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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 13, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, December 13, 1999

As Molly opens her apartment door, she sees Chris standing inside. He has brought her flowers to say that he is sorry for the way he treated her earlier. She drops one of the bags of groceries to stall Abigail, who is right behind her. As Abigail is picking up the groceries, Molly motions for Chris to leave the room. He goes into the bedroom. Abigail and Molly get all the groceries into the apartment and Abigail is telling Molly how happy she is to be spending time with her. Chris slowly looks around the door and sees that Molly's daughter is "Daisy"! He easily closes the door, but not too tightly so he can hear Molly and her daughter. Abigail is going on about this boy that she likes and the only thing that Molly can think about is how to get Chris out of the apartment. First, Molly suggests that they go out for dinner. Abigail doesn't understand, she thought that they were going to stay in and cook? Then Molly fakes an illness. Abigail asks her if she would rather do this some other time? Molly gives her bus fare and Abigail leaves. After she is gone, Molly yells, "Christopher Hughes, get your butt out here!!" Chris peeks around the door and with an innocent look says, "Was that your daughter?" Molly reads him the riot act about how he has ruined her day with her daughter. She orders Chris to leave her apartment. As he is leaving, he says that he brought her flowers to make up for the other day when he was mean to her. He tells her that he will see her around and she says that he won't. He walks out of the apartment and down the steps. He sits down with a thump and puts his head in his hands. He has several flashbacks of him and Molly together and then of when he first met "Daisy." He keeps thinking about when Molly was so excited about her daughter coming for a visit and then when he picked Abigail up and gave her a ride in his taxi. He remembers "Daisy" telling him that she was going to have to move away and how upset he was and then when she told him that she was moving to Oakdale to live and how happy they were. He remembers finding Molly in his shower and she told him that she read his poems that she thought was meant for her but they were meant for "Daisy." He gets up and walks across the courtyard and says, All this time, Molly and Daisy....Abigail were talking about each other. Later, Abigail is waiting for Chris in the park. When Chris gets there, he hesitates and just looks at Abigail. He is behind her so she doesn't know that he is there. He thinks about him and Molly together and turns to leave, but turns back and looks at Abigail.

Jake and Isaac meet at the courthouse and Isaac is not happy about the location. Jake wants to know what he has come up with in the way of information on his missing wife. Julia walks up and wants to know what they are talking about and what is this about finding information on his wife. Jake tells Julia what Isaac is doing for him and Julia says that she wants to help too. Lucinda walks around the corner and hears Julia and she walks over to Julia and asks if she can talk to her. As the women walk away, Jake wonders how Lucinda does that? Does she just vaporize out of thin air? "It's spooky!", he says. Lucinda tells Julia that she scooped Jake and he doesn't need her and she is to leave him alone. Lucinda and Julia go back to Jake's office at The City Times. Lucinda tells Julia that she doesn't need to help Jake try to find his dead wife because she is helping him. Julia wonders if Lucinda wants all the gratitude from Jake when they find Vicky? Lucinda tells Julia that Jake is not interested in her. Julia is astonished at Lucinda's accusation and turns the table on Lucinda and asks if maybe she is interested in Jake? As the women are arguing, Jake walks in and wants to know what is going on? The women tell Jake that nothing is going on and Julia starts to leave. Jake tells her that he needs her to stay, they are supposed to wait on the call from Isaac. Julia looks at Lucinda and Lucinda looks at Jake and says, "OK, sweet cakes, we'll be talking." Lucinda leaves and Jake looks at Julia and says, "What...." The phone rings and it is Isaac. He has some news. The authorities have found a blond petite woman in the Chicago area and she was despondent. The are holding her at Bellview. He tells Jake that they will be faxing a photo of the woman to him. He hangs up the phone and tells Julia that he knows it is her. He is all excited and wants to call the kids in London. Julia pulls him back down to earth and suggest that he wait and make sure that it is Vicky before he tells the children. At that moment, the fax machine rings and the paper starts through the machine. As the paper gets through, Jake's smile fades to a frown. The woman is not Vicky. He sits down at his desk with tears in his eyes. Julia starts to reach out to him, but pulls back. Jake picks up Vicky's picture that is on top of his desk. Julia picks up her things and leaves his office.

