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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 14, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, May 14, 2001

Damian is visiting with Luke and Lily. Damian starts to talk about his homeland and Luke gets all excited about the country that his father is from. Damian asks him if he would like to travel there and see his homeland. Luke jumps up and asks his mother if "they" can go there and visit. Lily laughs nervously and then sends Luke out of the room to get some dessert. When he is gone, Lily tells Damian that she would never let her young child go out of the country for the whole summer without her. Damian argues that it would be good for him to see his homeland. Lily tells Damian that this is his homeland and then she adds that Holden would never allow it either. Damian tells Lily that he is jealous of what she has with Holden. She tells him that it isn't too late for him to start a family. He says that it is too late for some people. Luke walks back into the room with some cookies on a plate. Damian tells him that he has been thinking and maybe it isn't such a good idea for him to visit Malta just yet. He tells him that someday they will do it. Luke is disappointed, but he understands. Damian says that they can see each other tomorrow, if it is Ok with his mother. Lily tells him that tomorrow is Ok. Damian says, "Chow." Luke says, "Chow" and Damian leaves. When he gets outside and closes the door, he says that it is up to him to save him and his son. After Damian leaves, Luke talks with his mother about going to Malta some day and fishing. Lily tells him someday. Luke asks if someday means never. Rose comes in and saves Lily from answering this question. Rose tells Luke to give her a kiss on the cheek and she calls him Luciano. Luke says that his papa calls him Luciano too. Rose asks if he has imaginary fathers running around. Lily tells Luke to go upstairs and clean his room. Luke asks why he has to leave every time someone comes in. Lily asks him if he wants his room to look nice when Damian comes to visit tomorrow. Luke leaves and Rose asks if it is the Damian. Lily tells her that he was at the house last night when they returned from the party. Lily asks Rose about her mother. She says that she has tried to get hold of Lucinda all morning. She adds that she had heard that Lucinda had an episode last night after they left. Rose tells her that she went to see Lucinda today and she thinks that Lucinda just had too much champagne, but John Dixon feels like she might have had a stroke. She tells Lily not to worry. She adds that John is with her today and she thinks that she will be all right. Rose questions Lily about Damian. Lily tells her about Damian asking to take Luke to Malta. Rose says that the guy hardly knows the kid. She asks Lily what she told him? Lily says that she told him no, of course. She adds that Damian seemed to have an urgency to take Luke to Malta. Rose tells Lily that she thinks that Damian just got caught up in seeing Luke. She adds that he saw what a cool kid Luke is and probably didn't think about how young he is because Luke is so smart. She says that she bets Damian is kicking himself for even bringing it up. Luke walks back into the room with the coat of arms that Damian gave him and shows it to Rose. He asks his mother if they can frame it and hang it in his room. Lily says sure, they can do that. Luke says that he wants to hang it where he can see it every day. He adds that his papa says that it is good to know where you came from.

Later, Damian is back in his hotel room, drinking. There is a knock at the door and he grabs his gun. He goes to the door and asks who is there. A woman on the other side of the door answers and says that she is housekeeping. Damian says that he doesn't need housekeeping and he adds that no one is to enter the room if he is not present. He asks if she understands and she says she does.

