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Passions Recaps: The week of November 1, 2004 on PS
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Monday, November 1, 2004

Whitney has a nightmare that Ivy and Fox discover the truth about her baby, and starts to think that maybe she's just a liar like her mother. Fox is impressed by Ivy's "domestic abilities." Fox assures Ivy that he and Whitney definitely aren't ready to have a baby yet. Whitney takes another pregnancy test to make sure she really is pregnant, and the results are positive again.

Ethan is disgusted with Theresa's plan to have a DNA test done on the twins. Theresa insists that he is being a hypocrite because it was he and Gwen who begged her to have the procedure done. She says that the baby she'll save will be hers. Ethan finally agrees to have the tests done.

Sam and Luis begin to download the match from Mr. Wheeler's fingerprints, but Alistair manages to get into the system from the Crane mansion and stop the download before it finishes. Luis starts the download again, but this time Alistair deletes the files. Alistair calls Luis to gloat, and Sam finds another way to get to the files. While Luis distracts Alistair, Sam runs the search again and finds Mr. Wheeler's prints in the database. Luis finally learns that Mr. Wheeler is really Martin Fitzgerald!

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

At the hospital, Gwen is telling Rebecca how hard all of this is but in the end it will be worth it. Rebecca says as long as Theresa keeps her word and isn't up to something. Gwen tells her that she wishes she'd stop trying to make her feel bad about everything. Rebecca says she just needs to keep her eyes open because Theresa will do whatever she has to to suit herself. Gwen says she just hopes thing go smoothly and the baby will be healthy. Ethan shows up and Gwen asks him if they've started the procedure yet. Ethan says no, that Eve still has to do a few more tests. Gwen wants to know what the tests are for and Ethan says they're just precautionary tests. Gwen says it's all making her nervous and she just wants it to be over. Rebecca tries to start up again with her but Gwen brushes her off saying she wants to focus on the future and Ethan agrees with her. Rebecca asks Ethan why he looks sad then and he says he isn't finding any joy with Theresa having to the make the decision she has to make. Gwen steps in to prevent a fight between Ethan and Rebecca but then starts arguing with Ethan herself. She says she'll only be happy when Theresa has their child. Rebecca isn't comfortable with the tests that are being done and says she hopes Theresa isn't up to her old tricks again. Ethan tells Rebecca to stop upsetting Gwen, that maybe they're just trying to make sure they're saving the right baby. Gwen asks him what he means by that. He tells her that he meant that they have to find out which baby has a better chance of survival. Rebecca starts in with her suspicions again and Gwen tells her to knock it off; that they have to trust that Theresa will do the right thing and that she and Ethan will finally have their baby. Rebecca says to herself that if Theresa doesn't do the right thing she'll have to answer to her.

Meanwhile, Eve is preparing to take the DNA samples and is trying to convince her not to do this. Theresa says she has to; she has to know whose babies they are. Eve says she hopes they're both Gwen's so she doesn't have to feel like she's playing God. Theresa thinks to herself that she hopes one of the babies is hers and asks Eve how long until the results are in. Eve tells her she told them to rush it. Theresa says she's sorry that Eve doesn't approve of what she's doing but she has to do it. Eve tell her it's a bad decision and she doesn't envy her that and reiterates that she hopes the babies are both Gwen and Ethan's. Theresa tells her if one of the babies is hers she knows what she's going to do even if she doesn't like it and it goes against her beliefs. She then asks Eve if she ever thought about ending her pregnancy (with Chad) when Julian had left her and Eve says no, never. Theresa tells her that now she knows that she has to do this to protect her own baby. Eve says it's a different situation; she tricked the doctors into implanting her with Ethan and Gwen's embryo. Theresa says she only did it because they took her baby from her first. A nurse comes in with the DNA results and Theresa asks what they are. Eve tells her that one of the babies is hers, she got her wish. Theresa asks about the other baby and Eve says it has to be Gwen's. Theresa says she happy about carrying Ethan's baby and that this all happened for a reason. Eve asks her if she's doing this in hopes of getting Ethan back. Theresa says she never stopped loving him. Eve says he's happily married but Theresa says that whatever Ethan decides to do after she has their baby is up to him. Eve tells her she's turned into such a devious, scheming woman and asks her what happened to her. Theresa says life happened, Gwen stole the life that was suppose to be hers. Eve tells her that Gwen wouldn't see it that way, and Theresa tells her she's sure she doesn't, but what makes it so horrible for her to want to have Ethan's baby.

Eve says she's trying to understand her motives. Theresa says she'd do the same thing if she was in her position but Eve says she wouldn't and couldn't make the decision Theresa is. Eve asks her what is going to happen when it's all over, if she's going to give the baby to Ethan and Gwen. Theresa tells her her mind is made up and she wants her baby to be the one that's saved. Eve says fine but if the truth comes out there will be hell to pay.

