Another World Recaps: The week of March 8, 1999 on AW
Felicia agreed to let Sergei stay at her place. Jake was concerned about Vicky's obsession with catching Grant. Josie told Gary that he wasn't her baby's father. Stark caught Rachel breaking into his office.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 8, 1999 on AW
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Monday, March 8

Sergei finds himself homeless again, so he went to Felicia for help. When she opens the door and sees him, she says "thank God you're here!" and gives him a big hug. Felicia found a mouse in her bedroom. She wants Sergei to catch it and let it go outside. He was happy to come to her rescue. After he went hunting in her room, he comes out with a box. She told him to let the mouse go in the park, and then to return so she can reward him. When Sergei returns, she offers to order them lunch from Carlino's, but he says he has a favor he needs to ask. He told her of his homelessness, and asks if he could move in with her. She told him he can't stay. She says she's worried what people will think with her living with a blond hunk. He angrily declares that he was NOT a hunk... he's an artist. She was determined not to change her mind, but he's determined to change it. Suddenly, he "sees" another mouse. He catches the second mouse, but eventually Felicia realizes it was only a ruse. She's angry that she was deceived. But Sergei manages to tug at her heartstrings, and she agrees to let him stay for a few days. Nick went to see Tito at the Lucky Lady. He gives him an ultimatum... go to Joe today and tell him about his past, or Nick will do it himself. Their conversation gets pretty heated, and Remy comes in and told them to cool down. Nick told Tito to be a man and tell the truth. Tito says he's not doing anything just because Nick told him to, and they almost come to blows until Etta Mae steps in. Angry, Tito leaves. Remy gives Nick a hard time for treating Tito like dirt on his shoe. She says he probably thinks the same of her.

Paulina reads about Jake's arrest in the paper. Vicky asks her to pay Jake's bail, because if Grant finds out she did it herself, he won't trust her. Paulina lectures Vicky that her obsession with Grant could cost her her marriage. Vicky says she hates playing up to Grant, but she's afraid he'll take Kirkland. Paulina thinks Vicky should talk to Joe, but Vicky says Joe's wheels of justice move too slowly. Paulina agrees to pay Jake's bail, but told Vicky to go home to wait for Jake and to stay away from Grant.

At the police station, Grant takes the opportunity to taunt Jake about Vicky while Jake was handcuffed to Joe's desk. Jake threatens that he'll kill Grant. Joe follows Grant out of his office and told him to stay out of his precinct. He says if he wasn't a cop, he would have taken Grant out a long time ago. He told Grant that he heard the tape, but Grant still denies everything he did. Joe says he isn't finished with Grant yet. After Grant leaves, Joe told Toni that he doesn't know how, but that he will get Grant. When Paulina arrives with Jake's bail, Jake was upset that Vicky isn't there. Paulina explains that Vicky asked her to go, and Jake grills her about whether Grant was around when Vicky saw her. Paulina says she warned Vicky that she's playing a dangerous game, but reminds Jake it's not that different from what he did with Marley. Grant visits Vicky at home. He presents her with tickets to Mexico. She says she can't just leave, but Grant says Jake's being arraigned and they can be gone by the time he gets home. He says he won't take no for an answer. She asks Grant for a few days to get things settled with the boys. Again, Grant told her he won't take no for an answer. Vicky worries that Jake will come after them, but Grant says he's handled bigger problems than that. He told her to make whatever arrangements she needs, and to meet him at his apartment in three hours. She says she'll be there. He leaves. Jake comes home and he's angry. He wants Vicky to tell Grant she was staying with Jake. He says if she has any respect for their family, she'll stop her vendetta against Grant, or the family won't make it. Vicky told Jake that Grant wants her to go away with him. He can't believe she's even considering it. He says she belongs to him... no one but him. They kiss passionately, as she says "yes".

