All My Children Recaps: The week of July 25, 2005 on AMC
Kendall had suspicions about Ryan's death. Jamie and Babe took Amanda to the hospital. JR confronted Amanda about the pills that she had taken. Greenlee revealed that she was pregnant.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 25, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, July 25, 2005

Recap for Monday July 25

Babe and Josh revel in their victory over the frat boys. While they enjoy the beer the boys left behind Josh tells Babe that he has never met a woman like her. Josh says that he is very impressed by Babe. Babe replies that she is just a blond bartender. Josh says that he has known plenty of blond bartenders but she was the first one that stood up for herself. Babe thinks Josh is just hitting on her. He quickly denies the accusation and they start to reminisce about how they scared the frat boys with their mobster act. Josh then asks Babe if he was hitting on her would it work. "No a chance in hell" she smilingly replies. She tells how she met a great guy on the same beach they are standing on and he has her hooked. Josh mentions that he met a girl on the same beach and all it got him was punched in the face. Babe doesn't think that Josh is a one woman man and he agrees. He says that women fascinate him. Josh clarifies that the guy Babe met on the beach was Jamie. Babe assures him it is and how Jamie stops the loneliness of her missing little Adam. She can't imagine her life without Jamie in it and how amazing Jamie is for giving up his shot at his dream to be with her. But Babe knows the perfect girl for Josh and proceeds to try to set him up with Amanda again. Josh doesn't seem to be too enthusiastic about the idea. Babe leaves to get Jamie's car back to him.

Seeing Jamie standing by her already packed suitcase Amanda is sure she is getting kicked out onto the street. She thinks Jamie wants her to leave because she admitted to falling in love with him. Jamie explains that it is just crowded and uncomfortable for all three of them to be living in the little apartment. Jamie tells Amanda that he is ready to marry Babe. He hands Amanda a key to a room at Myrtle's boarding house. Amanda though is not giving up without a fight. While Jamie is outside getting the bike ready Amanda swallows some of her crazy mother's prescription pills. Jamie notices that Amanda is acting oddly when he comes back inside but Amanda plays it off saying that she is just embarrassed. Jamie starts to realize that something seems to be really wrong with Amanda and goes to get his doctors bag. When Babe walks in he tells her to go get the car ready that they are taking Amanda to the hospital.

Dixie wants to know what is going on between JR and Amanda. Dixie doesn't trust her and warns JR not to either. JR says to keep sanity in the family he will not allow Amanda back into the mansion. Dixie then suggests that they give up their plan to move out of the mansion and try living there together. JR wants to know what changed her mind and Dixie says that Adam Sr. loves his grandson and that JR loves his father. She tells him how important it is to show the love that you feel for other people. After all you never know if the world might blow up tomorrow. She asks JR if they are going to stay and he says he will think about it. Dixie says she has an overwhelming urge to tell JR to go brush his teeth. JR says that she will have to get used to having an adult child then proceed to tell Dixie to go to bed. As Dixie gets ready to go upstairs JR stops her in her tracks. "You made me remember how to feel happy" he tells his mother. "I love you."

Zach makes Ryan hide in his office at the casino. Ryan doesn't think that Zach's office is secure enough. Zach points out that the office security has been put on lockdown to everyone including Kendall. Ryan doesn't want to wait in the office but wants to leave immediately to go look for his sister Erin. Zach points out that he wants Ryan gone soon before he has the chance to hurt anyone else. Zach leaves and Ryan tries to call his sister again hoping for an answer.

Aidan succeeds in getting the storage shed door open for Kendall. Kendall admits how she thinks that Zach is hiding Ryan in the shed. Finding the shed empty Aidan tells Kendall that she is just hoping for the impossible by thinking that Ryan is still alive. Kendall says that the coincidences are just too many. She says that Ryan said that if he ever came near to hurting Greenlee he would throw himself off of a cliff and that is what he just did. Aidan says that he thinks that everyone is better off if Ryan had gotten that bad. Kendall also thinks that her husband, the knowledgeable one about faking your own death, has been acting extremely suspicious. She thinks that her false hope was caused by Zach's secretive actions and she wants to know why he didn't want anyone in the shed. "I think I can answer that" Zach says as he walks into the shed. Kendall asks if had something to do with Ryan and Zach tells her she is exactly right. He then walks over to some shelves on the other side of the shed and pulls out of a crate the helmet that Ryan was wearing when he went over the cliff. Kendall is crushed and Aidan asks if there is anything he can do. Zach tells him to leave that he Zach can take care of his own wife. Aidan leaves. Kendall tells Zach that if he thinks that he can help her that he has no idea what she is feeling. She then goes to check on Greenlee.

