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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of November 9, 1998 on SB
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Monday, November 9, 1998

Antonio again thinks of Gabi having a special party just for him. Antonio calls the repairman about the mission repairs. Gabi overhears him say there is someone that he can't live with anymore. When Gabi ask him about helping her with the list for the surprise party he says he is moving back to the mission. Gabi confronts Antonio about the room mates and having problems with them. He says he just belongs in the mission. Gabi is visibly upset when Ricardo comes to the door. She told him about the phone call and how she suspects Antonio is leaving because of her. She confesses that she thinks that Antonio believes she isn't good enough for Ricardo. Ricardo told her that Antonio's job is forgiveness. He also told her that the only one that matters is him. Antonio comes in and Ricardo asks him about Gabi.

Virginia calls the Sentinel impersonating FBI agent Ms. Jones. She says they are protecting drug users and she hates drug users. Michael comes in when he hears her say that. Michael assumes it is a drug problem at Jimmy's school. She says that she has a special meeting with the principal. Michael volunteers to go. Virginia says the meeting is for parents only. Michael finally backs down and agrees to go to his picnic with Vanessa and Jimmy. Michael talks to Jimmy about drugs. Michael told Vanessa about the drug scare at Jimmy's school. Michael starts to feel sorry for himself about his parentage.

Vanessa arrives and is confronted with a urine specimen cup. Vanessa questions why the urine sample. The secretary says the FBI is after her to get samples from everyone. Vanessa refuses to give a sample. She and Bette agree it is invasion of privacy. The secretary says then they can talk to the FBI agent. Bette says it is a shame two people can't enjoy a cigar together without it being on the net and now this. Bette says she will do it if Vanessa will. Virginia arrives at the Sentinel to get the drug samples. Bette comes in with her late drug sample. She complains to Virginia's back. Virginia takes Vanessa's sample from the box. As Virginia is about to leave. Vanessa arrives.

Bette comes in hearing them talking about a mummy. Bette says last she saw of Bernie he looked like the walking dead. Ricardo arrives to talk to Amy about her father. He says they still haven't found Bernie. Amy tells him how bizarre he has been acting. Olivia remembers him saying that all would be destroyed if he didn't get the rubies back. Bette insures Ricardo that Bernie had money no problems. Olivia asks about Francesca, and then asks about Cole. Ricardo says he has no proof of Cole being involved, however Francesa left town in a hurry. Emily says she can't help feel sorry for Amy. As Amy is about to intrude on Sean's time with Emily he told her to stay and wait for a call from Ricardo.

Gregory asks Rose to take Annie breakfast. When asked if she should give a tray to Cole Caitlin informs her and Gregory that Cole is not there. Cole walks in looking quite disheveled and told Cait they need to talk. Cole told Caitlin that he honored her wishes and stayed away last night. He says they need to talk privately. Gregory told Cole to leave or he will have him arrested for stalking his daughter. Caitlin agrees to talk to him because of Trey. She asks Cole why she should listen to him about anything. Cait runs out and Cole follows her. As they leave the house they unknowingly pass Hillary who is hiding. A gun carrying Hillary comes out of hiding and says she will demand the rubies or she will take Caitlin. . Olivia shows up to check on Caitlin. She is highly upset when she thinks Caitlin has forgiven him. Gregory says just the opposite she was highly upset and stood up to Cole. Gregory and Olivia are happy when they think Cait is through with Cole. Gregory watches Olivia with the baby. He told Olivia that even though he is married to Annie they will always share the children and grandchildren. Olivia told him that she plans to help raise Trey. Cole arrives to take Trey. Cole asks for Trey to be changed and packed. Cole says they are leaving town.

Caitlin asks if that is where he and Franny spent the night. Cole says they have not had an affair. He admits that he helped her steal the necklace. Cole hesitates and starts to tell her why he stole the rubies. He told her about the jewels and the statue. He told Caitlin that Fran is returning all the jewels to the Rosario statue Caitlin can't believe he risked everything to clear Fran's conscience. He tells Caitlin about Francesca's pledge to God. Caitlin says she prayed also, yet he chose to believe that God answered Fran's prayers instead of hers. Cole told her it isn't a competition. Cole says he got a second chance and he felt the people of Rosario deserved theirs. Caitlin says she should have known from the beginning what was going on. Cole says he felt he had to help Franny. Cole says now that Fran has taken back the jewels she is out of their lives for good. He asks how he can make it up to her. He begs to start from scratch. Cait agrees to give him a second chance. Cole says they have to move, get away from her family. He told her he felt like he had been set up to take that necklace. Cole told her he will go get Trey.