Jessica is questioning Margo. Margo is distracted by the tapping noise that Jessica is making with her heels as she walks from one side of the room to the other. Margo looks up and sees Alec standing across from her. She is so distracted that she is not answering the questions right. She is making herself look guilty. Tom and Cass can see that she is not herself. Tom ask the judge if he may approach the bench. The judge allows it. Jessica and Tom go to the bench and Tom asks for a short recess so Margo can compose herself. He tells the judge that he can see that she is obviously distracted. Jessica argues that all Tom wants to do is coach Margo. The judge does not allow a recess and Jessica goes back to questioning Margo. Now, Alec is standing behind Margo and he keeps saying, "Listen, listen." Margo is still distracted and she is trying to follow Jessica's questions. Margo, at one point, turns around and says, "What?!" to the wall and the courtroom starts to buzz. Tom asks to approach the bench again. He tells the judge that Margo is not with it and they need some time to get her back on track. Now, the judge can see that something is wrong with Mrs. Hughes. He asks Tom if they have any more witnesses and Tom says that they don't. The judge announces that the court will be in recess until tomorrow morning. After the room is empty, Margo starts to tell Tom about the clicking noise. She says something about Alec and the he was saying to listen. Cass doesn't believe what he is hearing. Tom explains that Margo has been getting messages from Alec from the grave. Tom tells Cass that he has to stall the court for time. Margo's memory is returning and they need time. Cass says that the problem is that they don't know how much time, a day, a week, a year? Tom says fine, he grabs Margo's hand and says that they will speed things up. She wants to know where they are going and he says that they are going back to the hotel suite. At the suite, they go over a few things but nothing is working. Tom sits Margo down and starts tapping on things and asking, "Does it sound like this?" Margo keeps saying, "No, no, no....keep going." Finally, she is so frustrated that she gets up and says that the tapping is faster and lighter. She walks across the room and stops and looks at Tom. That is it. Footsteps. Margo says that the tapping is women's high heels. Tom comes to the conclusion that someone else was in the room the night Alec was murdered. If they can find the woman, they will find who murdered Alec.

Tuesday, December 14, 1999

Barbara is furiously chopping vegetables and she is telling Hal about Carly having the nerve to ask her daughter to model in a fashion show without her mothers permission. Jennifer walks in and she is mad at her mother and says that she is not hungry and starts to go upstairs. Barbara stops her and says that she will not have her starving to fit into one of Carly's bustiers. There is a knock at the door and Barbara opens the door with knife still in hand. Carly is standing there and she says that she is unarmed. Barbara reluctantly lets her in. Jennifer whispers to Carly, "Good luck." Carly has a solution for Barbara about their having two fashion shows. Carly thinks that the two of them should collaborate on the fashion show. She tells Barbara about all the benefits of doing this and she says that she will give BRO top billing. Barbara smiles, then says, "Not on your life." Jennifer wants to know what is wrong with Carly's idea. Barbara says that she will tell her what is wrong with her ideas. She says that everyone that has ever been involved with Carly has lived to regret it. She adds that she can start with Lisa and the Hong Kong fiasco. Carly says that the Hong Kong "fiasco" is over. She tells Barbara that she has been complaining that since she has been taking care of Parker she has no time to work on her design and this would free her up to work on them again. Hal says that Carly has a point. Barbara looks at him and tells him to watch it. Jennifer says, "Please, please, please mom." Barbara says that she hates it when they gang up on her. She tells Carly that she will do it under a few conditions. She has final say on all decisions. Carly says fine. Barbara adds that there will be total disclosure and total honesty. Carly says that honesty is her newest best policy. Jennifer suggests that they shake on it and Barbara tells her not to push it. Carly says that someone should call Ripley's, she and Barbara are going to be partners. After Carly is gone, Jennifer tries to convince her mother that Carly isn't that bad. Hal has sneaked in to get some ice cream and Jennifer adds that if Carly was a bad person her dad wouldn't have married her and then she says, "Right dad?" Hal softly walks over and says that he is only in the kitchen to sneak some ice cream and nothing more. Jennifer asks her dad to help her out. Hal reluctantly says that Carly does have her moments. Jennifer reminds her mother that she has given lessons on forgive and forget and turning the other cheek. Barbara tells Jennifer to get upstairs and do her homework before she changes her mind. Jennifer tells her mother "thank you" and she leaves. Hal tries to leave and Barbara tells him to get back over here. Hal tells Barbara that he is proud of her. Barbara takes the spoon away from him and says that the best part of this is that Carly designs are going to make her designs look fabulous. She take a bite of ice cream and smiles.

