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Christine Marie Blair Williams
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Actor History
1983 to December 2000; July 24 and July 25, 2001; November 2001; March 2002; June to September 2002; January 2003 to January 24, 2005; March 9, 2005 to September 15, 2005; March 15, 2006; May 26, 2006 to May 31, 2006; August 28, 2006 [on The Young and the Restless]; June 12, 2007 to June 21, 2007 [on The Bold and the Beautiful]; July 15, 2010 to September 28, 2010; January 13, 2011 to November 17, 2011; May 17, 2012 to August 10, 2012; September 18, 2012 to Present [recurring, on The Young and the Restless]
Other Names


The Bug (by Phyllis Summers)

Kelly Simmons (disguise)


Revealed she was 16-years-old in 1986


Does pro bono legal work

Secretly works with the United States Department of Justice

Former Genoa City district attorney

Former attorney with the United States Department of Justice

Legal partner in Baldwin, Blair, and Associates

Former assistant district attorney

Former partner in Baldwin & Williams Attorneys At Law

Former attorney for Newman Enterprises

Attorney formerly with Whitman, Walker, and Wilson Law Firm

Former legal aide attorney

Former teen model for Jabot Junior Cosmetics


An apartment in Genoa City

Marital Status

Married to Paul Williams [Remarried: Sep 4, 2013]

Past Marriages

Danny Romalotti [Married: 1990; divorced: 1994]

Paul Williams [Married: 1996; divorced: 2001]


Jessica Blair Abbott (mother; deceased)

Dr. Jim Grainger (father; deceased)

Scott Grainger (half-brother; deceased)

Scotty Grainger Jr. (nephew)

Joe Blair (cousin)

Daniel Romalotti Jr. (godson)


Miscarriage, Mar 2015, daughter with Paul

Flings & Affairs

Derek Stuart [raped Christine] (deceased)

Chase Benson

Scott Grainger [engagement broken 1989](deceased)

Phillip Chancellor III (deceased)

Danny Romalotti

Michael Baldwin

Paul Williams

Nick Newman (one evening in a bar kissing)

Danny Romalotti (2012)

Crimes Committed

Numerous breaking and entering violations in her unlicensed detective forays

Brief Character History

Known as Cricket, she was introduced by her photographer cousin Joe as a teen model at Jabot Cosmetics. She began her long career of saving people in distress by lecturing a pregnant Nina Webster about how to live her life. She was engaged to Phillip Chancellor III until she caught him in her own bed with her best friend Nina.

Cricket was date raped by Derek Stuart, who met his end jumping out a window to avoid prison. This experience turned her from modeling to becoming a lawyer and returning to her given name of Christine. Sexually harassed by Michael Baldwin when they were attorneys together at the prestigious Whitman, Walker, and Wilson law firm, she trapped him by taping their conversations, which caused Michael to be fired. He then stalked her, dug through the wall from the apartment next door, and held her captive. Paul Williams and Nathan Hastings saved her, and Baldwin was put in prison. Chris became engaged to Scott Grainger until she found out they had the same father.

Christine married longtime friend, rock star Danny Romalotti. She divorced Danny when he had an affair with Phyllis Summers, and supposedly got Phyllis pregnant. Chris often worked on cases with Paul Williams, such as the time they flew to Vietnam to find Jack Abbot's long-lost son, Keemo. She helped Margaret and Miles fight their slumlord, and win decent housing for Rainbow Garden's tenants. Chris and John Silva defended April Lynch, who was accused of murdering her abusive husband. She also discovered Victor's shooting assailant, Mari Jo Mason, but was kidnapped by her. Christine enjoyed working as a legal aide attorney, assisting victims of rape, spousal abuse, and bad landlords. She also represented Victor Newman in his divorce from Diane Jenkins, and Sharon Newman with regaining custody of her child Cassidy.

On Chris and Paul's wedding day, Phyllis Romalotti ran them down with a car, leaving Paul impotent. Once Paul recovered, the postponed wedding still almost never happened after Paul walked in on Chris and Danny's sexual encounter. Chris managed to choose between them, and married Paul. They honeymooned on the island of Nevis. After a happy day on the beach, Christine crawled into bed and screamed. Paul pulled back the covers to reveal a slimy dead octopus. Unknown to them, Phyllis, mad that they had invaded her vacation had put it there. They agreed they both wanted children but had trouble conceiving once they finally put her career aside long enough to try.

Michael Baldwin convinced Christine that he was a changed man, so she testified for him and he was paroled under Chris's watchful eye. The cocky and very successful Michael was a constant thorn in Christine's side, but somehow convinced her to join him in starting a law practice together. The practice was so successful that she again put having a family on hold, causing a great rift in her marriage. In a desperate attempt to mend their marriage while still furthering her career, Christine took a case in Hong Kong, which would mean moving there for months. Paul first balked at the idea, then decided to "do it for them," put his career on hold, and move. But at the last minute, Paul backed out, so Christine lived in Hong Kong for months on her own with very little contact. Christine was offered a case in Australia when the Hong Kong case was finished, but she turned it down and was determined to go home to Genoa City and try to mend her shattered marriage. She arrived at the apartment only to find Paul in the arms of his new client Isabella. Without a word to Paul, she accepted the case in Australia and filed for, and was soon granted, a divorce.

