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Passions Recaps: The week of July 3, 2006 on PS
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Monday, July 3, 2006

An amnesiac Kay gets close to Miguel. Tabitha is alarmed when she hears Siren singing her mermaid song to Fox. Siren is irked when Fox is resistant to her spell and calls out for Kay.

Chad and Whitney indulge in guilt-free lovemaking.

Mrs. Wallace and Norma realize their money was stolen in the big fight. Norma knows there is only one way to make some fast cash... perform a musical act in a lesbian bar.

Alistair wants to get out of Rome immediately, but Beth detains him by refusing to leave without Marty. Fancy encourages Luis not to give up his search for his son. Luis is rejuvenated when he receives a call from INTERPOL about Alistair's location.

Theresa reels at the news of her son's true paternity. Ethan is alarmed when he sees Theresa's smashed cell phone on the ground, but Gwen tells him to focus on his wife.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

At Tabitha's house Endora's magic got out of control as she sent magic beams zooming to stop Siren from taking Fox under her control. Little fires started wherever the beams lasted. Ivy and Sam noticed the mayhem and went to help. As Kay and Miguel got ready to evacuate, they found Maria was trapped in her room. Tabitha encouraged Endora to think about water and a downpour within the house began putting out the spot fires. It also made Siren's tail grow and as much as she tried to seduce Fox, he couldn't get Kay out of his mind. The fire subsided in front of Maria's door so Kay and Miguel ran in for her and then the flames started up again so they couldn't get out. Kay started to panic that they would die and Miguel promised to take care of them and said he would not lose her again. As smoke filled the room, Siren jumped out the window into the neighbor's pool before Fox could see her tail. Fox ran into the hall and hollered for Kay and Miguel. Miguel told him to get out and they'd throw Maria to him from the roof. Fox got outside to find Tabitha, Endora, Ivy and Sam. Kay and Miguel stepped out onto the roof from their window and tossed Maria to Fox who handed her off to Ivy so he could help Sam. Kay and Miguel worried about falling through the roof into the blazing room below where they would be trapped. (Endora asked Tabitha if she should save the pair, but Tabitha told her it would be better if they got out by mortal means.) They climbed out to a ledge and jumped into Fox and Sam's arms just as the fire department showed up. The house was a complete loss and the firemen bemoaned the fact that they couldn't get a hotspot in the basement out. Tabitha told them to just let it burn itself out. The drunken neighbors discovered Siren in the pool before she could get her legs back, but were drunk enough to not figure it out. Sam wondered what had caused the fire, but was just as confused about Kay being with Miguel. Fox explained about Kay's shock and Miguel told them about the house shaking and energy bursts that started the fires. Fox thought he knew what had happened-he surmised that kids had shot fireworks into the basement and that caused a furnace explosion. Sam offered to let them all move into his house now that they were homeless. He said it was the least he could do after she had let them live there after their house had been sucked into Hell.

Julian and Eve waited at T.C.'s bedside and asked the doctor how his condition was progressing. The doctor told them that he had little chance of making it and asked them if Simone and Whitney were on their way home to see him. They told him that they hadn't been able to get a hold of the girls and then decided to go home to get photos of them for T.C. should wake up so he could get one last glimpse of his daughters. They walked into the house to find it in an utter shambles. Eve found a letter that T.C. wrote explaining how sad he was that he had made so many mistakes and apologized for all of the things he'd done wrong. Eve was sad that she hadn't given T.C. a second chance and said that if he lives, maybe it won't be too late to make amends. (At the hospital, T.C. coded and a crash cart team arrived.) The hospital called to tell her that T.C.'s heart had stopped and they rushed back to be with him.

Theresa ran into Whitney and she showed her J.T. Cornell's PDA and all the documents on it that indicated that Ethan is little Ethan's father. She realized that this news would bind them even better than the fact that Gwen had sold his story to the tabloid. Whitney was glad that Theresa had finally gotten her miracle. They marveled that the nun was right about both of them. Whitney wondered where J.T, was and Theresa couldn't care because she was so eager to show Ethan the new information. She was sure that once she showed Ethan that he's little Ethan's father he'd leave Gwen and go back to her. She was fairly glowing that she and Ethan and their two children would be together as a family.

