The Young and the Restless Birthdays

The Birthdays page, part of our About Y&R section, provides a thorough listing of the birthdays of past and present The Young and the Restless stars.
The Birthdays page, part of our About Y&R section, provides a thorough listing of the birthdays of past and present The Young and the Restless stars. When available, you'll also see the year of their birth. Some performers have requested that this information not be made public and we have honored their requests.

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Birthdays of Y&R Stars
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    1ST    Alexia Robinson (Alex Perez; 1970)
    1ST    Eden Riegel (Heather Stevens; 1981)
    3RD    Alex D. Linz (Phillip Chancellor IV; 1989)
    4TH    Rick Hearst (Matt Clark; 1965)
    5TH    Ricky Paull Goldin (Gary Dawson; 1968)
    7TH    Lyndsy Fonseca (Colleen Carlton; 1987)
    7TH    Camryn Grimes (Cassidy "Cassie" Johnson; 1990)
   15TH   Andre Khabbazi (Alec)
   16TH   Josie Davis (Grace Turner; 1973)
   18TH   David Lago (Raul Guittierez; 1979)
   27TH   Davetta Sherwood (Lily Winters; 1984)
   28TH   Keith Hamilton Cobb (Damon Porter; 1962)
   29TH   Marc Singer (Chet)

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    1ST    Vasili Bogazianos (Al Fenton)
    5TH    Diego Serrano (Diego Guittierez; 1973)
    8TH    Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman; 1975)
    9TH    Sharon Case (Sharon Collins Newman)
   10TH   Sarah Aldrich (Victoria Newman)
   13TH   Leslie Bevis (Ruth)
   18TH   Jess Walton (Jill Foster Abbott; 1949)
   18TH   Anthony Pena (Miguel Rodriguez)
   18TH   Marita DeLeon (Joani Garcia)
   19TH   Stephen Nichols (Tucker McCall; 1951)
   20TH   Rodney Van Johnson (Trey Stark)
   26TH   Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher; 1977)

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    3RD    Darnell Williams (Sarge; 1955)
    10TH    Jeff Branson (Ronan Malloy; 1977)
   15TH   Eva Longoria (Isabella Brana; 1975)
   15TH   Adrianne Leon (Colleen Carlton; 1986)
   16TH   Granville Van Dusen (Keith Dennison)
   17TH   Erin and Ramona Richter (Jennifer Foster II; 1980)
   17TH   Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman; 1973)
   19TH   Ben Watkins (Wesley Carter; 1971)
   20TH   Bryan Genesse (Rocco Carner; 1967)
   22ND   Francesco Quinn (Tomas del Cerro )
   23RD   David Tom (Billy Abbott)
   28TH   Siena Goines (Callie Rogers)

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    3RD    Laura Bryan Birn (Lynne Bassett)
    3RD    Eric Braeden (Victor Newman)
    4TH    Michael McElroy (Daniel Romalotti, Jr.; 1994)
   11TH   John Castellanos (John Silva; 1957)
   18TH   Melody Thomas Scott (Nicole Reed Newman)
   19TH   Alexis Thorpe (Rianna Miner; 1980)
   19TH   Courtland Mead (Phillip Chancellor IV; 1987)
   20TH   Shemar Moore (Malcolm Winters)
   24TH   Thad Luckinbill (Jeffrey Todd "J.T." Hellstrom)
   24TH   Stacy Haiduk (Mary Jane; 1968)
   26TH   Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti)
   27TH   Maura West (Diane Jenkins; 1972)

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   10TH  > Victoria Rowell (Drucilla Barber Winters)
   12TH   Beth Maitland (Traci Abbott Connelly)
   14TH   Sabryn Genet (Tricia Dennison)
   16TH   Scott Reeves (Ryan McNeil)
   16TH   Carolyn Conwell (Mary Williams)
   20TH   Constance Towers (Audrey North; 1933)
   21ST    Scotty Leavenworth (Billy Abbott; 1990)
   22ND   Beau Kazer (Brock Reynolds)
   26TH   Tamara Clatterbuck (Alice Johnson; 1963)
   28TH   Emily O'Brien (Jana Hawkes; 1985)
   29TH   Anthony Geary (George Curtis; 1947)
   29TH   Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren Fenmore; 1963)
   31ST    Nick Scotti (Tony Viscardi)