Isabella didn't want to tell Paul that she was pregnant because she felt that he was too hung up on Chris, so she had a brief affair with Michael and told him that he was the father. Michael was outraged at first, even drew up legal papers for her sign. But Isabella had something on Michael from the past, so he backed down and went along with her demands of rent, baby furniture, and everything she needed to live until the baby was born. Michael also arranged for a job for her in another town for afterward. Just as Michael was softening to the idea of a child and a future with Isabella, and Paul was getting involved with former wife Lauren Fenmore, Paul found out about the baby's paternity and wanted to be a father to the child. With this major lie Isabella fell out of grace with both Michael and Mary. Paul moved in with Isabella and she continued to use her manipulating ways to keep him under her thumb as tightly as possible. Paul's mother, Mary, went to great lengths to try to convince him that Isabella was all wrong for him and would ruin his life, and to convince Isabella to go away to a home for unwed mothers-all despite the fact that Isabella was providing Mary with the grandchild, and Paul with the child, they both had always wanted. Mary even begged for help from unlikely sources in Lauren, Christine, and even Michael-all of whom she disapproved as well, but had had no luck at all. But Paul moved out of his own volition when Isabella started pressuring him to get married. Their baby boy, Ricardo Carl Williams, was born, but unlike Isabella's delusions, Paul was not willing to become one happy family with her. Complicating things was the sudden return of Christine, who rebuffed him for the baby's sake, although she still had feelings for Paul. Paul's response was to marry Isabella.

Christine spent long hours working with Michael Baldwin and they became closer, sharing dinners and their feelings together. They finally broached the subject of their past, and although Chris agreed Michael was a changed man, it still haunted her. That and her still lingering feelings for Paul made it rough on Michael. But Christine decided to put the past behind her and accepted Michael's marriage proposal. Paul invited Isabella's estranged father, Ricardo, to Ricky's christening, and they happily reunited. Michael showed up, asked Ricardo not to mention they knew each other or Isabella's past, then announced his engagement to Chris, much to Paul's rage. Paul attacked Michael, who left with a black eye. Paul showed up at Chris's apartment and forced himself on her. At one point she reciprocated, cut to commercial, then we saw Paul leaving a devastated-looking Christine, saying he was sorry about everything. Was it rape? (She never said no, just "We shouldn't.") Or was it two people who loved each other, but had screwed up their lives to the point where they could not be together? The next morning Christine tracked Paul down to a deserted beach in L.A. where she initiated sex herself. Later Chris disappeared, leaving both Michael and Paul wondering. Chris was gone for months when the guilt got to Paul, and he told Isabella that he and Chris had sex that night. Isabella left him, only returning occasionally to see Ricky.

Chris returned in disguise as the dark-haired mysterious Kelly Simmons, bent on getting the goods on Isabella. Paul saw through Chris's disguise, and they came to an understanding about the "rape," but Paul chose Isabella and his son. Paul took Ricky to Isabella's parents in Los Angeles, leaving her to finish packing for their move there. Just before they were to be married, Michael confessed to Chris that he set up Isabella to meet Paul so she and Paul would split for good, then Michael could have Chris. Chris exploded, walked out on Michael, and flew to L.A. to tell Paul the whole story. She found Paul camping on a beach, told him the truth, and they ended up making love in the sand. Upon their return to Genoa City, Paul moved back into their former apartment with Chris, while Isabella plotted revenge

One night Isabella called her only friend Diane, who was with Michael, telling them someone was breaking in then screamed. When Michael arrived he found what appeared to be a bloody murder scene and Isabella missing. Christine woke up unconscious in her car in the woods and told Michael and Paul of her only memory-Isabella screaming not to hurt her, of blood, and a boat. Michael tracked down the boat, which was covered in blood, and destroyed the evidence against Chris. The night before Chris was to be arrested for Isabella's murder, she was attacked in her bathtub by a very much alive Isabella, who told, while wielding a butcher knife, her how she had set her up by drugging her wine. Paul arrived in the nick of time, slugged and knocked out Isabella. As he was reviving the nearly drowned Christine, Michael arrived and saved them both from the crazed Isabella. The cops arrived and hauled Isabella away. She was committed to a mental hospital, and Paul and Chris were free to be together once again. Michael apologized to Chris for all the misery he's caused her, she forgave him, and they remained close friends.

Paul moved in with Christine, and soon proposed. Christine laughed and didn't take it seriously, so Paul moved out. Not long afterward, ex-husband Danny returned to Genoa City to lend moral support to help Gina get her life back together after the devastating loss of her restaurant by arson. Of course the first person he visited was Christine. They were seeing a lot of each other again, while Paul was seeing his ex, Lauren Fenmore. Christine had to break up the law partnership when she went to work as an Assistant DA on the recommendation of Victor Newman. Who did her first case turn out to be? Prosecuting Victor Newman for commercial bribery with Michael as his bagman. Although Michael offered to take the rap, Victor insisted he make a deal with the DA's office to hopefully save Michael's legal career. Michael did, and Victor was arrested and jailed the day before Christmas and refused bail. Victor was found guilty and in a last-ditch attempt to keep from going to prison, offered Jack $75 million to settle. Jack laughed in his face, as it was nowhere near what they lost. Victor was sentenced to do some major community service. Victor was told to come up with something spectacular for his community service project. He found a derelict former paint factory in a seedy part of town, and financed and supervised its renovation into the Market Street Recreation Center with the help of neighborhood volunteers and young adult children of the Genoa City wealthy. Christine finally realized she wasn't cut out to be a prosecutor, and went back into partnership with Michael Baldwin, and on a whim, asked Paul to come into the firm with them as their in-house investigator. Paul, who was getting along much better with Michael, accepted, and so began Baldwin, Williams, and Associates.

