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Esther and Stuart hid in the trailer after she spotted Tad. Dixie and Tad had a joyous reunion. Ryan and Gillian made love. The evidence linking Leo to Paolo's murder was stolen. Dimitri believed that Edmund and Alex were dead. Liza and Adam shared a kiss. Becca rejected Scott's marriage proposal.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 29, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, May29, 2000

"What to do, what to do", Palmer ponders, waving the tape that David made in the air. If he gives the police the tape, it will set Leo free, but it will send his "beloved" wife to jail. How can he possibly make such a decision, he wonders, then turns to Vanessa and declares that she must decide. Palmer enjoys watching Vanessa squirm, if she tries to save herself, she'll be sending her darling son to prison. So Vanessa chooses neither and asks Palmer to call and pull some strings and make the whole situation go away. Palmer is more than willing to call someone - his lawyer - maybe he can get Vanessa the same deal that he was going to get Leo. "Involuntary manslaughter, wasn't it?", Palmer asks an ever more frantic Vanessa, with good behavior she should be out in five years. But when Palmer picks up the phone to call, Vanessa rips the cord right out of it. Undeterred, Palmer pulls out his cell phone. But he doesn't call his lawyer, he calls Derek Frye and asks him to come over, he has information that Derek might be interested in about Paolo's murder. At this point, Vanessa's so desperate she actually gets down on her knees and begs Palmer not to do this, she'll do "anything" he asks.

In the meantime, Leo is licking his wounds at the boathouse when everyone shows up for the annual Martin family picnic. Becca notices Leo and tries to comfort him after he tells her that Vanessa really did murder Paolo. But the nicer Becca tries to be, the more offensive he is, telling her that she and her whole life are boring and he wants nothing to do with her. Becca is trying to hide the tears in her eyes when Scott arrives after visiting Stuart and Cindy's graves. Marian had been there and had told him that if he finds his true love, he should hold onto her and never let her go. So, with Leo watching from the shadows, Scott asks Becca to marry him.

The rest of the Martin party, which was very light on "Martins", consisted of Hayley, Mateo, Junior, Jaime, Dixie, Adrian and Tina. Tad was "away", as Dixie explained, and Joe and Ruth were at the hospital and would be there later. Hayley and Mateo asked Adrian and Tina to be in their wedding party and they accepted. Adrian asked Tina if she would even be around for the wedding next month, or if she would be on tour with BBMak. Tina said she hadn't made up her mind yet, but Christian had said she could join the tour at any time. Later, Dixie discussed with Adrian an idea she had, that she should go after Tad. Adrian disappeared for a while, then returned with the news of where Dixie could find Tad.

At the "Queen of Hearts", Marilyn is on the phone trying to find out where the Elvis impersonator is when Tad walks into the room. She immediately assumes he must be the impersonator and hangs up the phone. Tad can hardly get a word in edgewise as he tries to explain who he is, but she's not really listening anyway. She pulls out a package from his "wife" and then opens it herself when Tad hesitates because the package isn't his. Inside is a white Elvis costume, which Marilyn urges Tad to put on. He tries to tell her it's not right, then gives in, figuring that everything he's tried to do right has turned out wrong. Maybe doing this wrong thing will turn out right somehow, he mutters. Tad returns wearing the costume just as Esther wanders in to check on the arrangements. She recognizes Tad and pretends to have a sneezing fit, rushing away from him and back to the trailer before he can spot her. Marilyn goes out to the trailer to see what's going on and Stuart says the ceremony will take place, Esther's only having wedding jitters. When Marilyn returns to the diner, Judd comes in with the news that the Elvis impersonator's car broke down on the way. They realize Tad is an imposter and he apologizes. He offers to explain the whole situation to the couple getting married and heads off to the trailer to see them. In the meantime, Esther has convinced Stuart that they should wait to get married and refuses to let him go see the Elvis impersonator to explain. Just stay in the trailer and don't leave, she insists. Just then, there's a knock at the door and Stuart goes to answer it. He hasn't opened the door yet, but standing on the other side is Tad.