  • Ricardo wants to know what is going on between Gabi and Antonio.

  • Amy picks up the book of spells and looks for one to break up Sean and Emily. She notices the book says something about the jewels of Rosario.

  • In a rage Olivia told Cole that Caitlin wasn't supposed to forgive him for stealing the jewels. Cole demands to know the truth about Olivia setting him up.

  • Caitlin is trying to convince herself to tell Cole the truth about Trey. She answers the knock on the door and Hillary points a gun at her.

  • Tuesday, November 10, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Jami

    Cole furiously accuses Olivia of setting him up. Meanwhile, a seething Hillary corners Caitlin with a gun and orders her to return the Rubies. Virginia has to duck out of sight when Vanessa arrives and demands a word with "Agent Jones". On the 23rd anniversary of his marriage to Olivia, Gregory fantasizes about a romantic reconciliation with his ex. Though Olivia claims she was only trying to protect Trey, her slip of the lip convinces Cole his mother-in-law has become unnaturally attached to his infant son out of grief for the child she lost. Ricardo takes his brother to task for making Gabi feel so uncomfortable. Later, Antonio assures Gabi she has nothing to do with his desire to move back to the mission. A rapidly aging Hillary decides to take Caitlin hostage. Carmen told Antonio she has foreseen that another man will come between Ricardo and Gabi. Olivia begs Cole not to disclose her treachery to Caitlin. Gabi is touched when Ricardo presents her with a special gift from his mother as a sign that she is welcome in their family. While walking on the beach with Jimmy, Vanessa suddenly feels dizzy.

    Wednesday, November 11, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Jami.

    Rattled when Michael catches her using a home pregnancy test kit, Virginia claims she's been seeing someone and had a false alarm after the relationship broke up. Gabi and Ricardo return to Surf Central just as Antonio explodes with anger at his mother's troubling prophesy. Sara, Hank and Joan are startled to discover that Maria is now in residence under Ben and Meg's roof. Cole blames Olivia for Caitlin's sudden disappearance. Ben reassures Meg he's living for the day when they can really be a couple with no outside interference. Ricardo scolds Antonio for speaking to their mother so disrespectfully. Later, Ricardo bristles to learn about his sister's new living arrangements. An incensed Hank rails at Ben for inviting his first wife to move in. After Vanessa suffers another dizzy spell, Gabi suggests that she might be pregnant but her friend reveals that Michael is almost certainly sterile. When the Torres clan arrives en masse at Ben's house to voice their opinions, an exasperated Meg ushers her own family out while Maria stubbornly insists on staying put. Cole receives an ominous call from Hillary. Virginia exults to see a positive result on Vanessa's pregnancy.

    Thursday, November 12, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Tracey

    Maria apologizes to Meg for the ruckus her family caused and sympathizes with the way Meg's family is feeling. Maria is having doubts about moving in; Meg opts to leave the room rather than express her own doubts. Ben returns and tries to comfort Maria by reminding her to put her faith in Dr. Estrada and by reiterating that she would not be there if Meg didn't want her to be. Maria fears that Meg is only doing it because she doesn't have a choice. She leaves Ben and Meg to talk.

    Ben wants to know what happened while he was gone. Meg explains that she was very upset and did not give Maria the reassurances that she obviously needed. She is ashamed of her behavior and wants to straighten things out with Maria. Ben says he will take care of it and Meg went to check out how her parents are handling things.

    Maria has a flashback of the drowning. She told Ben that she wants to speed things up and asks him to tell her about the night she "died". When he questions her motives, she explains that her clearest memory so far is of the accident, but that she felt more than the fear of dying and wants to know why. Ben decides to check with Dr. Estrada before answering. Of course, Dr. Estrada says it could be harmful for him to provide this information.

    Meanwhile, Annie is berating Ricardo for not finding her necklace yet. She wants to know why he hasn't gone after Cole and he says that he's not sure that she didn't fake the theft for insurance money. Annie knows that he is really upset about Maria and tries to apologize and justify her actions. Carmen comes in and told Ricardo not to worry about Maria living with Ben and Meg. She thinks it's the best way to reunite Ben and Maria. He doesn't share her enthusiasm. Annie is shocked at the news and went to get her best friend back.

    Annie gets a cold reception from Maria and begins to plead with her, saying that she loves her and would do anything for her. Maria jumps at this chance to learn more about the accident. She wants to know why she would go out in such a bad storm. Annie confirms her suspicion that something awful happened that night.

