All My Children Recaps: The week of September 20, 2004 on AMC
Zach admitted to Maria that Ethan was his son. Kendall found a gun in Ethan's room. Greenlee and Ryan had a joyous reunion. Babe hoped that Jamie was her baby's father. Bianca and Jamie learned that Kevin Buchanan of Llanview had an infant son.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 20, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 20, 2004

Aidan caught Jonathan rifling through Ethan's room at the Pine Cone, looking for proof he shot Ryan. Aidan tried to talk sense into Jonathan about not interfering with the police investigation. They left together to meet Derek, who was on his way to the hospital to question Ethan.

Maria accused Zach of knowing all along that Ethan is his son and Zach confirmed it. He explained Ethan's mother, Hannah, was a maid and as miserable as he was and they bonded. She had returned home to England while he was away at school and he hadn't tried to contact her because he didn't know she was pregnant. Alexander Cambias Sr found out she was pregnant and it didn't jive with his plans for Alexander Jr's life. so he had gotten rid of her. After Jr's "death", Alexander Sr tried to find his grandson and she gave the baby up out of fear, to protect him. Zach said he is still trying to find her, but no luck. He is not claiming Ethan as his son now in order to protect him. Maria was incredulous that he could turn his back on his son and told Zach that she doesn't know him at all and he had to agree. He suggested her upbringing was very different and he never had a chance to dream his own dreams and had to stage his own death to escape his father's obsession. Zach regretted not taking Michael with him, after hearing about the man Michael became. He hoped to be able to save Ethan, if it wasn't too late. Maria wondered if he thought Ethan shot Ryan and he agreed it was possible, but vowed not to let him hang for it and to protect him. Maria wondered how he could do that without telling Ethan he's his father, but Zach was confident he could make it work. Maria was reluctant to keep another secret for him and Zach said he didn't tell so she would keep a secret, he told her because he can't lie to her and told her she could tell the world. Maria knew she couldn't send him back to the world he had faked his own death to escape. But Maria expressed her fear for Ryan, Zach, and Ethan. Zach simply said Ethan is not his son and left the room.

Greenlee confronted Ethan outside the hospital and Ethan confessed that he tried to kill Ryan. Greenlee started to call the police but Ethan stopped her by pointing out the folly of him shooting Ryan and going to jail instead of getting the Cambias fortune. He accused her of having the motives to shoot Ryan and inherit everything and trying to pin the guilt on him to get him out of the way. Greenlee agreed it is about the money and she again offered to buy him off. He wondered what was in it for her and she explained she only wants a chance to snuggle with her husband. She started to cry and he said he wasn't going anywhere.

Kendall begged Ryan to speak to her and as his eyes fluttered open, he gasped for air and told Kendall to get out. Kendall tried to explain that she didn't shoot him, but he only told her to leave and go away. He asked for Greenlee and Kendall assured him she was fine. Kendall begged him to believe she would never hurt him. Kendall tearfully told him how her life depends on his but he said he wants Greenlee. Kendall said Greenlee would be back soon and tried to get Ryan to lie still. Greenlee walked in and threw Kendall out and was delighted to see that Ryan was awake. Kendall watched them with tears in her eyes as they gazed longingly into each other's eyes. Greenlee told him about Zach's murder game. Kendall left the room and sobbed. Ryan told her he saw Michael, welcoming him to the other side and asked who tried to kill him. Greenlee said the police were following leads and didn't want to talk about it. Ryan said he remembered he owes her a honeymoon and promised one that will last a lifetime. They kissed. Ryan said he wants them to have a baby.

Derek showed up to question Ethan and explained Kendall was exonerated. Ethan was smug upon learning he was the new suspect. Kendall stepped in and suggested he not answer any questions unless they have a warrant. She wanted to talk with him, but he left alone. Derek told Aidan and Jonathan that he had nothing to tie Ethan to the shooting. Jonathan accused Kendall of working with Ethan to shoot Ryan. Kendall left. Jonathan was angry when Derek said he could not get a search warrant yet for Ethan's room.