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

An angry Palmer continues to torture Vanessa, threatening to turn her taped confession over to the police. In desperation, Vanessa pleads for mercy. When Derek arrives at Palmer's suite to hear Palmer's new information about Palo's murder, Palmer beats around the bush. Derek grows impatient and demands that Palmer either put up or shut up. Palmer claims that he indeed holds evidence that can clear Leo, as he pulls his wife towards him. A horrified Vanessa is sweating bullets as she hangs onto Palmer's every word, wondering if her 'beloved' is going to rat her out to the cops. She is relieved when Palmer does not reveal her secret to Derek. After Derek leaves, Palmer assures Vanessa that she is not off the hook. He tells his adulterous wife that throwing her out without a dime would be too light a punishment for her sins. Palmer proceeds to sentence Vanessa to a marriage without an allowance or credit cards, and requires her to complete volunteer work at the local community center. He warns that if Vanessa does not comply, he will turn over her taped confession to the police and publicly reveal the identity of Leo's father. Vanessa's face falls as she wonders how Palmer could have found out the identity of Leo's father. Palmer grinned broadly and reveals that he has known the secret for quite some time. He states, "I own you, madam - body and soul."

At the picnic, the gang (Hayley, Mateo, Junior, Adrian and Tina) is enjoying a game of Frisbee with Junior when Reverend Friedman arrives. The Reverend informs Hayley and Mateo that he cannot marry them until they undergo premarital counseling; the couple reluctantly agrees. Later, Hayley, Mateo and Junior decide to visit Stuart's grave, leaving Adrian and Tina alone. Adrian makes subtle attempts to convince Tina to stay in town , but she counters his efforts by stating that she received a better offer from the rock band. A beaten Adrian finally gives in and asks Tina, "What would it take for you to stay at SOS?"

Scott's marriage proposal takes Becca completely by surprise! Not ready for marriage, Becca fumbled to answer Scott's question and relate her true feelings for him. A disappointed Scott listens on, then confronts Becca about her feelings for Leo - he is convinced that the 'bad boy' is standing between him and Becca. He warns Becca against getting too close to Leo and then walks off. Soon after, Reverend Friedman shows up and tries to comfort Becca, who looks to him and asks, "Is it true that good girls always fall for bad boys?" Becca fears that her feelings for Leo make her an awful person. The Reverend assures Becca that her feelings are a natural result of her humanity and suggests that she cut herself some slack.

Disheveled and weeping, Adam visits Stuart's grave. He questions the justice in Stuart's death, and his own survival. The torn Adam lays on the ground over his brother's grave, mourning the loss of his heart and soul. As he leaves the grave, he runs head-on into Hayley, Mateo and Junior.

Dressed as Elvis, Tad knocks on Stuart and Esther's door. Upon hearing Tad's voice, Esther insists that Stuart stay away from the "maniac." Stuart is disturbed because Tad's voice is familiar to him, but he appeases Esther and moves away from the door. In the meantime, Tad sits outside of the trailer, going on about how he regrets ruining Esther and Stuart's wedding day. After some time, Esther convinces Tad to leave.

After expressing doubt about their marriage and suspicion about Esther, Stuart agrees to go forward with the wedding. He suggests that he and Esther recite their vows in private, without Elvis or anyone else. The couple proceeded to renew their vows in their trailer, sealing their commitment with a kiss.

After leaving the trailer, Tad heads back to the diner where he and Marilyn bond over cherry pie. Marilyn tells him the tale of the 'curious' lovebirds and shares Stuart's sketch of the Queen of Hearts (which she allows Tad to keep). Marilyn also relates the advice Stuart gave her about love and life. This moved Tad to call home, but he gets the answering machine. As he prepares to leave the diner, Tad receives a tap on the shoulder. He turns and is pleasantly surprised to see a smiling Dixie standing behind him.

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

In an attempt to calm her nerves, Gillian decided to go for a swim. After some time, a scantily clad Gillian returned to the hunting lodge where a wide-eyed Ryan awaited her. Gillian conveys to Ryan her fears about Guy's death and thanks Ryan for his support throughout the ordeal. At that moment, Edmund called from Winchester to reassure Gillian that he and Alex are safe and sound. He instructed Gillian to contact the authorities about the dead "Guy" in the closet. Ryan volunteered to speak to the police.

Greenlee showed up at the lodge, overflowing with suspicion about Ryan and Gillian. Ryan took off to get the police, leaving Gillian and Greenlee alone. Greenlee demanded to know just what happened between Ryan and Gillian the previous night. Gillian assured Greenlee that things are over between she and Ryan. In an effort to get Greenlee out of the lodege, Gillian suggested that they search for pictures for Greenlee's documentary. The two women left for the main house just as a mysterious figure emerges in the shadows.