Daniel Romalotti returned to Genoa City, a 16-year-old with raging hormones, to visit his father Danny for spring break. Phyllis ran into Daniel at Crimson Lights, realized who he was, and began making contact. She told Daniel she was his mother, and eventually he asked her to tell him the truth about his family. Once Daniel heard Phyllis' side and discovered that Danny was not his real father, he took off to confront Danny and Christine, who had resumed their romance. Daniel decided he and Phyllis should move in together so they could bond. Unable to find a suitable apartment, Phyllis and Daniel moved into Victoria Newman's house on the Newman Ranch. After being exposed as a neglectful parent who dumped the kid in boarding school his entire life, Danny went back on tour.

Through a tragic turn of events, [see Cassie Newman profile] Daniel was charged with vehicular manslaughter in the death of Cassie Newman, and Christine was his attorney. Both Christine and Phyllis contacted Danny about it. But when Daniel and Lily Winters ran away together, Danny stayed put in case they fled to him. Lily was out on bail, and Daniel went on trial for vehicular manslaughter where Christine and Paul failed to prove that Cassie was driving the car. Daniel was in contact with Danny by phone and begged him to stay away. But in a last minute save, Nick Newman turned over the evidence he'd been withholding-the clothes Cassie was wearing that fateful night. The boot she was wearing matched a piece of a heel found under the accelerator, and the judge let Daniel go free. Lily's parents made a deal to send her away to boarding school in New Hampshire to get the DA to drop the charges against her.

In July 2010, after months of dating, and just as Paul and Nina’s newfound romance began to heat up and they made love for the first time, Christine, in town for a visit, came knocking at Paul’s door. Chatting with Nina, Chris said she had been emailing with Phillip and knew all about his return from the dead and Chance being engaged. Chris gave Nina and Paul her blessing, but as she left, it appeared she had expected a reunion with Paul instead. Chris later told someone by phone, that a female she had not visited yet was in grave danger. After some reminiscing by Nina, Paul, and Chris that touched on Nina’s stolen first baby, Paul volunteered to search for him again.

A small party was held at the Chancellor estate for Nina’s son Chance to announce his engagement to Chloe Mitchell. Police detective Chance’s new partner, Ronan Malloy, arrived at the party and became friendly with Chloe who was very suspicious of him. Chance and Assistant District Attorney Heather Stevens were working on a drug ring case that appeared to involve dirty cops on the force. Chance had gotten too close to the truth and was set up for drug possession, and he and Chloe had been shot at a few times. Heather had also been the victim of attempted murder when a bomb exploded her car, but she escaped with Chance’s help. So Chance was assigned to be Heather’s bodyguard. Chloe was jealous and proven right, when after a disappointing turn in their case, Heather and Chance commiserated and ended up making love. Afterward Heather called Pomerantz about her suspicion that Ronan was a dirty cop, and later they found the bug that Ronan had planted in their apartment. Chance tried to arrest Ronan for illegal surveillance, but their boss Sid Meeks intervened and took Chance off the case and replaced him with Ronan as Heather’s bodyguard. Meeks was seen talking with D.A. Owen Pomerantz, and they appeared to be the leaders of the drug ring. Later Chance was again arrested for drug possession when he tried to get fellow-officers to turn on Ronan. Ronan admitted to Heather that he planted the drugs to get Chance out of the picture for his own protection, then he got her fired.

Christine told Ronan, who was actually working undercover with her for the Justice Department, that Nina and Paul were searching for Nina’s first son, who was stolen at birth. Christine was afraid that they might discover that Ronan was that son. Chris was unable to disclose Ronan’s identity to anyone or she would jeopardize the case. Chloe figured out that he was Nina’s son by his birth date, and confronted Ronan with his real name, Aiden Lansing. Ronan admitted he was working undercover and shared with Chloe that two parents, the Lansings, had raised him and sacrificed everything for him. Chloe hoped to get Ronan to warm up to Nina and Chance after the case was closed. But Ronan was reluctant, saying that working undercover, he enjoyed getting into another persona, which appealed to the part of him that felt like something was missing. He said that he could never have a personal life – there was just too much risk. Chloe and Ronan eventually had sex together, but afterward Ronan said it could never happen again.

Meanwhile, Paul tracked down Pete Bender, (the man who drove the van and kidnapped Nina & Chris when they were teenagers), to the prison hospital in Waupun. Bender gave Paul the name of the family who bought Nina’s baby, and Paul found the information he gave to an ecstatic Nina - that her son had been named Aiden Lansing, grew up in South Lakeland, went to Lakeside High, was an honor student, senior class vice president, a football star, went to college in California, and that his parents, the Lansings, were dead. Paul’s contact faxed them a newspaper photo of Aiden with his grade school football team, which Paul got someone to enhance and do an aged sketch of what the boy would look like grown up.

Because she and Paul were getting too close again, and out of respect for her friend Nina, Chris prepared to return to Washington, D.C. But before she left town she stopped at Jimmie’s Bar for a drink and ended up necking with Nick Newman in a booth. Nina, well aware of their undying love and attraction, tipped Paul that Christine was leaving. Paul caught up with her, but Chris said she felt that things were the way they were meant to be, and she was spoiling it so she left Genoa City.

Ronan convinced Sid Meeks he was on Sid’s side, which got him a meeting with the ring leader, who turned out to be D.A. Owen Pomerantz. Pomerantz told Ronan they would not trust him unless he killed Chance, and Ronan agreed to do it. Meanwhile, Chance confronted Chloe about trusting Ronan enough to sleep with him, and Chloe had to tell him that he and Ronan were brothers. At the same moment, Paul and Nina got their first look at an aged sketch of what her son would look like grown-up, which was made from a newspaper photo of Aiden and his grade school football team.