Bobby and Anita grabbed a quick lunch together at the hospital and Anita asked Bobby why he works for a guy like Zach. Bobby defended Zach, but Anita remained suspicious and told him about Maria's affair with Zach. She was annoyed to learn that Bobby already knew and is not willing to help Edmund and Aidan investigate Zach. Bobby's jealousy starting showing at the mention of Aidan. He made plans to take some time off work to spend time together. He rushed out and Aidan came in. She told him that it scares her that Bobby believes in Zach. Bobby did catch a glimpse of the two of them together and listened to their conversation about Zach and heard Aidan promise to crush Zach if he threatened Maria. Later, Bobby confronted Aidan and asked what games he's playing with his wife.

Kendall tossed Ethan's room and found a high powered rifle under the mattress, in a case with Ethan's monogram. Ethan walked in.

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 21

Ryan tells Greenlee that the wants to have children with her. She smiles and tells him she would love to start a family with him. As Ryan and Greenlee bond in the hospital room, Ryan shares his theory about who shot him. He's convinced that Zach is behind it despite Ethan being the obvious suspect. He goes as far as to suggest that even if it turns out Ethan shot him, Zach was somehow behind it. Jonathan arrives at Ryan's room and informs him that he has hired personal bodyguards for his brother until the danger has passed. Ryan later not-so-subtly asks his brother to leave so that he and his wife can have some private time.

Bobby confronts Aidan, accusing him of wanting Anita which Aidan confirms is true. Aidan warns Bobby that he's keeping a close eye on him because of Bobby's close association with Zach. Anita walks up on Bobby and Aidan just as Bobby tells him that Anita is with him because she wants to be. Anita asks if there's a problem and they both immediately assure her that there isn't. She doesn't believe them and the minute Aidan leaves she explains to Bobby that Aidan is someone she considers a friend and trusts. Bobby doesn't like it but he says he understands and will do his best to respect her friendship with Aidan. Bobby surprises Anita with the news that he's ready to go house shopping. Aidan watches them leave the hospital.

Bianca overhears David trying to get hold of medical records for a baby born at another hospital. Just as he hangs up, Krystal and Babe approach him and immediately begin discussing a baby. Bianca grows suspicious when all three suddenly clam up upon noticing her. She questions them but David quickly explains that the information he sought was for a patient of his. Bianca is not satisfied. Krystal explains to David why she believes Kelly is lying about Asa being her son by pointing out what she considers to be strange behavior for a new mother including avoiding talking about his birth. Babe agrees. All three agree that until they receive confirmation that Asa is indeed Babe's son they would not tell Bianca anything.

Kendall asks Ethan about the riffle and whether it was the one that shot Ryan. Ethan goes on the defensive which prompts Kendall to warn him that he'll be framed for the attempt on Ryan's life unless he takes steps to protect himself. Kendall and Ethan continue to talk in his motel room with Kendall doing her best to convince him that she's on his side. She points out their similarities, tells him that the night of Ryan's shooting when he helped her out of the water, he had saved her life and that she wants the opportunity to return the favor. Ethan tells her that he won't let anyone push him out of Pine Valley. As Ryan and Greenlee bond in the hospital room, Ryan shares his theory about who shot him. He's convinced that Zach is behind it despite Ethan being the obvious suspect. He goes as far as to suggest that even if it turns out Ethan shot him, Zach was somehow behind it. Jonathan arrives at Ryan's room and informs him that he has hired personal bodyguards for his brother until the danger has passed.

Jonathan questions Zach about the shooting and more specifically Ethan's role in it. Zach is interrupted from answering when Bianca walks up to them and informs Jonathan that she will not let him railroad Ethan for something he didn't do. Her championing of Ethan, temporarily shuts Jonathan down whom then leaves. Zach, impressed with Bianca's defense, smiles at Bianca who immediately lets him know that she suspects that he was the one behind the shooting. She asks him if he's willing to let an innocent Ethan take the fall for something he did.