David wants to see Greenlee but Simone won't let him wake her up. At the same time, in Zach's office, Ryan finds the monitor for the security camera in Greenlee's suite. Ryan watches as Simone takes Greenlee some tea. Ryan starts talking to himself about how it would be chamomile tea because Greenlee loves how it smells. He also thinks that Greenlee has her special blanket with her. As Simone brings the supposed blanket to Greenlee Ryan realizes that what he thought was a blanket is actually one of his shirts. He guiltily watches from his hiding place while Simone comforts a destroyed Greenlee. David comes in to see Greenlee. She wants to know if he is happy that Ryan is gone. David tells her that he is sorry that Ryan is gone and that he loves her. Greenlee wants David's reassurance that she did the right thing getting pregnant with Ryan's baby. David tells her how grateful he is that Greenlee talked him into helping her get pregnant. He convinces her to let him check her out and leaves to go get his bag. As David checks Greenlee's health Ryan yells at the screen for David to "Get his hands off of his wi...widow." "Dead men don't have wives" he reminds himself. David tells Greenlee to get some sleep and he goes into the other room to thank Simone for being there for Greenlee. Simone is not who Greenlee needs she tells him while in Zach's office Ryan reaches toward the screen that shows him his grieving wife. Kendall checks on Greenlee who she thinks is asleep but as she turns to leave the room Greenlee pulls back the covers next to her on the bed. Kendall climbs in to comfort her. Greenlee says how dead she feels. How is she supposed to go on breathing and getting up in the morning without Ryan there beside her? Kendall reminds Greenlee that Ryan will always be with her because of the baby and that when the baby is born and Greenlee can hold Ryan's child in her arms it will be easier still. Ryan watches it all on the video screen in Zach's office, with tears in his eyes.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

At the hospital Jamie told J.R. what happened to Amanda and accused him of being the cause. Joe told Amanda that she had an episode of arrhythmia and that he needed to find out what caused it. J.R. walked into Amanda's hospital room and told Babe that he and Amanda had sex that night. He also added that he knew he was good, but didn't know he was that good. Amanda confessed that she did sleep with J.R. of her own free will. She told Babe and Jamie that she was desperate. She said that he said what she needed to hear and she slept with him. Babe told J.R. to back-off her friend. Joe reported that Amanda was doing fine and he told Jamie that he would make a very fine doctor. Amanda, basking in the glow of her performance, told J.R. that she would grind him into the ground. J.R. told her to get out of town or he would expose her to Jamie and Babe. Amanda told them that J.R. paid her to break them up. Amanda played the poor, poor pitiful me routine to the hilt and Babe forgave her. Jamie told J.R. to steer clear of Amanda and J.R. told him that he was a fool if he bought her lies. Babe told Jamie that she told Amanda she could stay at their apartment. Jamie told her that Amanda had to go and that he didn't believe either Amanda or J.R. Again, J.R. threatened Amanda and in return she grabbed him (in what looked like a very "sensitive" area) and told him that she would go after him with a crowbar.

Ryan, still hiding in Zach's office, continued to watch Greenlee on the security monitor. She looked up at the monitor and told Kendall that Ryan was there. As she continued to stare into the monitor, Ryan asked Zach if Greenlee knew he was there. She told Kendall that she wanted the surveillance disks from their last night together. Zach gave Ryan money, papers and a passport and told him that he would be able to leave the country if he wanted to. On the monitor in Zach's office, they saw Dr. Madden in the suite with Greenlee and Kendall. He told Greenlee he was there to extend his condolences and to help her if she would let him. She asked Dr. Madden to give her a complete exam so she would know the baby was fine. Zach went to the suite to find out for Ryan what Dr. Madden wanted. Ryan called Zach to find out, but Zach said he would call him back. As Dr. Madden was about to examine Greenlee, Zach had the camera to the VIP suite disconnected. He told Greenlee that everything with the baby looked good and that he would schedule an appointment at his office as soon as possible. Kendall asked Zach for the surveillance disks from the last night and he said he would have them within the hour. Kendall told Zach that she was beginning to think she really could count on him. As she was leaving, he told her that she could count on him Ryan, pacing like a caged animal, broke the code to Zach's office. He reached for the handle as Erica approached the door of the office.