    Sarah, Hank and Joan are discussing Meg's decision. Hank storms out after Sarah suggests that the family accept Meg's choice. Casey arrives, flower in hand. He and Sarah close their eyes and re-enact the previous night's date, leading Casey to ask her out again. They accept and seal it with a kiss. Hank returns and told Casey about Meg's "bad decision" to let Maria live with her and Ben. Meg overhears him and blows up, citing that she needs their support not their judgement. Hank and Meg have a heated argument and she runs out. Casey went after her, leaving a jealous Sarah behind. A tearful Meg told Casey that she's having a hard time holding it together. He compliments her strength and kind-heartedness, but she counters with her belief that she is selfish and her fear of losing Ben. Sarah watches as Casey compliments Meg on her good qualities and comforts her with a hug.

    Hillary phones Cole, threatening to kill Caitlin if she doesn't get all of the jewels in an hour. Olivia freaks out when she realizes what is going on. Francesca went to see Sidney, who gives her a fake passport to leave the country. Sid asks to hold the famous jewels of Rosario. When Francesca pours them into her hands, they turn into tarantulas and she throws them down. She pushes Francesca out of the office (with the jewels), screaming that the jewels are cursed and that she never wants to see or talk to Francesca again. Cole and Olivia go to Sid's. She told them that it's too late; Francesca is gone and they are all in danger. When they arrive at the airport the stewardess told Cole that the flight has taken off, but Olivia catches Francesca in the terminal. They have a violent struggle as Olivia tries to recover the jewels.

    Friday, November 13, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Tracey

    Dr. Estrada told Ben it could be harmful for him to tell Maria about the accident. He explains that it would be especially traumatic considering that just before the accident he had accused her of betraying him.

    Maria wants Annie to tell her why she would go out in such a bad storm. Annie confirms her suspicion that something awful happened, but doesn't want to tell her what transpired that night. Maria gets angry, saying that she wants her life back and if Annie really cared about her, she would help her. Annie gives in, explaining that Maria had followed Ben to the Mariah after they had a terrible argument. Ben interrupts their conversation and throws Annie out.

    Maria begs Ben to tell her what they argued about, but he refuses citing Dr. Estrada's belief that she must remember it on her own. He says he doesn't want to lose her again. She says she has nothing to lose. Ben cuts off the conversation by going upstairs and telling Maria not to bother asking anyone else because he is the only one who knows what happened. As he leaves, Maria realizes that Meg probably knows, too.

    Sarah watches as Casey compliments Meg on her good qualities and comforts her with a hug. Tim sidles up beside her. He is drunk, dirty and depressed, feeling that he has nothing left to live for since Gregory fired him and Meg is turning to Casey instead of him. He warns Sarah that she is about to be dumped. Sarah is jealous, but told Tim to sober up and get a job so he doesn't end up like his parents. She went over to Casey and Meg and they discuss the fight she had with her dad about Maria. Casey asks Meg if she would like to talk over coffee and asks Sarah for a raincheck on their date. Sarah brought Hank to Java Web so that he and Meg can clear the air. Mom is about to take a turn when Annie arrives and starts loudly discussing Maria and Ben with the waitress so that Meg can overhear. Meg reacts calmly to Annie's baiting and has an idea of how Maria can get her memory back. After she leaves, Joan berates Annie and Tim for their manipulations. Tim tries to apologize, but Joan warns them that they will have to answer to her if they continue to try to break up Ben and Meg. Annie says that they won't have to do anything - Ben loved Maria long before Meg came to town.

    When Meg arrives back at the house, Maria lies to her, saying that she remembered more details about the "accident" and shares the information that Annie provided. She tricks Meg into revealing that the argument was about Derek. Upstairs, Ben remembers finding Maria and Derek in Bed together.

    Olivia catches Francesca in the airport terminal. They have a violent struggle as Olivia tries to recover the jewels. She grabs her purse and removes the pouch, dumping out the jewels. They turn to maggots in her hands. Meanwhile, Cole lies to Hillary about having the jewels and promises to meet her at the pier in an hour to exchange them for Caitlin. Francesca quickly scoops the jewels up before Olivia drops them and tries to leave. She runs into Cole. He takes the jewels from her and says he is going alone to exchange the jewels for Caitlin. Francesca told Olivia that Cole doesn't know what he is getting into with the jewels. The two call a temporary truce to help Cole. At the pier, Cole is shocked to see a decrepit Hillary.

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