Ronan told Pomerantz that he had set up a meeting with Chance in order to kill him. Later Chance confronted Ronan about their being brothers, and off-screen made plans to trap Pomerantz and Meeks. Just in case things did not go as planned, Chance made sure to spend quality time with his loved ones. Chloe realized what he was doing and begged Chance not to go through with the meeting. Chance left to make amends with Heather. She admitted that she loved him, and he refused her offer to call her father, Paul, to back him up.

Ronan, armed with the untraceable gun Meeks and Pomerantz had given him, met them with their suitcases of drugs at a warehouse. They checked Ronan for a wire and warned him that if he didn’t kill Chance, they would kill both Chance and Ronan. Chance arrived at the warehouse and drew his gun on Meeks, Pomerantz and another dirty cop, telling him they were headed to Internal Affairs.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Nina, Chloe and Heather were gathered with Paul to trace Chance’s location by his cell phone’s GPS. Nina expressed her distrust of Ronan, so Paul decided it was time to tell her the truth - that Ronan was an FBI agent working undercover in Genoa City, and that Ronan would be there to protect Chance. Heather added that they had not told Nina before because they'd been sworn to secrecy. Chloe then exposed to everyone that Ronan was Chance’s brother, and Nina’s stolen son. Nina was stunned as Paul received word of Chance’s location, and they all left to find him.

At the warehouse, Ronan appeared behind Chance, his gun pointed at his brother, and Paul and Nina burst in just as Ronan shot Chance in the chest. Medics arrived and pronounced Chance dead. Heather and Chloe sobbed while a grief-stricken Nina attacked Ronan for killing his own brother. Meeks and Pomerantz directed the police to arrest Ronan for Chance’s murder. As Chance was being wheeled out, Nina realized that he had been saying goodbye to everyone all that day. Back at the mansion, Nina ran upstairs in tears and Paul was left to break the news to Chance’s father, Phillip; his grandmother, Jill; Kay; and Murphy. Phillip comforted Nina as she realized that Chris must have known that Ronan was her son all along. When a stunned Chris arrived at Nina’s door, Nina slammed the door in her face. Chris tried to justify her actions to Paul, but he rebuffed her as well. Later a uniformed Army officer arrived at the door to help the family make arrangements. He showed Nina his prosthetic leg, and credited Chance with saving his life in Afghanistan.

At the police station, Heather confronted Ronan who claimed he had shot Chance in self-defense. Then Heather demanded that Pomerantz rehire her so she could prosecute Ronan since it was due to Ronan’s claims that she had been fired.

A wake was held at the Chancellor mansion the night prior to Chance’s military funeral, with his ashes later interred at Arlington National Cemetery. Brock returned to Genoa City to officiate at Chance’s funeral and Traci Abbott sent flowers and a note. Chance’s parents, Nina and Phillip followed the flag-draped closed casket carried down the aisle by an honor guard, and were followed by Grandmother Jill with Billy and Cane on each arm, and Katherine and Murphy. Phillip gave a very touching eulogy about how even though he had abandoned Chance when he was a baby, Chance forgave him as an adult. Jill said that Chance had gotten the best of all of those who were around him growing up, from Phillip’s warmth and good looks, Nina’s devotion and strength, Brock’s generosity and forthrightness, Katherine’s zest for life, and Esther’s loyalty, to her own determination and stubbornness, creating a whole that was better than the sum of his parts. Katherine said a few words about how Chance had enriched all their lives. The folded flag was presented to Nina while a rifle salute and Taps played. Then all who loved him placed a red rose on the casket. Suddenly Nina cried out, “How dare you!” as Christine arrived with Ronan. Ronan showed his FBI credentials and arrested Pomerantz, Meeks, and their cohorts, explaining that Chance was the one wearing the wire, and the FBI arrived and took them away. The funeral turned into a screaming match with Nina calling Chris and Ronan disrespectful and sending them away.

Meanwhile back at the Chancellor Estate, the stress got to Kay, she fainted, and was taken to the hospital, but after a few tests she was declared okay, and they let her return home. After the Attorney General heard Pomerantz on tape giving Ronan orders to “End this, kill him now,” he began an investigation of cases in which Pomerantz was involved and made Heather Interim District Attorney until the next election. Paul congratulated her, she asked him to be her Investigator, and he accepted. Later Victor Newman found out and offered to bankroll her campaign if she would go after Adam and see that he paid for his crimes.

Christine arranged for Phillip and Nina to be taken by an FBI man to an out of the way location where they met her and Ronan. Then Chance emerged from the shadows, very much alive. Nina and Phillip hugged him while Chris and Chance disclosed that it was all a setup, and that Chance would be going into the witness protection program, very possibly to never be seen or heard of again. But this was the only way to protect him and keep him alive, and Nina and Phillip had to keep the secret, and no one else could ever know the truth. Nina and Ronan exchanged some heartfelt words as he told her that he had found out she was his mother back when the FBI background check disclosed his illegal adoption as a black market baby, and read her book and knew of the ordeal Nina went through ever since. Sadly, Ronan told Nina that he had to leave with Chance and would be going back undercover, and unable to see her, but he did promise to keep in touch by phone. Phillip told Chance he was very proud of his son, and hugged him goodbye. Chance and Nina parted, agreeing to keep in touch the way they had when he was deployed, to look at the moon at 9:00 PM each night, and know that the other was safe and missing them. Ronan and Chance drove away, and Nina, Phillip, and Christine returned to the Chancellor mansion, and did not say a word about what had happened. But later, thinking that Katherine’s health was endangered because of it, Christine told Katherine the truth.