Craig is getting fitted for his tux and Gabe shows up at his hotel suite. Craig asks if he understands English. Gabe says yes. Craig asks if he understood when he told him not to show up there any more. Gabe walks in the suite and Craig dismisses the tailor. Craig informs Gabe that Lucinda is not incapacitated enough. He tells him that he doesn't want her to be able to speak the day he gets married. Gabe tells him that he will call his daughter and see how things are going with Ms. Walsh. Craig warns him one more time to not screw up. There is a knock on the door and Craig tells him to go out the back way. When Gabe is gone, Craig answers the door and Emily is there. Craig tells her that this is a surprise and she says that it shouldn't be, he summoned her there. Craig starts to give her all kinds of compliments and Emily sees through him and asks what does he want. As they are talking, Gabe comes wandering out. Craig flashes him a look and he says that he thinks he left his cell phone there. Craig tells him that he didn't have a cell phone. Gabe looks at Emily and says, "Hello." Emily says hello and starts to ask who he is. Craig interrupts and scoots Gabe out the door. He tells Emily that he will be right back. In the hall, Craig gives Gabe one more warning about not screwing up and Gabe says that he understands. Craig tells him to not come back and he means it. Gabe leaves and Craig goes back inside. Emily has figured out what Craig wants and she asks him what he wants her to cover or not cover at his wedding? Craig gives her an invitation and says that there may be an upheaval at the wedding and he would appreciate it if she would be discreet with her reporting. Before she has a chance to answer, Barbara comes in and asks what Emily is doing there? Emily hides her invitation to the wedding in her purse. Craig tells Barbara that she can ask Emily what she is doing there. Before Emily can answer, Barbara jumps on her about the article that she had written about Jack and Carly. Emily tells her that it isn't her fault that Jack can't keep his hands off Carly. Barbara tells her to leave and she never wants to see her back there again. After she is gone, Barbara tells Craig that she does not want Emily at their wedding. Craig says that it will be better to have her there than to have their private lives splashed all over the tabloid. Barbara tells Craig that if Emily is at their wedding, she will not go down the isle. He says, "No, no, no, no!" Barbara says that she is serious. She adds that if she and Craig and Emily and the cockroaches were the last things on earth, she would invite the cockroaches to her wedding before she would invite Emily. Craig gives in and says that whatever she wants, he just wants her to be happy. Barbara says thank you and they hug. Craig says that when they are married, they will have everything.

Lucinda is lying on the couch and Ruby brings her a cup of tea. The doorbell rings and Lucinda begs Ruby to answer it quick as she holds her head. Ruby answers the door and John Dixon has come to check up on Lucinda. Lucinda dismisses him and says that she just had too much champagne to drink. John thinks that she may have had another stroke and wants her to come to the hospital. Lucinda reminds him that her stroke was the hospitals fault and she adds that she should have sued them. John asks how long it has been since she had a check up or a vacation. John begs her to come to the hospital with him to get some test done. Lucinda says that she doesn't have time to go to the hospital and it will take too long for the test. She tells John that she has to be at Barbara and Craig's wedding to deliver a message. John asks what message she has to deliver. Lucinda tells him that is none of his business. She dismisses John again but he doesn't leave. He tells her that he will be on her and watching her to make sure nothing happens to her. Ruby is lingering around the whole time and listening. John gives Lucinda a kiss and tells her to get some rest. After he is gone, Lucinda starts to work on her computer and Ruby comes in with a "health shake" for her. At first, Lucinda says that she doesn't want it. Ruby reminds her about Dr. Dixon's visit and says that if she takes some measures to get her system renewed, maybe Dr. Dixon will leave her alone. Lucinda says that Ruby has a good idea and she starts to drink the shake. She drinks and makes a face. She drinks and says, "This isn't bad." She takes another drink.

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Katie tried on new safari gear she just purchased for her trip to find the diamond. A package came with more paraphernalia, but just then Simon knocked on the door because he forgot his keys and she rushed to hide everything.

Lien, her family, and Ben celebrated their victory together - Ben pulled Lien aside to tell her he had planned a midnight picnic for the two of them after the party. Tom toasted Lien on her first victory and Bob and Lisa chimed in to congratulate her as well. Lien made a speech of her own saying Curtis was the real hero and the reason they were celebrating. She saw John Dixon walk in and Margo noticed the nervous look on her face and asked Lien what was going on. Lien shrugged off Margo and left to help Lisa. Margo went over to John and questioned him, but John said Lien had been avoiding him.

Rose found Lucinda still resting on the couch and hoped she was okay. Lucinda said she has been plied with health shakes from Ruby, but isn't feeling any better. Rose cut to the chase and told her the party was a success so she's ready for a position at World Wide.

Damian surprised Lisa who was thrilled to see him. They briefly reminisced about her deceased husband and Damian's cousin, Eduardo and she asked him if he has left his life of solitude. Damian said yes and now he was back in town to see Luke and hoped Lisa would help him convince Lily to let his son return to Malta with him. Lisa wasn't so sure she had much influence with Lily and told Damian how Lily and Holden have had a rough year, mentioning the discovery of Rose, her twin sister. Immediately Damian was interested in meeting her and thought she could be the one to help him and asked Lisa to set up a "chance" meeting between them.

