As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 12, 2007 on ATWT
Jade accused Maddie and Gwen of murder and threatened to tell Margo. Gwen confessed to Will, and they decided to leave town with Maddie. While Gwen packed, an intruder broke into her house. Kim forced Brad and Katie to work together, and Katie was gleeful when Brad learned that Vienna wanted Henry. Emily confessed to Dusty that she had been turning tricks.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 12, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, March 12, 2007

Emily's Madame ambushed her at World Wide. She was ready to tell all about Emily, and then she told Emily about the cops coming down on her. Emily said she didn't rat to the cops, so Cherie wanted to know about Dusty. Emily told her Dusty didn't know about them, and Dusty came in and said he knew about their working together now. Cherie left. Emily said Cherie was a source. Dusty asked if she was working for Cherie. Emily said no and turned the whole thing on Dusty-about him possibly ruining a prostitution story she was working on. Dusty didn't buy it and asked about Elliot, and said he was a customer. Emily's denials continued. He tried to talk her out of it. Emily asked him to butt out. Dusty left. Emily called Cherie and she called her over. They met at a hotel room. Cherie told her to watch out for the cops and follow the john's fantasy-fantasy. Emily put on her outfit. Cherie told her it may get wild but she needed to go along. Cherie left. There was a knock at the door and he came in. It was Dusty.

Vienna and Henry, all goo-goo eyes, hands and lips, went to meet Maddie. Henry said since it was night and no lights were on, perhaps they should wait. Vienna banged on the door. Henry stopped her and they went to finish what they started.

At the Lakeview Brad met Kim to discuss the show. Brad came armed with fan mail to save his slot and told Kim that Katie was the one that needed to be fired. Katie walked in. They had words. Kim stopped them and said she wanted them to know they BOTH were very popular, and they had to get along. She wanted show ideas on her desk the next day. She left. Brad and Katie started in on each other again. Brad saw Vienna come in and went straight over. He went in for a kiss and she pushed him away. Henry came in and they were all over each other. Brad didn't believe it. Vienna told Brad about giving Henry her money to him and that she'd found true love. Katie chimed in and defended Henry to Brad. The couple went to their room. Katie loved it that Brad was crushed.

Gwen and Maddie listened to the message from Adam at the cottage. They realized he was indeed alive. Gwen freaked and Maddie figured they needed to go back to the grave to be sure. Gwen didn't want to go and pined for Will. Maddie convinced her. Out in the woods they found the grave. They heard noises and their paranoia swelled. It was Jade. They told Jade she set them up. Jade said she got a message from Adam to meet him in the woods. They said Adam called them too. Jade asked what they were digging. They denied knowing anything. Adam's voice message came from nowhere. Jade said Gwen knew what happened to Adam. The message played again. Maddie and Gwen found the recording device. They figured it was cut together and asked Jade about it. Jade tried to figure out what happened and guessed Maddie was there too. Jade asked if Adam was dead and said she was calling the police.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lily thanks Craig for showing her how to divert cash into her company without Lucinda's knowledge. Lily counsels him to be open and honest, in his quest to win Meg's affections. Later, Holden sees Lily putting all her energy into her work when her family needs her. When Holden tells her he has to leave town, she promises she can to handle things on her own. Emma is disappointed by Meg's choices, and Craig intercepts and tells Emma she is judging Meg too harshly. Emma apologizes to Meg, who realizes Craig influenced Emma. Later, Meg orders Craig to stay out of her life. Maddie tries to convince Jade to keep quiet, but Jade is determined to reveal that Gwen and Maddie are involved in Adam's disappearance. When Will returns from D.C., Gwen admits she thinks she and Maddie killed Adam. They wonder if Jade, or someone else, is behind the recent harassment. Maddie decides to run away, and is shocked to learn about Vienna and Henry's relationship. Not wanting to spoil Henry's happiness, Maddie accepts some money but doesn't reveal she's about to leave town. When Dusty refuses to believe that Emily is working undercover for a story, she admits that she's a prostitute. Dusty can't understand why Emily is being so self-destructive, and she tries to explain that she feels in control with a john. Her only concern is whether Dusty will tell anyone what she's doing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Craig awaits Meg's arrival at the Lakeview and is pleased when she gets there to join him for their planned breakfast date. He gives her a beautiful necklace, which Meg immediately throws down and turns to walk away because she believes Craig wants more than just her company for breakfast. Craig apologizes to Meg and says he just wants to be friends and that the necklace was just a mistake. Meg tells him she just wants to be his friend and she wants to take control of her life without his interference. Craig states that he simply brought the necklace as a friendly gesture because he really wants her to like him. The two work out their differences and return to the dining room to continue their breakfast. Craig has Meg try on the necklace and tells her it pales in comparison to her beauty.