Months later, Ronan blacked out and Heather took him to the hospital where the diagnosis he'd gotten in Boston of hereditary amyloidosis was confirmed; the same disease his father had died of at about the same age. Ronan refused to tell his mother of his condition, so Heather told her. Nina went to Ronan and assured him that they would fight this together. Because Heather was subpoenaed to be a witness at the former D.A.’s trial, she and Paul listened to a copy of the tape made the night that Chance was killed. Paul recognized the gunshots as blanks, and further investigation revealed that the paramedics who took Chance’s body away were fakes. So Heather went to Ronan with their theory that Chance was still alive, causing Ronan to have to admit that he was in witness protection. When Christine found out what Heather knew, she fired Ronan for mishandling the case. Nina was tested, but was not a match to donate part of her liver to help Ronan, so she convinced Chris to tell Chance. Paul was there when Christine and Heather arrived so Nina told Paul that Chance was still alive. Christine told them that Chance was being tested, and if he was a match the donation would happen after Chance testified at the former D.A.’s trial. Ronan tried to leave town, but Nina caught him at the bus station and talked him into staying and fighting this together with her, Heather, and Paul.

One last time, Ronan passed out, and was taken to Genoa City Memorial, where he was told that he needed the liver transplant soon or he would die. Christine showed up to announce that Chance was a match, and that he was in town to testify. Meanwhile, Jill, who was mourning the death of her “son” Cane, was taken to her room to rest by Nina, and there stood a bearded and very much alive Chance. Chance said he was there to help Jill get over Cane, and to help Ronan. Jill was miffed that everyone seemed to know that Chance had never died but her, but was just relived to have him back.

Nate Hastings, a Rheumatology specialist practicing in Boston, returned to Genoa City to perform the partial liver transplant on Ronan, using part of Chance's liver. In the waiting room were Jill, Paul, Heather, Nina, Phillip who had arrived from his home in Australia, Kay with Murphy who had just been told about Chance, and Chloe, who was told when she arrived wondering why everyone was there. Chance came through the surgery fine, but as soon as Ronan's surgery was finished, Ronan was taken away by an unmarked helicopter under orders from the FBI. Nate was shocked and very concerned for his patient, saying it was very dangerous for Ronan in his condition. Chris knew nothing about the transfer, and her superiors were not answering their phones. Chance was released from the hospital and was taken back to the Chancellor Estate to recuperate. After Chris got confirmation that Ronan had ordered his own transfer, only Nina still had faith in Ronan. Afterward, Chris shared a beer and commiserated with Nick about people they trusted who had let them down.

Months later, Christine returned to Genoa City as prosecutor in the trial of Pomerantz and Meeks. The trial began and Chance was announced as the first witness. As Chance approached the stand in his dress blues, he got a text message telling him that his girlfriend would be killed if he testified. Chance faked a severe pain to get a recess to discuss the situation with prosecutor Christine, Paul, and his parents. Paul noticed the call had come from his daughter Heather's phone, and Christine got the FBI to try to track it.

Meanwhile Heather was tied up and blindfolded at the boarded-up Treetop Taxidermy Shop, taken and held there by Angelo, the same thug who was threatening Jeffrey over money owed a bookie. Back outside the courtroom, Paul told that he knew what he had to do, and Chance bravely continued his testimony against Pomerantz and Meeks while they glared at him. Chance testified how he had investigated the drug ring, how it had led to the defendants, how he was setup for drug possession, and how people had started getting killed once they knew he was onto them. Chance then told how he and Ronan had set up the sting in which he had faked his death. The recording from that night was played including Pomerantz's orders, the gunshot, and Chance's supposed death. After his testimony, Chance confronted Pomerantz telling him that he would not get away with it, and Owen said that Chance had just killed his girlfriend. The bailiff called Angelo, and Angelo told Heather that she would be killed, but that he was leaving, and someone else would do the job.

Back at the courthouse, the FBI man announced that the van in the surveillance video of Heather's abduction was last seen traveling west on route 12. Chance admitted that he was in love with Heather as he and Paul left vowing to find Heather alive, leaving Phillip and Nina to console each other.

Heather found a knife and was able to cut herself loose, but was unable to get out of the building. In her desperation to get out before her killer arrived, she started the place on fire. Chance and Paul saw the fire from the highway and got her outside where she came-to. As they waited for the ambulance to arrive, Chance told Heather that he loved her, and that she was the one. Later Pomerantz and Meeks cut a deal, and were sentenced to Walworth Prison.

Christine returned to town in November 2011, she confronted Ronan about his disappearance following the liver transplant, and why he returned to Genoa City where he knew he'd be questioned. When he still refused to tell them anything, Nina told him she was finished trying to build a relationship with him, but if he ever wanted one, he knew where to find her. Teary-eyed, Ronan smashed his fist into a display board and ran out of his office, even past Phyllis. Over coffee, Chance and Christine congratulated Nina for her decision. Phyllis followed Ronan home, and they connected through their mutual screwed up family lives as well as sexually. Ronan admitted that he owed his family his life, but he didn't know how to deal with it. Christine also finally got to meet Paul's son Ricky, who was a journalism major in his twenties.

In May 2012, Christine arrived back in Genoa City on business. Danny was in town to see his son Daniel, and they met and hooked up again during his short visit. They agreed that their connection was still there and stronger than before. Danny asked Christine to be together as they were always meant to be, to on the road with him, and maybe they could finally get it right. But Christine convinced him of how unrealistic that was, that they both had other priorities. They tearfully kissed and promised to see each other again soon. Afterward, Christine reminisced with Michael about what might have been with her and Danny, and mentioned the car that tried to run her down in 1994 which changed her life.

Happening upon Paul at the athletic club, Paul shared his fears that his son Ricky might be psychotic like his mother Isabella and his aunt Patty. Paul had just discovered that Ricky's former girlfriend, Rachel, may not have committed suicide as assumed, and that Ricky may have been responsible for her death as well as the death of an informant who had not shown up to discuss the case with Paul. Christine begged Paul to turn the case over to someone else, not to investigate his own son.

