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Passions Recaps: The week of January 5, 2004 on PS
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Monday, January 5, 2004

Theresa is so desperate to get her son back that she defies the court order and tries to kidnap him out the mansion. But the long arm of the law catches up with her, and Woody informs Theresa she could be spending a long time in jail for trying to kidnap her own son. Theresa can't believe her ears!

Rebecca makes a spectacle of herself and plays "Britney Spears" snake and all. This doesn't impress Julian all that much. A steamed Rebecca tells Julian not to play her for a fool by pining away for Eve. Later, Julian goes to Eve for a passionate kiss, and they vow to find their son. Julian and Eve share passionate kisses unaware that they are being watched by Eve's daughter, Whitney.

Beth doesn't like the idea, but sends "her" baby off with Luis to have Sheridan breastfeed him, anyway. Eve and Luis use this opportunity to tell Sheridan that she has to come to grips with reality and accept the fact that little Martin is Beth's baby. Antonio wrestles with his conscience after having signed Sheridan's commitment papers. Alistair brags to Dr. Ackland that Sheridan will be out of the way and institutionalized soon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Liz is convinced that the time is right to reel in TC with her seductive charms. TC seems a bit distracted when Liz pours on the charm with a sexy New Year's toast. TC finally pushes Liz away admitting that he can't make any promises to her as long as Eve is in his life.

Whitney is stunned when she sees her mother and Julian in a passionate embrace. She instantly feels awful for her father. How could her mother betray him like that -- especially with someone like Julian. Whitney wonders if she should tell TC about Eve. Doesn't he have a right to know?

Acting on orders from Alistair, Dr. Ackland comes to Sheridan's room to take her back to the psych ward against her will. Sheridan puts up a heck of a fight, but she isn't able to break free. A nurse takes Sheridan's baby away from her. Antonio realizes Alistair is setting up Sheridan, but he plays along with him despite his guilt feelings.

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Ethan secretly attempts to help Theresa.

Fox tries to protect Whitney from the truth about her mom and Julian. A livid Whitney questions Eve about what she was doing at the Crane estate.

Pilar begs Antonio to release his wife from the psych ward. Luis reacts angrily to the news of Sheridan being committed and learns he is banned from visiting her. He tries to break her out, but Dr. Ackland stops him.

Thursday, January 8, 2004

Whitney is still so upset about seeing her mother kissing Julian that she thinks she has a duty and obligation to bring this sorted episode to the attention of her father. As she thinks about telling TC about Eve and Julian's kiss, Eve is terrified that her world is about to fall apart.

Tabitha admits to Kay that Charity struck a bargain with Death to save baby Maria's life. All Charity has to do is give up her love for Miguel. Kay is concerned that Charity won't be able to give up Miguel. Meanwhile, Miguel is frustrated over Charity ignoring his calls.

Alistair couldn't be happier when he sees Luis and Antonio's fight on TV monitors over Sheridan. For Alistair, it's his own personal Cain and Abel story. All the time, Alistair does his part by making sure Luis is kept away from Sheridan.

Friday, January 9, 2004

Gwen and Ethan decide to heal the broken heart of losing a child, by making love in an effort to have another child. Later, Gwen accuses Ethan of bailing Theresa out of jail, but Rebecca announces that Fox cashed in his trust fund to help Theresa. Theresa gets a job at the Book Café to pay for her legal fees.

Gwen and Ethan are upset at the thought of Sheridan being shut away in a mental ward. They race off rush to the hospital to see Sheridan, who is heavily sedated. Later, Dr. Ackland gives Sheridan back her baby!

Charity longs to be with Miguel, but realizes she can't break her bargain with Death or little Maria will surely die. Miguel doesn't make things easier when he refuses to accept Charity's rejection. This causes a face-off between Kay and Charity. Ivy and Kay become stronger allies when Kay enlists Ivy's help against her cousin.

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