At Java Underground, Isaac is talking to Jake and telling him that he will continue to look for his wife. He hangs up and tells the waitress to bring him his check. Camille walks in with John and Isaac sees her. He tells the waitress that he will be hanging around a little longer. John and Camille sit down and Camille questions John about wanting to come back to Java Underground. He says that it was better than what he thought and he needed some down time from Margo's trial. John starts in on Camille about her application for school. She lets him go on and argues with him for a bit, but then lets him off the hook by telling him that she had already put her application in for school. John is happy to see that she is taking the next step to become a doctor. Isaac is watching them the whole time. Carly walks in and finds the manager. She tries to make him a deal to use the club for her fashion show. Isaac is listening to them talk. The manger declines and Carly says that one of the models is at the club tonight. She points out Camille. Isaac is very interested. The manager still declines. Carly is disappointed and goes over to talk to John and Camille. Isaac tells the manager that he would like a word with him, he wants to talk about fashion. Carly is telling John and Camille about she and Barbara collaborating on the fashion show. Camille congratulates her. Carly tells them about looking for a venue at which to have the fashion show and Camille tells her that she still has connections at the Lakeview and the ballroom is very nice there. Carly says that she was looking for something more upbeat and she wanted Java Underground, but the manager was being a jerk to her. The manager walks up behind her and says that he has had a change of heart and would like to have the fashion show in his club. Carly asks him what changed his mind? The manager looks over his shoulder at Isaac and Isaac shakes his head and reads his newspaper. The manager tells Carly that he realized that it was the charitable, social conscience thing to do. Carly smiles and looks over at Isaac. She walks up to Isaac and introduces herself to him and says that she is having a fashion show in a few weeks. Isaac looks up at her and says, "Congratulations." She asks him if he was responsible for the manager changing his mind. He asks her if he looks like someone who stresses over dresses? She laughs and says no, but she was wondering, if he did, why he changed the manager's mind? He says that she can put it this way, there is nothing he wouldn't do for the boys in blue. (the fashion show is a benefit for the police department.) Carly says thanks and walks over to John and Camille who are getting ready to leave. Isaac watches them.

Abigail is waiting for Chris in the park. Chris is standing behind her and thinking about him and Molly together. He starts to leave, but turns around and goes over to Abigail. She says that she is glad to see him. She starts to talk about her family and that she has something to tell him about them. He interrupts her and says that he won't be able to meet her family. She asks him why and he tells her that it is him, when they meet him they won't let them be together. Abigail tells him that she has told them all about him. He wants to know what she has told them. She says that she hasn't told them ALL about him. He says that he won't be able to see her anymore and it is him and not about her. She thinks that he thinks she is to young or not sophisticated enough. He says that it is over and she should deal with it. He leaves and she sits down and starts to cry. Abigail goes over to Molly's. Molly sees that she is upset. Abigail starts to tell her about this guy and that he broke up with her. She tells Molly that she thinks that she wasn't pretty enough for him. Molly says that she shouldn't say that because she is beautiful. Molly says that if she ever meets this guy, she is going to tear him limb from limb. Abigail tells her that it doesn't matter anymore and she isn't going to cry about it. Abigail starts to leave and Molly tells her that she can come over or call her anytime she needs her. Abigail steps outside the door and leans against the wall and starts to cry.