Erica told Josh how upset she was about Ryan's death. Josh assured her that he would handle the details at New Beginnings and that she should go and be with Greenlee. Erica asked him what the real reason was his father didn't want him to work for her. Josh explained that he and his dad were very different. He said he respected his dad very much, but he didn't want to be a doctor. Josh told Erica that his dad played it safe, but he didn't want to. He said he wanted to live large and make a noise. Erica told Josh that it seemed that Dr. Madden was nervous when he was around her. Dr. Madden then stopped by New Beginnings to tell Erica that he examined Greenlee and she was doing fine. Erica thanked him and she left to go see Greenlee. Josh told his dad that he knew he still had a thing for Erica. Dr. Madden denied any such thing, but Josh wanted him to admit he still has a crush on Erica. His phone rang and he got the results of the tests he ran on Greenlee.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

After Amanda grabbed JR's um, sensitive region, he threatened her and said he'd expose her. "It's not like you can fake arrhythmia," gloated Amanda. Maybe not, but JR pulled out Janet's pills and said she could always help bring it on. "I don't know where those came from," Amanda obviously lied. She leapt from her hospital bed and attacked him, trying to get the pills away from him. After acquiring them, she promised to always beat him. Meanwhile, Jamie told Babe about Amanda's declaration of her love for him. Babe naturally freaked and went to see her BFF. Once JR was gone, she lowered her eyes to Amanda, "You're falling for Jamie? Any reason you didn't tell your best friend forever?" Amanda explained she was in love with the idea of Jamie. It was impressive how much he loved Babe and how much he gave up for her. One quick apology and assurance her crush was over, the two become best friends forever again and Babe spilled that she hated Jamie was giving up so much for her. By the end of the episode, Amanda was sneakily watching trouble in paradise between Jamie and Babe after Palmer and JR tore into them, promising Jamie would never work at the hospital, regardless of what his Grandpa Joe wanted.

After a lovely haircut, Dixie stopped by Tad's to go over the details of Little Adam's christening. Tad wanted to talk about something else: the second great love of her life. He didn't believe she would do prison time for a guy like Kevin. He thought there had to be more to the story. Nope, he had it wrong she insisted. Kevin wasn't a danger to her. She tried to explain that she never knew anything about Kevin's business and went to jail because she was offended by the Judge, but Tad still didn't believe her. With Kevin's bad rep, how could she think he was innocent? "I loved him..." Dix softly explained. But her feelings for Kevin stopped as soon as she saw Tad visiting Krystal that day in prison. As soon as she made this declaration, she fled.

Jackson tried to convince Greenlee to eat for the baby's sake. He left her with Lily and Reggie, who offered their condolences. To lift the mood, Greenlee announced her pregnancy. "You and Ryan must have had good sex," announced Lily. (This kid likes to talk about sex a lot.) Meanwhile, in Zach's office Ryan opened the door. When he saw Erica, he immediately shut it. Too late. Erica went in to investigate. "Zach," she called as she peeked her head in. Mr. Cambias startled her and walked up behind her. Ryan hid, and Erica and Zach entered Mr. Cambias' office. She wanted all of the surveillance tapes that proved Ryan got upset with Greenlee. She wasn't going to let Zach take advantage of them. Jack entered and ordered him not to give them to her. After an argument, Zach played the tape of Ryan attacking Greenlee for Erica, Jack and Ryan (who was still hiding) to see with their own eyes. After seeing the tapes, Jack agreed the incinerator was the best place for them. Once the Montgomerys were gone, Ryan came out. After discussing the possibility of ending it all, Ryan and Zach decided against it. He'd leave tonight, as planned. Back in the VIP suite, Greenlee told her father she wanted the videos. They were disposed, Jack informed her (but kept the fact that he was the one who disposed of them from Greens) and comforted her with a hug.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