At the main house, Greenlee gained access to Gillian's journal. An elated Greenlee feels she's struck gold! She is convinced that Gillian's journal contains the roadmap to Ryan's heart.

When Derek showed up to collect Guy's body, he opened the closet door to uncover nothing. The body was gone! The disappearing corpse freaks out both Gillian and Ryan. Ryan suspects that someone was watching the house and removed the body; he fears for Gillian's safety. When Gillian asks Ryan to stay with her, he refuses. He tells Gillian that she would be better off staying with the Martins for a while.

In Bristol, England, Alex got reacquainted with her mother, Charlotte. Edmund and Alex relate the details of the past few months to Charlotte who pretends to be unaware of all that has happened. Charlotte sent Alex and Edmund off to gather peppermint for tea while she contacted a co-conspirator to inquire about "that mess in the States." She told her ally that Dmitri is fine, and that she would squeeze information from Alex and Edmund. Charlotte probed her daughter until Alex revealed that she has uncovered pieces from her past, including the fact that she murdered a doctor and once held a little girl. Edmund explains further that the hospital, Bryn Wydd, was a front for some covert operation. Charlotte listened carefully, as she feigned ignorance and concern. Charlotte claimed that she was ordered not to visit Alex at the sanatorium. Upon hearing this, Edmund began to grow suspicious of Charlotte. Alex left to get the tea, and Edmund confronted Charlotte, "What's really going on? Something just doesn't add up."

At Queen of Hearts, Tad and Dixie reunite with a passionate kiss. The lovebirds sneak off for a moment to themselves, just in time to miss Stuart and Esther's entrance into the diner. Tad and Dixie returned to enjoy Stuart's (the new chef) grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Esther desperately tried to keep Stuart from spotting the couple in the diner. In the meantime, Tad and Dixie attempt to patch things up between them. Tad apologizes profusely for all the pain he caused his family. He is unwillingly; however, to apologize for what happened to Adam. Dixie is appalled, but the couple eventually agrees to disagree on the matter. They decide to stay the night at the diner, and enjoy a dance while Stuart looks on from the kitchen. Esther is aghast when she notices Stuart admiring the dancing duo! She is relieved to find out that Stuart could not see Tad and Dixie's faces.

Junior, Hayley and Mateo bumped into Adam at Stuart's grave. Junior invited his dad to spend some time with him, but Adam coldly refused. Hayley is scolding Adam about his behavior when she realizes that he has been drinking. At that moment, Arlene approached the gravesite, which infuriated Hayley! Hayley demands that Arlene leave so that she can have a heart-to-heart with her grieving father.

In the distance, Junior blames himself for Adam's grief. Mateo was able to comfort the guilt-ridden child by relating his experience with his own father. Mateo also asked Junior to be a groomsman in his wedding. Junior went off for ice cream just as Hayley arrived. Hayley was highly upset about Arlene, so Mateo promised that he would get Arlene out of town before their wedding.

Thursday, June1, 2000

Seated behind a laptop computer, Gillian's diary held Greenlee hostage with its every word. One passage mentioned Gillian's affection for her ability to be free with her emotions with Ryan. Greenlee lifted nearly every word from Gillian's journal and placed it into another email message from Cynthia. In the midst of typing, Ryan returned to the loft. He was surprised to see that Greenlee was there, but he was thankful that she was lending a hand with his website. Greenlee quickly hid the journal in a drawer and jumped out from behind the computer. Ryan sat down at the computer and Greenlee immediately asked him if he'd heard from Cynthia lately. Ryan shook his head and went back to business. As he checked his email, he realized that Cynthia had, in fact, made contact. Greenlee made up a bogus reason to leave and smiled devilishly as she watched Ryan reply to Cynthia's letter. Ryan tapped away, but got stuck on the spelling of a word. He reached into the desk drawer for a dictionary, but instead pulled out Gillian's journal. First, he wondered how Greenlee had gotten her hands on the book. Then, curiosity got the better of him and he started reading the entries. He was immediately struck by the similarity between Cynthia's latest letter and one of Gillian's writings. Ryan thought back to Greenlee's interest in Cynthia and Ryan suddenly realized that Greenlee and Cynthia were the same person. He blasted her for using his feelings for Gillian to get into his head. Ryan continued reading and found mention of a conversation Gillian had had with Greenlee. Gillian said that she wishes Greenlee would not be so open --- especially when she'd told her that Ryan had told her that he loved her. Ryan looked at the date for the entry and realized that it coincided with the night before Gillian and Jake's wedding. That night Ryan had told Gillian that he loved her, but Gillian pushed him away. Now he knew why: Gillian thought that he was "two-timing" her.