Paulina finds Tito looking sad, and he told her about his run in with Nick. He says he doesn't think Nick approves of him as Paulina's son, and she says Nick has no right to make such judgements. She says if Nick or anyone else has anything to say about him, they'll have to deal with her. She then told him the money from her trust fund was ready to be transferred to his account once he signs some papers. Joe walks in and sees the paperwork and asks what's up. Paulina explains to Joe that she's setting up an account so Tito can go to college. Joe was suspicious like crazy. He asks what Tito plans to major in and gets no answer. Joe asks Paulina if she'll be writing the cheques directly to the college, but she says she's giving the money directly to Tito. Joe tries to advise her that even an adult has a hard time handling money the first time he has lots of it. Tito says maybe he shouldn't take the money. Joe says good, but Paulina insists he's taking it. He says he's been on his own before and he can do it again. Then he leaves. Paulina feels guilty. She told Joe that he was already feeling bad enough about himself. Joe says one check won't fix that. She says it's her money and her son, and that Joe should just stay out of it. She explains that he'll never know what it's like to grow up without the love of his mother. She says that now she has a chance to make that up to Tito, and she hopes one day Joe will love him too and that they can be a family.

Tito went back to the Lucky Lady with a flower for Etta Mae. She knows it's a bribe, but let's him keep his job anyway. She told him to stop fighting with the customers. She lets him keep the flower. When Remy returns, he gives the flower to her instead. She told him she really thought Nick would understand when she told him the whole truth. He tries to cheer her up. They're about to leave together, but Paulina comes in looking for him. Remy told Paulina that she and Nick had a fight. Paulina was happy that she turned to Tito and that the two of them are becoming friends. She gives them some money ($100) to go out and have a good time. He told Remy that he's going to spend it all on her.

!-------------- Tuesday Recap ------------------------>

Tuesday, March 9


Jake and Vicky are at home talking about how to spend the next few hours alone. Vicky remembers that Grant told her to meet him in a couple hours and thinks about what she should do, stay home or go meet Grant.

At the hospital, Josie was having a nightmare where she was trying to get to her baby but she can't. She wakes up screaming and Sharlene was there to comfort her. Sharlene asks Gary if he will let Josie and her talk alone for a few minutes and Gary leaves. Sharlene asks Josie what was going on and Josie says her baby was very sick, that's what was wrong. Sharlene doesn't buy it. She told her that the way she was acting around Gary it was like she was apologizing for something.

At Carlino's, Amanda was sitting by herself at a table when Cameron walks in. He turns around to leave but she asks him to stay. He sits down and told her that he just got back from the hospital. She says that if he needs time by himself then she will go but he told her not to leave. Amanda says that he was doing an excellent job handling the situation, since it was his son and all and she grabs his hand and holds it. David Halliday walks in to witness this and was not very pleased, but he continues on and went to a table where he can hear their conversation.

At the police station, Paulina asks Joe if she can talk to him about earlier. Joe asks if there was a better time but she promises that she won't make a scene. She told him that she understands how he feels about Tim but she hopes that it won't come between them. He assures her that nothing will ever come between them and she leaves. Cindy comes in escorted by Toni, apparently she was being brought in for something. Cindy asks for her lawyer but Joe told her to sit down and shut up. He tries to bargain with her saying that he can put her in jail for many things but if she helps him out by nailing Grant then things might work out for her. Toni interrupts by saying the reporter that was scheduled to interview Joe was there. Joe leaves muttering that to many people get away with murder.

Back at the hospital, Josie gets mad at Sharlene and screams that nothing was wrong. The doctor comes in and gives her a mild sedative to make her get some sleep. Gary comes in and asks what happened but the doctor interrupts saying that it was a possibility that the baby will need a blood transfusion and it will have to be taken from the father. Gary was about to go down to the lab but the doctor says that it may not be necessary so he shouldn't go down yet.

At Carlino's, Amanda and Cameron are talking and David was listening. Cameron notices him and gets very upset. He says that everywhere he turns, David was there and he grabs David and was yelling at him but David pushes him. Amanda asks Cameron if he was ok and he gets up and was about to confront David again but David rushes out of Carlino's. Amanda and Cameron decide to leave for the hospital.

At Jake and Vicky's, Jake answers the door and it was Paulina. He was carrying a plate of food and Paulina asks if he was throwing a party and he explains that he and Vicky have a few hours alone and so they were making use of the time. Paulina asks Jake where Vicky was and he says that she was taking a shower. Little does he know that she snuck out of the house and was on her way over to Grant's.

Back at the hospital, Amanda sees Sharlene and introduces her to Cameron. A nurse comes up and told Amanda that she has a phone message that the person said was urgent. Amanda leaves to go see who it is. Cameron asks if anything was new and Sharlene told him about the blood transfusion. Cameron gets scared and when the doctor comes up told her to tell him right away the minute they know if they will have to do a transfusion. Sharlene was suspicious by this and asks Cameron what was going on.

