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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of November 2, 1998 on SB
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Monday, November 2, 1998

Meg shows jealousy over Ben looking at Maria's old wedding picture. Sara enters and can tell they have been having an intense discussion. Sara asks about the picture. Meg says that she is about to return Maria's stuff to her and leaves. Ben asks Sara what is wrong. Sara says he should be returning the stuff to Maria not Meg. She told Ben that he doesn't realize how much it is hurting Meg. Sara says that what Meg wants isn't always what is good for her. She points out that it was bad enough for her wedding to be spoiled but don't let Meg keep rubbing her face in it. Ben points out that both of them need to help Maria remember so they can move on. He also points out that he truly loves Meg. Meg returns carrying the box of art supplies. Sara insists on going with her. Meg told Ben she knows he is concerned, but she can't just abandon her friend she has to help her, after all she is doing this for the two of them. Ben says he knows and it makes him love her more. He tells her not to neglect herself in the process. She and Sara leave for Carmen's.

Maria tries on her wedding dress. Carmen enters and encourages her to keep trying to remember her wedding day. She then told her how lovely she looked as a bride and describes her wedding day. Maria gets tired of Carmen and rushes out wearing the gown. She runs into a group of people who appear to be drunk; they ask her to join them in their partying. She refuses and rushes off.

Cole admires Caitlin in her Roaring Twenties costume. He points out that she needs to return the necklace before Annie comes home. Cole tries to help remove the necklace and gets shocked. Caitlin says it is Cole's imagination. She then asks him to put the necklace away. When she starts to give him the combination to the safe he stops her because he says her father doesn't trust him. Meanwhile Fran is talking to God about her promise to return the jewels to Rosario. She leaves for the party. As Cole is returning the necklace Annie, Gregory, Olivia, and AJ enter. He is accused of trying to steal the thing. Caitlin comes to his defense and threatens to move out with Cole and Trey since no one seems to trust her husband. Cole leaves to get dressed for the party, later returning as a person from the roaring twenties. Caitlin tells AJ, in a private conversation, that she knows that Cole doesn't want that necklace because he didn't like touching it. AJ looks surprised; he decides to talk to Cole. Francesca enters at the same time as Hillary. Cole immediately spots Francesca. They meet in the study. He told her he could recognize her $1000 perfume anywhere. He also told her he doesn't need her help stealing the necklace.

AJ arrives at Olivia's dressed as Rhett Butler to Olivia's Scarlett O'Hara. AJ told Olivia there is a legend associated with the necklace. AJ refuses to tell her the legend. He said the only thing on his mind is the present, meaning Olivia. They leave for the party.

Bernie enters, went to his study and then they hear a scream. Brad wants to leave, heads for the door and stops when someone knocks. Hillary lets herself in when no one answers the door. The teens can hear her in the study pleading with Bernie to help her because the aging is starting with her also. Bernie doesn't answer. She turns the chair around. The teens hear a bloodcurdling scream. Hillary leaves in a hurry saying she has to get the ruby necklace. Sean decides it is time they went to talk to Amy's father and let him know she will be staying with friends. The group enters the study to talk to Bernie.

Annie is still freaked by Bernie scaring her about the ruby necklace. Annie says that Bernie looks like a walking dead man. Gregory says something is really strange considering what has been going on with the necklace. Gregory says they have to leave because they have a party to host.

Olivia and Annie discuss when Cole will try again for the necklace. Annie says he probably won't but Olivia says he will because he will figure that no one will suspect him. Annie told Olivia she will be glad to get rid of the necklace and told her how Bernie almost attacked her when he was asking her to give it to him. Gregory brought people over to meet Annie. Hillary is watching them and starts chanting. As she chants Annie starts choking.

Cole and Francesca are talking in the study when Caitlin opens the door. Caitlin asks him to introduce her to the person in the Nun's outfit.

Sean talks to Bernie. When he doesn't answer he turns the chair around. Amy and Emily start screaming when they see the skeleton in the chair wearing Bernie's clothes.

Meg and Sara arrive at Carmen's and discover no one is home. Carmen enters. Meg asks Carmen what she has done to Maria. Carmen says if anything happens to her it will be Meg's fault.

While Maria is running away she ends up in a costume street party. She is in a panic and starts running again. She runs around a corner directly into Ben.