At the WOAK station Lily is frazzled by her busy schedule as she waits to tape an episode of Oakdale Now and continues trying to get all the boxes and baskets with the baby food delivered. As Luke and Brad help Lily with boxes at the station, they have another run-in about Luke's sexuality and homosexual stereotypes as Brad comments about "guys like him". After hearing Luke and Brad's exchange Katie feels compelled to add her two cents in and the two, Brad and Katie, have another confrontation. Katie condemns Brad for being homophobic, but he contends it was just a misunderstanding that he meant Luke was a smart, bookish guy, not used to lugging around boxes. After his clash with Brad, Luke informs Lily that he hasn't won the writing award he had earlier expected he would win. After Brad overhears his explanation to Lily, he questions why he really didn't win and Luke explains that he didn't win because the teacher thought he wasn't a good representative for the school. Upon hearing what really happened Brad takes it upon himself to set Luke's teacher straight. Brad and Katie finish taping Lily's interview for Oakdale Now and as Lily and Luke leave the station Luke's teacher arrives under the assumption that he won a Teacher of the Year Award. Brad, who set up the ruse, questions the teacher about Luke and the teacher admits he stopped Luke from winning because he was gay. After hearing the teacher's confession, Brad confronts the teacher and tells him he will give the award to the right kid, Luke. Brad grabs the teacher but is pulled off just as Katie arrives and without understanding what Brad is doing hands the teacher a phone and tells him to call Jack.

Emma and Faith help pack baskets for Lily's project at the farm and as the work Emma tries to talk to Faith about what is happening in her life. As they help out, Ethan begins to fuss and in an attempt to comfort him, Faith hands him the new bear that is similar to the one in Paul's vision. Across town Paul has another premonition about the bear and a woman screaming. He immediately calls the farm trying to reach Holden or Lily, but since they are both gone asks Faith how Ethan is doing. Faith tells Paul that Ethan was upset, but he is fine now that she gave him his bear. An alarmed Paul tells Faith to listen carefully to him and after they speak Faith gets Emma out of the room so Paul can come in and see the bear and Ethan. As Paul picks up a jar of baby food he has another vision of a woman feeding a baby and believes the food will cause Ethan to become ill. Distressed by the fact that he knows Lily will not listen to him, Paul decides to take Ethan and goes to Al's looking for Meg.

Maddie arrives back at Margo's house and is confronted by Casey who wants to know where she was and what she is hiding. Maddie tries to confess to Casey about Adam, but chickens out and tells him that too much has happened and that they need to end their relationship. Casey is convinced that Maddie is breaking up with him because of his gambling and impending trial and jail time. Frustrated by Maddie's insistence on breaking up with him, he leaves the house.

Gwen and Will continue to discuss what Gwen has done and the truth about Adam, as Margo arrives at their home and demands to talk to her now. As Gwen opens the door she apologizes to Margo, but Margo cuts her off and asks where Maddie is. She tells Gwen that no one knows where Maddie is and she is scared for her. Will jumps in and tells Margo that he is sure Maddie is fine and probably just needed some time alone. Margo leaves the two and they are comforted by the fact that Margo was there to find Maddie and hasn't yet learned anything from Jade. After Margo's visit, Gwen thanks Will for understanding and then Will tells her they need to figure out what really happened to Adam and who is doing this to her, but first they need to leave town. Gwen tells Will that she doesn't want him to help her because she is afraid it will ruin his life. Will explains that he won't abandon her and he just wants to be with her. He convinces her to leave, but Gwen says that they need to take Maddie along and Will agrees. He leaves to go get money and Gwen goes to tell Maddie that they need to leave that night. Maddie agrees to go with the two and just as she is walking out the door Casey returns and asks her where she is going. While out getting money Will runs into Jade who tells him he can't take care of Gwen this time. Back at the house Gwen packs while unbeknownst to her someone is watching her and enters the house.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup (The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light) was pre-empted.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, March 19th.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup (The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light) was pre-empted.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, March 19th.

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