In David's office, David tries to explain to Babe and Krystal that Ace's medical records will not confirm that he's Babe's son. That the most they can hope for is a confirmation that the blood types match. Babe and Krystal refuse to believe that's all they will reveal.

Anita picks up Ace's medical records, which have just been sent over from Llanview Hospital, as she's talking to Bianca. Anita comments that she found it rather odd for them to be there, Bianca tells her that she believes that they were the records David Hayward was waiting for. Anita goes to deliver them immediately with Bianca following behind at a discreet distance.

David reads Ace's birth date aloud, which is the same date Babe gave birth. Babe exclaims aloud "He's my son" just as a shocked Bianca, who had been listening on the other side of the door, walks into the office.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 22

Jamie sat at a table in a restaurant in Llanview, working on his laptop. Lily, Reggie, Danielle and Maggie all arrived. Jamie told them their mission was to find out why Babe went back to JR. He told them that Babe wound up in Llanview the night they got Bess back from JR, and that she talked to Kevin Buchanan. But he knows that she made another stop before she ended up in the hotel restaurant. Lily asked if he'd questioned Babe, because that's the first thing that should be done to solve a mystery. Jamie said yes and that Babe told him pretty much to buzz off. Lily took the Llanview map and went to sit alone to study it for clues. The rest of the group argued about Babe's motives for staying with JR. A guy sat next to Lily and asked if she needed directions. She innocently explained she was looking for clues. He asked if he could join her and Lily said yes he could sit next to her but she couldn't talk to him anymore because he was a stranger. The guy introduced himself as Frank and said they weren't strangers anymore. He asked if she was lost and Lily said she was looking for someplace but not sure where. Frank said he'd lived in Llanview his whole life and he could help her find any place around. He said his car was out front and they could leave right now. Lily agreed to go with him and headed towards the door. Fortunately Reggie stopped them and told the guy to leave his sister alone. Lily said Frank was helping her with the mystery but Maggie and Danielle joined them and said Lily should not go anywhere with this guy. Reggie forced him to leave and Lily sat back down with them. She told them she figured out where Babe had been so Reggie, Maggie and Danielle followed her outside. Jamie stayed behind to do more research on the computer.

Bianca heard Babe say "He's my son!" and barged into David's office, demanding to know what was going on. David and Krystal tried to distract her with excused but Bianca was very suspicious. Babe said she hated to keep things from Bianca, "If I can't trust you, who can I trust?" Babe told her parents she wanted to speak with Bianca alone, so they stepped outside. Babe told Bianca she hadn't gone insane and she doesn't love JR anymore. She was just staying with him to buy some time. Bianca wanted to know why she needed time and Babe said that everything she was doing was for her child. Bianca asked "Which one? Bess or your son?" Babe said she loved Bess more than anything and that she knows Bess will end up with the right parent. She was very vague and Bianca was even more suspicious. Babe hugged her friend and promised to make everything work out "for all of us." Bianca agreed to trust Babe and left the office. She went into the hallway and called Jamie, and told him she had to talk to him about Babe. David and Krystal returned to the office and Babe told them she didn't tell Bianca the truth. She said that even if things don't work out with Ace, Bianca will still get Bess back. Krystal said they can't let JR hear a word about this because he would swoop in and take Ace. David said the Buchanans and the Chandlers will fight for the boy. Mother and daughter exchanged a look and David demanded to know what it was about. Babe said she knows that Ace is hers and it's a miracle. And she is hoping for another miracle, one that will let her name her son after his father, James Martin. David was stunned and asked how she could believe Jamie could be the father after they had a DNA test done on Bess, proving JR was the father. Babe explained that she forced Paul to make sure the test results showed JR as the father. "If it turns out Jamie is the father, all our problems will be solved!" Babe smiled. David snarled "Poor kid, first a Chandler, then a Martin. That's no step up!." Babe and Krystal got very angry and stood up for Tad and Jamie. "Don't trash the Martin men in front of us!" David remarked "I don't have to, they'll self-righteously self-destruct when they find out the truth about Bess." Krystal and Babe said he was right. David conceded that if he got to chose who the father was, between JR and Jamie, he'd choose Jamie. Babe sadly said that Jamie may want to fight for the baby though. They discussed the possibilities surrounding Paul's connection with all of this, with David being the voice of doom. Krystal finally yelled at him and told him to "stop torching our hope of untangling this mess with as few casualties as possible!." David told her to calm down and that he was in this with them till the end. Babe asked how they could prove that Ace is her child. David said he has a way to get it done.

