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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on SB
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Monday, October 27, 1997

The Richard's
Caitlin explained to Olivia she will be going to San Francisco with her and will not be going away with Cole. Olivia tried to convince Caitlin otherwise, but Caitlin said it was final. Caitlin realized that Cole would never change. Going away with her mother was the only way she knew to sort out the mess.

Olivia frantically called Bette and asked her to warn Cole about Caitlin's plans.

Richard's Communication Group
To Ben, Meg, and Gregory's dismay and astonishment Annie claimed to be the new partner in the Liberty Corporation. Annie's father left his shares to her in his will. Their meeting was disrupted when Gregory received a phone call from Caitlin, who told him she is going to San Francisco with Olivia. Gregory hurried out. Annie boasted she was finally going to be Ben's partner even if it wasn't the type she had mind. Annie explained she had plans of her own starting with corporate downsizing. This threat to Meg's job prompted Ben to remind Annie that Meg works for Gregory and her job is safe. Meg asked to speak with Annie alone. Ben happily obliged and sarcastically wished Annie good luck.

Meg warned Annie to stay away from her and Ben. None if the stunts that Annie pulled has split Ben and Meg up. Annie admitted she no longer has designs on Ben as she has bigger fish to fry (Gregory). As Meg headed out the door, Annie called out "hey, Maria". Meg was shocked. Annie taunted Meg that she would never be anything but a poor Maria substitute. Meg didn't back down from Annie.

Later on, Annie stumbled onto an interesting piece of paper when rifling through Gregory's desk. This inspired her to give Tim, who is still in Kansas, a call. Annie let Tim know that Meg is back in Sunset Beach. They both declared that they are through chasing Ben and Meg. Annie buttered Tim up by suggesting she missed him. She claimed that if he wanted to get somewhere then he needed to come back to Sunset Beach and team up with her. Tim was not so sure. We found out that Annie's ulterior motive for getting Tim back to Sunset Beach was that he has stock in the Liberty Corporation. The piece of paper Annie had found was a list of stockholders. Tim has just enough to tip things in Annie's favor.

The Beach
Ben and Meg took a romantic stroll on the beach. When they stopped, Meg reminded Ben he was standing in the exact same spot where she first saw him. They liken their first meeting to the Sunset Beach legend. It was only fitting that they were back at that same spot. That was where Meg's adventure began. Ben added it is where they can begin again.

The Java Web
Vanessa and Michael discussed their problems about the cabin burning down and not having their weekend together. Vanessa suggested to Michael that maybe the fire was arson. Michael thought the idea was ridiculous as who would want to burn the cabin down. Just then Virginia comes over to their table. She reminded Michael that she is will to help repair the cabin.

Michael excused himself because he had to go work on some cabin reparations. Vanessa mentioned she could come over and see him later. Michael explained that wouldn't be a good idea because she would just distract him.

Virginia and Jimmy looked for information on Vanessa on the Internet.

Elaine found Cole packing up and realized that he was leaving. Cole promised he would return to Sunset Beach one day, but he didn't know when it would be. Elaine doesn't understand because she thought he was happy. Cole claimed he was happier than he had ever been because he felt rooted to people and a place. He must leave so that he and Caitlin can be together. Elaine told Cole not to blame all of his problems with Caitlin on Gregory and Olivia. Cole admitted that he should have known his past would come back to haunt him.

Bette burst in and interrupted them. She impressed upon Cole that Olivia had just called her and he needed to hurry over to the Richard's and stop Caitlin from leaving with her mother. Cole was confused because he thought Caitlin was going away with him, but he quickly leaves. When Elaine wanted to know what Bette was up to. Bette claimed to know nothing. Elaine demanded to know if Olivia and Gregory are behind everything.

The Richard's
Caitlin thanked her family for supporting her.

Gregory was pleased that everything was going as planned. Olivia was horrified. Gregory explained that the ends justify the means. He told Olivia the doctor in SF already knows about their plan.

As Caitlin and Olivia were saying goodbye, Cole showed up and started banging on the door. He begged Caitlin not to do this to him.

Tuesday, October 28

Gabi recalls the polygraph test and just can't think of how she passed it. Ricardo shows up and has some "words" with her. He asks hoe she managed to pass the test, she says because she told the truth. He disagrees, they had sex, not rape. He told her things are going to get ugly from here on out...after all, he has Gregory in his corner, her life is going to be ruined. Mark arrives and overhears just as Gabi holds Ricardo by the hand and told him she doesn't want to hurt him. Ricardo leaves, Mark questions Gabi as to why she told him that. She told him she just said that to get rid of him.