Erica and David met with Jack at BJ's. They were there to meet with the attorney about taking on Leo as a client. They briefed Jack on Vanessa's confession, but Jack was not nearly as optimistic as they were. He informed them that the tape would never be admissible in court. In case they needed a recap, Jack reminded them that they had drugged Vanessa and made her believe that she was about to die. If the police could not do that to suspects, surely someone from the public couldn't do it. There was, however, a slight possibility that they all could testify as to what they'd heard. Jack warned them that all of them --- Palmer and Leo included --- would have to take the stand and testify. Leo, who had joined them at the table, sat silently, his head bowed. He asked Jack about the possible charges and jail time facing Vanessa. Jack shrugged and muttered that Vanessa wasn't really his concern. Palmer arrived on the scene just as David was lashing out at his brother for not wanting to stick it to Vanessa. He vowed that he, Erica and Palmer would testify as to what they'd heard. Palmer, who had been quietly listening in, announced that he no idea what David and Erica were talking about. "I never heard of any such confession," he grumbled, claiming that David had hatched a conspiracy plot against his mother. David asked Palmer if he could sit idly by and watch Leo go to jail for a crime he hadn't committed. Palmer scratched his chin and cryptically remarked that he was fairly certain that all charges against Leo would soon be dropped. Jack walked over to Palmer and warned him that he wasn't playing a poker game. Leo sarcastically thanked David for making sure that he was now equally as miserable as him. Erica stopped Leo before he could walk away, asking him where he planned to stay. Leo turned and cracked that he was going to stay in a cardboard box somewhere unless Erica offered him one of her spare bedrooms. To everyone's surprise, Erica pulled her keys out of her purse and handed them over to Leo. Leo snatched the keys and walked away with a smile. David asked Erica if she knew what she was doing. Erica nodded reassuringly and she and David left. Jack continued to press Palmer for what it was that he knew, but Palmer remained tightlipped. After everyone else had cleared out, Palmer picked up his cellular phone and placed a call to an acquaintance. He ordered that person to "hold on" to something because they may need to "use it for leverage."

Leo sat alone at the boathouse, reflecting on Vanessa's suggestion that they fly away together for a few days. As he daydreamed, Greenlee appeared by his side with a smile from ear to ear. She chirped merrily about her plan to win over Ryan. From out of nowhere, Leo griped about how she was duping Ryan and proclaimed that her plan was doomed to fail. Unaware of what was going on, Greenlee chalked up Leo's sour mood to another brush off from Becca. Leo rolled his eyes and Greenlee instantly knew that his woes were caused by "the other woman" in his life --- his mother. "What mother?" Leo snapped, unaware that Vanessa was lurking just a short distance away. "I don't have a mother."

Gillian told her grandmother that feared her relationship troubles were a sign that she was cursed. Sensing that Gillian was thinking about getting back together with Ryan, Eugenia quickly pointed out Ryan's troubled track record. Gillian knew that Ryan had done wrong in the past, but she still loved her former husband with "all [her] heart." Gillian referred to Ryan as "loving and passionate," but Eugenia called him "volatile and reckless." The duchess saw a lot of Gillian's mother in Gillian. She said that Gillian's mom had "turned a blind eye" to her son's faults. Gillian vowed that she would control her feelings for Ryan. Eugenia applauded her decision, but she warned Gillian that it would not be easy to fake feelings for Jake. Gillian insisted that she loved Jake, an argument that Eugenia had no trouble accepting. Eugenia did, though, note that Gillian's love for Jake paled in comparison to the passion she felt for Ryan. Eugenia adjourned for the night and Gillian sat down to write Jake a letter. She struggled with the words - as witnessed by the half dozen crumpled up pieces of paper on the desk. A knock sounded on her door and Gillian scurried over to let who she believed to be Eugenia into the room. Instead, Ryan stood there with a serious expression on his face. Gillian thought that he might be there with an update on Guy's missing body. Ryan shook his head and told Gillian that he was there to talk about them. He handed Gillian her journal and admitted to her that he had read portions of it.