Bianca joined Jamie in the Llanview restaurant. She told him she heard Babe say she has a son. Jamie asked if maybe Babe just had a dream about having a son. Bianca said Babe told her that she's only staying with JR to buy time. Jamie told Bianca how Babe ended up in Llanview talking to Kevin Buchanan. She said David was getting a fax from a doctor in Llanview regarding a baby boy. After he received the fax she heard Babe say "He's my son!." Jamie said "That's pretty big!." He thought they were close to finding out what was going on. He pulled up information about Kevin on the computer and told Bianca that Kevin has a baby boy. Bianca wasn't impressed with this information and wondered how it all tied together. Jamie said they just had to work harder and help Babe whether she wanted them to or not.

JR went to Zach's office and told him he knows a large crate was shipped from the casino the night of Ryan's shooting. He demanded to know where it went. Zach said he had no reason to ship anything of that size and that he wasn't in the habit of shipping human cargo. JR accused him of being David's accomplice. Zach said he would never help David Hayward. JR asked about the surveillance discs and demanded to see all of the ones from that night. Zach said "Why? Your maniac father is missing, enjoy your freedom!." JR wasn't amused, especially when Zach said it was cosmic justice that Adam was unaccounted for. Zach began listing all of Adam's evil deeds. JR growled "You don't care where my father was shipped but you memorized his whole life?" Zach quipped "It's a hobby." He asked JR why he ran away and shipped out on a steamer, wondering if Adam tried to run his son's life. JR said Zach didn't know his father. Zach said Adam was proof that some men should never be fathers. Then he told JR that he was a pale reminder of his old man, "Adam Chandler Junior is the name you go by, is that all you want to be?" He then told JR that he could still break away from Adam, and that was the only way to become human again. JR said he'd get a court order to get those surveillance discs. Zach said "Two things. 1. Don't ever threaten me. 2. The discs are recorded over every 24 hours." JR said he could make an exception, "Like you did for those 2 bitches!" Zach got very angry and told him never to talk like that about Bianca or Babe. JR replied "Or what? You can't touch me." Zach told him he did screen the disc for a cop friend of his, he watched it in real time and that way JR can't say Babe doctored the DVD. Zach glared at JR and told him "We're finished here, junior." JR stared at Zach and then went out the door. He pulled his phone out and called someone, demanding results from Adam's search. He also ordered a tail put on Zach Slater. In the office Zach watched a recording of David nailing the crate shut.