Ethan and Gwen talked in their hotel room about Theresa trying to break them up and she said she felt that he and Theresa and Jane would all be together and she'd be left out in the cold. He said he was sorry if she felt that Theresa was always nipping at her heels. Ethan reassured Gwen that he'd never leave her. She told him how worried she was that the mystic nun's prophecy would come true. He shushed her and she begged him to make love to her. After they made love, Gwen was a little calmer and Ethan told her that nothing could come between them. She hoped that the nun's prophecy wouldn't come true.

Luis and Fancy located the apartment that Beth, Marty and Alistair were hiding in and Interpol joined them. Luis finally kicked in a door after hearing Marty call out to him, but the room was empty. Fancy found framed photos of Luis, Marty and Sheridan where Beth had replaced Sheridan's face with her own. Luis confirmed for her that Beth was a real nutcase while he searched through a closet and found a door to a secret passage that they must have used to escape.

Paloma, Simone, Chad and Noah got some blueprints showing a secret panel in the art gallery so they went to check it out. They searched the art gallery for a switch to get into a secret room and Simone found it behind a picture label on the wall. When they opened the secret door, they found all the missing paintings that belonged to the church. The girls gloated that they'd found the artwork and Alistair lost it as well as the chance to keep Chad and Whitney apart. Paloma hoped that Luis stuck it to him and got Marty to take back to Sheridan.

Alistair, Beth and Marty tried to hide in some ruins, but Marty couldn't help crying out for Luis when he heard his daddy's voice. They found a niche to hide in and hoped Luis wouldn't find them. Beth asked Alistair what he was going to do and he said he was going to kill Luis when he got close enough. Beth started to whine that he couldn't do that because she loved Luis. He told her to shut up and to keep her brat quiet too. Luis, Fancy and the two Interpol agents crept closer to where Alistair hid. The Interpol agents got a phone call telling them to pursue another case. Luis and Fancy kept looking and when they walked past the trio, Marty called out. Luis ran toward them and Alistair lobbed a large rock at him. Luis ducked and it hit Fancy in the head. Luis went to her side and Alistair got away with Beth and Marty. Luis finally got her awake and Fancy asked where her grandfather was. He told her that they'd gotten away. Fancy said she was okay and they took after the trio again. This time he shouted out to them that he was on their trail and he was going to get them. Beth cried that Luis wasn't giving up and Alistair reiterated that he'd kill Luis.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Theresa and Whitney search for Ethan so Theresa can tell him about Little Ethan's true paternity.

Ethan assures Gwen that there is nothing to worry about when she keeps stressing about the little nun's prediction of him and Theresa being bonded together forever.

Luis and Fancy continue to chase Alistair and Beth through the catacombs. When they catch up to them Luis takes a video of Marty with his phone for Sheridan to see. Right after that Alistair uses a smoke shield to detain Luis and Fancy so he, Beth and Marty can make a getaway.

Luis explains all the goings on in Rome to Sheridan and explains about the omega symbol connecting all of Alistair's people to him while Chris listens thoughtfully. He slips out of the room and looks at the omega symbol inside of his suitcase. He carefully cuts it out and burns it.

Luis sends Sheridan the video of Marty and she makes him keep his phone on video mode so she can keep track of what is going on and not have to worry as much. Under pressure Luis finally clips his phone to his belt.

Alistair hides Beth and Marty safely away and sets three lions loose on Luis and Fancy.

Fox confronts Miguel about his true feelings for Kay. They all continue to play along with Kay's delusions. Kay gets in the shower with Miguel as Ivy watches from the hall. Ivy sneakily asks Fox to retrieve her makeup bag from the bathroom so he'll find Kay and Miguel in the shower together.

Sam tells Tabitha the fire marshal will be coming to inspect the cause of her house fire. Tabitha and Siren panic that their secrets may be revealed by his investigation.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives and Passions were not shown today.

Broadcasting will resume on Monday, July 10th.

Friday, July 7, 2006

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives and Passions were not shown today.

Broadcasting will resume on Monday, July 10th.

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