Tuesday, November 3, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jami

Sara bristles when Carmen accuses Meg of driving Maria away. Running through the crowds of trick-or-treaters, Maria bumps into Ben, who is startled to find his wife wearing the gown in which she was married. As a terrified Brad bolts from the room and Amy Faints, Sean and Leo try to determine if the mummy is real or if someone is Playing a sick joke on them. Gasping for breath, Annie begs Gregory to remove the rubies from around her neck before she strangles.

Though Hillary closes in to try and snatch the jewels, Olivia quickly moves the necklace out of her reach. Certain the mummy is a Halloween Prank, Sean assures Amy they'll find her dad. Olivia orders Annie to put her necklace back on and circulate among the guests so Cole has another opportunity to steal the rubies. Ben presses Maria to move in with him and Meg so she can feel safe and secure while she regains her memory. Though Cole hisses at her to vamoose, Francesca refuses to leave the party until she reclaims the rubies. Hillary told a trembling Annie that she touched hell when she donned the necklace.

Wednesday, November 4, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jami.

Meg is taken aback to find Maria and Ben sharing a warm laugh over a wedding night memory. Sean has a close call with a booby-trapped box in Bernie's study that when He opened it a knife flew out . Meanwhile, Hillary told Annie that the ruby necklace will prove to be a death sentence unless she hands the jewels over to her. At Gregory's request, Ricardo arranges for extra security at the party but expresses doubt that the Richards are in any real danger from jewel thieves. Meg admits to Ben she thinks Carmen might be right about her holding Maria back from a full recovery. Vanessa and Michael discuss the possibility of adopting a child after their wedding. Amy risks another peek at the mummy and is horrified to recognize a ring that her father never removed from his finger. In desperation, Hillary offers Annie one million dollars for her necklace. Meg explains to an exasperated Ben why Maria should take up residence with them right away. Sean and Amy and their friends tell their bizarre tale to a skeptical Ricardo. Caitlin is annoyed to discover that Francesca has crashed the Halloween party.

Thursday, November 5, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Tracey

Sarah and Meg continue to disagree about Maria coming to live with Meg and Ben. Sarah thinks it's a bad idea. She is afraid Meg will break her own heart and feel terrible in her own home. Meg defensively argues that her feelings are not the point. Maria must get her memory back in order to give consent for the divorce and Dr. Estrada believes this will speed things up. Sarah asks what will happen if she doesn't get her memory back?

Meanwhile, Ben went to Carmen's to ask Maria to move in with them. He explains that he understands that she doesn't want to hurt Meg, but this may be her best chance at becoming the great person she was before. He also reminds her about how safe she feels around Meg. Maria refuses because it will be too awkward and painful for Meg. Ben urges her to reconsider because she has already lost 5 years and he doesn't want to waste any more time.

Ben returns home alone. He explains to Meg that Maria refused to move in because she is afraid of hurting her feelings. Meg and Ben agree that it is probably for the best. They kiss. The doorbell rings - it's Maria!

Gaby confronts Antonio after he brushes her off. She told him to relax, she will stay out of his life for good. He pretends that he doesn't know what she is talking about, but she told him to quit playing games and leaves. Antonio remembers dreaming about kissing her and runs after her. He explains that it is not her fault. He claims to be so overwhelmed by work that he has been neglecting his friends and family. She wants to know how to help and asks if he is uncomfortable about she and Ricardo including him in their emotional displays. He assures her that it doesn't bother him and volunteers to help her plan Ricardo's surprise party. They iron out some details and Gaby thanks him for opening up. After she leaves, Antonio naps and dreams of Gaby throwing a private party just for him.

The mummy is gone by the time Ricardo arrives. All that remains is a pile of clothes and a scribbled note saying only "Rosario". Amy says that she has never heard her dad mention Rosario, but Ricardo is intrigued. He calls Antonio to see if he knows Bernie, but the answer is no. Ricardo told the gang that this is just a practical joke and wants Amy to have her dad phone him when he returns. Sean tries to find information about Rosario on the web, but only finds that it is a small town in Mexico. They are all about to leave when they hear a noise in the study. Amy thinks Bernie has returned and hears moaning when she opens the door.