Liza stopped by Tad's house to ask if he knew where Adam was. She told him Babe wasn't the only one battling the Chandlers for the good of a child. Tad said he had no idea where Adam was. Liza said she was worried about Adam trying to take Colby and what Colby would become if he succeeded. Tad reminded her that she started the whole thing with Babe and JR by telling JR Babe never got her marriage to Paul annulled. She said she never believed the fallout would hurt innocent children. Tad said she was hoping to get rid of Babe and Krystal. Liza nodded and said she wouldn't blame him for hating her. Tad remarked "Hate the sin, not the sinner." Liza said there was no possibility of a peaceful existence with the Chandlers. Tad told her he had proposed to Krystal. Liza smiled at him sadly and said it was ok, she had encouraged him to fall in love again after Dixie, but she hadn't thought it would be Krystal. She said she wanted Tad to be happy and that they tried every which way to be happy together but it just didn't work. Tad asked if they could go back to being friends and Liza agreed. She said she couldn't walk around Adam's mine fields anymore and that she wasn't going to let him work on Colby. Tad said "You're not really thinking of........." Liza smiled sadly and said why not, it's time to honestly and clearly evaluate her life. Tad said he was on her side and told her to let him know what she needed and when she needed it. Liza told him he'd be the first person she'd call.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 23

Ryan is frustrated that he still has three more days in the hospital and he wants Greenlee to break him out. She agrees to do so if he can pass her test: get up out of the bed and stand on his own, cross the room to her and undress her. Ryan is up for the challenge, but when he is conscious again, he quickly finds out that when he tried to stand, he passed out. Greenlee champions him for trying, but insists that he has to complete his stay at Pine Valley Hospital.

A few minutes later, Anita pokes her head in to check on him. Seeing them on the floor, she thinks that she may be interrupting. Greenlee quickly clears that misconception up by simply implying that Ryan was trying to be some sort of hero. Understanding completely, Anita helps Greenlee get Ryan back into bed. Once he is all reconnected, Anita insists that he leave the gymnastics for after he gets better, and takes her leave.

Out in the general area, Anita runs into Aidan. She goes into overdrive about how much she wants to buy a house with Bobby. Aidan is skeptical because of her out of place enthusiasm, but she tries to assure him that she is sincere. She asks for his opinion on the houses that she has printouts on, and he picks out a few. He notes positive aspects, but Anita shoots them down. Aidan tells her that he knows what the real problem is.

He says that he doesn't think that she is really ready to buy a house. She insists that it has been her dream for years to plant things in a place that she will be at long enough to see them grow. Aidan doesn't doubt that, but he doesn't believe her when she says that the time is right. He reminds her of a conversation they once had, the "Should-ing All Over Yourself" talk. Basically - there is difference between what you actually want, and what you "should" want because it will make those you love happy.

Anita has been guilty of doing that before, and Aidan wants her to consider everything carefully before diving headfirst into this decision. He looks at the houses once more, and while she stares dreamily at him, picks out one that he believes is perfect for her.

Aidan stops by to visit Ryan and ask some questions, and finds Ryan locked in yet another loving embrace with his wife. Aidan suggests leaving, and Greenlee quickly agrees. Ryan, however, wants to hear the questions. Aidan promises to be brief - but he says they are important, as the answers may help him find Ryan's shooter. Ryan insists that he will be as helpful as he can, but under one condition: when Aidan finds the shooter, Ryan wants one hour alone with him. Aidan agrees.

While they hash out theories on how Zach and Ethan could be involved, Greenlee gives Ryan an alcohol rubdown (that she learned about from a documentary). To say the least, her diversionary tactics distract Ryan and Aidan is doing most of the hypothesizing. Eventually he decides to give up, as he can probably reach more viable conclusions without watching the lover's dance in the hospital room.

Once he is gone, Ryan wants Greenlee to lock the door and get in bed with him. She doesn't want to be responsible for ripping his staples out and reminds him that he always says the prize is worth the wait. Agreeing, Ryan notes that he still can't wait to finally consummate their vows.

Greenlee worries aloud that she might smother him - as she has a tendency to go overboard sometimes. She makes him promise that he will tell her if she is getting out of control - but Ryan can't imagine that ever happening.

At the Frye apartment, Reggie and Dani are pretending to work on the mystery surrounding Babe's side trip to Llanview. Derek walks into the living room and clears his throat to stop them from kissing. He declares that it is his day off, and he plans on relaxing and working on his model boat. Unfortunately, the knock at the door interrupts everything.

