystery singer.

Mrs. Wallace and Precious give Luis clues about how to track down Charlie.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Teresa is really worried about Ethan, Fox and Chad. Whitney apologizes for the fact that Ethan and Fox are in danger because of her and Chad. Teresa knows they have to help their friend, but she just hopes that they will all be ok. Teresa says soon her, Ethan and Fox will be watching Whitney and Chad as they get married. Whitney says there will be no wedding. Her and Chad can have no future together, not with his lying to her about Latoya.

Meanwhile, Ethan is trying to sweet talk his way around Puff-Dog, who's waving his gun everywhere. Chad is no help as he keeps telling Latoya she'll go to jail for shooting Whitney. Ethan tries to talk Puff-Dog into a deal, Puff-Dog wants cash- but Latoya wants Chad. Chad says absolutely not, he loves Whitney. Latoya again threatens that she can take care of Whitney. As Ethan is desperately trying to get them out of this situation alive, Chad loses his cool and tackles Puff-Dog. Puff-Dog's "friends" pull Chad back, and Puff-Dog puts his gun to Chad's face and says it all ends now.

Beth, Mrs. Wallace and Precious are all watching the news as they see the helicopter following Charlie, only to realize that Luis is closing in on her. Beth loses her mind, hugging and caressing the TV as she "talks" to Luis and begs him not to catch Charlie.

Back in L.A., Teresa is still trying to convince Whitney that her and Chad are meant for each other, just like her and Ethan are. As Gwen is behind the door listening, Teresa goes on to say how she knows Ethan loves her and they are supposed to be together and the day he admits this and leaves Gwen, she will take him back without thinking twice about it. This is too much for grief-stricken Gwen, and she rushes in, screaming at Teresa and attacks her with a bedpan. Whitney screams for Gwen to stop, and Gwen tells Teresa she'll never have Ethan because Gwen will kill her! At this, Gwen straddles Teresa and continuously beats Teresa with the bedpan.

Meanwhile, Eve is holding on for her life as T.C. tries to save her. Rebecca and Liz take their turns nagging at Julian, and his only concern is to save Eve. T.C. wants Julian to just stay out of the way. All of a sudden something falls and hits T.C. on the head, and his grip on Eve is lost, and it looks as if Eve is gone for good.

Luis has chased Charlie into the warehouse district, and is now following on foot. Charlie is hiding, and Luis is standing there trying to figure out where she is as she plots to kill him. Charlie swings a big hook towards Luis, and it hits him in the head, knocking him to the ground below.

Friday, October 31, 2003

Gwen goes after Theresa with a vengeance. She berates her for ruining her relationship with Ethan and being responsible for the death of her infant daughter. Gwen grabs a bed pan and starts to attack Theresa with it. She is releasing all her anger and frustration as her as continues to beat up Theresa.

The guys struggle to save their necks as Puff Dog moves in for the kill. Luis is knocked out but quickly recovers and resumes his pursuit of Charlie. Beth worries Luis will catch Charlie and learn the whole truth about her evil schemes.

The turmoil in the air continues and Eve is in danger of falling to her death. Rebecca is stunned when she sees Julian risks his life to save Eve, who is desperately hanging on to the outside of the plane. She is chilled by the thought that Julian is so attached to Eve.

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