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Nelle Benson
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Actor History
Chloe Lanier
July 12, 2016 to present
Other Names

Claimed her name was Nelle Hayes until March 2, 2017


Personal assistant to Carly Corinthos [Sep 6, 2016, to present]

College student

Former part-time teacher's aide

Resides At

Port Charles, New York

Formerly 597 West Conley Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30337

Marital Status

Single/Never been married

Past Marriages



Frank Benson (biological father)


None known

Flings & Affairs

Harrison Chase (lovers; prior to 2016)

Crimes Committed

Drugged Sonny and pretended to have sex with him [Nov 28, 2016]

Recorded Sonny admitting he'd had sex with her [Nov 29, 2016]

Health and Vitals

Had a kidney removed when she was a young girl [Mar 2012]

Had her kidney removed and sold [Mar 2012; revealed Aug 9, 2016]

Brief Character History

Nelle arrived in Port Charles after Nina contacted her to advise her that she might be Josslyn's kidney donor.

Nelle went to Greystone Manor during Bobbie's birthday party, thinking Josslyn's family wanted to meet her, but Jax insisted that they respect Josslyn's wishes and tried to send Nelle on her way. Ultimately, Michael persuaded Nelle to stay and undergo tests to confirm that she was Josslyn's donor.

According to Nelle, she'd had a kidney removed when she'd been a young girl, and her memories about the surgery were hazy because she'd been heavily medicated. She recalled her parents telling her that she needed the surgery to make her healthy, despite feeling well. She remembered that the facility where her parents had taken her hadn't been like a hospital. Nelle revealed that since the surgery, she easily became ill and suffered periodic bouts of pain. Nelle added that her parents had had financial difficulties and had been facing eviction, but that had changed following Nelle's surgery.

Nelle explained that her parents had both passed away, and she was a part-time teacher's aide and attended a community college to earn her teaching degree. When Sonny asked what Nelle hoped to gain from the meeting, Nelle explained that she'd been angry with her parents because they hadn't given her a choice about the surgery. Whenever she felt sick, the anger returned. She'd read Josslyn's story and realized she'd made a difference in someone's life, and if Josslyn was the recipient, then her sacrifice had been worth it. She'd be able to put the past behind her and move on with her life.

Preliminary blood tests confirmed that Nelle was a match to Josslyn, but to be certain, Monica recommended a kidney biopsy. Sonny explained that it wasn't necessary because Sonny had located the clinic where Nelle had had her surgery, and the timeline worked out. Sonny believed Nelle was Josslyn's donor.

Josslyn was upset when she realized that her mother had ignored her wishes about finding the kidney donor, but Josslyn took an instant liking to Nelle and thanked her for the gift of life. Nelle promised she had no regrets, but she had to get back to Atlanta. Carly begged Nelle to stay because she wanted a chance to get to know her. Nelle agreed and was on hand when Carly caught Avery's nanny stealing Carly's earrings. Carly fired the nanny and asked if Nelle would be interested in the job.

Nelle lost her job in Atlanta, but Bobbie wanted a chance to bond with Avery and took the nanny position. Carly offered Nelle a job as her personal assistant.

Nelle arrived at Greystone Manor to talk about the job opportunity as Carly's personal assistant. Nelle had no experience in the hotel industry and felt Carly had created the position for her. Carly said her assistant had just left, and she'd fire Nelle if she didn't measure up. Nelle accepted the position.

Alone with Morgan, Nelle asked him about Carly's previous assistant. Morgan reported that the assistant had been very organized and confirmed what Carly had told her. Nelle's goal was to become a teacher, and she wasn't certain if all her college credits would transfer to New York; however, the position would provide the money she needed to finish college.

Nelle returned from packing her few belongings in Atlanta and was eager to start her new job. Nina arrived, and Carly introduced Nelle to her as Josslyn's kidney donor. Nelle was excited to meet Nina and wanted to thank Nina for putting her in touch with Josslyn's family and providing closure for them. When Nina learned that Nelle was working for Carly, she dragged her to Crimson for a fashion makeover.

Michael told Carly of Sabrina's death. Nelle watched Carly apologize for the things she'd said about Sabrina. Nelle saw how angry Michael was and heard him tell Carly to stay away from him. Nelle found Michael at the park with Teddy and told him that Carly had regretted what she'd said about Sabrina, even before hearing about Sabrina's death. Nelle said that Teddy had been lucky to have his fantastic mother as long as he had. Michael asked for some time alone, and Nelle left.