Vicky was at Grant's but finds no one there. She went into the bedroom only to discover that all his clothes are gone to. She asks out loud what was going on and Cindy appears in the door and answers it for her; she has been stood up. Vicky says that Grant wouldn't stand her up, he just doesn't want to be near Cindy and anytime that Vicky and Grant get together Cindy shows up so Grant was just going to contact Vicky and tell her where to meet him. Cindy told Vicky that Grant left town, without Vicky so she had better get used to it. She asks Vicky if she really expected anyone to believe that the whole time she was kidnapped she was thinking about Grant instead of Jake and her kids. Vicky says that Grant had two tickets to fly out of town but Cindy says he might have had two but one wasn't for Vicky.

At the police station, Toni asks Joe what was wrong. He told her nothing but she doesn't buy that. He was trying to make a deal with Cindy and he was the one that told her that was the DA's job. His response was that he was tired of dealing with Grant but Toni reminds him that he has dealt with Grant many times and he never lost control like he did earlier. He says he just can't stand around and watch the ones he loves get hurt. Before they can continue their conversation, they are interupted by the phone, it's Jake. He was not thrilled that Vicky went over to see Grant and he wants Joe to go get her and bring her back home.

At the hospital, Amanda's "urgent" call was from David. He apologizes for what happened in Carlino's but he says that he was very worried for Amanda's safety. Amanda assures him that she can handle Cameron and that he wouldn't hurt anyone but David says he can't help it and that he has a violent history, he was, after all, in jail for killing his father. Amanda says that it was a long time ago and it was also none of David's business and she hangs up.

The doctor told Gary that they need to do a blood transfusion and the sooner the better. He gets ready to go down to the lab but Josie wakes up and told him that he can't. He assures her that everything will be fine, they are both the same blood type and since he's the father then everything will be fine. Josie told him he doesn't understand, he can't give the baby a transfusion because he was not the father.

Joe brought Vicky home to a very upset Jake. After making sure that Kirkland was at school and not with Grant, Vicky says that they need to put an APB out on Grant and have police at the airports. Joe told her that the police are handling it but Vicky asks him why he was standing there if they are doing it. She was getting very hysterical and Jake told her that her obsession with getting Grant has got to end now. Joe and Paulina leave and Jake told Vicky that her and him and the boys should just get out of town. Vicky doesn't like the idea of "running" from Grant but she went along with it and told Jake that she was fine now. Secretly, she thinks to herself that Grant wouldn't leave without Kirkland so he has to be somewhere in Bay City.

Wednesday, March 10

Jordan as David tried to apologize to Amanda, but she was less than interested in his apology. Jordan became angry after Amanda hung up on him. Jordan went to the garden and ran in to Allie. She questioned what Cameron was doing out there. He told Allie that he was hoping to run into Amanda since they ran into each other there once before. Allie told David about Josie going into labor. She confessed that she feels bad for Josie and Cameron and she doesn't like her mother spending so much time with Cameron. Allie regrets making her mother so unhappy. David told Allie everything happens for a reason.

Josie tried to tell Gary that he wasn't the father. She didn't want the baby to get the wrong blood, which would kill the baby. Gary didn't believe Josie at first, but then demanded to know who the father was. Josie tried to convince Gary that it was a mistake. Finally Josie told Gary that Cameron was the father. Josie said that she loves Gary and that she wasn't thinking when she had the affair with Cameron. Gary didn't buy into her defenses. Gary walked out of the hospital room leaving Josie in tears.

Sharlene grew suspicious of Cameron. He became defensive. Gary went over to Cameron in the hallway and punched him. Sharlene went to see if Josie was all right. Amanda showed up in time to try to break it up. Amanda took Gary away to try to calm him down and comfort him. It didn't take Gary long to figure out that Amanda had known about Josie and Cameron. He became even more angry. He felt betrayed by Josie, Cameron, and now Amanda.

Sharlene tried to comfort Josie. Josie told Sharlene that she didn't tell her mother because of what Sharlene went through with John and Felicia. The doctor came looking for Gary to tell him his blood isn't a match. Cameron told the doctor the baby was his. He wanted to go see Josie before going to the lab. Sharlene told Josie and Cameron that she too made plenty of mistakes and not to drag the baby into the middle of theirs.

