BAUER Family Tree
Friedrich "Papa" Bauer (deceased)
Otto's brother; See below
m. "Mama" Bauer (Name Unknown) (deceased)

    c. Meta Bauer
        m. Ted White (Divorced) (deceased)
            c. Chuckie White (deceased)
        m. Joe Roberts (deceased)
        m. Bruce Banning (Divorced)

    c. Bill Bauer (deceased)
        m. Bert Miller (Divorced; (deceased)
            c. Michael Bauer
                m. Robin Lang (Annulled; deceased)
                m. Julie Conrad (deceased)
                    c. Hope Bauer
                    c. Miscarried child (deceased)
                        m. Alan Spaulding (Divorced) (deceased)
                            c. Alan-Michael Spaulding
                                m. Harley Davidson Cooper (Divorced)
                                m. Eleni Andros (Divorced)
                                m. Christina Blake Thorpe (Divorced)
                                m. Lucy Cooper (Divorced)
                m. Charlotte Waring (Divorced; deceased)
                    c. Miscarried child (deceased)
                m. Leslie Jackson Bauer (deceased)
                a. Elizabeth Spaulding

            c. Ed Bauer
                m. Leslie Jackson (Divorced)
                     c. Rick Bauer
                        m. Meredith Reade (Divorced)
                        m. Elizabeth "Beth" Raines (Divorced)
                        m. Annie Dutton (Divorced)
                        m. Abigail Blume (Divorced)
                        a. Harley Cooper
                            c. Jude Cooper Bauer
                        m. Melissande "Mel" Boudreau (Divorced)
                            c. Leah Bauer
                        m. Beth Raines (Divorced)
                        m. Mindy Lewis
                m. Holly Norris (Divorced)
                m. Rita Stapleton (Divorced)
                    c. Miscarried child (deceased)
                m. Maureen Reardon Bauer (deceased)
                a. Claire Ramsey
                    c. Michelle Bauer (Adopted by Maureen)
                        m. Danny Santos (Divorced)
                            c. Robert Fredrico Santos
                        a. Danny Santos
                            c. Hope Santos
                        m. Danny Santos (Divorced)
                        m. Danny Santos
                a. Lillian Raines
                a. Eve Guthrie (deceased)

        a. Simone Kincaid
            c. Hillary Bauer (deceased)

c. Gertrude "Trudy" Bauer
    m. Clyde Palmer

Douglas Bauer (deceased)
Fredrick's brother; See above
m. Ellen Last Name Unknown
    c. Names unknown

Karl Bauer (deceased)
Fredrick's brother; See above

m. Alice Maiden Name Unknown
    c. Mary Bauer (deceased)

Otto Bauer (deceased)
Fredrick's brother; See above

m. Myra Maiden Name Unknown
    c. Jack Bauer
        m. Lanie Maiden Name Unknown
            c. Johnny Bauer
            c. Lacey Bauer

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape


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