Rose was upset with Lucinda for brushing her off so quickly again about a real job. Lucinda tried to explain to Rose she wasn't avoiding the situation, just that she didn't feel like her self. The phone rang and Lisa called making up an excuse for Rose to come to the club. She hung up and began to leave upset when Lucinda surprised her and said she would set up a meeting with her and some executives in a couple of weeks to discuss where Rose would fit into the company. Rose was overjoyed, but couldn't believe her ears. As Rose left, Ruby entered with another shake.

Lien returned from helping Lisa and Margo questioned why she was avoiding John. Just then, Ben interrupted and was upset John had joined the party. John then came over and asked Lien why she hadn't gotten in touch with him and maybe he should talk to her in front of everyone as Tom and Margo stood there.

Katie made the delivery man hide in the closet as she opened the door for Simon and asked what she was wearing. Covering up, she said survivor wear was in. She heard the delivery man sneeze so she began to sneeze to cover it up, but Simon heard him and pulled him out of the closet. He told him to take a hike and scared the delivery man away. Impressed, Katie thought Simon was jealous.

Lien held her breath as she waited for John to speak, but luckily he only congratulated her on her victory then leaned in and told her to contact him. Although there were no immediate concerns about her health, the constant stress in her life could elevate any sickness she may have. She agreed to call him. John then asked Ben to discuss a case with him and Lien was worried they were discussing her. But John asked Ben for his insight about Lucinda's problems, not revealing to Ben the patient they were discussing. Ben was surprised John sought his help, but John insisted he wanted the best advice.

Lucinda downed another shake, but said they were not helping and decided a whiskey would be better. She slowly tried to get up, but fell faint and thought she should go to bed, but was so weak she couldn't walk. She fell back down on the couch and, through Ruby's urging, tried to rest there. Ruby walked into the hallway and phoned Gabe to say everything was on track.

Rose came to the club and Damian hid from her as Lisa greeted her and told her to stay there she would get the boxes she came for. Damian then sauntered in and grabbed Rose from behind pretending to think she was Lily. Rose turned around and told him who she really was and when he introduced himself, she said she had a feeling it was him - Lily had told her all about him. Damian's eyes lit up when she spoke a bit of Italian to him and he invited her to stay for a drink with him. They toasted to friendship and Damian told her friends help each other and she could help him.

Simon denied being jealous, but Katie thought he had feelings for her. He backed down and said not those kinds of feelings. She then puckered up for him and waited for a kiss as he leaned in.

Ben made his own toast to Curtis and Lien saying his life was empty until the two of them came into it. Isaac added his own and when Ben thanked him, Lien picked up the medical information John handed to Ben. He told her it had nothing to do with them.

Katie asked Simon to prove he had no feelings for her by kissing her and if his heart didn't race then she would finally believe him. Simon indulged her and the two passionately kissed.

Rose was interested to learn more about what she could do for Damian. He explained to her how he wants to take Luke back to Malta, but Lily won't go for it and maybe she could convince Lily otherwise. Rose backed down and said she wasn't interested in getting in the middle of Lily's life, so Damian asked her for some advice. She said he needed to slow down and give her time - he popped in on everyone so suddenly that maybe Lily will change her mind. Damian blew up and said he didn't have time, but quickly apologized and said he needed to return to Malta soon and couldn't wait for her to decide and begged Rose to help him.

Simon finally pulled away from Katie and denied he felt anything and quickly left, but standing in the hallway he took a deep breath and was a bit shaken up.

Lucinda sat up on the couch and was disoriented about what day it was. She got up off the couch and stumbled around, muttering "the pictures." She then remembered she wanted to check the safe for the photos of Craig and went into the study to one of the paintings, but it was the wrong one and she became distraught. She realized finally where the safe was and what day it was then blurted out that she wouldn't let Craig hurt her family again - then she grabbed her heart.

Lien decided to duck out of the party and forego Ben's plan to go on a picnic. She told him she was very tired, but Ben didn't quite understand.

Damian paid for their drinks, apologized to Rose for getting her involved and left. Lisa came in and Rose told her Damian was talking about getting Luke back as if it was a matter of life and death. Looking on from up the stairs, Damian said to himself it was.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Katie & Simon's hotel room:

Katie asked Simon if he wanted another kiss. Simon was looking for his keys; he told her that he had another job to do for Craig. Katie told him that she is sure that he can't resist her now because he really felt something from the kiss they had. Simon denied it and left the room. Henry knocked at the door. Katie and Henry looked at a map, trying to figure out where the island was that Simon and Lily were marooned. Henry wanted to know again how big the diamond was. He wanted to make sure that as soon as they got the diamond, that Katie would sell it and give him half of the money. Katie told Henry about all the things she bought for their trip. They heard Simon come in and Katie tried to hide Henry, but they were too late. Simon wanted to know what Henry was doing there. Henry told him that he was there to help Katie accessorize her outfit for the wedding.