At Hanks house, Luis thinks that Alistair messed with Mr. Wheeler's file to make him believe he was his father. Sam says he doesn't think Alistair would have had time to do that, but Luis says he doesn't know how he did it but he did. He says Mr. Wheeler doesn't look like his father and his mother would have known if it was him. Sam says that something had reminded Pilar of Martin and his face could have been altered through plastic surgery. Luis smashes the computer and says there's no way, just the thought of Mr. Wheeler being his father..there's just no way. He says he would have known if Mr. Wheeler was his own father. Sam asks if he really would, even with enough plastic surgery and the fact that he was young when his father disappeared. He goes on to say that maybe Mr. Wheeler knew his father was alive because he was his father. Luis says no, his father wouldn't have the nerve to show his face in Harmony, he's a deadbeat. Sam continues to try to reason it out to Luis; what if he was tired of running and wanted to see his family again. Luis still doesn't believe that his father would be stupid enough to come back and show off his new wife. Sam says he doesn't understand why the files matched then, and that there have been other coincidences. Luis says he's aware of the other coincidences and he'll check into them, but they can't tell Pilar because it will kill her. He says that he spent his whole life wishing his father would come home, and if Mr. Wheeler is his father, he wishes he'd never laid eyes on him.

Back at the Crane mansion, Pilar runs out into the garden, Sheridan follows her. Back inside, Paloma wonders what's going on, while Martin and Katherine worry that Pilar has figured it out. Paloma goes out to talk to Pilar and Katherine tells Martin that no matter what she says, Paloma cares about Pilar. Martin is still worried that Pilar has figured everything out and could tell Paloma, and he hopes he's wrong.

Outside in the garden, Sheridan asks Pilar what's wrong. Pilar says while she was inside talking about Martin she had a feeling her husband was there with her. She goes on to say that Mr. Wheeler isn't who he says he is, he's her husband. Pilar says she must be spending too much time with Theresa; it's not like her to let her imagination go wild like that. Sheridan says she shouldn't disregard her instincts. Pilar says that Mr. Wheeler doesn't look like Martin, but other things, like the way he looks at her and listens to her.

She shakes it off saying that if he were her husband, he'd tell her the truth - unless he met and fell in love with someone else. Sheridan says that that doesn't sound like the Martin she's heard her talk about, and that he'd never leave his family and start over somewhere else. Pilar says he wouldn't, it's just wishful thinking, and that she hopes he will come home. She talks a bit about how hard it was when Martin left and how lonely she'd been. Sheridan says she didn't have to be alone, but Pilar says she only ever loved Martin and it didn't matter if he was gone, in her heart she knew he'd come back someday. Sheridan asks her what she thinks happened to Martin. Pilar says for a long time she thought it was because of Alistair or someone else forcing him to leave, but if she was wrong about that it meant that he'd just left their love behind, and that if Mr. Wheeler was Martin, Luis would kill him. She goes on to say that Luis was very young when Martin left and he had taken his place to take care of the family. Sheridan asks her if that's why he and Beth broke up and why he didn't go to college and Pilar says yes, and even then still didn't think he'd done enough. Sheridan tells her she understands why they'd feel so strongly if Mr. Wheeler was Martin, she'd feel the same way if her mother came back. Pilar tells her that her mother is dead; she'd known her very well and loved her. Paloma comes to check on Pilar and Pilar says she's fine and suggests they go back inside.

Back inside, Katherine is telling Martin that he didn't leave Pilar because he didn't love her. Martin says he loves her too and Katherine says she knows, but it doesn't make things any easier. Martin thinks back to his time with Pilar and says they have to leave and never come back, Pilar can't know what he did, it would kill her. Pilar, Sheridan and Paloma return and Pilar says they're fine. Martin tells them that he and his wife have to go. Pilar thanks them for watching Paloma for her and Paloma tells them she'll miss them. Sheridan calls Luis to tell him the Wheelers are leaving and he might want to come say goodbye. Luis tells her to keep them there; he'll be right over, and hangs up on her.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Pilar thinks that maybe it's time for her to accept that Martin is never coming back. Mr. Wheeler assures her that that would be for the best. Pilar says goodbye to the Wheelers and goes to the hospital to visit Theresa. Gwen defends her choice to Pilar to have the procedure done, but Pilar still worries that aborting one baby could cause more heartache than letting God decide. Ethan tells Theresa that he doesn't want either of his children to die when she asks him which baby he wants her to save.

"Mrs. Wheeler" takes a walk on the grounds, reminiscing about times with Julian and Sheridan. She comes across Sheridan talking to Katherine's grave, and tells Sheridan that she's come to say goodbye to her mother. Sheridan begs Mrs. Wheeler to tell her more about Katherine, but Mrs. Wheeler says she can't. Sheridan says that at least she knows that her mother didn't choose to abandon her children.

