The dreaded amnesia

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The dreaded amnesia
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There is no way that Craig is going to get away with his latest crimes, and he shouldn't. However, he shouldn't pay too severely; Oakdale is just another boring hamlet without him.

Hannibal Lecter would be proud. James Stenbeck escaped prison this week and managed to visit the carnival for a creepy carousal ride. Even more impressive is that he managed to kidnap Rosanna and Cabot off of the moving carousal with Paul and Jordan present.

As much as I love Anthony Herrera's portrayal of the unbalanced Stenbeck, I hate what this storyline has done to the once-smart characters of Rosanna, Paul, and Barbara. Rosanna is a weepy, needy mess. Barbara is lying, aiding, and abetting. And Paul used to have more to do than obsess about his father. If or when James is captured, Barbara will have the most difficulty being redeemed. When everyone learns she helped Stenbeck, losing Walker will be the least of her problems.

Problems aside, the escape scenes were well done. I especially enjoyed James' James's ride with the Christian lady. Who knew James liked gospel music? His singing of Amazing Grace, complete with southern accent, had me in stitches. But, I'm sure there's an extra level of Hell for people impersonating ministers.

In other observations::
--Call off the APB for John Dixon. He was sighted at Memorial this week, where he actually got to say a few lines. That's rarer than the Oakdale PD solving a crime.

--Wanted: A relationship counselor who can make sense of the couple switches going on in Oakdale. These couples are headed for trouble: Hal/Emily, Chris/Ali, Tom/Margo, Jessica/Ben, Jack/Carly, and Holden/Lily. Never in all my vast soap viewing experience, do I recall so many couples on the verge of collapse at the same time on one soap. It's a risk for the show to mix it up to this degree. Love it or hate it, ATWT continues to take chances, and that's a good thing.

--I had hoped it wouldn't happen, but of course it did: Jack has the most dreaded of all soap diseases, -- amnesia. I'm no fan of amnesia storylines. They're overused, unoriginal and -- forgive me -- forgettable. Hopefully, Jack won't be a victim too long. But I'm sure it will last long enough for him to fall for Julia. And by that time, Mike may be helping Carly do some forgetting of her own.

--OK Okay, people, drastic times call for drastic measures. Who do I have to bribe to get some Henry scenes? It's been weeks now, and my favorite Oakdale citizen hasn't been to Metro, the hospital, or even his second home -- police lock-up. Please, I've resorted to begging now. I'll even offer up my sacred chocolate stash for some Henry TV, if it will do any good.

--The Paul and Rosanna storyline is moving too fast for me. And someone should tell Paul that balloons are nice, but a ring is the preferred gift at a proposal. He could have at least coughed up the bling bling.

--Rest easy, Craig detesters. There is no way Craig is going to get away with his latest crimes. Sierra's no dummy. Neither is Dusty. And as much as it pains me to say this, Craig shouldn't get away with this scheme. After all, three people ended up dead from the fallout of the foiled kidnapping plot. However, I don't want Craig to pay too much. Oakdale is just another boring hamlet without him. Besides, I'm sure losing Lucy will cripple him more than any jail term ever would.

--Color me disappointed. I was hoping Jennifer would follow through on her plan to leave town. No offense to actress Jennifer Ferrin, ; she does a fine job; . But I just don't like the character of Jennifer. She seems to have no purpose other than plotting to snag a man and fighting with her mother.

--File this under things I thought I'd never hear: Craig using the phrase "talking smack."

--Michael Park has a great voice. Maybe amnesiac Jack will take up singing in out-of-town clubs, using a fake name. No, wait. That's been done. But I would love to see Park show off his vocal talent more. Here's an idea for a fun story: Metro could have a karaoke night. Lily, Jack, Lisa, and other townies could take turns belting out some tunes.

--Julia came to town this week, as Jack's not-so-busy personal nurse. I'm hoping this isn't psycho Julia of days past. One crazed lunatic on the loose is enough in Oakdale. Call me old-fashioned, but I'd like to see some drama that doesn't involve killers, kidnappers and violence. If I wanted to watch that, I'd go back to "General Hospital."

--It was obvious this week that Aaron has fallen for Ali. What's more surprising is that I actually think I like the pairing. And before you send e-mail doubting me, yes, this is actually Jennifer writing this. Explanation: Aaron has matured. And he and Ali are, dare I say it, fun.

--Lucy and Dusty sizzle. What a difference a year and a good storyline has made for Peyton List. She is more than holding her own with heavyweight Grayson McCouch. It's hard to believe this is the same girl who pondered the stars with first-love Aaron Snyder. I like mature Lucy. Keep her in Oakdale.

--Tell me that Walker and Barbara aren't done. This guy needs to be in a storyline. If they are finished, perhaps he could be a potential match for the new Julia. As a former "General Hospital" viewer, I can't help but laugh at the thought of Carly dating Taggart. Sonny Corinthos would lose his mind!

--I think it's time for a boys boys' night out. I miss the male-bonding scenes. Walker, Ben, and Tom can cry in their beer about the women who've done them wrong.

--I had to chuckle at Barbara's messenger who delivered the tape. The guy looked like he stepped out of the "Men in Black" movie, with his blank stare, black suit, and dark sunglasses.

--Doc has committed a lot of crimes since he hit Oakdale, but the worst may be that awful striped shirt he was wearing on Tuesday's show. Usually, the wardrobe department is right on, but wow, what a loud, bright mess that was.

--Paging Rosanna, your sister just lost her husband, supposedly, and her son almost died. Do you think you could put aside a few days to comfort her? This is the one consistent weak link I see on ATWT. Opportunities for family bonding during crises are often overlooked or go by at warp speed. Craig never gave Katie a shoulder to cry on or even a phone call during Simon's "death." Rosanna should have shared more than a quick scene with her sister.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Rosanna questions Paul's ability to play baseball after he offered to help coach Parker's team.)
Rosanna: "You throw like a girl, don't you?"
Paul: "Yeah. I really do...C'mon they're 7 seven years old. They all throw like girls."

(Lucy tells Craig she doesn't believe Alan was behind the kidnapping.)
Lucy: "Mom has good radar. It's just not like her to be taken in by some creep."
Craig: "She married me, didn't she?"

That's all for now, Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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