Police Station:

The commissioner railed on Jack over the article in the Intruder regarding Jack and Carly. Jack tried to explain that he was getting a divorce from Julia. The Commissioner told him it wasn't about his wife and that if he didn't stop seeing his mistress, he would be getting a departmental reprimand. Jack told the Commissioner that Carly was not his mistress and that they would have been married if not for unforeseen circumstances. The Commissioner warned Jack to stay away from Carly or he would be pushing papers the rest of his career. As the Commissioner left the office, Jack's phone rang; it was Carly calling him. She told him she needed to see him right away. Jack told her it's not a good time. She said Julia did something else and she needed to talk to him. Jack told her his job was on the line and he couldn't come now.

As Jack was leaving the station, Hal walked in. Jack remarked how nice Hal looked and asked if he had a court date that he was going to. Hal told him he didn't, but that he had a function that he was going to attend. Jack asked Hal if he was going to crash Craig and Barbara's wedding. Hal told Jack "when this day is over; Barbara will know Craig for the scumbag he is." Jack told Hal he was going to pick up Julia to take her to the wedding but first he had an errand to do.

Carly's apartment:

Carly told Molly as soon as Jack gets Julia to sign the divorce papers, that she and Jack would be free to be together. A messenger person knocked at the door and gave Carly a large envelope. Carly opened the envelope and became very.

Jack arrived and asked Carly what was wrong. Carly showed him the photos that she had gotten from the messenger person. The pictures were of "Carly's Prize." All the trees were burned and the land was being cleared. Julia sold the land to a lumber company. Jack told her they would buy another piece of land. Carly said that Julia would never leave them alone. Jack tried to comfort her by telling her he'll get Julia to sign the papers and then she will never be able to touch them again.

Lucinda's House:

Hal knocked at the door. Lucinda could hardly walk to the door. Hal wanted to see the pictures. Lucinda fell down. Hal was worried about Lucinda's condition and offered to deliver the pictures himself. She told him that she is going to deliver the pictures if she had to crawl on her knees to stop Craig from marrying Barbara. Lucinda and Hal argue about which one would be best to deliver the pictures. Hal was worried about her being sick and not making it to the wedding. Lucinda told Hal that John was escorting her to the wedding and that she'll be OK.

Hal left and Ruby walked in with a bouquet of flowers that she said she picked from the garden. Ruby tried to get Lucinda to drink more juice. When she didn't want anything to drink, Ruby asked if she wanted something to eat. Lucinda told her to tell Rosa to make her a salad. Rosa brought Lucinda her food and set the tray down on a table. Rosa left the room and Ruby walked in and asked Lucinda if she was ready to eat. She put the drug in the dressing and poured it on the salad.

Lucinda opened the safe and got out the pictures. She tried to put them in her purse and dropped them on the floor and then picked them up.

Lakeview Hotel:

Barbara told Craig she was sorry for blowing up about Emily being invited to the wedding. Craig told her that he uninvited her. Barbara was feeling sad about her family not wanting the wedding to take place. Craig told her things will change and they will come around. He said to stop worrying, that no one could stop what was meant to be. He tried to comfort her and said that everything was going to be OK and that their bad luck has passed. Barbara had a garment bag and said it was Jennifer's gown. Jennifer was to meet her in the lobby. As Barbara walked out, Simon walked in to talk to Craig.

Barbara met with Jennifer in the hotel lobby. Barbara handed Jennifer the garment bag and she opened it. Jennifer didn't say anything and Barbara thought she didn't like the dress. Jennifer told her it was the most gorgeous dress she had ever seen. Jennifer was surprised that Barbara had gone to so much trouble about getting her a dress the way that she had been acting about the wedding. Barbara told her no matter what, she'd always love her. She went on to tell her how wonderful she is and that she appreciated her being in the wedding for her, even though she doesn't approve of her marrying Craig. Jennifer felt guilty about what is going to happen at the wedding.