Chris is walking through the park, beating himself up for what he just did. He stops to look at the decorated tree and Bob walks up. His father asks Chris how things are going, how's the job? Chris says that the job is the only thing that going right, right now. Bob tells Chris that it is a little early but he has a stocking stuffer for Chris. Bob takes out a couple of air fresheners for his cab. Chris takes them and tells him thanks, but he doesn't deserve it. Bob asks him what is wrong and he says that his father was right, he is a total screw up. He says that everything he touches, he wrecks. Bob says that he never said that. Bob says that if he is going to put words in his mouth he should use the right ones. He tells his son that he wasn't using his potential to its fullest. Chris says that he thinks it would be better on everyone if he just left town. Bob says that running away from his problem is not going to solve it. Bob gives Chris some advice. He tells him to meet his problem head on, look at it in the face and he will get his answer. Chris thanks his father and Bob tells him that he is welcomed at their house anytime and he leaves. Chris turns and looks at the Christmas tree. He goes over and sits on a bench. A park worker comes up and is adjusting the decorations on the tree. All the lights go out and Chris says that just when he is looking for enlightenment, the lights go out. The park worker says that it must be a fuse and leaves. Chris looks up at the sky. He says that he wishes that he had another chance. He would do it differently this time, the right way, what ever that means. The lights come back on and Abigail walks up. She starts to walk on by and Chris stops her. He says that he has been thinking and he wants to try again. She says that all the things he said about her and he says that he didn't mean it. He says that he can't let her go since he has been waiting so long to find her.

Wednesday, December 15, 1999

Denise surprises Ben at his apartment when she and Hope present him with a small Christmas tree, but discovers he already has a large decorated tree. Georgia tries to calm Eddie, but he vows to use the $25 million to get back at the people who hurt his mother and father. Tom is suspicious of Emily when she overhears him talking to Margo and asks him if he's found new evidence. Tom enlists Jack to help him and asks Cass to stall. Lisa agrees to babysit Emily and make sure she doesn't leave the courtroom.

Eddie and Lucinda argue when she chastises him for thinking that money can change who he is, reminding him of her own past as Mary Ellen Walters. Crying, Georgia begs them to stop. Cass is unable to keep Margo on the stand and spying Jake in the courtroom, recalls him as a witness, noting his talking prowess.

Tom and Jack re-examine the boxes of evidence and find surveillance tapes from the Lakeview's elevators. Tom zeroes in on a disguised woman who gets off at Alec's floor at the approximate time of the murder and leaves some forty minutes later. Jack questions a hotel waiter but he claims not to recognize the photo of Emily. Emily overhears Lisa talking to Tom about heading for Alec's suite and slips out of the courtroom.

Georgia confides in Eddie that she can't live with herself if Margo ends up going to prison for a crime she didn't commit. Jack has to take the cover off the radiator when his pen rolls under it. Emily stuns Tom when she shows up at the door to Alec's suite.

Denise worries that her dreams aren't big enough for Ben. Faced with the threat of contempt of court for stalling, Cass abruptly rests his case. Julia tries to talk to Jake when he leaves the stand but ends up not saying anything to him. Jessica gives her closing argument, at the end of which Margo tells Cass the D.A. almost has her believing she did it. Tom succeeds in getting Emily to leave, but not before she shows her nervousness at seeing the exposed radiator. Tom is convinced Emily knows there is evidence hidden in the room.

Jack finds a spoon caked in mud underneath the radiator and rushes off to test it for Emily's fingerprints while Tom tries to get back to the courthouse to force a delay. Cass gives his closing argument and urges the jury not to take a mother away from her two sons. The judge begins instructing the jury.

Ben reads Denise a poem about trees that celebrates differences. Denise ends up proposing and Ben accepts. Eddie stares into the fireplace and wonders to Georgia, if Margo didn't do it, who did?

Tom rushes into the courtroom just after the jury leaves to begin deliberating and joyously informs Margo they found something.