As part of her investigation of Genevieve Atkinson for illegal activities, Christine wanted Cane Ashby to help bring down his mother and threatened deportation back to Australia if he didn’t. When he refused, Cane was subpoenaed as a grand jury witness against her. When Genevieve found out, she turned herself in rather than destroy Cane's life. Genevieve cut a deal with Christine, admitting that she had used Colin's mob money to buy Beauty of Nature, so Genevieve's assets were confiscated, leaving her penniless. But unknown to the Feds, she had a Swiss bank account.

Her work done in Genoa City, Christine said goodbye to Paul and wished Michael well with his new position as interim district attorney.

In June 2012, Paul had to shoot and kill his son Ricky when he discovered Ricky about to kill Eden. Due to the conflict of interest with ADA Heather and DA Michael, Ronan took over as the lead investigator for the DA's office on the case. The police were skeptical of Paul's story since no knife was found, and Eden had suffered a head injury so had been unconscious at the time, and later could not even remember why she had been in Ricky's apartment or why she had texted Kevin. Paul turned himself in, Avery became his attorney, and Paul told his story. Ronan let them know that due to the lack of corroborating evidence, it appeared to be premeditated murder. Daisy's wallet and cell phone were found to have been dumped by Ricky, but it still did not exonerate Paul. Christine arrived and offered to take a sabbatical from the FBI to defend Paul, and he accepted her offer. Paul was released to attend Ricky's funeral. Afterward, Paul was arrested by Ronan for first degree murder and jailed without bail.

Among Ricky's belongings Christine found Phyllis' psychiatric file from Dr. Tim including the rental car receipt, and realized that Phyllis had been the driver of the car who run them down in 1994. She showed it to Paul, and Paul told Nina and Heather who were shocked. Roman and Michael found a copy of the receipt in Daisy's wallet, and verified that the VIN number matched the rental car used in the hit and run. Both Chris and Michael confronted Phyllis, who denied trying to kill them. Although the statute of limitations had run out, Christine remembered that she had been working on a federal case at the time, therefore Phyllis was arrested for attempted murder of a federal agent.

Avery offered to help Phyllis, who lied and told her that she was innocent. But Avery saw through her, using same evasions that their father had. Phyllis finally confessed to Nick, saying that it was a mistake which she regretted.

Phyllis was arrested at Crimson Lights in front of her family. Avery offered a deal for aggravated battery with two years probation, but Christine refused to consider anything without prison time, and offered five years. Avery got Phyllis released on bail. Paul wanted to plead guilty, which Christine and Heather refused to accept. Michael told Paul in confidence that he should not plead guilty, and that he knew Paul only had a misguided sense of penance. Paul did not plead guilty and told Chris to be his friend and go back to D.C. until the trial. After Avery quit representing Phyllis, she became Paul's lawyer, and Christine went back to Washington D.C. She returned to Genoa City a month later after Daisy turned up alive, followed by Danny. Digging more into the case files, Christine discovered that Kevin had been stopped by the police while throwing a stained carpet into a dumpster, but that Ronan had intervened, the rug had disappeared, and Kevin was allowed to leave.

The judge was taken ill as Phyllis' trial began, and he was replaced. After looking over the case file, the new judge dismissed the case, citing the fact that Christine was not a Federal agent at the time; therefore the statute of limitations had run out, and Phyllis was set free. Christine tried to enlist Paul's help in getting even with Phyllis, but Paul wanted to let it go and let everyone get on with their lives. Michael accused Christine of a going on a witch hunt.

Eden had a dream where Ricky chased her down a dark alley, cornered her, and said crazy nonsensical things which she wrote down after she woke up. Paul, Christine and Heather analyzed them with Eden and believed they were clues to the location of Ricky's video of him killing Rachel. Because Paul could not leave the state, Christine volunteered to investigate the clues which were mostly in California. Heather took a leave of absence from the DA's office and accompanied her.

Christine returned with the video on her laptop, fearing that it was not enough to get the charges against Paul dropped. As she apologized to Paul for not coming through for him, he hugged her, and they ended up in a passionate kiss – just as Nina walked in. Later Paul tried to apologize to Nina, but she said goodbye and returned to Los Angeles, saying that she would not be returning. But after seeing the video, Michael presented Paul with acquittal papers, and Paul dumped all the cards and letters he had saved from Ricky into the trash. Later over drinks, Paul admitted to Chris that he still had feelings for her, as she did for him, and they both admitted that they needed a change from courtrooms and crime. Christine left for New York City to inform Danny that they were over, and she was getting back together with Paul.

Chris returned upset that she had broken Danny's heart, saying that she had quit her job, and moved back to Genoa City. Refusing Paul's offer to move in with him, they found her an apartment near Paul. After encountering Phyllis, Christine told Paul that she was determined to file a civil suit, but Paul was against it. Michael finally realized that the D.A. job was coming between him and his family and friends and decided to quit, offering the job to Christine. Christine accepted the position, relishing the time when Phyllis would break the law again, and she could put her in jail. Not long afterward, Paul was appointed Genoa City chief of police.