Hal saw Jennifer in the lobby and they talked about the wedding. Jennifer showed him her dress that Barbara had designed for her. She told him how bad she felt about what is going to happen at the wedding. Hal asked if she was having second thoughts about Barbara seeing the pictures. Hal reminded her that Craig really doesn't love her and they are saving Barbara from him.

Bryant asked Jennifer why Barbara asked her to come early. She showed him her dress and told him how bad she felt about hurting her mother. Bryant asked what she wanted to do. He tried to convince her that they have to go through with it to save her mom from Craig.

Craig told Simon that he needed some insurance that Lucinda wouldn't crash the wedding. He asked Simon to stop Lucinda in case she managed to get to the wedding. Simon agreed and as he walked out, Barbara walked back in. She told Craig about the talk she and Jennifer had. She said she was starting to feel optimistic about everyone coming around. Craig saw Hal walk in and told her not to count on it. Craig told Hal they were busy. Hal said he needed to talk to Barbara. Craig tried to get Hal to leave, but Barbara said she would talk to him for a minute. She told Hal to not taint her day. He said he wanted her to know that he will always be there for her if she ever needed him. He kissed her on the cheek and told her to remember what he said. After Hal left, she said she was going to put her gown on and left the room.

Craig and Barbara were dressed for the wedding and enter the room that was set up for the nuptials. Craig told her she was the love of his life. He promised her that this is the day that she will never forget.

Thursday, May 17, 2001

Barbara anxiously greeted her wedding guests while a guilty Jen began to have misgivings about ruining her mom's wedding day. Laughter erupted when Hal's wedding gift arrived--a donkey named Sally. Emily arrived just in time to snap a picture of the animal as it was led out of the Lakeview. A disoriented Lucinda struggled to maintain control and insisted on going to the wedding with John, almost forgetting to bring the photographs in the process. Once they arrived at the Lakeview, she appeared to be getting worse as she prepared to show Barbara the photographs.

After making arrangements for her trunk to be transported to the airport, a suspicious Simon insisted that Katie inform him of its' contents. She refused to tell him, stating that she had secrets of her own.

Jack arrived at the psych ward to pick up Julia for the wedding and berated her for selling the land he bought for Carly. He was angry when she again refused to sign the divorce papers and decided to go to the wedding without her. Julia assured him that if he escorted her to the wedding, she would sign the papers afterwards. Jack grudgingly agreed and they arrived at the wedding together. Once there, Julia threatened Jack by telling him the deal was off if he so much as "glanced" at Carly. Against his better judgment, Jack went along while Julia pretended to everyone that they were a couple in love.

Carly couldn't stand watching Jack pretend to be happily married to Julia and went outside to collect herself. Craig followed her and questioned her reasons for loving and wanting to be with Jack. He told her that if she were his woman, he would fight for her and that she was better off without him. When Carly questioned his motives, he suddenly took her in his arms and kissed her. Though she struggled to stop Craig's kiss at first, she then relented and kissed him back passionately!

Friday, May 18, 2001

Carly is taken aback by Craig's forwardness as he expresses his long-hidden desire for her. When he won't stop, she stomps on his foot and warns him of another body part she'll injure if he ever does that again.

Lucinda is taken aback when Emily confronts her with her tape recorder and asks for some words about today's wedding. Still fighting her strange feelings, Lucinda finally sends her away. Lucinda starts to confront Barbara with the pictures of Craig and a naked Ruby but she collapses before she can hand her the "present." She drops her purse and before she can get ahold of it again, John is by her side wanting to take her to the hospital. Craig uses the opportunity to grab the photos.

Luke's disappointed when Lily reveals that Damian will not be going to the wedding with them. She calls Damian with the news and he stews that he won't be able to see his son until tomorrow. He heads to Lily's place where he invites Rose out to dinner. Luke sees Damian arrive at the hotel and follows him to his room.

Blasting her for her lies and what she did to the property that he loved, Jack forces Julia to sign the divorce papers. Pretending she's feeling faint, Julia convinces Katie to take her up to Craig's hotel suite. There, she asks Katie to find Jack and Carly.

Jake and Molly examine the boathouse where Matthew was dropped off. Gabriel finds them and, posing as the owner, warns them to get out. Though they leave, Jake becomes suspicious of the odd owner. They then talk to Rose and come to the conclusion that the "owner" of the boathouse may be one and the same telegram guy.


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