Dani opens the door and JR comes barging in. He demands that Derek arrest David for kidnapping his father. Derek wants proof but all JR has is David's taunting and suspicions that David might be telling the truth. At the very least, JR wants Derek to question David.

Before he goes to do so, Derek asks JR some questions about Adam's disappearance. After finding out that he vanished the same night that Ryan was shot, he notes that it is possible that Adam was involved in the shooting and then disappeared. JR thinks it is preposterous, and that Derek is intentionally trying to shirk his duties as an officer of the law.

Derek finally agrees to take time on his day off to do JR's bidding. JR says that he wants to go along, but Derek insists that he stay away. As a compromise, JR insists on staying at the Frye apartment until Derek returns with answers. Reggie and Dani are more than happy to keep him company.

With the chief gone, Reggie taunts JR by asking questions about being an EWG - an Entitled White Guy. JR pretends to be clueless - but Reggie lays it out for him. JR makes demands and expects everyone to be at his beck and call...he can tell people to go to hell - without actually saying the words. JR continues to blow him off so Reggie tries to get down to business.

Reggie tells JR that he wants to take Dani someplace nice - between Pine Valley and Llanview. His hope is that any and all information that JR may divulge will shed some light on Babe's trip and help them figure out the whole truth.

At the hospital, David deduces that Kelly did not have her baby in the hospitals in Pine Valley or Llanview. Krystal thinks this is a solid lead, but David said that there are too many variables that could be introduced. They need more than Babe's intuition to ascertain Ace's true parentage. Suddenly, Krystal looks pale, and she says she doesn't feel well. She passes out and David catches her.

Krystal wants to leave but, intimating that the stress of everything that is going on as the cause, David wants to keep her there. Krystal admits that she still blames herself and that she wishes they could all go back to before the wheels of deception were set in motion.

Just then, the door to David's office opens, and a man walks in. After greeting each other, David introduces the man as Gilly McMinn, and says he may be their savior. Gilly had once been a patient of David's whose heart had stopped 4 times on the table. David saved him, and Gilly is forever indebted - and will do anything he can to help. David gives him the paperwork on Ace and Kelly and asks him to do a search throughout the nation to see if Kelly had a baby anywhere during the floods a few months back. He agrees to do so and takes his leave.

Krystal then calls the Chandler House to speak to Babe and finds out that she is over at Tad's house. Visibly upset, she worries that without a support system, Babe may slip up and reveal the secret to Tad. Krystal gets ready to take off when David says he is going with her. Krystal doesn't even bother protesting, but as they start to leave, Derek Frye shows up with questions for David.

Krystal can't wait for David, so she heads over to Tad's alone. When she is gone, Derek tells him that JR has filled him in about David's bragging regarding being involved in Adam's kidnapping. Derek needs to know if there is any truth to it, and initially David says that he is guilty. After waiting a moment to let that sink in, he clarifies. David says that he is guilty only of taunting JR and that he really has no idea where Adam is. David goes on to say that the law has failed to keep Babe safe: JR drugs Babe and the charges don't stick; JR kidnaps the baby and no punishment is handed down. JR is not afraid of the law - and that gives him more time to torture Babe.

When David heard that Adam was missing, he decided that he would try using the disappearance as a way to torture JR. David points out that since he started trying to rattle JR's cage, JR hasn't been bothering Babe - and that's exactly what David wants most.

Satisfied with his answers, Derek heads home to enjoy the rest of his day off. When he gets back to his apartment, he tells JR that there is no news to impart. JR swears that David gave him details and that should be enough proof to lock David up. Derek doesn't agree - simply because there needs to be hard evidence to back up the claim.