JR stops by Kendall's place to offer his condolences about Ryan. When he tells her that everything will be all right, she replies that he actually makes it seem possible. He then tells her that she can count on him for anything. They go inside, and JR finds a blanket for her and asks if there is anything he can do for her. She just asks him to be there for her, so he takes a seat beside her on the couch. He asks after Greenlee, and Kendall tells him that she is doing as well as can be expected. She then tells him that she has been lying around, thinking how much love sucks, and yet, how much people want to be in it. She notes that Greenlee and Ryan had everything going for them, and yet tragedy still met them at the end. She thinks that perhaps Ryan and Greenlee loved each other too desperately, and they both agree that they know how things can blow up when desperation is factored in. JR suggests that perhaps what one needs is a little bit of love - just enough so that you don't feel alone. He tells her that's what she has in him - and she tells him that she is grateful for it. He then tells her that she also has something more - and he leans in and kisses her. She kisses him back briefly, and then pushes him away - telling him that it doesn't feel right. She tells him that she can't be casual with him anymore. She is grateful that he was there for her when the whole Ethan thing blew up, but the situation with Ryan and Greenlee has made her think. She thinks they would be better off being friends, but JR has different ideas. He notes how well they get along and how big a deal it is that they understand and trust each other. He then shocks her by confessing that he wants more - because he's falling in love with her. Kendall is flabbergasted and refuses to believe that he is telling her the truth. JR tries to win her over by saying that things with them would be different - because she would get all of the benefits without any of the bull. Kendall claims that while she adores him for everything he is to her, she could never fall for him. Unable to swallow that truth, JR lists all of the things that she has said that she needed in a man, and passionately swears that all she needs to do to get it is to give him a chance. Even though JR thinks they have potential, Kendall swears that she can never fall for him like he wants. She says they are great as they are - hot, sexy, easy - but that's all there is to it. They have never been nor will they ever be deep. JR doesn't want to give up so easily, and offers to take things slow, but Kendall won't hear of it. She admits that they have always been great together, and that he was what she needed at this point in her life - but she won't let it go further because she doesn't want to hurt him. She tells him they are really over, and with tears glistening just behind his eyes, JR demands to know what is wrong with her, and why she won't give him a chance. Angry, JR admonishes Kendall for reneging on their deal - where she would give him back Chandler once she married Slater. She asks what he expected her to do, but JR is too hot under the collar to be rational any longer. He blurts out that she owes him, and that the least she could do was go along with Erica's deal. Having heard nothing of this deal before, Kendall inquires about the stakes. JR tells her that Erica promised, if he got her to dump Slater, that she would tell Bianca, and Bianca would get Ethan to return Chandler to its rightful heirs. Shocked, Kendall reviews to make sure that she understands: JR told her that he loved her, slept with her and asked her to marry him - all because of a deal he made with Erica. She calls him a selfish egomaniac and demands that he get out. JR, all control lost, demands that she tell someone whatever she needs to so that he can get Chandler Enterprises back but shuts him down for good.

As Dixie prepares to have tea in the Chandler courtyard, Babe surprises her with a visit. She inquires as to the reason for the visit, and Babe tells her that she wants to know how far Dixie would go to save the life of her son. Momentarily baffled, Dixie starts to sputter about JR - but Babe cuts her off and says she means her other son - Jamie. Babe tells her that she understands that passing JR's loyalty test is a difficult task at best, but that she should be able to find some way to come see her other son - and to do something that will benefit him. Dixie points out that both Babe and Jamie gave JR reasons to have huge trust issues, but Babe reminds her that JR drugging her, and beating Jamie with a pipe shouldn't be forgotten. She then reminds Dixie about what's really going on - how JR has blocked Jamie's passage into college and medical school, and how Palmer banned Jamie from even working in the hospital just for fun. Dixie asks if it would help if she talked to Palmer, but Babe wants more. She asks Dixie to talk to JR as well - get him to lighten up so that Jamie has some options. Dixie briefly entertains the thought that Babe wants her to do the dirty work so that they can get their hands on Phoebe's money. Babe stares at her incredulously for a moment, and then tells her that JR can keep the money for all they care. They know that they can borrow money from Tad or Brooke, take out a loan or have Babe work more hours, but none of that makes any difference if the road is still blocked by JR. Dixie states that Babe is asking for a small miracle, and Babe tells her that she is a walking big miracle. She confesses that she is there because Jamie loves her like a mother, and she wants to know if Dixie will just sit back and watch Jamie's life rot before his eyes. Dixie apologizes, saying she is unsure if there is really anything that she can do to help. Babe asks if Dixie is refusing to help because she let out the secret about Dixie's true identity. Dixie tells her that she isn't angry about that because she knew that Babe did what she had to do. She informs Babe that she is what makes the situation more difficult. Babe then realizes that because Jamie and JR are brothers, the rivalry runs deep - and neither of them is willing to give in because they don't want the other to win. Dixie follows by also noting that if no one can convince Jamie to break up with her, she should know that there is no magic wand that will make JR suddenly change his mind. Dixie tells her that she can try her best to help Jamie, but that is all she is willing to promise. She then asks Babe why she has amped up the intensity. Babe confesses that she is the one killing Jamie's dream - and that if Dixie can't help out, she will always be the problem. Given that prospect, Babe figures that she will also have to be the solution.