At the Quartermaines', Nelle told Michael that her best friend from high school had died in an accident involving a drunk driver, and when she'd been ready to look at the photos of her friend, she'd discovered that her friend's parents had taken down their daughter's page. Nelle told Michael that she'd have a page for Sabrina's pictures, and Michael would always be able to look back on his memories with Sabrina. Michael suggested that Nelle go to the nursery and pick out the pictures of Sabrina and Teddy and thanked Nelle for her thoughtfulness.

When Nelle returned, she saw that Sonny was with Michael. She told Sonny that she'd seen him with some of his children. Nelle said Sonny was a good father and hoped Sonny's children knew how lucky they were to have him. In Carly's office Nelle read a letter from her father that claimed she owed him. Nelle hid the letter when Michael arrived. Michael thanked her for listening and helping him with his grief. He asked Nelle to keep her eye on Carly, and he left.

Nelle met with Michael at Metro Court. Michael read a poignant letter that Morgan had written to Michael when Morgan had been at military academy. Michael felt responsible for what had happened to Morgan because Michael had failed to be a brother to him, and he believed it had been a series of bad choices that had set off a chain of tragic events. Nelle suggested that Michael forgive himself.

Before Morgan's memorial, Nelle went to Sonny's and said that Carly wanted her to pick up a couple of dresses. Nelle was worried about Sonny and asked if she could help him, but Sonny snapped at her. She apologized for overstepping. Sonny asked about Carly, and Nelle revealed that Carly wasn't doing great but wasn't alone because Jax was in town. Nelle hoped Sonny had changed his mind about leaving town after the memorial. Nelle thought his family needed him, but Sonny felt it was the only way his family would heal. Nelle wished Sonny well and left.

Nelle gave the dresses to Carly, and Jax thanked her for helping Carly and Josslyn. Jax asked what Nelle remembered about her kidney operation. Nelle admitted her parents had always been broke because her dad could never keep a job. Nelle recalled the smells and sounds of the clinic and how scared she'd been. She remembered begging her parents to take her home, but her dad hadn't been a great dad like Jax was to Josslyn.

After the memorial, Michael commended Nelle for everything she'd done for his family. Nelle admitted that she'd known Sonny had plans, but she'd thought he was leaving town, not confessing to being responsible for Morgan's death. Nelle returned to Carly's and gave Sonny's letter to Carly. Carly asked if Nelle knew what was in the letter. Nelle denied knowing the contents, despite having read it.

At Metro Court, Carly arrived and handed Nelle her purse. While Nelle was behind the bar, she pulled out Carly's wallet. Bobbie walked up and asked if Nelle had found anything interesting then told Carly that she'd caught Nelle red-handed, stealing money from Carly's wallet. Nelle showed Carly the bundle of money, and Carly smiled and told Bobbie that she'd instructed Nelle to deposit the cash receipts. Bobbie conceded that she'd misunderstood the situation. Nelle stood at the elevator and smiled because she felt that had gone well.

At Carly's, Nelle watched the interaction between Carly and Jax. She also overheard Jax tell Carly that the kiss they'd shared had never happened. Nelle discovered that Sonny had been placed under house arrest and hadn't been responsible for the bomb that had been planted in Julian's car.

Nelle arrived at Sonny's, and when he asked about Carly, Nelle shared that Jax had been staying at Carly's. Nelle pretended to be surprised at Sonny's anger and assured him that she might have misinterpreted the situation between Carly and Jax and that Jax had been helping Carly through her pain. Sonny demanded to know if Carly had slept with Jax. Nelle said she wasn't sure.

When Sonny was out of sight, Nelle poured him a drink and spiked it with a drug. She later undressed Sonny and put him to bed. She undressed and got into bed with him. When Sonny awoke and saw Nelle in bed with him, he was mortified. Nelle pretended to get upset as the reality of their situation dawned on her. Sonny claimed he'd never blacked out from drinking.

Sonny promised Nelle that Carly would never find out they had slept together. Carly arrived. Nelle hid in the shadows at the top of the stairs and eavesdropped on Carly and Sonny's conversation. Nelle heard Carly confess she'd kissed Jax, but things had not gone any further. Nelle panicked when Carly noticed the glass with lipstick, but Sonny disclosed that Laura had stopped by.

After Carly left, Nelle apologized to Sonny and feigned regret at jumping to the wrong conclusion, but Sonny took responsibility for the misunderstanding. Nelle expressed deep remorse for sleeping with Sonny and began to cry. Nelle suggested they tell Carly the truth, but Sonny was adamant that Carly be kept in the dark. Nelle secretly recorded their conversation. Outside, Nelle pulled her phone out of her pocket and listened to the recording of Sonny admitting he'd slept with Nelle. She smiled in satisfaction.

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