Amanda went to see Josie to tell her that Gary found out that Amanda knew. Sharlene discouraged Amanda from talking to Josie, but Josie insisted. When Amanda informed Josie about Gary, Josie immediately called Felicia, his sponsor, fearing Gary would drink again.

At the baby window, Cameron told Amanda how disgusted he was in himself. He feels responsible for everyone's misery.

Gary went to a bar and contemplated on whether or not he should drink. At the Cory mansion, Lila asked Cass what happened when he went to Lumina. Remembering that he saw "Frankie," Cass told Lila that he forgot to go there. Matt walked in on the two hugging. Cass wondered what Matt's urgent meeting was about. Matt wanted to know where Zak disappeared to. Rachel walked in. She, Matt, and Lila filled Cass in on the strange evening the night before.

They wondered where they could get information about Jordan, Zak, or Lumina. Just then, Cass remembered the book that Jordan supposedly wrote that was published 100 years ago, Beyond Imagination, which reveals that Jordan Stark was sentenced to be hung for killing his wife although no body was ever found. On the day of execution, his cell was mysteriously empty. Matt suggested that it was the same Jordan Stark. Lila thought that was impossible since it was so long ago. Cass believed Matt since Frankie has popped up all of a sudden. Maybe Jordan and Frankie did come back from the dead. Cass kept his suspicions about Frankie to himself. Rachel headed over to Lumina.

Matt and Lila tried to recreate the evening with Zak for Cass. On the patio, Cass found a key lying in a pile of dust. Matt decided to hire more security. Cass and Matt wanted to turn the tables on Jordan. As the two began to plot, Lila stood in amazement telling them that she couldn't believe that the two men would ever work together after everything that has happened. Just then, Allie and David came home. While Allie went upstairs, David overheard Matt tell Cass and Lila that they need to think of something while Rachel was checking out Jordan's office at Lumina. David ran out.

At Lumina, Rachel broke in to Jordan's office. She began to look through Jordan's desk. She came across a book. As she was about to open the book, she heard someone coming. She put it back in the desk. Jordan walked in and asked if there was something she wanted.

Thursday, March 11th">


Friday, March 12

Rachel returns to the Cory house and reports that she found a copy of "Beyond Imagination" but did not have time to look at it before Jordan returned. Ms. Allen phones and lures her back to Lumina. She told Jordan that Rachel was on her way, and he says he'll be waiting. Lila was worried that Rachel was walking into a trap. Cass and Matt think she can take care of herself. They speculate about why Jordan got so angry earlier about Amalie. Matt makes a comment that perhaps he's back from the dead, which Lila says was impossible, although Cass looks like he thinks otherwise. He thinks of Anne, and says "Frankie". Matt asks him why he'd mention Frankie, but he doesn't answer. Cass wants to go off somewhere that he and Lila can be alone, but she's reluctant, since Matt has been so nice lately. Cass gets upset, but apologizes and leaves. Jake and Vicky kiss each other goodbye as he heads off to work. After he leaves, she says to herself that she'll never lie to Jake again once Grant was in jail. She feels a hand on her shoulder and turns to see Grant standing there. She's surprised to see him. She says she went to his apartment as planned but that he wasn't there. He says the plans changed. He suggests they take a shower together. She says, "what about the boys?" But Grant says they won't be home for hours, and he has her all to himself all morning. Grant was coming on to Vicky very strong. She says she's not comfortable in the bedroom she shares with Jake, but he likes the idea. She told him she wants him, and he told her to show him. He keeps pushing Vicky to make love to him. She hears a noise downstairs; it's Donna and Etta Mae coming in. Etta Mae leaves, and Donna calls for Vicky. Vicky tries to go to her, but Grant holds her and says Donna's in a wheelchair, she can't interrupt them. He continues kissing Vicky. Donna gets worried when Vicky doesn't answer, and manages to stand up from her wheelchair. Vicky keeps trying to put Grant off. He says it's been so long, she's just shy, and he pushes on. Donna was downstairs, taking a few shaky steps to the staircase. Vicky hears a noise, and told Grant he has to leave. She promises it won't be much longer until everyone can know they are a couple again. She leaves, and Grant picks up his jacket, and says to himself that she was right about that. A button with the initials GH falls off his jacket.