Thursday, December 16, 1999

Eddie is on the phone with his lawyer wondering when he will get access to the money that Alec left him. He needs it to find out the identity of Alec's killer. Georgia enters and tells Eddie that she is worried that he is so bent on revenge that they will never have a normal life. She suggests to Eddie that they use his new wealth to leave Oakdale and everything else behind.

Tom enters the courtroom as the jury leaves to begin their deliberations. Jessica, Tom and Cass meet the judge at the bench. The judge warns the defense lawyers that even if they have found new evidence, that it will not affect the outcome of this trial. It could, however, call for a new one. Tom tells the judge what Margo is beginning to remember about the night Alec was murdered. He tells them about her remembering the clicking sound of high-heeled shoes, and how Jack Snyder and he found a strange woman on the surveillance tapes of the Lakeview at the time of Alec's death. Even thought the evidence is weak, it calls for more police investigation. Jessica thinks the timing is convenient, and that all of the new evidence found is just supposition. Tom explains about the dirty spoon that they found and how it might corroborate Margo's feeling of something being "buried." The judge says that he will entertain any new hard evidence found, but if the jury comes back first, the verdict that comes in will stand.

Tom tells Margo about the new possible evidence that they found at Alec's suite. Margo agrees that it is not much to go on. Tom tries to get Margo to visualize any other potted plants in Alec's hotel room, but Emily interrupts. Tom pulls Margo away from Emily. Cass enters the conversation, and Margo thanks him for all he has done to try to help her. As Tom and Margo leave the courtroom, Emily wishes Margo "luck." Cass looks upon Emily in disgust.

Eddie and Georgia talk about how Oakdale does not feel like home anymore. They agree that they have had a lot of memories here, both good and bad, but that it is time that they move on and forge their own life together. Eddie is a bit afraid that Georgia's feelings may change about him now that he is rich, but Georgia reassures him that it is not the case. Eddie agrees that leaving town is the best thing for them, but he wants to tie up a few loose ends going to see Margo.

At WOAK, Lily, Holden, and Katie discuss plans to redesign the news desk set. Katie tries to keep Holden tied up in business decisions, but Lily drags him into the control room. Lily surprises him by revealing that the only thing she has on underneath her coat is a sexy, red negligee. Bob, Kim and Lisa surprise Casey and Adam at their home. They begin discussing Christmas plans, and Casey admits that he has no idea what Christmas will bring for them this year. They have all been so tied up in the trial, that they have not decorated the house, and they don't even have a tree yet. Just then, Bob enters and surprises them with a tree.

Emily comes home with a bouquet of fresh flowers, and Susan is surprised to see her back so early. Emily tells her that the trial is over, and it is now in the hands of the jury. Susan tells Emily that she does not believe in any way that Margo is responsible for this murder. Emily reiterates to her mother about all the evidence that is stacked against Margo, but Susan refuses to believe that Margo is guilty. Emily asks her what more she needs, and Susan replies that she cannot believe that Emily is so smug. Susan tells her that she is keeping her fingers crossed, and Emily says that she is too.

Margo and Tom go to the park to think things out. Margo invokes Alec's ghost to appear and help her remember, but the ghost is a no-show. Tom implores Margo to relax, and try to remember anything that might help her case, but Margo is too wound up to remember anything but the clicking sound. She knows there is something else..something right there at the surface, but she can't place her finger on it. Just then Eddie and Georgia appear in the park. Margo is shocked to see them.

Holden wonders what brought on this whole tryst thing. Lily tells him that she was home, staring at the clock, and wondering how long it would be before she would see him. She decided she could not wait all day, and thought she would surprise him. As they start to get passionate, Katie starts rapping at the door. They tell her to go away, but Katie tells them that it is important. "Not as important as this!" Holden yells back. Outside the control room, Katie states that she can't believe this is happening in the middle of the day. Henry eyes Katie, and leaves. Katie's face shows extreme disappointment.