"Incomprehensible" was the word Edmund used to describe the way Charlotte had acted while Alex was at Bryn Wydd. He couldn't believe that Charlotte had visited her daughter only once. Charlotte explained that the doctors had ordered her to stay away because she was causing her daughter's condition to worsen. Alex returned to the room and told her mother and Edmund that she'd been on the phone with Ryan and learned that Guy's body had mysteriously vanished. Charlotte looked contented by the news, but neither Edmund nor Alex had time to notice. Alex heard a sound from outside the cottage and immediately raced off to investigate. A candlestick in hand, Alex opened the door and she and Edmund nabbed a trespasser. The man claimed to be an inspector with Scotland Yard. Alex moved in to examine his credential and quickly realized that he was legitimate. Inspector Foster informed Edmund and Alex that a former nurse at Bryn Wydd had said that they might know something about the explosion. They sat down and briefed the inspector in on everything that they knew. At the end of their explanation, both Edmund and Alex told Inspector Foster that they knew their claims of a covert operation seemed off the wall. He shook his head and promised them that he'd taken everything they'd said seriously. Alex walked the man to his car. Charlotte, meanwhile, sighed that she hoped Alex could forget about all the bad things that had happened to her. Edmund explained that forgetting was not an option. In fact, Alex had started her search because she had forgotten a great chunk of her life. Charlotte blamed herself for what had happened, saying that she should have "taken better care" of her daughter. Oddly, though, she said that perhaps everything had happened to Alex for a reason. Charlotte placed her hands on Edmund's face and peered into his eyes. "You love Alex, don't you?" she asked with a smile. Edmund was shocked by the woman's dead-on analysis. She claimed that she could "read people." That said, Charlotte told Edmund that she thought it was time for Alex to "get on with her life." Edmund froze, realizing that that phrase was the same trigger phrase that Alex used when faced with a memory of her past. Edmund told Charlotte about this, but Charlotte chuckled and said that the phrase was quote common. Alex returned to the cottage and Edmund to her that "the jig [was] up" because Charlotte knew that they were an item. After discussing their relationship with Charlotte, Alex and Edmund agreed that it might be time to return to Pine Valley. Charlotte promised that she'd try to visit whenever her work schedule permitted. A final hug and Alex left her mother's home. Soon after Alex and Edmund were gone, Inspector Foster entered the room through a rear entrance. Charlotte praised his performance and said that Alex and Edmund both appeared convinced that everything was on the up and up. Foster left the room for a moment and returned pushing a wheelchair. Dimitri, his mouth covered with duct tape, had had his arms and legs bound to the wheelchair. Charlotte ripped off the tape and smiled wickedly at her prisoner. Dimitri demanded to know what she was going to do to him. "So, what now? You kill me like you did my wife and brother?" he snapped, signaling that he had no idea that Alex and Edmund had been at the cottage and were still very much alive. Charlotte grinned and told Dimitri that she had very special plans for him.

Thursday, June2, 2000

Eliot found Brooke seated alone at a table at BJ's mulling over some paperwork. Both had dropped by the restaurant to pick up a takeout order. With a devilish smile, the reverend told Brooke that he'd just put in extra hours at the shelter because he was trying to impress his new boss. Erica walked into BJ's with a cell phone pressed to her ear. She spotted Brooke and Eliot and immediately waltzed over to their table. "Well, Brooke!" she chirped. "Smack in the middle of a real, live date! I can hardly believe my eyes!" Brooke forced a smile. Eliot rose from his seat and told Erica that she was more beautiful in person. Erica loved every moment, though Brooke rolled her eyes and looked up at the ceiling. Erica praised Brooke for having latched onto the attractive newcomer to town. Brooke chuckled and told Erica that she'd gotten the wrong idea about her and Eliot. Just in case Erica didn't believe Brooke, Eliot explained that he knew Brooke through his work at the community center. "That's where I met Reverend Freeman," Brooke said with a twinge of sass. Erica was silenced momentarily, but she immediately fired back with another jab at Brooke. She looked to Eliot and told him that Brooke could definitely use some spiritual guidance in her life. Luckily for Brooke, Erica's cell phone started ringing. Erica picked up the phone and scolded the caller, Derek, for keeping her waiting so long. Erica told Derek to meet her at BJ's, promising that she'd hand over Paolo's murderer. Back at their table, Brooke told Eliot that she hoped thinking bad thoughts was not a sin. If it was, she said raising her eyebrows, she was in "big trouble."