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   3RD   Tristan Rogers (Colin; 1946)
   10TH   Tara Lipinski (Marnie; 1982)
   11TH   Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott; 1953)
   15TH   Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott; 1959)
   20TH   John McCook (Lance Prentiss; 1945)
   21ST    Leigh McCloskey (Kurt Costner)
   27TH   John Driscoll (Phillip Chancellor IV; 1981)

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    1ST    Bryant Jones (Nate Hastings; 1991)
    1ST    Denice Duff (Amanda Browning)
    4TH    Signy Coleman (Hope Adams Wilson)
    7TH    Gemini Cea Barnett (Scotty Grainger; 1990)
   12TH   Tonya Lee Williams (Olivia Barber Hastings; 1957)
   15TH   Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters; 1966)
   18TH   Darlene Conley (Rose DeVille)
   19TH   Beverly Archer (Shirley Sherwood)
   21ST    John H. Martin (Frederick Hodges )
   31ST    Jay Bontatibus (Tony Viscardi; 1965)

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    1ST    Jennifer Gareis (Grace Turner; 1970)
    3RD    Heath Kizzier (Dr. Josh Landers)
    8TH    Veronica Redd (Mamie Johnson)
   13TH   Alex Donnelley (Diane Jenkins)
   17TH   Bryton (Devon Hamilton; 1986)
   25TH   Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin; 1958)
   26TH   Christopher Douglas (Sean Douglas; 1969)
   28TH   Rachel Kimsey (Mackenzie Browning; 1978)

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    3RD    Ashley Jones (Megan Dennison)
    9TH    Aaron Lustig (Dr. Tim Reid)
   14TH   Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers; 1965)
   22ND   Michael Graziadei (Daniel Romalotti; 1979)
   23RD   Patty Weaver Birn (Gina Roma Radisson)
   25TH   Brett Hadley (Carl Williams/Jim)
   28TH   Susan Walters (Diane Jenkins; 1963)
   29TH   Nicholas Pappone (Phillip Chancellor)

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    4TH    Meg Bennett (Julia Martin; 1950)
   10TH   J. Eddie Peck (Cole Howard; 1958)
   11TH   Brad Maule (Reverend Palmer; 1951)
   12TH   Carlos Bernard (Rafael DelGado)
   16TH   David "Shark" Fralick (Larry Warton; 1962)
   20TH   Cooper and Oliver Guynes (Kyle Jenkins; 2000)
   20TH   Greg Wrangler (Steve Connelly ; 1966)
   24TH   Doug Davidson (Paul Williams)
   25TH   Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor; 1928)
   25TH   Brian Kerwin (Greg Foster; 1949)
   25TH   Chris Engen (Victor Adam Wilson; 1979)
   28TH   Lauren Woodland (Brittany Hodges; 1978)

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    1ST    Karen Hensel (Doris Collins)
    2ND    Kate Linder (Esther Valentine; 1947)
    4TH    Heather Tom (Victoria Newman; 1975)
    7TH    Julie Pinson (Shiloh; 1967)
    10TH    Marcy Rylan (Abby Carlton); 1980
   11TH   Eyal Podell (Adrian Korbel; 1975)
   12TH   Kelly Kruger (Mackenzie Browning)
   12TH   Jerry Douglas (John Abbott; 1932)
   15TH   Judith Chapman (Gloria Fisher)
   16TH   Tricia Cast (Nina Webster McNeil)
   18TH   Shari Shattuck (Ashley Abbott)
   24TH   Roscoe Born (Tom Fisher; 1950)
   28TH   Hayden Tank (Victor Newman, Jr.; 1992)
   30TH   Christel Khalil (Lily Winters; 1987)
   30TH   David Lee Russek (Sean Bridges)

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   10TH   Vail Bloom (Karen Taylor; 1961)
   10TH   Nia Peeples (Heather Stevens; 1975)
   17TH   Paul Leyden (Blake; 1972)
   20TH   Joseph David Tello (Scotty Grainger; 1989)
   22ND   Lauralee Bell (Christine Blair Williams; 1968)
   24TH   Sharon Farrell (Flo Webster)
   20TH   Thomas Alexander Dekker (Phillip Chancellor IV; 1987)
   29TH   Sandra Nelson (Phyllis Summers Romalotti)
   30TH   Ashley Bashioum (Mackenzie Browning; 1983)
   31ST    Don Diamont (Brad Carlton; 1962)

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