Bob sets up the tree in the family room. They all begin going through the ornament boxes, picking out the ones that have history behind them or sentimental value. Lisa finds an ornament with Margo's name on it, and hides it behind a sofa cushion. Adam and Bob talk as they untangle the Christmas lights. Adam wonders why they are all there, and Bob tells him that the trial is over, and that the jury is deliberating. Adam appreciates the fact that Bob is being so upfront about everything with him. He admits that he is scared about the outcome of the trial. Bob says that everyone is scared, but that is why they all need to be there for each other now.

Margo apologizes to Eddie for what Cass did to him in the courtroom. She says that she had no idea that Cass was going to attack him like that, and if she did, she would not have let it happen. Meanwhile, Tom and Georgia discuss the fact that Margo's fate is in the juries hands. Georgia wonders if this will ever all be over. Margo tells Eddie that Cass was just trying to establish "reasonable doubt" in the juries' minds. Eddie tells Margo that he believes her, but that it does not look good for her. Margo tells him that even though the jury will decide her fate, she only cares what Tom, her boys, and Eddie thinks about her. She then asks Eddie if he believes that she is capable of murder.

Susan and Emily work on putting the flowers she brought home into a vase. Susan tells Emily, again, what she has always thought. Tom will never want her no matter if Margo goes to jail or not. Emily becomes agitated, and furiously begins digging into the vase. She tells Susan that Margo dug her own grave, now it is Emily's time to dance on it. Susan looks shocked, as Emily wipes her face with her dirty hands. Susan is incredulous that Emily doesn't even really know Tom. He will never abandon Margo for Emily. Emily refuses to believe this, stating that Tom will not want to be alone for the rest of his life if Margo goes to jail. Susan believes that if this is the case, Emily will see even less of him, because he will be visiting Margo all the time.

Georgia wonders aloud to Tom that if Margo is acquitted, will this ever be over for Eddie? She tells Tom that she is praying that Margo will be found not guilty, and that she can return to her life. Meanwhile, Margo tells Eddie that she is starting to remember what happened on the night that Alec died, but that she cannot prove anything. It does, however, make her sure that she did not kill Eddie's father. She again asks Eddie if he believes her. Eddie tells her that he is sorry that he ever doubted her. Margo is thrilled, and the two embrace.

Holden and Lily emerge satisfied from the control room as Katie, Henry and Denise look on. The two say their good-byes, and Holden asks Katie what was so urgent. Katie, embarrassed, tells him that it can wait. Henry gets some short digs in on the situation that just transpired, and leaves. Denise tells Katie to "watch out" for Henry, and to not listen so close to the advice that he gives her. Denise tells her that she knows an operator when she sees one, and Henry is not to be trusted. The only person that Henry cares about is himself.

Adam finds the "Margo" ornament, and puts it on the tree to make it complete. Casey is afraid that Santa Claus will not visit their house this year because "bad people" live there. Adam assures Casey that Santa knows the truth about them, and that there is no doubt that he will be there. Casey is still scared about what is going to happen if Margo never comes home.

Eddie offers whatever monetary help he can, but Margo says she already has the best working for her. She tells him that his support is help enough for her. Georgia wonders how she can be so strong, and Margo tells her it is because of the great support system that she has surrounding her. Eddie and Georgia tell them that they are only a phone call away, and leave. Margo wishes that she were as confident as she is leading everyone to believe, but Tom says he is sure that they will find out the truth. Margo sits down at the park sandbox, and begins to write in the sand with a stick. Tom tells her look hard at what she just wrote. Margo looks down; sees BURIED, and begins flashing back. She recalls a pair of woman's hands frantically stuffing bloody items into a plastic sack. Then she recalls the same hands digging up a plant, and hiding the sack in the dirt. As she comes out of it, Margo yells, "I remember, I remember, I remember!"

Lisa and Adam reassure Casey that everything will be OK, and that what he needs to wish for Christmas this year is a miracle. Bob pulls Adam aside and tells him that he has been a wonderful support system for Casey. Adam says that he wishes that he were stronger. Casey puts the star on top of the tree, and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. Bob then says "and God bless us all."