Elaine still refuses to believe Gabi, even though she passed the test. Elaine tries to tell Gabi to pay attention to her doubts...they may prove to be right. Ricardo talks to Paula that he did NOT rape Gabi...she has to believe that.

Caitlin and Olivia ignore Cole's screams from outside. They left out the back without his knowledge. Rose lets Cole in after Gregory gives her the instruction to. Cole went and searches Caitlin's room, as well as Gregory's office. He leaves. Gregory and Sean come out from behind a secret room in Gregory's office. Gregory wants to celebrate, but Sean doesn't want to, he feels bad because Caitlin really loves Cole. Gregory told him to forget about it, he has enough information to keep Cole away for a very long time anyway. Gregory pulls out Cole's file and Sean see he has others in that same drawer. Eddie shows up. Sean leaves. Gregory asks Eddie to dig up dirt on Annie. Eddie refuses to, he'll dig up dirt on anyone...except her. Eddie leaves, Gregory leaves shortly after. Sean went into Gregory's office after he left, he looks in the file drawer and sees a file with Tiffany's name on it, inside is a canceled check for $10,000. Sean says Cole was right all along.

Caitlin and Olivia use this time to talk, after all, it's a quite a ride to San Francisco. Olivia asks Caitlin to make a stop...she has to make a phone call.

Annie is thrilled that her dad left her stock, maybe he loved her after all...WRONG! Her "Uncle Charles" comes in (he's Bette's ex-hubby #3.) He tells her Del left some strict conditions to the will, that she must follow until June of 98. Bette arrives and is shocked but happy to see her ex-hubby. Flirtatious Bette is on the prowl...Annie says she will find a loop hole. Olivia calls Bette from the rest stop and asks her to make sure Cole went no where near Gregory, and to tell him to stay put. Cole happens to hear Bette talking to Olivia and grabs the phone. Olivia hangs up. Cole demands to know where Olivia and Caitlin are, Bette says she doesn't know. Bette told him what Olivia said, Cole leaves, to go to Gregory's.

Eddie warns Annie to keep a close eye on Gregory.

Olivia seems as she is in pain, Caitlin pulls over. In actuality, Olivia felt the baby kick, and had Caitlin put her hand on her stomach so she could feel it as well.

Cole urges Gregory to tell him where Caitlin is. Gregory refuses saying it was Caitlin who decided to leave. Cole knocks Gregory's drink out of his hand and then punches Gregory. Gregory falls to the floor...

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Annie recalls the conditions she has to complete to keep her stocks. She wonders how she's going to get Tim back to Sunset Beach, he can be her "inside" man at Gregory's if he gets his old job back. SURPRISE! Tim shows up on her doorstep. She convinces him to try to get his job back...but tells him nothing about her plans. Tim says before he can stay, he has to go and see if it's okay with Meg first.

Ben sends Meg a dozen of white roses, she is shocked, but thrilled. He asks her to meet him at the beach near the marina so they can spend the afternoon together. Tim shows up and asks to talk to Meg. He asks if it's okay if her stays, she told him to get lost, but says just stay out of her way...

Casey, Michael and Virginia paint a drawer to into the cabin that was burned. Vanessa and Virginia go at it...but nicely, each watching what they say since Michael is there. Virginia leaves.

Virginia turns the tables on Vanessa and snoops around Vanessa's apartment. Virginia is stunned when she hears someone at the door about to enter...

Gregory and Cole have an all-out fight. Sean went to Cole and asks help on how to catch Gregory in his lies. Cole shows Sean how to tap the phone. Sean is surprised when he overhears Gregory talking to the doctor in San Francisco and explaining to him how he is to sedate Caitlin, and take the baby. Sean has it all on tape...

Caitlin and Olivia stop at a hotel in Santa Barbara. Olivia keeps felling the baby kick and places Caitlin's hand on her stomach. Olivia is in pain, this time it's not the baby kicking...she says she's having contractions.

Thursday, October 30, 1997

Virginia looks at a picture of Vanessa and her mom. Virginia hides while Vanessa and Michael walk in. Virginia if forced to watch Vanessa and Michael kiss passionately. Michael leaves, Vanessa went and gets a shower. Virginia goes back to snooping, but hears Vanessa about to come out again. Virginia hides. Vanessa's phone rings and decides to let the machine get it, but when she hears who it is, she picks it up. It just so happens that Mrs. Jones car was stopped on the night of the cabin fire, but the driver is unknown right now. Virginia is shocked to hear Vanessa looked into the car. Virginia leaves after Vanessa went back to her shower.