Jamie bursts into the investigation agency, demanding to know if his father found out what happened at the hospital. Tad heard the tale from Joe, and tries to bring his son's fury down a few notches. Jamie continues to fume over how far JR and Palmer are willing to go to keep him from even working at the hospital, and how low it was of them to use him to threaten Joe's job. Tad assures him that his grandfather's job is not in jeopardy, and that both he and Joe believe Jamie would make a fantastic doctor. Jamie agrees, but notes that some people will have to die before that can happen. Facetiously, Tad tells his son that he'll have to take him downtown to Derek with talk like that. Jamie, far from in a joking mood, confirms that he will not let JR have his way this time - no matter the stunt he pulls or the people he buys. Tad suggests that Jamie finish school and medical school somewhere else, but that's not an option for Jamie. He refuses to leave Babe and Little Adam behind, and is prepared to take whatever JR can throw at him. Reluctantly acquiescing, Tad makes sure to tell his son that he is proud of him for how he is handling the situation. He offers to take Jamie to lunch, but Jamie says that he is off to shove his happiness with Babe down JR's throat, and stalks out of the office.

At the hospital, Palmer tries to get Amanda to sign a release that will prevent the hospital from getting blamed for any damage she may have incurred due to Jamie's actions on her case. Amanda refuses to sign it, saying that she only wants Jamie on her case, and that she is suing the hospital for kicking him out. Infuriated, Palmer yanks the clipboard and pen from her hands.

Outside of Amanda's room, Tad berates Palmer for trying to keep Jamie from working at the hospital. Palmer tells Tad that he has no influence with the board - or anyone, really. Amanda thinks that this would be a good time to step in and help. She goes out into the hall and tells Palmer that she thinks he is despicable for what he is doing to Jamie, especially given that he saved her life. She notes that Jamie was born to be a doctor. Tad agrees with her, but Palmer reminds both of them that you need a medical license or a degree of some kind to practice medicine on patients at PVH. Palmer also notes that he doesn't take recommendations from the children of "Janet From Another Planet." Incensed, Amanda tells him that he'd better hope they don't run into each other near a well. Palmer walks off, and Tad tells her that while he is grateful she is alive, Jamie doesn't need her to defend him. Amanda goes on about how Jamie should be allowed to practice medicine because he's got all the basic requirements. She coyly mentions Jamie's bedside manner, and with that, Tad accuses her of still working for JR. Climbing back into her hospital bed, she gives off an innocent air as she asks Tad what he means. Tad revisits the situation whereby Jamie gets his dream if he dumps his fiancée. Amanda, continuing to play innocent, says that she refused to help JR and would never do anything to hurt Jamie or Babe. She tells Tad that the young couple understood what she did and that they forgave her. Skeptical, Tad asks if she heard that story from both of them, and Amanda assures him that she did. He then runs down all of the things that Amanda had done since she arrived in town: he calls it making out with guys until she gets what she wants, she calls it job hunting. Tad then warns her that even if she is an action junkie, putting herself between two brothers is not the place to be.