Greenlee again asked Leo if David had proven that their mother had killed Paolo. "A woman named Vanessa Cortlandt killed Paolo," Leo replied. Vanessa walked up the steps to the boathouse and asked Leo not to be mad at her. "Mrs. Cortlandt confessed," Leo continued. "Alright, I'm a terrible mother," Vanessa squawked. She admitted that she should have come forward sooner, but swore that had never intended for Leo to be fingered as Paolo's killer. Greenlee thought it best to leave, but Leo asked her to stay with him. "I was going to tell you the truth," Vanessa insisted. Leo shook his head slightly from side to side. "When?" he snapped. "After the lethal injection?" Vanessa told her son that his anger would pass. In fact, she said that she was sure that he would eventually be cleared of all the charges against him. She didn't like Leo's insinuation that she must have really outdone herself to dissuade Palmer from turning over her taped confession to the police. Leo looked icily at his mother and told her that he planned to make her pay for she'd forced him to endure. "You forget who my father is," Leo snarled. Vanessa was unimpressed by Leo's "empty threats" and reminded him that he needed her. Greenlee was outraged by the exchange and announced that she'd never badmouth her own dysfunctional parents again. Leo told her that she was free to leave, but Greenlee replied that she would not let Leo alone with Vanessa. Vanessa excused herself to take a call on her cell phone. To her surprise, Erica was on the other end with an offer to get the Paolo fiasco over and done with once and for all. Vanessa didn't want to leave while things between her and Leo were still rocky, but she thought that meeting with Erica might kill two birds with one stone. Vanessa gave Leo a kiss on the cheek and headed on her way. Leo cringed as her lips pressed against his skin. After Vanessa had left, Leo begged Greenlee to wipe Vanessa's lipstick from his cheek. She obliged him and Leo sought comfort in her arms. Greenlee started to get a little antsy and Leo accused her of needing a "Ryan fix." Greenlee tried to convince Leo otherwise, but nothing she said could change Leo's mind. He angrily told her that he hoped Ryan found out the truth behind her Cynthia charade and dumped her from his life. Greenlee returned the fire, saying that it was unfair of him to take out his anger on her. The anger subsided, or at least disappeared for just a moment. Leo reached out to Greenlee and told her that he wishes that they could forget about everyone else and "settle for [a relationship with] each other."

Adam and Arlene returned from a round of drinks and found Liza waiting for them --- or at least Adam --- in the parlor of Chandler Mansion. Liza immediately ordered Arlene to hit the road, but Arlene wasn't ready to leave. Finally, Liza threatened to use force to eject Arlene and Arlene made her way out of the mansion.

Arlene returned to the mostly empty Dillon house expecting to turn in for the night. Instead, she found Mateo and Hayley packing up her belongings. Arlene demanded to know what they were doing, but Hayley remained quiet. Mateo spoke up, telling Arlene that they'd decided that it was time for her to leave town. Arlene explained that Janet had given her permission to stay at the house. Mateo didn't care. He handed Arlene an envelope stuffed with cash and again expressed his desire for her to leave Pine Valley permanently. Arlene turned to Hayley and asked her if that was what she wanted. Hayley, who'd been quiet and looking down at her feet through Mateo's entire tirade, finally spoke up. She painfully admitted that she could think of no positive memories of her life with her mother. It wasn't something that she was proud of, but for her it was a fact of life. With hurt in her eyes, she told Arlene that she wanted to start a life of her own --- a life with Mateo. But in order to start anew, Hayley needed her mother to leave. Arlene nodded her head and, with tears in her eyes, left the house. Mateo peered through the window to make sure that Arlene was really leaving.