Ben and Meg kiss passionately while on the gondola ride through "Venice." Meg is so happy about starting over. Meg talks about taking her. moms advice about following dreams, she'd just wish her mom would take her own advice, mainly the dream about a corvette...Ben leaves and asks Meg to meet him outside the Harbor Club. As she waits for him, Ben shows up in a red convertible and told her that dreams do come true...(even if it's her mom's dream to ride through Paris.)

Olivia thinks she's having contractions, Caitlin calls the clinic and they advise her to get Olivia there a.s.a.p. Olivia told Caitlin she doesn't want to lose this baby. Caitlin makes Olivia talk to Gregory, he applauds her for "pretending" a false labor. Olivia just sounds disgusted. Olivia feels a little better since she has no pains at the moment. She sees Caitlin sad. Caitlin says she just hopes she doesn't lose her baby...

Cole sees the shocked look on Sean's face and demands to know what he heard. Sean says nothing, the important thing is to find Caitlin. Cole says fine, he's using his own resources to find her. Sean calls Caitlin after coloring in a pencil over top of a paper that Gregory had just torn off. Bingo! It's the hotel number. Sean talks to Caitlin, but she hangs up, she says she has to get Olivia to the clinic. Sean calls her again, he told her Olivia and Gregory plan to take her baby...Caitlin is in shock. Gregory is in Caitlin's old nursery reminiscing...he says to himself that Caitlin will be much happier with Olivia and him raising her baby.


Dr. Robinson is just as surprised as Cole is when Cole asks him where he sent Olivia. Tyus says he knows nothing, which causes Cole to wonder why Gregory would hire an outside doctor.

While Caitlin is on the phone (Olivia doesn't know this) Olivia is on the phone with Bette, she asks her to go find Cole. She seen that Caitlin still loves Cole, and she is willing to tell Cole where Caitlin is at for her happiness. But, she needs some time first, to make sure her own pregnancy is out of danger. She told Bette once she is assured of that, she will tell Caitlin all about Gregory's plan and just hope that Caitlin will forgive her.

Cole just happens to arrive at Annie's when he hears Bette on the phone with Olivia. Olivia and Cole talk.

Friday, October 31, 1997

Sean made Caitlin listen to the tape he recorded of Gregory's conversation with the doctor. Caitlin was shocked to say the least. Olivia convinced Cole to wait a few munites so she can clear up things with Caitlin before he comes out searching for her. He gave her 10 minutes. Olivia went out to talk to Caitlin... Caitlin ran out of the hotel room telling Olivia she can't believe the lies. Olivia followed her, Caitlin told Oliviashe hated her for trying to ruin her life. Olivia thought she was talking about the affair, but then Caitlin said she couldn't believe the plan to hurt her and her child. Caitlin tried to push Olivia out of the car but Olivia got in anyway. Caitlin drove like a madwoman. Caitlin and Olivia's car went off the road...

Cole waited for Olivia to call, but couldn't wait any longer, he went out looking for her.

Cole drove up to coast to look for Caitlin, he reminisced of the good timed he had with her.

Ben drove Meg up the coast to a beautiful area overlooking the beach. Meg said she couldn't believe he rented a red convertible just to show her dreams come true. Ben made a confession...he didn't rent the car, he bought it...and it's hers. Meg was shocked and kissed Ben. They had to get going for the meeting with Gregory.

Annie waited for Gregory. Ricardo came in, Annie told hom she couldn't believe he'd rape Gabi. He says he didn't and how his friends refuse to back him up...she says it's just like when people thought she murdered her father.

Ricardo told Gregory to set up a lie detector test for him. Gregory was against it, but did it anyway.

Gabi still can't believe how she passed the test. Paula told Gabi she's there for her if she needs a shoulder to cry on.

Paula ran into Eddie who told her Ricardo was getting a lie detector test done. Ricardo took his test, with Paula watching outside...

Meg called her mom and told her Ben bought her a red convertible. Meg looked up information on Maria while in Gregory's office. Annie seen her and blasted her for obsessing over Maria. Ben entered and Gregory arrived shortly after. Ben and Gregory argued on whether the resort should have a private beach, or a public one. Meg sided with Gregory, most people wnat a private one. Annie has the deciding vote...

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