Babe shows up at the hospital to visit Amanda. Tad is long gone, so the BFFs have a chance to talk. Babe asks how Amanda is doing, and is told that things are okay - nothing Amanda can't handle. Not wanting to be selfish for once, Amanda asks what news Babe has from the outside. Babe talks about how she went to visit Dixie and asked her for help getting JR to lighten up so that Jamie could go to med school. Amanda tells her that she doesn't see it happening, but Babe remains optimistic because of all of the good things Dixie made happen thus far. She then confesses that if Dixie can't change JR, no one can, and her dream of a happy life with Jamie will be over. If that happens, Babe further confesses that she will have to break up with Jamie to make sure he can get his dream. Amanda is incredulous at the sacrifice, but Babe feels she will have no other choice. Amanda tells her that there is only one problem - Jamie loves her too much to ever go along with it. Babe tells her that she won't give him a choice - because there is no way that she could marry him without the certain knowledge that she will be able to make him truly happy. After some discussion, Amanda manages to keep a straight face as she tells Babe that she'd be making the right decision in breaking up with Jamie - if JR doesn't change his ways. Amanda wraps Babe in a hug meant to be comforting, and tells her that her sacrifice is the most romantic thing she has ever heard. Babe admits that she hopes she won't have to go that far, and notes that Dixie is her last hope.

As she lies on her bed at the Pine Cone Motel, Krystal's attention is caught by a piece of paper being pushed under her door. She goes to retrieve it and finds that it is a check for $10,000. She opens the door and finds that Adam is her benefactor. A split second later, she slams the door in his face. He tells her through the door that she can either kick him out or cash the check - but she can't do both because he didn't sign the check. Reluctantly, she opens the door again to try to find out what he wants. Adam tells her he wants to repay her for everything that she did for him. Krystal is skeptical because she thought they were even when she identified Dixie as a felon, and he got her out of jail. Adam doesn't think they should end their partnership that way, and then asks what they will do about David. Krystal verbally backs away from the suggestion, not wanting to deal with David anymore. Adam tells her that David has been hinting that he knows something about Dixie that they don't. Adam wants to find out what it is, and asks for Krystal's assistance. Krystal thinks that if she agrees to help, she will be in a place that she has no interest in being - Adam's pocket. Adam uses some fancy doublespeak to illustrate how he would actually still be indebted to her. She thinks that maybe he should find something else to obsess over, but like a dog with a bone, Adam refuses to give up. He tells her about how Dixie was willing to convince JR to stay at the mansion instead of heading for the hills - and how that reaction is nothing like what he would have expected from the Dixie he knew. Krystal suggests that perhaps her trauma in Europe mellowed her out. Adam asks if Krystal would ever let her guard down if he started being too nice. After rejecting that possibility with a laugh, she begins to see his point. Adam then tells her that besides JR, Dixie is the closest person to Little Adam - and that if she has a secret, they both have a stake in knowing what it is. Adam asks Krystal what she has to lose by cozying up to David that she hasn't already lost. Blithely, she starts rattling off a few things, and Adam gets fed up. He starts to walk out, announcing that he would take care of things himself. Krystal calls for him to stop, reviewing what she would have to do to get the ten grand. Adam signs the check, and tells her to get to work. She insists that they go to the bank and cash the check first - because she knows that he could double cross her and stop the check if the urge struck him.

Jamie arrives home with Josh Madden in tow. Josh is amazed that Jamie is willing to sell his car, especially after hearing Babe's saga of what he went through to refurbish it. Jamie asks if Josh had seen Babe driving it at the bar, and Josh confirms that and starts to mention a second instance. By the look on his face, Josh could tell that Babe hadn't relayed the story of the car theft. He tells Jamie that Babe went to extraordinary lengths to keep his car. Josh fills Jamie in on the story, and the young Martin is amused. Josh then asks if the car is really that important. Jamie admits that it is, but probably not in the way that Babe is thinking. Josh asks about the real reason, and Jamie tells him that everyone has been dumping on Babe more than she deserves. It is his intention to give Babe the wedding of her dreams when they get married in September. He says that whoever buys the car will be doing him a big favor. Josh thinks that Babe will be upset when she finds out what he has done, but Jamie believes that she will be okay once she starts making concrete wedding plans. Josh admits that with the way they talk about each other, there's no doubt they have the real thing. Jamie agrees, and tells him that no one can break them up.