In September 2013, a celebration of life for Katherine Chancellor was held at a park near Lake Delany, to which Christine and Paul were invited, and Paul's brother, Father Todd officiated. Following her death, Katherine's husband Murphy had delivered letters to all of her loved ones. Christine had received a letter reminding her to live for the moment, not the work, and to embrace the now to find true happiness. Paul was disappointed to not receive a letter, but during the ceremony he was passed his letter which said, "What are you waiting for, you damn fool? Marry her now!" Paul proposed to Christine, and she agreed. Michael arranged for a license, guests Amber and Devon arranged for music, and Lily, Gina and Victoria contributed to the old, new, borrowed and blue, while Chloe and Lauren made a bouquet from Katherine's flowers. Michael was the best man, and Nina the maid of honor. Danny wished them well, and claimed that he had moved on, but his wistful expression during the marriage ceremony said otherwise. Father Todd was thrilled to marry them, and in their impromptu vows, Paul spoke of their second chance to prove that they were soul mates, and Christine said that she believed it too, vowing to get it right this time. Their honeymoon was postponed when Chris was requested by the Justice Department to return to Washington D.C.

After Chris returned from D.C., Paul presented her with her wedding ring and asked her to marry him, joking that it was a little out of order, and Chris said yes.

Six months later, Christine told Paul that although their life together was perfect, she felt that something missing, and thought that having a baby would make it better. Paul cited his relationships with Ricky and Heather, and agreed they both deserved a chance to try to get one right, and they began to try to become pregnant.

In June, 2014, Avery Bailey Clark was held hostage by Austin Jameson. Avery's boyfriend Dylan overheard Paul get the information as to where. Dylan got there before the police and jumped Austin. As they wrestled for his gun, Paul and the police arrived, the gun went off, and Paul was shot. Paul was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with severe liver damage and massive loss of blood. Nikki went to his bedside until Christine could arrive from out of town. Christine sobbed as she got the bad news, that Paul was not expected to live. Later when Christine Nikki returned and offered to spell her with Paul, Christine blew up at Nikki, telling her that Paul was her husband, and Nikki should leave.

A second surgery determined that only a liver transplant could save Paul's life, and his rare blood type AB- made it difficult to find a donor. Paul's daughter, Heather's hospital records showed that she was not eligible, an inquiry was sent to his sister Patty's institution, and his brothers were unreachable. When Dr. Rayburn discussed the dilemma with Nikki, Avery, and Dylan, Dylan piped up that he too was AB-. Everyone hoped that Dylan could save Paul's life as Dylan underwent testing to see if he could donate part of his liver to Paul. But Dylan was rejected as a donor due to his combat wounds, and the danger of surgery. Paul's brother, Father Todd, arrived and prayed over Paul while consoling Christine, Lauren and Michael. While waiting for Father Todd to gather his loved ones to give Paul last rights, Dylan walked in to hear Nikki telling an unconscious Paul that Dylan was actually his son. Dylan insisted on being the donor, and both Nikki and Avery tried to dissuade him. But attorney Michael Baldwin confirmed that Dylan had the right, in a matter of life or death, to override the doctor's objections at his own risk. So Dylan and Paul were taken in for surgery. Many hours later, they both awoke in ICU about the same time – Paul to Father Todd and Christine at his bedside. Later when Paul was alone with Christine he muttered "Where's the child?" Christine was warned that organ rejection can occur up to decades, so Paul must be monitored, and take anti-rejection drugs. But for now it was most important that he avoid stress.

Later Dylan managed to make his way to Paul's bedside. Meanwhile Christine was forbidding Nikki or anyone else to tell Paul that Dylan was his son, to avoid stress. Dylan told Paul that he should have listened, took the blame for Paul getting shot, and talked about being his being Paul's son. Paul got confused, became upset and began to hyperventilate, saying how sorry he was for shooting his son, Ricky. After Dylan was returned to his room, Paul began screaming and ranting, re-enacting the shooting of Ricky, pulling out his IV and monitors. While Christine went to get a doctor, Nikki calmed Paul down by telling him that he had another son in Dylan, and that everything was going to be all right. (It was actually the second anniversary of the date that Paul had shot and killed his son Ricky in self-defense.) Once Paul understood, he asked to see his son who had saved his life, but Dylan was unconscious and suffering from infection which was shutting down his organs. But Dylan pulled through and Paul and Dylan bonded as both recovered.

Paul was released from the hospital, but things were not the same between him and Christine. She resented the fact that Nikki and Paul had a renewed bond, and that Paul was less interested in having another child with her. Christine talked Paul into spending some time on a lake for a honeymoon and some rest. But Nikki showed up in tears, warning Paul that Ian had flaunted a story in the National Inquisitor "Nikki Newman's Secret Sex Cult Diary", which told of her sexploits with cult leader Ian Ward and chief of police Paul Williams. Christine was upset that Nikki had intruded on them, so Nikki left. Not long afterward, a reporter showed up at the door, and Paul threw him off the property. Christine and Paul decided to return home a couple days early, as Christine petulantly blamed Nikki for ruining their honeymoon and their life together.

Paul began to have second thoughts about Austin, and decided to give him the second chance that his own son Ricky had never gotten. Christine was upset by his decision, reminding Paul that "the law is what we do". Thanks to Avery's letter to the judge forgiving him and Paul's refusal to testify at the trial, Austin was given deferred adjudication with a fine and community service. But Dylan became enraged by the verdict and his father and lover's part played in it.

After Ian Ward disappeared and evidence mounted making Dylan a suspect, and Paul had made no move to arrest Dylan for murder, Christine became furious, accusing Paul of withholding evidence, and telling him that it was going to ruin his career. Paul explained that there was no body, so as yet there was no murder. But Paul came up with a plan where Christine would charge Dylan with murder, he arrested Dylan, informed Avery, and convinced Nikki to allow them to place an ad in her name to bring Ian back and expose Ian's setting up Dylan. Christine opined that Ian was too smart to fall for it, but it was set in motion. The setup worked, and Ian was arrested and jailed for Mariah's abduction.