The lights go out at the costume ball and when they return, Annie finds that her necklace is gone. Suspicion immediately falls on Cole, who refuses to be searched and denies having the rubies. Bette talks to fellow "sister" Francesca about the commotion. Cole tries to leave, but is stopped by an undercover cop. During the scuffle, Francesca slips out, but not before Caitlin sees her. Gregory says that no one is leaving until the necklace if found. Ricardo arrives and searches Cole. Olivia fantasizes about the moment Ricardo pulls the necklace from Cole's pocket. Of course, she imagines Caitlin dumping Cole and giving her the baby at which time Olivia has Annie arrested. Back in reality, Ricardo finds a necklace in Cole's pocket, but it is not ruby. It is a gift for Caitlin, complete with receipt. Olivia and Annie are shocked. Gregory says that although Cole may not have the rubies on him, he knows that Cole is involved. Caitlin does too. She told Cole not to bother lying to her because she saw Francesca slip out when Cole distracted everyone. She wants to know how he could do this to their family.

Meanwhile, Francesca is back in her room, prying the rubies loose from the necklace. As she gloats that she now has all the jewels, her mirror shatters.

Friday, November 6, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Tracey

Maria moves in to the studio. She is happy to be staying with them because things seem familiar, but not necessarily good. As she speaks, Ben remembers the day he took her into the studio for the first time. Meg can tell he is thinking about the past. Once downstairs, Ben told Meg how incredible she is. She told him not to canonize her yet, she has ulterior motives - the divorce. They kiss. Maria comes down the stairs. When she sees them kissing, she runs up the stairs but they hear her and call her back. She says she needs towels and returns to her room. Once she is gone, Meg and Ben kiss again, but Meg says it doesn't feel right. She tries to be reassuring by saying that they have the rest of their lives together.

Sarah finds Casey asleep on the swing. She wakes him and they reminisce about their adventures over the summer. Casey told Sarah how when they were on the island he stared at a star and planned to be with her again under better circumstances. They kiss and Sarah pulls away. She says she is afraid she will ruin everything between them. He assures her that everything is perfect and they kiss again.

Amy and Sean enter the study, but can't find any reason for the noise they heard, other than a tree branch outside the window. They are about to leave when Amy notices her dad's favorite book on the floor and decides to take it with her to Emily's to find out more.

After they leave, we see an aged Hillary come out of hiding. She is panicked and searching for the jewels. The phone in the study rings. She picks it up and hears chanting on the other end. She curses Cole and decides to go after Caitlin to get to him.

When the gang arrives at Bette's, Amy told them not to tell Bette about her dad's prank because she doesn't want anyone to know. Bette walks in and catches the tail end of their conversation. She wants to know what is going on and they say that they didn't want her to know that Amy was spending the night. Bette is suspicious and Emily replies that Amy was afraid to stay home alone. As Amy and Sean walk Leo and Brad out, Bette corners Emily and demands the truth. Emily asks Bette to trust her. Later, Amy sees Sean kissing Emily good night and wishes he would kiss her like that. She grabs her bag and the book falls out - it is titled "Curses and Legends".

Bette suggests to Gregory that he ask Annie about the theft and wonders if it is a scheme to get the insurance money. Cole asks Gregory if he bought the necklace just to tempt him. Gregory asks Annie why she set up Cole. She said he brought it all on himself and asks him if the necklace was insured. He said of course - in HIS name.

Caitlin is furious with Cole, but stops short of telling Ricardo about Francesca. She storms out and Cole follows. He explains that it is not what she thinks. Caitlin told him that she is not stupid -- she knows what he did, but why? She said she wishes she had never defended him to everyone and never wants to speak to him again. Cole asks her if she understands that sometimes you lie to the ones you love for the right reasons. She thinks about the lie she has told about the baby and asks him to look her in the eyes and tell her he did not steal the necklace. When he says that he can't do that, she told him not to come home because she can't sleep next to a liar.

Olivia saw Caitlin and Cole bickering and is thrilled that her plan worked even though he didn't get caught. Annie is glad too, until Olivia tortures her by saying that she will never leave her alone after what she has done to her.

The rivalry between Gregory and AJ intensifies as they argue about Cole's role in the theft. A wedge also develops between Olivia and AJ for the same reasons. Olivia asks AJ about the story he had told about the curse on the necklace. He remembers watching Annie choke while wearing the necklace, but told Olivia that it's not a curse, just bad luck.

Caitlin returns and says she doesn't want to talk to any of them about the fact that Cole will not be staying there tonight. They all go to bed, leaving Olivia with Trey.

Meanwhile, Francesca is back in her room, prying the rubies loose from the necklace. As she gloats that she now has all the jewels, her mirror shatters and she hears chanting. By the time Ricardo arrives to question her, she is gone.

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