Dixie shows up at the bank to try to reopen her old account. Alfred, who knew Dixie before she "died", starts to get angry when she tells him that she is Dixie. Luckily, Tad comes in right after, and explains that if Alfred had bothered to read a paper, he would know that she had survived the accident. Shocked and pleasantly surprised, he briefly segues into a conversation about the pain involved in plastic surgery. Tad gets him back on track, clarifies that it would not be a joint account, and sends him off to get the appropriate paperwork. When he leaves, Dixie apologizes for everyone immediately assuming that they were back together. Tad blows off the apology, stating that it's an understandable assumption. He feels that if they continue to deny it publicly, eventually everyone will get the message.

A short time later, Adam and Krystal arrive at the bank. Before they can go up to the counter, Tad spots them and, as Dixie looks on, asks why Adam would be giving Krystal anything, much less, money. Adam tramples over anything that Krystal would have said by reminding Tad that as the ex-fiancé, he no longer gets to be privy to her actions. Putting a hand under her elbow, Adam leads Krystal away. Dixie starts to ask why Tad and Krystal haven't reunited, but Tad doesn't want to talk about it.

Moments later, the check has been handed to the teller, and Adam and Krystal possess an envelope with the representative money. Before he can finish his caveat that she not spend it all in one place, two masked gunmen burst into the bank, demanding that no one move. Tad yells out for everyone to follow orders and give the gunmen what they want. He hands over his watch, and Dixie begs them not to take it - because it was a gift. Somewhat amused, one of the gunmen taunts her as he wraps an arm around her neck and shoves the gun in her face.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Lily and Reggie were playing 21 (the card game) for pretzels as Reggie asked Lily not to mention ghosts to Greenlee anymore. Lily insisted ghosts did exist. Before their ghost conversation could continue, Dani (along with Garret and Mimi) interrupted them. She told him how sorry she was about Greenlee. "Save it for somebody who gives a damn," snapped Reggie. Garret had a one-on-one with Reggie and warned him he needed to respect Dani, if not, he'd answer to him. Meanwhile, Mimi asked Danielle to be her maid of honor at her wedding to Garret, which she wanted to have in Pine Valley. Upstairs, Zach was surprised when Lily was revealed as a card counter in his casino. She had won $211,000. "Card counting isn't illegal," pointed out Lily. Yes, but gambling at the age of 17 was. She should have stuck to the pretzels. Zach's chat with Lily lifted his spirits, though.

Tad pleaded with the robbers to let Dixie go, but they wouldn't. So Tad took matters into his own hands and attacked one of the robbers, sending Dixie loose in the process. Meanwhile, the other gunman took aim at Tad. Thankfully Adam ruined his aim just as the gun went off. "It was a reflex. I wasn't thinking," he later quipped. The robbers fled, and as Tad was running off after them, Dixie stopped him and berated him for putting his life at risk. In the midst of the banter, Alfred noticed blood. Yup, Tad had been shot in the arm. "I left my bullet-proof cape at the cleaners." Dixie and Tad slipped back into their old banter and after Krystal witnessed it, she got her $10,000 from Adam and left, heading straight to David's. She wanted to know exactly what David knew about Dixie. Meanwhile, back at the bank, Tad refused to go to the hospital, but Dixie was insistent. "Sedate him if you have to," Dixie snapped and fabulous dialogue went back and forth. "Would you two get a room?!" Adam asked, garnering peculiar looks from both Tad and Dixie as the paramedics wheeled Tad out.

Greenlee told the search party it was time to give up. Ryan was gone and finding a body wouldn't made a difference. She assured her father that she was going to be okay, she had to be for the baby. But there was someplace she had to be right now and David and Jack let her go alone. Meanwhile, Zach had a little pow-wow with Ryan, explaining he had to commit 100 percent to faking his death. He had to forget about Greenlee, everything about her, because that is what death was. As soon as he was good and gone, Greenlee could move on. If he failed, he would wreck what was left of Greenlee's life. "I know how tough it is to disappear," Zach advised. He warned him not to call just to hear her voice and go by the house to see her. With that, Ryan left Zach's office and didn't exactly listen to Zach's advice. Later, as Greenlee grieved for her dead husband, the not-so-dead Ryan watched from behind a bush. Just when you think Greenlee has almost caught him, he ducked out of the way. For the remainder of the episode, Ryan spied on his wife finally breaking down. Once Greenlee finally left, he turned to leave as well but came face-to-face with Lily. So much for ghosts not existing!

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