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So how many of you thought that Erica had really killed Greenlee during their little office chair fencing tournament?

So how many of you thought that Erica had really killed Greenlee during their little office chair fencing tournament? With the word already out there that Rebecca Budig is leaving AMC, a nasty little office brawl would have been a very interesting way for her to go. Of course, it probably would have meant another stint in Cell Block C for Erica. I wonder if AMC's writers were giggling "Fooled you!" to themselves as fans started live-blogging about Greenlee's accidental death.

Okay, as funny as the little chair joust was, I have to ask - how old is Erica again? First a stripper pole and now some sort of ultimate chair fighting tournament. If Greenlee and Kendall were dueling it out in the Fusion office, I might be able to let it slide. I get that Erica is Greenlee's new foil, but Erica is old enough to be Greenlee's mother. C'mon. Erica is a grandmoth... a grandmo... I just can't bring myself to say it! Still, it's a bit insulting to have Erica acting that much like a teenager.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Tad are also carrying like high school kids. I understand that David had to be knocked down a few pegs eventually, but planting drugs in his house? And how silly was it that Jesse went right to the piano to find the drugs? He didn't even look under a vase or sofa cushion. I am torn, though, in how I feel about how everything went down. I like the ballsy Jesse and his not letting David get the better of him. On the other hand, though, how clichéd is it when the police chief goes criminal to protect his loved ones. I don't see being threatened with an arrest as a deterrent to David. If anything, he is just going to come out swinging.

Amanda is carrying David's child. Isn't that just great. Here's her dilemma: lie and say that it's a Chandler, and you have Adam trying to get his talons on the baby. Tell the truth and deal with David. There's always the other option of getting Jake to lie about when they last did the do and pass the baby off as his.

I want them out of my house. Those were the words issued by Kendall that may forever shake up the Kane family - and Pine Valley, for that matter. Fans seem to be torn by this whole baby thing. Okay, so Bianca went behind her sister's back to get pregnant by Zach. It's not as though she and Zach had an affair. That's a soap opera staple. I don't think it was the right thing to do, but it sure doesn't make Bianca the devil. I do like the added strife that it adds. Kendall and Zach have a mini-fight about whether or not they are going to have a child when suddenly a tornado comes and renders her comatose. Bianca arrives in town with a child she conceived "with" Zach, but didn't tell anyone about. That timeline doesn't add up either. Bianca said that she wanted to wait until she knew that the insemination took before telling anyone. Okay, a normal gestation is about nine months. Bianca showed up the break the news a few hours before going into labor? Anyway, that's another issue. Fast forward to Kendall waking up and being told that her little sister is having her husband's baby. Surprise! I'd have asked Bianca and her confused girlfriend to get out of my house, too.

Speaking of surprises, Bianca is leaving town, but Reese will linger behind to fawn over Zach. I don't see Zach leaving Kendall for Reese, so what's the point. I guess Kendall could leave Zach, but where is she going - back to Ryan when he starts mourning the death of Greenlee. So... Reese realizes she made a mistake and then chases after Bianca? I dunno. Maybe Erica, Reese, and Kendall will fight to the death with a Barcalounger for Zach's affection

Before I close this column, I do need to note a few recent passings in the soap word. One Life to Live lost not one, but two of its former stars in the course of a week. Clint Ritchie (ex-Clint Buchanan) and Phil Carey (ex-Asa Buchanan) will both be sorely missed. Carey actually almost became a member of the AMC family. He auditioned for the role of Palmer Cortlandt way back in 1979, but AMC's casting director hired James Mitchell for the role. I cannot imagine what it would have been like to have "Asa" as our Palmer.


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