Angered, JR says that he will get the FBI involved. He insists that Derek can do more than he is, but because he chooses not to, his badge is one the line. Unafraid, Derek invites him to take whatever means necessary to find his father. He blows off JR's attempts at threats as JR leaves, and he and Reggie briefly bond over how Derek handled the situation. Dani looks on disbelieving, and teases them for it even though they try in vain to deny what happened.

Babe, having been called over, arrives at Tad's place to find out what he needs. Tad proceeds to get down on one knee, which startles Babe. She thinks he is kidding and tells him that while flattered, Krystal would be upset if she accepted his proposal. Tad, still very serious, offers her a ring box. Unsure of what to do, Babe asks what is inside. Tad tells her that he is offering her anything that she wants, anything in the world - if she would just tell him the big secret between her and her mother.

Tad confesses that all he wants to do is marry Krystal and make Babe his stepdaughter. Babe is all for it, but Tad says that there is a problem. For a reason unbeknownst to him, Krystal will not say yes to his proposal. The only reason he can come up that would explain her reaction is that she really doesn't love him.

Babe assuages his fears, and tells him that Krystal really does love him. Tad is still unsure, and asks about David's involvement. He admits that it drives him crazy that David is the one that is in on the secret, but Babe insists that there are reasons. Tad really doesn't care what the secret is or the reasons why they won't tell him. All he knows is that there is nothing in this world that could make him change how he feels about Krystal and he will do anything, give Babe anything to find out how to break through the barricade over Krystal's heart.

Krystal shows up and lays into Tad for trying to pump information out of Babe. Tad wryly admits that he was actually trying to bribe her, but Krystal doesn't see the amusement. She says that she gave Tad an answer - but he tells her that what she gave him wasn't good enough. She informs him that he wouldn't get any other answer from her until she was ready. She doesn't want or need his help and he needs to stop sticking his nose in where it didn't belong. He tells her that she should have known that he was going to try anything possible to get her to just say yes.

Moments later, David shows up. Having finished his chat with Derek, he needs to speak to Krystal and Babe. Tad watches them exchange another secret glance and demands to know what is going on. No one's giving in, however, and one by one they file out of the Martin house, leaving Tad alone with his frustrations.

Back at the hospital, David reveals that there is no record of Kelly giving birth to Ace anywhere in the country. Babe is ready to celebrate, but David warns that it is just the first step. They still need more concrete evidence. Just then, Anita comes in to deliver some more test results. As she lays them down, she sees the file with Kelly's picture on it. She says "Mrs. Heinz" out loud, and this puzzles the other room occupants.

David asks Anita if she knows the woman in the picture, and Anita confirms that she does. She said that she was a patient in the hospital a few months back, right before the flooding. David asks what floor she was on, but Anita is concerned about breaking doctor/patient confidentiality in front of Krystal and Babe. David tells her that it's okay because the case may involve fraud and the police may have to be notified. He implores her to tell him everything that she knows about the woman in the picture.

Anita tells them that it was a sad case because "Mrs. Heinz" had a stillborn baby. Babe and Krystal stare at Anita as the words come out of her mouth, too shocked to react.

Friday, SEPTEMBER 24

David, Krystal and Babe head to Llanview for a charity ball, where they hope to find proof that the Buchanan baby boy is actually Babe's son.

Krystal connects with Kelly, who arranged to secretly meet with Ace and his nanny at the diner. Babe manages to get a moment alone with Ace and plans on trying to get a sample of his saliva for a DNA test.

Maggie and Jamie search Babe's room for a clue as to where she went the night she made the surprising decision to reconcile with JR. JR catches them in the act and threatens legal action, which Jamie ignores. After they find a clue, they got to a chapel, where they learn that Babe donated a stained glass window in memory of the son she lost.

Bianca admits to Erica that she still hasn't gotten over losing Miranda and confesses that she still hears her crying at night. Kendall avoids telling Ethan about Bianca losing Miranda because it's still too painful. Meanwhile, Derek pats Ethan a visit in his room, and finds him holding a rifle!

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