Luis goes to the Crane mansion with Sam. Sam leaves, but not before warning Luis not to do anything stupid. Luis confronts "Mr. Wheeler" about Martin. He explodes and tells Mr. Wheeler that he is still furious with his father, and he wants to know a reason a man would just abandon his family. Mr. Wheeler tells him he doesn't know, so Luis asks him a question that he is sure Mr. Wheeler knows the answer to-is Mr. Wheeler really Martin Fitzgerald?

TC asks Liz why she is still attacking Eve. Liz reminds him of all that she did to his family. TC begins to think that it was his fault that Eve left; that his actions pushed her away. Liz tells him to either call Eve and ask her to come home or divorce her. TC decides to go visit Eve at the hospital, and Liz goes with him.

Eve gets a harsh reminder of her broken relationship with TC when their travel agent calls and tells her the tickets for the trip that she usually takes with TC are ready. Julian tells her that he is always there for her, and reminds her how much he loves her; however, Eve tells him that she still misses her family. TC and Liz arrive at the hospital.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

Eve gets an email from her travel agent telling her that the tickets for her second honeymoon are ready, and she thinks that's the reason that TC came by. TC tells her that they need to talk, and Julian and Liz leave reluctantly. TC and Eve share memories from their previous trips, and Eve apologizes for not telling TC about her past. She tells him that she wants to be a family again, but TC doesn't think that is going to happen yet.

Julian thinks that Liz is scared TC might take Eve back. He taunts her, and she tells him that Eve and TC's marriage is over, and says that he was only visiting her to deliver the divorce papers. She says that she won't stop until her sister loses everything!

Gwen tells Pilar the baby that survives will be the most loved baby in the world, and that she and Ethan are so grateful to Theresa for having the procedure done, but Pilar tells her that she only wants Theresa to do the right thing. Rebecca says that she is sick of Pilar's holier-than-thou attitude, and she thinks that the only reason Pilar doesn't want Theresa to have the procedure done is because it would hurt Gwen.

Ethan tries to persuade Theresa to let the doctors decide which baby will survive, but she tells him that she has to save her baby. Ethan says that he is not going to leave Gwen just because Theresa has his baby. He asks if it wouldn't be easier for her not to know which baby survived, since he and Gwen will raise it anyway? Theresa tells Pilar that she knows what she has to do.

Luis asks "Mr. Wheeler" again if he is really Martin Fitzgerald. Mr. Wheeler avoids the question and tells Luis that they don't have time to talk about it right now. He refuses to admit if he is really Luis's father, so Luis shows him the fingerprint matches and tells Martin that he is nothing but a bum who abandoned his family. Martin finally admits the truth. Luis says he will pay for what he did, and starts to beat Martin up. Sam, Sheridan and Mrs. Wheeler break into the room from the patio and break up the fight. Luis tells Sheridan that he knows the Wheelers' secret—Mr. Wheeler is really Martin.

Friday, November 5, 2004

Whitney and Fox show up at the hospital to see Theresa. Fox says all of this must be hard on Theresa even though the babies she's carrying are Gwen and Ethan's; and that they must be devastated to lose one of them. They go to the nursery to look at the babies. Fox asks Whitney what she'd do if she got pregnant and found out something was wrong with the baby, would she keep it? She tells him she'd never give up her baby. A bit later Fox is talking about getting married and having children. Whitney says no and he asks her if she doesn't want kids some day? She says no, they can't get married. He says of course they can because they're in love. Whitney tells him that love isn't enough sometimes. He asks her if it's because of her parents. She says yes, and because of Sam and Grace; if there's no hope for them there's no hope for anybody. Fox says that Sam and Grace broke up because Grace had amnesia and didn't know she was married, so unless Whitney has a hidden husband or a secret, there's no reason why they can't get married. Whitney says she doesn't have any and Fox says he doesn't understand; he wants to marry her and have children with her. Whitney thinks to herself that she can't do this to him and make him think the baby is his. Fox says he wants to be with her forever. She tells him she can't be what he wants her to be and leaves.

Meanwhile, Ethan is telling Gwen and Rebecca that Theresa is going to have the procedure done. Rebecca starts to make another comment but Gwen tells her to show some compassion, a baby is dying. Rebecca tells her she'll still be a mother. Gwen says she's happy about that, but Ethan thinks to himself that Gwen's baby might not be the one that's saved. Gwen says that part of her wants to be so happy for the new baby, but knows that there will be a funeral and doesn't know if she can go through all of this. Rebecca tells her that she has to, the baby will depend on her, she's going to be a mother; as long as Theresa stays true to her word. Ethan says she will and then thinks to himself that he hopes she will. Rebecca says that when it's all over she's going to go out and buy the baby and it's mother everything they'll need, and she'll pick up something for the baby's mother's mother. Ethan corrects her and tells her the word is "grandma." Gwen says it's not the time to be celebrating and talking about shopping trips, one of her babies is going to die; she leaves to go pray for her baby. Rebecca tells Ethan that that Theresa better keep her promise, Ethan says Theresa will do what's right.