Shortly before Christmas 2014, Christine announced to Paul that she was finally pregnant. But by February Christine was getting upset over the possibility that Phyllis just might get away with the attempted murder of Kelly Andrews by claiming insanity. After experiencing cramping, she promised Paul she would do nothing to endanger the child they had always wanted together, and would back off Phyllis.

Nikki went to Paul and Christine to plead Phyllis' case, that after being trapped in the cave-in with her, Nikki was convinced that Phyllis had changed. After Nikki left, Christine accused Paul of having no faith in her and always siding with Nikki. Christine left upset. Later Christine was struck by a car as she came out of a pharmacy, miscarried, and was told she could never have another child. Upon being told that Nikki had been the driver, Christine accused Nikki of running her down to get rid of Christine and her baby so that Nikki, Paul, and Dylan could be one happy family. A distraught Paul booked Nikki for attempted murder, but Victor bailed her out. Christine threatened Neil and Nikki with a civil suit for all they were worth to make them pay. Christine accused Paul of feeling it no big deal to not have another child since he had his own, but Paul tearfully convinced her otherwise, saying that this had been their second chance at having the family they were meant to.

Not wanting to go home and face the nursery and baby clothes, the moment Christine was released she moved up Phyllis' court date, relishing the fact that Phyllis would finally get what was coming to her. But Christine was further crushed when Kelly confessed to setting up Phyllis and staging the poisoning herself. Victor opined that Christine was acting improperly with her vendetta against Phyllis. Her charges were dropped, and Paul arrested Kelly for filing a false police report.

First thing when Nikki got out of rehab, she met with Christine. Nikki told her how devastated she was about her baby, took total responsibility for what had happened, and admitted she had lied because that's what alcoholics do. Nikki said she was so sorry, deeply regretted it, but knew there was no way that Christine could forgive her. Chris replied that she was tired of being angry, she accepted Nikki's apology and forgave her, knowing it was the only way she could move on and ever be happy again.

Billy got Paul riled up over his failure to arrest Gabriel Bingham, causing Paul to have a minor heart attack. Dylan stepped in at the hospital keeping Paul from working instead of convalescing, Christine took over once he was released, and Paul took a leave of absence.

In 2017, Christine's journalist nephew Scott Grainger was rescued from being held captive in the middle east. Later Christine and Scott met, and it was revealed that Scott had been working undercover for the justice department. Reminding Christine that when he was captured, they had abandoned him, and that Victor had rescued him, not them. Even though his aunt Christine offered to be his contact in the future, and tempted him with a case of sex trafficking in the Midwest, Scott told her they could go to hell.

Paul and Christine began investigating the sex trafficking case. Sharon discovered a potential "sex slave" named Crystal, a young caller on the crisis intervention hotline. Crystal managed to escape her captors, and Nick found her hiding in the alley behind The Underground. He brought her inside, and Sharon managed to get out of her that she was afraid of being captured and returned. But when Sharon left the room, Crystal disappeared. Sharon went to Paul with the information and spoke to Scott about doing an expose on it. But Christine was livid that Sharon had met the girl at a hotel room where Crystal had been dragged away by a beefy guy. Sharon and Nick shared with Scott and Tessa that they were convinced that Alice Johnson was working in the sex slave ring. Scott posed as a “John” and his “date” told him that Chrystal had been sent away. Dissatisfied that the police were not doing anything, Tessa and Mariah kidnapped Alice and tricked her to get Crystal back, and Crystal was taken into protective custody. But Alice was then run down by a car, and disappeared from the hospital. Security footage showed her painfully walking out, headed for the taxi stand.

J.T. Hellstrom was coerced into working for Christine as an undercover investigator for the department of justice which was trying to make a case against Victor Newman for global price fixing activities. J.T. resumed his relationship with Victor’s daughter Victoria. After two attempts on Victor’s life, J.T. disappeared. Ray Rosales was hired by Christine as a detective to find J.T. or what had happened to him. After J.T.’s watch and DNA were found underground in Chancellor park, the disappearance became a murder investigation. Then after Victor Newman’s stables burned to the ground and a shirt with J.T.’s blood on it and a gun were found in the remains, Victor was arrested for J.T.’s murder and jailed without bail, much to Christine’s delight. But Nikki Newman confessed, and went on trial for intentional homicide and obstruction of justice. Thanks to Phyllis turning states evidence, Christine’s old nemesis became the star witness for the prosecution, and Sharon and Victoria were tried as accessories. Michael represented Nikki and Victoria, and Brittany Hodges, Sharon. All three women were found guilty. Sharon was sentenced to 3 years, Victoria 10, and Nikki 30 at Lakewood Correctional.

On their way to prison, the women escaped the van. DA Christine was livid with Rey when he admitted he had used them to set up and capture J.T. who was still alive. Embarrassed that she had prosecuted them without a corpse, Christine upheld only the women’s obstruction charges, but revoked their sentences. Paul reprimanded Rey and fired him. The police officers who had helped him were charged.

Victor filed a lawsuit against the DA’s office and the GCPD for unlawful arrest and imprisonment for the murder of J.T., who had not even been dead. Christine was up for re-election, and Victor promised her she would never win. The City settled with Victor, and made Christine announce it at a press conference. But she surprised everyone by also announcing that she was not running for re-election. She and Paul discussed retiring and moving away. Michael talked Christine into stepping down early. A special election was held, and Michael became the new DA.

In February 2020, the Newman Enterprises 50th anniversary gala which honored Victor was held. Noah had created an amazing gallery of Victor photographic art, with both a light show, and darkness. Everyone was impressed. Old friends, enemies, and family attended, including Victor’s ex-wife Julia, and his brother Matt. Most gave short speeches in appreciation of Victor, even Christine, saying that all was forgiven.

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