Vicky finds Donna has fallen, and helps her back to her chair. She can tell Vicky was behaving strangely, and asks her what's going on. Vicky doesn't say, but Donna figures it out. Vicky begs her not to tell Jake, but Donna says she will, because he has to know. Vicky tries to justify her lies to Jake by saying she's doing it all for Kirkland. As she's begging Donna not to tell Jake, he walks in and says, "don't tell Jake what?" Donna covers for Vicky by telling Jake she tried to get up, but she fell. Donna leaves the room, and Jake told Vicky he wants the two of them to spend more time together to work on making a baby. She agrees, but Jake was still worried about her obsession with Grant. She still wants to pursue Grant, and knows Jake's idea will make that difficult.

When Rachel returns to Lumina, she continues to press him with questions about Amalie, and why Jordan (the one from 200 years ago) would have murdered her. She asks Jordan if something similar happened to him. He told her she thinks she knows everything. She says the only thing she knows for sure was that Jordan Stark was insane. Ms. Allen interrupts and she and Jordan leave the room. Rachel went for the book again. Tyrone visits Marley with news that the judge has declared her fit to stand trial. He says jury selection will start in a couple of weeks.

He leaves, and Cindy (who was blending into the background as a nurse) approaches Marley. She reminds Marley of her promise not to implicate her or Grant, but Marley says that when she takes the stand, she'll be telling the whole truth. Cindy tries to change her mind. Marley told her the best thing she can do was come clean, but Cindy says Marley was the one who made her shoot Grant. Marley's advice to Cindy was to stay away from Grant. She told her he doesn't love her, but Cindy insists he does and says she can't give up on him.

Grant meets Cindy back at his home. She knows he's been to Vicky's; he denies it. He asks what he has to do to convince her that she's the only one for him. Marry me, she says. He changes the topic and asks what she's been up to. She told him of her visit with Marley, and how Marley plans to tell the truth about everything. He says to let him worry about Marley. Then he asks where Cindy hid the tape. She told him he can have the tape once they're married again. Grant starts kissing Cindy, but she wants to talk about the wedding. She smells Vicky's perfume, and Grant tries to make excuses, but she doesn't buy it. He asks for the tape again, but she knows he won't marry her if she gives it to him. They don't get anything resolved.

Rachel returns home with the copy of Beyond Imagination. She says it's too bad Cass left; she knew he wanted to see it. She and Matt talk awhile about his feelings about Cass and Lila. Rachel can tell he's developed real feelings for Lila but he was keeping quiet about it. He says he doesn't want to get in the way of their happiness just because he's alone.

Cass finds Anne at the Paradise Lounge. He wants to know the real reason she was at his office the other day. He asks if Jordan sent her, and she says she never heard of him. He says it's too much of a coincidence and that he's moved on with his life and was happy. He doesn't want people playing games with him. She says she has no idea what he's talking about. She says since he keeps insisting she's playing a trick on him, it's obvious he hasn't moved on because he never got over Frankie. They talk, and he apologizes again for his behavior. She says he was surprised, although surprises usually mean disaster in her life. Cass has a memory of a time Frankie said the exact same thing to him years ago. Cass leaves abruptly, saying there's someone he has to see.

Anne sneaks into Cass's office and takes another look at the picture of Frankie. She remarks that they look exactly alike. Cass returns to Lila, and apologizes for leaving so suddenly earlier. She apologizes too, for not wanting to leave Jasmine with Matt while the two of them went off together for some fun. They agree to put things on hold until they are married. They kiss, and again Matt sees them.

Grant visits Marley. She says he's not going to change her mind about testifying. He says he looks forward to the spectacle. No one in their right mind will believe her. He reminds her that the truth already made Jake hate her, and warns her that when his lawyers get through with her, she won't even know what the truth was anymore. He threatens that he'll say how Donna ran them over; that way, she and Marley could be in jail together. Marley told Grant she could kill him. He dares her to try. After he leaves, she told herself he's a terrible man and deserves to die.

Cindy talks to herself. She says there will be no wedding. Grant was only lying to her again. She says he deserves to pay for all the times he's lied to her, and she smashes and burns a picture of the two of them.

Vicky fantasizes about Grant being bound to her bed. She told him to lay back, relax, close his eyes, and get ready for the surprise of his life. He says she can do anything she wants. She puts a pillow over his face until he stops struggling. She looks at him and, with a little giggle, says that she told him he'd be surprised. When she comes out of her fantasy, she swears that if she ever gets the chance, she'll do it.

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