Georgia tells Eddie that she is glad that he and Margo settled their differences. She and Eddie embrace, and Georgia states that she hopes that Margo will be reunited with her family, because she doesn't deserve any of this.

Emily hugs a sleeping Daniel, tells him that they soon will be reunited with his daddy. She says that things are changing for the better, and soon his Daddy will be with them always. Emily promised Daniel a happy home, and Emily always keeps her promises. Margo repeats to Tom what she just remembered in her flashback. She tells Tom that in Alec's bedroom, there used to be a big potted plant in the corner, and that is what she believes the evidence is buried in. Tom wonders where the plant is now, but Margo is not sure. What she is sure about is that the evidence to clear her is buried in that plant.

Friday, December 17, 1999

Arriving for a meeting with Jake, Isaac hides his face when Ben arrives at the restaurant with Denise. Abigail tells Chris she knows why he broke up with her. At Margo's, Nancy and Bob worry about the verdict. Tom and Margo revisit Alec's suite and Margo notices a potted plant is missing, then remembers hearing a woman sobbing.

Abigail believes Chris dumped her because she was pretending to be someone else. Chris shows no emotion when she introduces herself as Abigail Williams--maybe Chris knows her mother Molly? Abigail asks. Denise is suspicious when she sees Ben talking to the hostess.

Margo tries to think of all the women Alec knew from his business dealings and lists Emily among them. She's shocked when Tom says he doesn't deny Emily is a possibility, that in fact he's been suspecting her. But Margo states that the sobbing didn't sound like Emily--vicious cackling yes, sobbing no. Margo waits anxiously for the housekeeper to bring back the plant that was in Alec's suite.

John joins the vigil at Margo's as they await the verdict. Chris tries to divert Abigail's attention when she starts talking about Molly, and is surprised to learn she grew up in nearby Smithfield. Chris nixes Abigail's idea for him to meet Molly--he has his own secrets, he tells her.

Chris explains that his mother Kim fired Molly from her last job and Molly used to be engaged to his brother Andy, so it wouldn't be a good idea for their families to meet. Abigail is not convinced, however, and Chris continues to insist they can't let their families know.

Ben gives Denise a framed invitation to her wedding, with a reception to be held at the Lakeview. Denise is thrilled but demurs that she's not a princess. Jake accedes to Isaac's request that they get away from the view of Ben and asks Isaac for help in finding out any rumors about who really killed Alec and Vicky's "supposed" death. Isaac says no, insisting he's moving on, but Jake reminds him he owes Jake.

Margo is inconsolate when she and Tom rip the plant apart but find nothing--her time is running out, she notes. Tom gets a message from Jack asking them to meet him back at Margo's house. Denise agrees to a winter wedding, and Ben tells Denise his only family is his mother, who's flying in from San Diego.

Isaac reluctantly agrees to help Jake. Margo gets emotional when she returns home to find it decorated. Margo avers to Lisa that she didn't kill Alec and Lisa embraces her, telling her the important thing is that she's back with Tom.

Jack tells Tom and Margo he has good news and bad news about Emily. Chris presents Abigail with the F. Scott Fitzgerald book "Tender is the Night" that he got her on their first date. Abigail is torn but reiterates that she can't keep things secret anymore.

The fingerprints from the spoon are partially smudged but they don't match either Emily's or Margo's, Jack says. Furthermore, a waiter at the Chicago hotel where Margo and Alec stayed recognized a picture of Emily, proving that Emily was stalking her. What they really need to do is get inside Emily's house and look for evidence. Margo suggests they keep Emily from getting suspicious if she's really unbalanced. Tom then gets a call--the verdict is in. Margo shares an emotional farewell with Adam and Casey.

Abigail is steadfast--Holden and Molly trust her and she can't wait to tell them about Chris. Ben pleases Denise when he says he wants them to be a real family by him adopting Hope.

All eyes are on Emily as she enters the courtroom. The jury announces it has reached its verdict.

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