In the hospital chapel Gwen prays. She says she knows that this goes against the church but she doesn't think it's wrong to save one of the babies. She goes on to say that if it's a sin to put it on her and not Theresa and asks for a healthy baby for her and Ethan. A bit later Gwen tells Rebecca that if everything goes well she'll be a mother soon. Rebecca agrees if all goes well.

Theresa and Pilar are talking in the hospital room and Pilar is asking Theresa what she's going to do. Theresa says she doesn't know, that Ethan said to save the baby that has the best chance at living; but she thinks he wants his and Gwen's baby saved. Pilar tells her that she wishes there were something she could do. Theresa says things weren't supposed to be like this and flashes back to how she got to this point. Eve shows up and says they're ready and asks Theresa if she still wants to sacrifice Gwen's baby. Theresa tells her she hasn't signed the consent yet and doesn't know which baby to save. Eve says she thought she made her decision. Theresa says she talked to Ethan and now she doesn't know. Pilar wants them to leave the choice up to God but Theresa says she won't risk both babies' lives. Eve tells her she has to decide, time is crucial. Theresa says her decision is going to affect a lot of people; she feels bad for Gwen but she doesn't want to spend her life knowing she didn't try to protect her baby. Ethan shows up, but Eve says they should leave Theresa alone and give her time to think.

Outside, Pilar tells Ethan that she's sorry about all of this. She tells him she knows everything and she's sorry for what Theresa has done. Ethan says he wishes she didn't turn everything into a big scheme. They flash back over the things that Theresa has done and Pilar tells Ethan that he needs to take some of the blame for all that has happened. Ethan says he knows his part, but Gwen wouldn't have lost Sarah if Theresa hadn't followed them to Los Angeles. Pilar tells him that Theresa left to get away from him, not follow him and that he should have been honest with Gwen that Theresa was there. She goes on to say that there's enough blame to go around. Ethan says he knows that, and he's sorry that Theresa had to lose Little Ethan. Pilar tells him that that was partly due to him as well and that while she doesn't agree with Theresa's actions, if he'd given Little Ethan back none of this would have happened. Ethan says he feels awful and Pilar says she doesn't blame Theresa for trying to save her child. Ethan says that Gwen is trying to do the same.

Back in Theresa's room Eve is asking her if it's going to be Gwen's baby, her's or if they should leave it up to the doctors. Theresa signs the form and Eve asks her which baby to take. Theresa says she doesn't know, save the baby who has the best chance of surviving. Eve hugs Theresa and tells her she knows how hard all of this, but she's doing the right thing. Pilar and Ethan come back in and Theresa tells them about the decision she made. Ethan tells her he won't forget her for this. Gwen shows up and says she prayed for the baby and thanks Theresa for what she's doing, and that nobody has done a kinder more selfless thing for her. Ethan hopes to himself that the saved baby is Gwen's.

At the Crane mansion, Luis is asking Martin if he had surgery to hide from them or so he could pretend he wasn't a coward who abandoned his family. Sheridan asks him what he's saying and Luis says that Mr. Wheeler is his father. Katherine says that Alistair is lying; she's his wife and knows who he is. Luis tells her Martin is still married, she's not his wife and she's a slut if she hooked up with him. Martin tells Luis not to talk to her like that. Sheridan tries to reason with him and says that maybe Katherine didn't know he was married, but Luis says that maybe she's the reason why he left in the first place. Katherine persists saying it's all a lie, but Martin says there's no use and tells Luis he's his father. Luis asks him how he could walk out on them. Martin says he didn't have a choice, there were things going on he wasn't aware of. Luis wants to know how Pilar working her butt off drove him away and into another woman's arms. He goes on and tells Martin that he hates him and that he can't believe he was going to run out on them all again without telling them the truth. He says the family never recovered the first time, now he's going to make sure Martin doesn't recover. Luis punches him and tells him to fight him. Martin says he loves him and doesn't want to hurt him. Luis says it's too late, to fight him or he'll kill him. He hits Martin again causing him to be hurled into a table across the room. Sam grabs Luis and tells him to stop it. Sheridan steps in and tells him to calm down and that fighting won't solve anything. Luis says he wants his father to feel the pain they all felt when he left. Sheridan asks him to think about Pilar and Luis says he is, when she finds out it's going to kill her. Katherine is bending over Martin on the floor and says there's no pulse and that Luis has killed him!

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