Brooke and Eliot decided to eat their takeout at BJ's. The minister mentioned that he was thinking about going home and "chilling" in front of the television. Brooke offered that she relaxed by spending time with her son, Jamie. Eliot asked Brooke if she ever finds time to hang out with adults. Brooke became soft-spoken, confessing that she's had a run of bad luck with relationships. She shook off her disappointment and stated that she believes that there are some people who can have a fulfilling life without being involved in a relationship. Eliot observed that Brooke's aversion might have something to do with a fear of losing someone she cared about. Brooke angrily snapped that her tepid love life had nothing to do with Laura's death. Her rage boiled over for only a split-second. She immediately apologized for her outburst and changed the topic to something a little lighter. Looking at Eliot's unadorned fingers, Brooke observed that Eliot didn't seem to be involved with anyone either. Eliot nodded with a slight grin on his face and admitted that he was currently unattached. Across the room, Vanessa strolled into the restaurant and sat down with Erica. Vanessa let it be known that she did not trust Erica. She did, however, say that she was willing to put aside her lack of trust if it meant that they could make the Paolo mess go away. Derek entered through the front door and appeared by the women's side. Brooke noticed that Eliot was watching Derek curiously and offered to introduce him to the lieutenant. Eliot waved her off because he was sure that Derek was busy with Erica. Brooke understood and headed of to get herself another drink. Erica, meanwhile, was telling Derek that she thought that Vanessa might confess to her crime if she didn't have to do so in front of Leo or Palmer. Vanessa was fuming that Erica had duped her. She told Derek that Erica had contrived the murder scenario because she had it in for her. Derek silenced the two women before they could get too far into their bickering. He told them that he feared that the case would be thrown out. It seemed that someone had managed to steal all of the evidence in the case. Erica and Vanessa glared at each other and exchanged stunned looks. Brooke returned to her table and found that Eliot had vanished.

Adam headed to the liquor cart and poured himself a drink. Liza asked that he put down the alcohol, but Adam refused. Liza plucked the glass from his hand and threw it to the floor. Liza thrust a set of legal documents at Adam, papers finalizing their divorce. Adam thanked her for the papers and asked that she leave. Liza refused and poured herself a glass of brandy. Adam cocked his head to one side because it was not often that Liza downed several helpings of liquor. He told her that he was wise to what she was doing; he felt that she was trying to guilt him into reverting to his old ways. Liza shook her head and said that if she could not get Adam to come around, she would "go down with [him]." Adam called her bluff and Liza ultimately was forced to admit that she wasn't about to run her own life for Adam. Liza wasn't done being truthful. She told Adam that he'd gotten what he'd wanted: she'd fallen back on love with him. Even though Adam had done so many horrible things to the people she cared about, Liza still loved him. "I want us to have a life together again," Liza said passionately. Adam thought that Liza was again trying to make him feel good about himself. The two found themselves drawing closer to one another and before long they were engaged in a steamy kiss. Adam pulled away and blasted Liza for playing with his emotions. He angrily told her that he didn't love her, but repeatedly said that he "couldn't" love her. Liza pointed out that "didn't" and "couldn't" were two entirely different things. Adam opted not to argue the point. His back turned to Liza, tears streamed down Adam's cheek. He turned to face her and again the pair kissed. Liza whispered that she wanted Adam to take her upstairs. Adam took her by the hand and the pair climbed the stairs together. After they were gone, Arlene entered the house through the patio door. She walked over to the liquor cart and found the papers Liza had given to Adam. "I hope the earth moves for you Liza," she sneered. "Because this is gonna be the last time."

At Wildwind, Ryan told Gillian that he had read every word of journal. Gillian was shocked that Ryan had gotten his hands on the journal, but she didn't understand why Greenlee would have wanted the diary. Ryan explained that Greenlee had been using Gillian's words as a way to win his heart. Gillian shook her head and reminded Ryan that he and Greenlee were already in love. A look of seriousness crept over Ryan's face. He told Gillian that he had never told Greenlee that he loved her. Greenlee, he said, had concocted the lie because she wanted to make sure that Gillian was out of his life forever. Gillian recited the last entry in her journal, "Ryan, I love you. I have never stopped loving you." Ryan joined her for the final phrase, "And I will love you until the day I die." Their eyes locked. Gillian quietly walked across the room and locked the door. After dimming the lights, she and Ryan quickly disrobed. They kissed passionately and fell into each other's arms --- and into bed. After they'd made love, Gillian basked in the possibility that she and Ryan might once again be a part of each other's lives. Ryan knew that they were forgetting about an important part of the equation. He didn't want to ruin the moment, but he felt that he had to ask what they both were thinking: What about Jake?

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